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    Version Division I


    This download contains all the real team names, logos, bowls and logos for bowls for CT Football Manager. Just unzip the data-file, and replace the existing data-folder with the unzipped folder. REMEMBER: You MUST have Two Forum Posts!
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    Version 1.0


    Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 (To Learn More about DDSPF21 for Windows, goto https://gmgames.org/draft-day-sports-pro-football-2021/) This is THE 2020 NFL.com Real Player Photos Pack Exclusively from GM Games. You need two forum posts to be able to download this file. About All 2021/2021 NFL.com Player Photos 2675 Real Photos , all 300x300 and PNG compressed. Instructions Download, unzip and move all photos into the following directory: NON-STEAM C:\Program Files\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\ As per the creator of the game, Depending on use case these may work better in: Documents\Wolverine Studios\DDSPF 2021\Leagues\*yourleaguenamehere*\HTML\Images\Players WITH STEAM (something like) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\ .... Within the zip file there is a subfolder called "DDSPF21 Photos". When you place the photos into one of the destination photo folders, you need to copy the photos from the subfolder to the destination...but don't include the subfolder. The photos must go directly into the destination folder itself. NON-STEAM Correct C:\Program Files\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\ Incorrect C:\Program Files\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\DDSPF21 Photos WITH STEAM Correct C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\ Incorrect C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2021\Data\images\players\DDSPF21 Photos DOCUMENTS FOLDER As per the creator of the game, Depending on use case these may work better in: Correct Documents\Wolverine Studios\DDSPF 2021\Leagues\*yourleaguenamehere*\HTML\Images\Players Incorrect Documents\Wolverine Studios\DDSPF 2021\Leagues\*yourleaguenamehere*\HTML\Images\Players\DDSPF21 Photos
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    Wendel Clark

    S4 GHL Power Rankings

    Eastern Conference 1. Slaughterville Red Tide (Alexander Rasputin) OFF: 88,5 DEF: 88,7 SG: 93 OVR: 88,9 2. Sheshegwaning Dragons (Ives Pa) OFF: 88,0 DEF: 88,8 SG: 91 OVR: 88,6 3. Big Delta Stealheads (Paul T) OFF: 88,2 DEF: 88,3 SG: 88 OVR: 88,2 4. St.Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac Ray) OFF: 86,1 DEF: 88,8 SG: 96 OVR: 88,1 5. Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears (Joe Leconte) OFF: 87,3 DEF: 88,0 SG: 88 OVR: 87,7 6. Lake Viking Bulldogs (Max Mol) OFF: 86,1 DEF: 88 SG: 94 OVR: 87,6 7. Rome Trojans (Yann Rock) OFF: 85,4 DEF: 88,5 SG: 92 OVR: 87,3 8. Maxville Vortex (Tyrod Gibson) OFF: 86,7 DEF: 86,0 SG: 91 OVR: 86,7 9. Kingston Kamikaze (Antti Hänninen) OFF: 85,0 DEF: 87,0 SG: 93 OVR: 86,5 10. Mango Duhawks (Dr. Jones) OFF: 85,8 DEF: 85,3 SG: 91 OVR: 86,0 Tied 11. Bodmin Bangers (Sakari Lindholm) OFF: 85,3 DEF: 86,2 SG: 87 OVR: 85,8 Tied 11. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard Armour) OFF: 85,5 DEF: 86,2 SG: 86 OVR: 85,8 13. Mount Airy Savage Storm (Jason New) OFF: 84,3 DEF: 85,3 SG: 86 OVR: 84,9 14. Frains Golden Bears (Computer) OFF: 79,8 DEF: 84,2 SG: 82 OVR: 82,0 Western Conference 1. Kegashka Prairie Stars (Ferris Mason) OFF: 87,8 DEF: 91,3 SG: 94 OVR: 89,9 2. West Chicago Hawks (Richard Feynman) OFF: 87,0 DEF: 88,2 SG: 95 OVR: 88,2 3. Scandinavia Steelers (J Jono) OFF: 87,3 DEF: 88,0 SG: 92 OVR: 88,0 4. Vauban Tomahawks (Ben \) OFF: 87,5 DEF: 87,7 SG: 92 OVR: 87,9 5. Eastern Outlaws (The Champ) OFF: 86,3 DEF: 88,2 SG: 92 OVR: 87,6 6. Eldred Elite (Steven Bennett) OFF: 87 DEF: 87,8 SG: 87 OVR: 87,4 7. Ithaca Ricochet (Marc S) OFF: 84,6 DEF: 89,2 SG: 93 OVR: 87,3 8. Enigma Rage (Wendel Clark) OFF: 87,4* DEF: 86,7* SG: 88 OVR: 87,1 (*Used two D as F) 9. Yonker Wolverines (Jiri Heikkala) OFF: 85,7 DEF: 87,8 SG: 88 OVR: 86,8 10. Rycroft Red Thunder (Torbjörn Johansson) OFF: 86,8 DEF: 85,2* SG: 87 OVR: 86,1 (*Used 13th C/F as 6th D, since there is only 5 D) 11. Richibucto Masons (Dr. Wendt) OFF: 84,3 DEF: 85,8 SG: 90 OVR: 85,5 12. Pittsboro Plastic Attack (Makate Naekfor) OFF: 83,8 DEF: 86,8 SG: 86 OVR: 85,4 13. Blenheim Pirates (Martin J) OFF: 82,1 DEF: 84,7 SG: 88 OVR: 83,7 14. Thetford Mines Pegasus (Jeff Hamm) OFF: 82,3 DEF: 82,0 SG: 83 OVR: 82,2 Calculated on day 8 of S4, using: Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF*2) + (SG*2))/26 where OFF: ovr sum of best 12 centers/forwards DEF: ovr sum of best 6 defenders SG: ovr of starting goalie
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    If there's one thing that is a complete mystery in GPHM it is how to raise your team's Winner Instinct (WI). Although I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the Admins have only shared a fraction of the information, leaving managers to figure it out for themselves... I also enjoy the conversations it creates - so why not try to crack the code together... or use the information contained here to crack the code on your own and keep it to yourself I feel like getting this value perfect is like piecing together a puzzle. There are many factors and you need the perfect balance of those factors, including: Big Games trait, Ego Trait, Team Captains, Reputation of Players & Certain attributes of players. Below are the "official" notes from the Help Files. http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/10834-team-spirit-done/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/10844-roster-captains-and-lineup-done/ Here's what I gather from the two links above: - WI is mostly impacted by the Big Games trait. You need quite a bit of Heroic/Determined players, but not too many as it will create disputes within your team. You will also need some Anxious/Nervous, but not too many. - In line with the above, you also need some Arrogant/Cocky players to boost your WI, but too many will negatively impact your Teamwork. - Team Captains have a large influence on WI. From other help files, it is known that Player Reputation and the Spirit Attribute factor into the Captains influence on a team, so if your Captains have a larger influence on your WI, then those values may also have an impact on your team's WI. Other personal observations, related to the above: - I always struggled with WI (couldn't get it above a blue rating) as I mostly focused on Teamwork being Harmony (Friendly/Compassionate players). It wasn't until I acquired some Arrogant & Cocky players that my WI rose to a green rating. (Others have shared this opinion - see links below). - When I have more Stars (players with higher reputation) on my team, my WI is higher. Below are some other links to various conversations around WI that have been created over time. As you can see... if you are confused about this rating, you are not alone! There are some interesting opinions in these threads, so if you are truly interesting in this topic, be prepared to do some reading. http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7564-q-about-winner-instinct/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7400-teamwork-winner-instinct/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/9702-improve-winning-instinct/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7242-winners-instinct/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/10669-trait-preference/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7461-winner-insticnt/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/8247-traits/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/7957-team-spirit/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/9702-improve-winning-instinct/ http://forums.gmgames.org/topic/8759-so-nervous-i-peed-a-little/ Below are a few opinions from the link above that stood out to me. I can't confirm whether they are true or not. They could be 100% correct or way off. - Captains with Heroic or Determined Big Games trait increase WI. - Only players in the immediate lineup impact WI, not affiliate or scratched players. In another thread, the exact opposite was also stated. - Big Games of Goalies factor more than Skaters. - Don't worry about WI at all. It is not required to be successful. - WI is established over time as players get to know each other. - Big games is overrated. An Anxious/Nervous player can be just as clutch as a Heroic/Determined player. - Line placement matters (i.e. 1st line players impact more than 2nd line and so on). Personally, the questions I keep asking are "when does WI come into play?" and "how much does it even impact gameplay?". I have seen nervous goalies play lights out in the playoffs and win it all. I have also seen team's with Heroic WI get relegated. But I am sure the opposite happens much more, so it is yet to be known exactly how much this rating matters overall. As with most things in this game, it is chance based, so I'm sure it does have an impact. Managers just need to figure out for themselves how much emphasis to put on getting the perfect team chemistry. Enjoy.
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    GHL playoff matchups

    Round two: No regular season stats anymore because it is the second round of the playoffs. #2 Red Tide vs #3 Dragons Regular season series: 1W and 1OTW Red Tide, 2W Dragons. The two best teams in the East face off. It was a close series in the regular season and it will likely be close in the playoffs so long as the goaltending for the Dragons holds up. If it doesn't this is very likely to be a short series. #4 Battlin Bears vs #8 Nightmares Regular season series: 2SOW Battlin Bears, 2W Nightmares. The two wins by the Nightmare were the last two meetings between these two teams and the games weren't close. I still think this is going to be a close series though however the Battlin Bears are the underdogs in my mind as I think the Nightmares have the better team. #1 Prairie Stars vs #5 Wolverines Regular season series: 2W Prairie Stars, 2W Wolverines The regular season series between the two was a split and the entire series was actually close. The Wolverines has the offense to keep pace if it becomes a scoring race. The real question is if the Prairie Stars can take control of the games with their more complete team. #2 Hawks vs #6 Tomahawks Regular season series: 2W Hawks, 2W Tomahawks Another series that was split however the series was rather lopsided with a win for each team that wasn't close at all. The Tomahawks were a great 5 on 5 scoring team while the Hawks struggled to score 5 on 5. I think this is going to be another close series determined by whatever team happens to play better 5 on 5.
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    Version '98 (PC)


    DISCORD Community for FB Pro 98! https://discord.gg/832cUXx Patched to 1.08 for Windows 10 PC and 64 bit (Tested and Works for Windows 10! with 1.08) FBPro98 1) Mount file FPSFB_98 2) Run the SETUP.EXE file from the mounted ISO CD drive and install game 3) Copy and overwrite all contents from our FbPro98 folder in this zip file to where you installed the game 4) Run our HIKE.EXE that has been copied over Go to utilities you will see version 1.08 Overview The FB Pro 98 version did have a completely revamped user interface that was a significant improvement over prior years. Actual NFL player photos were introduced in the '98 version. In addition, arcade play was now available to play via multiplayer over the Internet. Audio play-by-play was also added, although it was considered lackluster. Non-NFL stadiums and cities were now available as well and a more precise weather system was also included in the new release. Teams could also create and customize their own schedules. The '98 version also had significant improvements in Internet multiplayer play in regards to stability and match making.
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    Thanks for taking the time. These great graphics take the game to the next level.
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Buzzed by Paul's idea in Cage, I started to put together some small nations' national team squads. I did in 14 F, 8 D, 3 G format, tried to split the 14 into 5 C + 9 F, but where centers were clearly better than the last few forwards there I went with them. Just to be clear, I only looked at overall (what I try to avoid when building my team tho), so it's rather the best team than the right one Any questions, requests, advice and comments are welcome as well I also used a bit more colors in the player traits, according to the order of traits in the help files Let's start with the Gli Azzurri roster here too: Interesting to see they have a lot of free agents, almost no depth in wingers, and their best goalie is down in the Czech league. Ones to watch: Pablo Zambrotta, the 87 ovr center and Samuele Perico, the 84 ovr defender, both with plenty of GHL experience, and Cristian Diego Alves, the recent BHL draftee who can grow into an important player for this team. As you can see, their D-line is getting old, but they try to compensate it with size and toughness
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    Since we already track all player stats and records season by season, it is even clear post-reset that a historical league leaderboard is needed to make league seem more “living”. Many of us would see huge value and added motivation if the League History page displayed player categories like Most Career League Goals/Assists/Points in a Top 20 format. This could be extended to a team format as well, with categories like Team Wins in [League Level], clearer records like Most Wins in a Season, etc. With elements like Team Stories and the blog becoming more active, these categories will let us keep better track on the league history and create more storylines to follow for our teams. Anders, I hope this is something you consider adding, as this was mentioned multiple times by a fair number of managers.
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    recall and assign

    Not sure if mentioned, so i will apologize if it has and I am just being redundant. The Process of having to go to a players page, let it load, click on assign/recall, let it load, then authorize that choice, then let it load, is rather annoying. Could it be possible to set it up so that when you are on your roster page, and you click on a player, and the pop up comes up with his ratings and traits, at the bottom, like how you can simply click on "add to shortlist" or "remove from shortlist" have another bottom that we can assign/recall that player? That way we can just quickly go down our roster list and do it all from one page in a much faster process.
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    First off, a big Congratulations to Bouncer and the West Chicago Hawks on the ever so coveted GHL championship this season in Cage! - My plan following the conclusion of the GHL finals this season is for a complete relocation/rebranding of the Netherhill Nightmares, (its DEFERIETly an original idea which has never been tried before, EVER. (Dont @ me)) - With the conclusion of the GHL finals, i am pleased to anounce that the Netherhill Nightmares have Officially Been relocated and rebranded to become: The Maxville Vortex Effective Immediately.
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    Paul T

    Greatest Single Game Performances

    I'm starting this thread so managers can post about game performances that should be acknowledged. Whether it be a high performance rating you've never seen before, a hat trick, a multi-point game, a high-save shutout, whatever. Not every manager sorts through every box score for their league every day. Consider this the NHL Network for game world Cage where the analysts discuss the top plays and performances. Anyways, I'll start. There was a specific performance today that sparked this and the player is not even on my team. --------- Season 3 - Day 51 - Enigma Rage vs. Eldred Elite. Rage center, Brendan Rowlett, notched a Gordie Howe Hat Trick... and then some. He registered 3 goals, 2 assists, a fight (which he WON), was also a +5 with a hit and a blocked shot. And he did it with only 15 min TOI. --------- I'm not sure if this will be topped any time soon, but the purpose of this thread is not a competition. Just post what you feel deserves to be recognized.
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    GHL playoff matchups

    So I may have had a rather busy Friday and forgot to put up a match up preview for the finals. Oops. Well your getting one late anyways. #3 Sheshegwaning Dragons vs #2 West Chicago Hawks Regular season series: 2 wins Dragons I think this is likely to be a close series even though one game has already been played. The Dragons have the better offensive team talent wise while the Hawks play a more complete team game that emphasizes strong defensive play. If the Dragons had a goalie I felt like I could trust I would say that this is the match up of the two best teams in the league. Outside of the net it certainly is in my mind. I am really looking forward to seeing how this series plays out. Honest confession: I'm pulling for the Hawks in this one for the simple fact that he has his entire team playing in a way I wish I could get my team to play. Either way, best of luck to both teams.
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    Greatest Single Game Performances

    Truly epic. In fact, my team was so impressed they kept stopping and watching him skate right on past!
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    Totally here for the downloads

    I'm a terrible person, I know, but... You might hear from me again???... But probably not. Thanks, though!
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    USFL 2K | FBPro98

    Utilizing FBPro98 with the VPNFL files, rating system and renamed stock gameplans, I am currently playing a 12 team, USFL league. I GM all 12 teams in regards to roster management, drafting, free agency, etc. The renamed stock gameplans take care of the gameplans and profiles) that started in the year 2000. I am currently in week 9 of the 2001 season. I am digging this league so much, I decided to share on this forum. The first couple of posts will show the history of the inaugural season (season stats, standings, playoffs, etc.). Then I will provide week by week results with interesting notes from that week. Hope you will follow along!
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    Paul T

    Season 8 GHL Power Rankings

    As of Day 6 EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Top 5 Offensive teams: 1. Red Tide 2. Dragons 3. Natives 4. Rage 5. Battlin Bears Top 5 Defensive teams: 1. Natives 2. Dragons 3. Yale Men 4. Red Tide 5. Trojans Top 5 Goalie tandems: 1. Pegasus 2. Bulldogs 3. Doom 4. Plastic Attack 5. Outlaws
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Next up are the Eagles. If you look at them, their core team looks like a good, stable average one, with no real stars but reliable guys all around. The D has plenty of talent with the already grown youngsters. They have even younger forwards who are not elite level, but could be good depth players in the future (didn't look at ratings..:D ). Key players will be Sandro Koch from the Black Devils who looks very good at the age of 23, the same could be said about Foresters' D-man Angelo Braun, and Razorbacks experienced goalie Yannik Meyer. They look like a good mix in every aspects of personality traits also. (By the way, if anyone knows how to represent Belarus flag in excel, heeelp. that white-red stripe on the left is killing me, l tried, but looks lame.. )
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    Paul T

    Season 5 GHL Power Rankings

    Season 5 Power Rankings - updated as of Day 10. Hopefully the excel/screenshot method is readable for everyone. EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Top 5 Offenses: 1) Slaughterville Red Tide 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Enigma Rage 4) Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears 5) Big Delta Stealheads Top 5 Defenses: 1) Victoria Regals 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Ithaca Ricochet 4) Rome Trojans 5) Slaughterville Red Tide _______________________________________________________ The formula: Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF * 2) + (SG * 2)) / 26 Where: OFF = sum of 12 highest rated centers & forwards* DEF = sum of 6 highest rated defenders* SG = overall of starting goalie * unless managers provided their unique roster set-up Originally created by: Erzac
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    Paul T


    It doesn't get much more even than that, so that is not the issue. I've seen teams play 40% line 1 and 50% first pair D with no problems. My splits are very similar to yours. When players get tired I'll usually adjust special teams as needed.
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    Cage trash talk

    I'd love a targeting option. For instance, we already have Left Wing Lock, why not have a target for certain player, etc. I also wish we could differentiate between lines the tactic they use. Some I want to be assholes, others I want to only take a punch and walk away. Having everyone on the team with the same tactic takes away the point of having different lines. But realize I am nitpicking at this point! But there are teams where all I really care about is hurting them as much as possible no matter the final score, haha. Just give us THAT option and I'll be happy!
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    Paul T

    GHL playoff matchups

    Wow, so the regular season series between all the current match-ups was 2-2. These quarterfinals should be very close. I agree that the Dragons and Red Tide are the two best teams in the East - and will be for quite some time. They are starting to get a little rivalry going, which is great. The Prairie Stars and Hawks have been the two best teams out West and I don't see that changing any time soon either. But we all know that anything can happen in the playoffs, which is what keeps it exciting. And rainsilent - great season for you despite the early playoff exit. I was impressed with what you were able to accomplish with a team without much super star power. Taking nothing away from the Nightmares as Tyrod always puts together a solid team (think they are much better than 8th place btw), but the OT and double SO losses were a rough way to end it - and I still think the fact that we can't edit our SO lineup makes it frustrating at times. On paper this was more like a 3/6 or 4/5 match-up. Good luck to all remaining.
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    GHL playoff matchups

    Just going to leave this here.... The Elite are the first GHL team to win TWO Relegation Playoff matchups! HA!
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    Paul T

    GHL playoff matchups

    I haven't followed the West that much this season, but agree that Ricochet vs. Wolverines is probably the most exciting first round match-up. Also, Rage is always my sleeper pick to turn it on in the playoffs. Their coach is a lunatic and the players are downright scared to fail. In the East, the Nightmares and Bulldogs are solid teams, but the Minutemen and Red Tide are firing on all cylinders. Bears vs. Duhawks should be the most even series. For some reason I have always confused these two teams, as far back as season 1, so it's funny they are matched up against each other. And my series with Peek's Dragons seems like a very even match-up on paper. I like my team, but have come to realize we have some major holes to fix. For starters, my goalie is already tired. Jesus. People talk about goalies blowing games for their respective teams this season, but I'd be willing to bet Amick has blow more games than every other goalie this season... games that the performance ratings and game stats suggest we otherwise would have won. So my options are a tired/exhausted goalie... an anxious goalie... or a 79-rated affiliate goalie. Again, I really like my team, but the past two seasons we've had the #2 seed and have won a combined 2 games, getting bounced by lower seeds. This is also the 3rd straight season where we have been on a cold streak heading into the playoffs. Would I be surprised if I win... maybe not. But until the Stealheads prove they can win a playoff series, I don't have much confidence in them. My only shot is if the Dragons goalies under-perform. Either way, thanks for pulling this together, Rain. Good luck to everyone!
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    NFL Football

    At lest tell us why Tom Brady sucks. It might be prudent that admin not count this posting for ryanstan when counting the 2 posts needed to leach a game. His posting is garbage... (There it was said. When making a statement such as that evidence needs to be included.) With that said, along with what the above guys wrote. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and his induction in to the pro football hall of fame will prove just that when he retires, whenever that maybe nobody knows. Love him or hate him it can not be disputed that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest there ever was!
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    Looking forward to playing this game again. I ran an online league as commish around 1998 and it is last that I have played the game. Scared of how much time this game can eat up for me. In soccer there is a similar game: Dino Dini Football Manager.
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    Let me start.. I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here at GM Games. I am really curious to know about how you found out about playing these types of games. We've had several blog entries from our feature contributors telling us their story about how they got started playing sim sports. History: I don't consider myself someone with a great memory lol but here is how I think it all got started and how it evolved. For a long time I have always been fascinated with the statistics in sports. Being a fan, playing sports my whole life, I was always interested in box scores. My grandparents would always have a daily paper and I would grab the sports section and be really interested in reading the box scores that tell a little bit of a story of how the game went. From then on I knew stats and sports, athlete performance had a lasting effect on me. But it evolved further to wondering why teams won, why teams lost, and understand the aspects of a manager or franchise. I think it all started on NES. I owned a copy of Baseball Simulator and my friends in the neighbourhood and I just played the crap out of Baseball Stars. I think my mom at one point had a 40 dollar late charge with Blockbuster on a copy of Baseball Stars being a few weeks late. Man did I ever love that game from the team building perspective, money, salary caps etc. Later on Baseball Simulator was pretty fun, but I think I ended up playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 on SNES more, minus the dumbass magic part of that game lol. Baseball was my sport growing up but I loved all sports and my background being Lithuanian, I have been bred to love Basketball. Along the journey at blockbuster I rented my first copy of Tecmo Super Bowl. I would play out full seasons with my friend during sleepovers and we would almost get a whole season done from early afternoon till about 3-4 am. Losing in the playoffs with eyes barely open was an empty feeling when it was all over, lol! But was simulating it ever fun as well. Stats were realistic, player personnel moves had significance etc. Loved this game. I found some joy in basketball from copies of NCAA Basketball (which didn't simulate well but played well), and played a lot of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. Tons of fun and loved my mid-range jumpers from the elbows (which normally was a low percentage shot) but loved seeing Michael Jordan hitting those while growing up. From a hockey perspective my first simulation game was Wayne Gretzky Hockey, which I believe was way ahead of its time. As time progressed Baseball Mogul showed up on the scene. It instantly was a hit to me, it took what I wanted these games to become to the level where it made me feel wrapped up in this world. I helped run a league named BMIL that lasted for years until we switched to OOTP .. I have been a user on the OOTP forums since 2002 and I have an interesting private message with Markus from 2002 that makes me smile to this day. As the modern games came out I pretty much played about everything. Countless hours of Championship Manager (CM) even though I wasn't a huge European Football / Soccer fan but the game was just THAT good. Eastside Hockey Manager was developing and the games got more sophisticated. I still firmly believe this genre made some of the most addictive games ever made. If you really believe and are intrigued with a great simulator algorithm and AI world, these games will keep you playing through all hours of the night. "Just sim one more day".. Hey, share with us your story. I would love to hear it personally. I helped create this site so these games, the developers get the attention they deserve, but also, we get a chance to mold the games with the dev's in our desired fantasy world's. What's your story??
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    Version v1.0.1


    Updated March 26th, 2016 Latest Versionv1.0.1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Supported OS: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit RAM: 2GB Disk Space: 400MB 63 national leagues, including 12 to the second division and 4 until the third divisionItalian League until the fifth division (Serie C)NBA (O "alloy United States")45 Cups of alloy36 supercups alloy10 continental competitions for Europe, Asia and South America10 LANGUAGES Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan, Israeli, Russian, Polish, Serbian49k players1608 teams 2D simulation of the game Draft draws and competitions "live"National competitions continental, world and OlympicTactics and training, and team inidividualimarket playersstaffArena: extension and input pricesDetailed statistics for each player, individual premiumsArcade modeCreating custom teamEditor Teams and PlayersTeams Historic
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    A Decade of the Silver and Black fbpro98

    I am going to set this up by bringing it from its beginning through the past few days in a couple of paragraphs. Played with Sierra's FBPro98, using the VPNFL99 mod with some later additions of plays and game plans from VPNFL02. The first season played was the 1998 season. The Raiders clawed their way to a 9-7 season, just missing the AFC Wildcard berth on the last week of play, after a 2-5 start. Week 17 saw them play a snow bowl playoff game for all intents and purposes in New England where the winner would be a playoff team the following week, and the loser would be finished for the year. The Patriots jumped to a 20-6 halftime lead before I made some halftime adjustments. In the end they edged the Raiders 27-26 as the Raiders tried a 53 yd field goal on the game's final play after a 3 yd sack on 3rd and 8 from the 33. I was happy with the way my first season went overall. The Raiders went 12-4 in '99 scoring 526 points, highest in the league. That season after a 1st rd bye, they lost in their first playoff game 34-31 to the same Patriots who had bested them at the end of 97...a rivalry was brewing. In 2000 the Raiders finished 10-6 and struggled most of the second half of the season as our starting QB Hostetler was injured in week6 against the Chiefs, then again in week9 immediately after coming back, against the Dallas Cowboys, out for the rest of the season. The team made the playoffs as a wildcard, but quickly exited in the Wildcard game against the Miami Dolphins 21-10. 2001 saw the Raiders return to excellence, with starting RB McCallum rushing for 1382 yds and starting LCB Woodson intercepting 6 passes in the season's last 5 games (9 overall) the team won their last 8 and finished 13-3. Playoff victories against the Steelers (27-13) and the Patriots in the AFC championship (28-27) they prepared to face the 15-1 Rams in the Superbowl. The hype of the AFCs top offense and the NFCs greatest show on turf was well deserved as the Rams won 42-38 in a game with 7 lead changes. The 2002-2005 Raiders were always right around .500 (9-7, 8-8,8-8,9-7) and only made one playoff berth as a wildcard in 2004 in a subpar AFC with an 8-8 record and a quick loss to....those $#@** Patriots lol. 2006 saw the Raiders make a serious bid for an undefeated season, winning their first 12 before losing 2 of their next three. They finished 14-2 and breezed through playoff wins over the Cin. Bengals 38-6 and the New England Patriots 34-10...a Super Bowl matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was also overhyped as the Raiders destroyed the vaunted NFC repeating champions 42-13 to win the superbowl. 2007 saw the Raiders picking up where they left off, winning their first 10, and finishing 13-3. In the process setting a league record with 567 points scored, as well as a league record for point differential with only 210 points allowed. They once again destroyed their postseason opposition 41-10 over Miami, 44-3 over Denver in the AFC title bout...and 41-0 in the Superbowl victory over the Dallas Cowboys. At that point they had scored 40+ points in 11 straight games! 2008... the current season being played. The Raiders won their first 5 in much the same fashion, but a few cracks appeared. In week 3 the San Diego Chargers discovered a hole in the Raider pass defense and exploited it for 430 yds through the air from QB Rivers. The Raiders won 33-31 but it was the first time in 2 seasons +, they had yielded over 30 points, and was the most yds they had surrendered passing in our 10 years. The scouting report seems to have been not noticed by the next opponent Philadelphia, which we beat 44-3 to improve to 4-0. We next had our bye week. In week 5 we went back to work...against the same Cowboy team we had beaten in Superbowl. This time they had seen game film and we were in for a fight...they constantly beat our aggressive defense, burning blitzes for TD passes of 71 and 64 yds, and another stopped at our 3 by Asomugha that gained 45. The Raiders still pulled it out in a 37-34 OT win, but now WE needed to be the one adjusting. 2008 Week 6...a 34-23 defeat to the NY Giants...Eli Manning passing for 370 yds. We were 5-1, but suddenly much less secure in our future. Week 7...26-14 victory over Buffalo, as the rain and wind made the hole in our defense less noticeable. Week 8 a 33-27 loss to the Patriots in which Brady threw 4 TDs and 388 yds. We were 6-2 and still leading the AFC West by two games, but suddenly nervous. Week 9 the second place San Diego Chargers in town for the rematch. They had been the ones to suddenly pounce on our weakness back in Week 3. This time they jumped early, and never let up...our 45-24 defeat was even more one sided than that score appears as we scored 21 in the fourth quarter after already being down 38-3. We were suddenly 6-3 and only a game ahead of the Chargers and Broncos both. Week 10, a matchup with the Arizona Cardinals who defeated us 33-30 in OT. The Chargers won their game as did the Broncos, and suddenly we are one of 3 6-4 teams on top of the AFC West. Week 11... a revamped defense from the ground up in the playbook, a lot of bump and run, man-coverage...a bit fewer blitzes, and continuation of the basic play calling philosophy of "Put them into must pass situations" by being aggressive on 1st and 2nd downs, then backing off some and playing safe on most 3rds. The next team, the Redskins, were struggling offensively anyway as well (24th overall, 29th passing) so we had a "easy run through" to test our new plays. It was not easy though...the final score was a win, but not as much as I hoped after putting hours into the new plays...We won 31-26. We are now 7-4. This is the current situation.
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    Version (PC) 2012


    Freeware for Windows PC Created and courtesy of Sports Mogul Inc. See here to sign up for their mailing list: http://www.sportsmogul.com/games/football2k12.html Start in any season from 1970 to 2011 Rosters for every year since the AFL-NFL merger Updated year-by-year stats for every player Includes all 2011 draftees, plus undrafted free agents Opening Day rosters for 2011-2012 season Stats and ratings for over 2100 active players over 62,000 player seasons Accurate season schedule for the 2011 season Advanced play designer and playbook editor Play-by-play describes each play as it happens Box scores and play-by-play files created for each game Realistic player development and aging Play up to 100 seasons into the future Create your own 'Football Mogul Encyclopedia' Automatically loads files from previous version
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    As someone who’s relied on madden and FIFA to get my fill on franchise I’m so glad I found this website
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    FEDORA (using DDSCB2020)

    This dynasty report will come to you from any and all sources (coaches, players, fans, media reps, administrators, etc). The presenter of each segment will depend on who speaks up first and has something to say and it will be presented in whatever manner that person wants. Note on setup: DDSCB2020 Challenge Mode; Standard conference alignment; Beginning season: 2019-2020; Using Option 3 of the College Mod; Injuries set at 200%; Job Pressure set at High; Illegal Recruiting allowed; Underclassmen able to declare for the pros; Recruiting Difficulty set to Brutal. Welcome to FEDORA.
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    Whos here from KOT4Q? --- [Note from the Website] "Game is called Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021 or DDSPF21 for short" COME TO THE DISCORD CHANNEL FOR GAME TALK .. #DRAFT-DAY-SPORTS https://discord.gg/qrx2r85
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    Release of 0.8.6

    Hi We are now ready with our newest version where the focus has been on implementing the inputs we have gotten from the users like transfer portal and improvements of existing features The newest version can be downloaded at https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase The newest devlog can be found here: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/209525/release-086 If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CTGames6 Please use our forum for any feedback: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/ or on discord: https://discord.com/invite/BFeYXsT Best Regards The DevTeam
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    Second simulation and just concluding the 6th season with the Louisiana-Monroe Sharks - it took the selection committee a few years to understand the legacy creation at LM!
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    Season 6 GHL Awards

    Congratulations to everyone on yet another fantastic season! I am making a judgement call on a couple of the awards, but generally, there was clear consensus, and as usual, discussions AND ADDITIONAL TROPHIES are welcome. You know the drill. GOLDEN CUP CHAMPION: CEDAR RAPIDS MINUTEMEN (Richard Armour) Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP): Viteszlav Predajna (Minutemen) - 13 points - (14GP - 5G/8A/+1) GHL East Champion: BIG DELTA STEALHEADS (Paul T) GHL West Champion: ENIGMA RAGE (Wendel Clark) Manager of the Year: Richard Armour (Minutemen) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) / JEREMIE CLINE (Stealheads) - 84 points OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) - 40 goals GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) PATRICK GORNELL (Red Tide) - 54 assists VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender) ZACH WOODLEY (Eastern Outlaws) ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman) GUSTAVS KUNDZINS (Bodmin Bangers) NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman) PIERROT RIDDLE (Victoria Lions) ORR - Points leader among defencemen NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D-men [BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration, removing +/- for more fairness SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward) RICHARDS AUNINS (Battlin Bears) Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA] Hits and +/- also relevant. LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player) JOESPH RACKLEY (Enigma Rage) Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM] HART TROPHY (League MVP) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) CALDER TROPHY (Best Rookie) DANICK GRAHAM (Marietta Sand Storm) GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD (Most Giveaways) COLE ADAMSON (Eastern Outlaws) ROID RAGE TROPHY CECIL BRANCO (Shebandowan Natives) (Most Hits + PIM + MP) LATE-BLOOMER AWARD BRENDAN ROWLETT (Enigma Rage)
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    The best quality NFL player photos available. All from NFL.com , works great.
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    CT Football manager is awesome!

    Just got an account on this and have to post 2 forum posts to get the real teams mods. So for my first one, I thought i'd say this is extremely fun! I'm a fan of the Michigan Wolverines and am currently playing with them. it's so fun!
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Next team is Risi (meanin Lynx). At first they look like a good middle tier team, who are very nice off the ice, but kinda tough to meet them at the game. It looks like they have 2 quite good lines, and then quality drops a bit, but for a small nation like them, I guess it's normal. Their top attackers are Jan Kosir (Golden Flyers) and Dominik Oresnik (Razorbacks) who can pull this team in their prime years. On the D side, by far the top pair is Davor Novak (Hawks) and Alexander Pirjevec (Outlaws), who are stilly very young, so the future looks bright. In goal 3 kinda similar players: Uros Horvat looks the best, and he is quite Heroic, but here form can be a big factor when picking the starter
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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    As many will see, the Big Delta Stealheads will be taking a few steps back in this season's power rankings and will be focusing on developing some younger players. We plan on remaining competitive in the hunt for the prestigious Golden Cup, but want to have some fun this season with individual player incentives. Below are a few I will be tracking this season. Mostly far fetched goals that will be difficult to attain given the tough competition - and frankly, I will be surprised if they are accomplished. Also important to note that I won't be doing anything out of the ordinary to try and force these goals other than my typical roster and tactical set up. Feel free to add your own (not limited to GHL). 1) Rafael Bolduc - 89 OVR Forward ... most GHL goals. 2) Kvido Zluky - 86 OVR Defenseman ... most GHL Points by a defenseman. 3a) Henri Pohl - 83 OVR Goalie ... I want this guy to win Vezina. Given his low endurance and the fact that my team wins might be lower than usual, I don't think that is possible. Instead, I am going to try and get him 50-55 starts with the goal of GHL's best save percentage. 3b) I will play the hot hand in goal and Pohl will be given a long leash to keep the starting job. In the event George Mercredi earns the starting job from Pohl, the same goal applies. 4) Svend Clausen - 82 OVR Forward ... most GHL Points and/or Goals by a rookie. 5) Jeremie Cline - 97 OVR Center ... best GHL +/-. 6) Any single player on the Stealheads to record a Gordie Howe Hattrick. If accomplished, that player will earn a $2M roster bonus.
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    Season 5 Individual Goals

    END OF SEASON UPDATE: 1) Elouan Scott - (94 F): Ovechkin + Gretzky trophies (Goals, Points*), Most shots* Close, but went cold in the last 3 games to finish just off in both key categories. 2) Simon-Delorme - (92 D): Most Points by a Defenceman, Highest +/- Not even close. Hugely disappointing season on a top offensive team. Questioning his necessity to this squad, and may be moving on next season. 3) Henry Lux - (86 F (rookie)): Most Rookie Points Likely would have got this without the injury that sidelined him for 8 games. Still, hugely impressive debut campaign with limited ice time and often in a defensive role. 41 points, +16, nearly 60% CF. 4) D Sharshin, D Nazarov, F Patrushev, C Stalin, C Putin 100 combined points by Russian players DONE. 158 points total. 4a) At least 1 goal scored + assisted by ONLY Russian players Actually did this, Patrushev from Sharshin and Nazarov. Surprising. 5) Sagiv Schuppan - (87 G (rookie)): 40 wins 31 wins, 4 shutouts, and finally settled in and been amazing late in the season with a couple of shutouts. Living up to his potential and 40 wins next season is not unthinkable. 6) Roger Muller - (92 C): FINALLY HIT GODDAMN 50 POINTS DONE! Just - exactly 50 points on the season. Frustrating, but there is progress. Team Objective: Score 300 goals, win 45 games DONE. 54 wins total including OT wins, good for 1st in the East. 318 GF. Record 1866 CF, and 57.9 CF%. This team absolutely destroyed at even-strength.
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    It can get expensive but Dave Koch Sports has one but it is minus all the financial stuff and me being older I am used to them not having that and personally I would like to leave that sort of stuff to real life. Another option is Draft Day Pro Sports Football from Wolverine Studios. It has the financial stuff but you can set it to where it does not get in your way of having fun. Now with this one though you don't truly own your game whereas with Dave Koch Sports games you do as what you download requires no special key / registration to use it. Finally there is Second and Ten V10 and from what I can tell of it well if you can get it going it should be loads of fun. I would recommend you do your research like anybody else should and with the Wolverine Studios game there is a demo to try out. Also with Second and Ten V10 I am not sure if there is a demo but with like all these games check out YouTube to see various people playing them.
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    Season 7 Chat

    Then New Hartford Whalers are proud to announce the teams new collection of home-away-alt jerseys! Be sure to order yours today!!
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    Cage trash talk

    Truth be told I was going to trade Lang either this season or next. The core of my skilled forward group is almost all 30+ right now and he was the best trade piece I had to address it. While I could have asked for Lamoureau or Chene in return, as I would have wanted a center back if I got a player, I wanted to go the more diverse route that gave me more options. I have Grimard at where Lang was at S1 with a, for the moment, better team in front of him than Lang did during S1. I'm not expecting quite the same miracle play from Grimard like I got from Lang as the league is better as well but I am hoping to get something between last season and the season before in terms of performance from Grimard. If he gets off to a good start I should be fine relative to my expectations. If he doesn't, this could be a difficult season. While the picks I got for Lang don't add up to Lamoureau or Chene themselves the loss in the performance from not having Lang should take me lower in the standings which should improve my own draft picks. I'm hoping to pick around 12th in the draft with my pick and no higher than 25th with the other 1st round pick. If the upcoming draft is as good as the last that potentially means I will have a crack at a mid 80s overall player with my first 1st round pick. If I pick below 16th with my pick either I got shafted in the draft order or... Well, to be blunt, you all suck. Edit: I joke. If my team does end up in the middle of the playoff bracket I would be amazed at the performance from my team to have done that but I am not expecting that. I wasn't expecting to finish 1st in the conference and 2nd in points overall last season with the ~20th ranked team talent wise either though so who knows? Then again I did try this vaguely similar thing with my other team. It was looking fine with 10 games left in the season and more than 10 points up on the team in 11th place. However the players inexplicably quit playing after a sudden drop in team confidence from blue 'ok' to yellow 'concerned' after losing to a top team in a fairly respectable manner. The prior 3 games were all wins, with one being against another one of the better teams in the league, and my team had a positive record over the last 10 games, including those 3 wins. Yet for some reason the game said, "Nope, screw you" and I said "ok" as nothing I did changed anything. Granted, that team I intentionally built flawed from the outset with no proper playmakers what so ever and I went rather cheap on a few fill in players as well. However, after starting off very poorly I did actually sign a playmaker from FA and my team was above .500 from that point on until the final 10 games of the season where the players altogether stopped playing. Such is how it is. It actually doesn't bother me that much as I get to play a few players on my main roster this season that I really like and couldn't play in the SHL.
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    OK, so there's a few interesting storylines heading into Season 4, but I think the one I am interested in the most is Cedar Rapids. It is fairly well documented that this team always overachieves, but after trading away their stud goalie, Lang, they go into the current season with only a single player rated in the 90s. That player being Vendelin Jaros... a 163 lb. friendly yet nervous winger from the Czech Republic. Overall rating in itself doesn't mean everything, but it does give a clear indication of how well rounded players are. This team could easily finish 1st or 10th. Only time will tell.
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    Antti Hänninen

    Cage trash talk

    Kudos to you! Tried to start playoff run little too late, and my guys just didn't have the endurance to do it. But i achieved my goal, no relegation matches for this guy
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    Advanced stats help

    I'm skipping on one and two because one got answered pretty much spot on and two I just ignore. I pretty much always have. That said I wanted to add on to three and four here if I may. I have no idea how to deal with underestimation. I have no idea what triggers it. I saw Rasputin's idea as for why and while I have no solid proof to otherwise I've not seen it work that way a few times myself. As for struggling to gain possession in the neutral zone it doesn't mean much ultimately. Watch a NHL game and note how many times there is a loose puck in the neutral zone and how often there is a fight for it. It isn't that often. Most NHL teams start a majority of possessions in their own end. I completely overlook this in the assistants notes. As I do the team focus hurt team momentum. I've changed the focus every way possible for a game and seemingly no matter how I changed it up it wouldn't go away. There is no reason for you to apologize. I think it is safe to say that we all have experienced that frustration to some degree. We all will again too. I went through it for the first quarter of the season with my buzzer team. All because my goalies got off to a cold start. Granted I also knew that I had a flawed team because I didn't have a good playmaker on my team which hurt my offense but theoretically my team still should have been decent. Instead it completely flopped. There are going to be moments of frustration. The difficulty is in piecing together what and why. Some of it we don't, and maybe never will, understand. However real GMs go through the same thing in real life. We all can name teams in all kinds of sports that had a lot of talent and underachieved or the opposite.
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    Yann Rock

    Cage trash talk

    Decided to bring the Rome Trojans back to life. Glad to see some of the people from the old Biscuit days here I hope my team ends up faring a little better than the original Rome Trojans
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    Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    /\ I will add to the above, which I have stated before, that I STRONGLY feel there is an element of randomness to this game. As there should be! I think some of the information that you are looking to obtain just isn't as simple as it seems (like rainsilent said), and that you're going to end up not enjoying the game as much as you should. So I don't mean to imply that you aren't enjoying the game, but I think that your current mindset will lead you to not enjoy the game. The randomness that I talk about could be anything from: - puck luck (that crazy biscuit takes some weird bounces sometimes). - players just having off games (they do in real life)... Ovechkin had a game a few nights ago where he scored 3G + 1A, then followed that up with 3 games of 0+0 and a -1. - the fact that the player ratings aren't as far apart as most people view them. A sub-90 rating doesn't mean the player sucks at that specific skill. Even an 85 rating in certain skills is considered a natural for certain roles. - there's probably 5-10 other things I could list here, but I'm losing my train of thought. Sometimes inferior teams beat more dominant teams. Sometimes teams with low winner instinct win close games. By the way, Winner Instict is something that I have NEVER been able to figure out. I've had a Heroic team, at most, for a couple of games, before it slid back down the bar. I'm going to be pumped when I finally figure it out, but I hope it's by chance... I don't want someone to give me the magical formula. And after seeing your second comment about you implying that you aren't enjoying the game, here's some reasons why you SHOULD enjoy the game - you are current GHL champ - you are currently in 1st place - you have a great team now and into the future (this doesn't mean that sometimes you won't get beat by an SHL team here and there... it happens). - despite it's minor flaws, the game is still REALLY F*CKING COOL You are a good manager. I like the league being filled with good managers. Simple as that. I was bummed out when Eric left (Fairbanks Union)... I was bummed out when Matt H left (Brass Castle Berzerkers). It was clear to me that they both left because their teams weren't doing as good as they wanted them to. But in the end, nobody really cares. To me that is just insane. The object of the game is to win. Sure. I want to win. But that's not why I enjoy the game. It's the escape from real life that I enjoy. Just as much as winning, I also enjoy scouting the draft, developing players, trying players in new roles and positions, chatting with Wendel and Naekfor about various things. There are times I get BS after a loss to an inferior team, but then I step back and have a "who gives a sh*t" moment. Failure isn't losing a game or having a losing record or getting relegated. Failure is getting upset in real life about fake game failure and not being able to just enjoy it for what it is (that isn't directed at anyone in particular... it's directed at EVERYONE!). See - I went off on another tangent again. Take from it what you will.
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    Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    I don't have a strong opinion on it, but here's why I wouldn't necessarily agree with this. 1) High Corsi doesn't necessarily mean that team is dominating games. It could be as simple as, the team goes down early and plays Offensive when trailing. This could lead to more shot attempts, but not necessarily quality chances. Or the team could play Defensive and just not allow many shots, but not get many quality scoring chances. Either way, in this specific case, the Red Dragons are facing relegation so the high Corsi isn't helping. 2) The game has an element of randomness to it, much like the sport itself. That's a good thing. Sometimes certain outcomes just don't make sense, other than the element of randomness. Overall, the game is directionally accurate and the "better" teams tend to place higher in the standings/have better stats. 3) If we had the tools to determine exactly why stuff like this happened, then every manager would use the same tactics, build the same roster, play the same focus. That would get pretty boring. I like the fact that every manager is given a clean slate and able to customize their team to their liking without there being a "right" or "wrong" way to do it. 4) Personally, I think statistical outliers add fun to the game. It's fun when an inferior team is high in the standings - or a completely stacked team isn't as good as everyone thought. Although I would admit that this isn't necessarily fair... but sometimes sports aren't fair (or life for that matter). 5) If you take a close look at this specific team, they have a very unique set up. An Offensive Defenseman playing 1st line wing. A Two Way D playing 4th line wing. That would definitely screw with the simulation. But I think we all agree the game needs more micromanagement, so I see that as a good thing. Figure out unique ways to set your lineup. If you compare their defense to mine, they are actually better. Red Dragons - 90 89 88 88 88 85 (528) Stealheads - 92 88 88 87 86 81 (522)