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  1. I would have to say that it might depend on what team you prefer and like. Over an entire career and if you take in the persons achievements over the entire career I would say Tom Brady for a present day player. Maybe he's not the best this year over all but he is still doing pretty good at his age. Even though many people hate the guy there really can't be much disagreement that he has performed as a top QB for nearly 20 years or so. So that has to count for something. I don't know, who's your best player then we can start the discussion there...
  2. Let's see if "what" goes? It would help the discussion if ye said what it is ye want to see go... If ye just want to get to 2 posts so ye can download something there's always the Introduce yourself thread that most people post in. lol
  3. I would first ask what type of sports do you like? There are a lot of good sports management games out there. If you really want to get an in-depth manager sim where you handle the day to day actual management part of running a team and don't care what the sport is then you can't go wrong with the Football manager games. I'm playing FM2020 and its real good. Theres a bunch of games out there that provide a good representation so pretty much I would suggest that you just pick one based on wheter you like the sport it is based on...
  4. The graphics look great! The game sounds real good as well. I would be interested in checking it out. Maybe even do a review. Keep up the good work.
  5. Does any one play FM20 or any of the other earlier games online? I'm wondering how is is before I try it myself. Playing against the computer is a lot of fun, wondering if the online game is as good.
  6. I just got the full version of FM2020 and so far it's great!
  7. Thanks for the info. I got a full review copy from SEGA myself and will be playing it and will be writing a review! First impression is that it looks very good.
  8. I started playing computer games, including sports sims probably 30 or more years ago on the Commodore 64. Soon after the Commodore I went in to PC which there were a lot of different offerings as far as sports games went. It's been so long ago that I can't remember the titles. However, I do remember one game called Monday Night Football. I went from there to the madden games. I also played golf sims including Tiger Woods games and others. I played baseball, hockey, Boxing and other sports. One of my all time favorites is the Pro Cycling Manager (PCM) franchise which comes out every year before the Tour De France. I played several versions starting with the 2009 offering and the series has been around for around 20 years now! Presently, I'm into the various online browser sports sims mainly because of their simplicity. A couple days ago I started the full version of Football Manager 2020 which I will be reviewing. This will be my first soccer sim and it should be fun because I haven't played any other soccer games and don't know much about the sport. Cheers...
  9. Thanks for the reply Chris. I noticed that you do have FM2020 available for download. Is your version on the site the full version or a demo? Generally we play the demo in order to write a preview and get the full version when doing the review because in many cases there might be updates and additional content present in the full version when it's released. Since the game has been released, that kind of makes a preview be unnecessary. I'll reach out to my editor on Hooked Gamers and let him know that I would like to write a review. He won't have any problems with that I'm sure. Since the game just came out the other day, it's a perfect time to do a review and try to beat other sites and their reviews of the game. I can give you his contact info if you want. We down load the games for review on Steam and the publisher provides a code to open up the full version. Of course I will post links on the GM Games site of the review which will be published on Hooked Gamers. I always give credits to developer, publisher and in this case your forum and site and anyone else deserving of a credit. When was or is FHM6 released. I'll check that one out as well and could possibly do a review or preview if not released yet. of course everything depends on my work lap top being able to run the games. I checked the specs for FM20 and my computer should be able to run it.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone on the site knows anything about Football Manager 2020? Is the game difficult to play as far as knowing about soccer which (I know very little)? I'm interested in writing a game review. First let me tell you why I want to know. I was associated with a PC game review site named Hooked Gamers in the past where I wrote game reviews. I have been away from that for a while and want to get back in to reviewing games. I was looking at the manager games available on your site and was wondering if anyone knew how I could get a review copy from the game producers? I did a bit of research on the game itself and I think it might be a good candidate for a review since it was just released a day or two ago. The site I review for only publishes articles about new games and FM 2020 would be a good subject. I looked up the minimum system specs and my lap top apparently can run the game. (Has anyone ever run any earlier versions of the game and how was the performance.) I have had problems with finding review material to review due to not having a good gaming rig. Thus I have pretty much been limited to writing a few tech articles here and there. So with that said, does anyone know who to contact about getting a review copy or should I let my sites admin just contact the developers or Sega? Thanks for any advice you may have.
  11. At lest tell us why Tom Brady sucks. It might be prudent that admin not count this posting for ryanstan when counting the 2 posts needed to leach a game. His posting is garbage... (There it was said. When making a statement such as that evidence needs to be included.) With that said, along with what the above guys wrote. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and his induction in to the pro football hall of fame will prove just that when he retires, whenever that maybe nobody knows. Love him or hate him it can not be disputed that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest there ever was!
  12. Yup, I'm new and as suggested, wanted to say hi. Apparently, saying hi gives the poster half of the needed 2 postings required to download a game. I wanted to do more than that and will tell you a bit about myself. (That is if anyone cares to read something like that.) I'm a former resident of the 2nd highest taxed and cost of living state in the US which is Connecticut. NY is #1. Lived there for many years and recently moved to the state of Florida which is so much cheaper to live, plus the sun is out maybe 10 or 20 times more than in CT, and I no longer need to shovel snow in the winter. I wish I had moved here years ago instead of the 3 years ago. At any rate. I used to be a video game reviewer on a smaller all volunteer site named I did that for 6 years and gave it up due to lack of time. I wanted to start getting the free games for doing a review so I got back in. I recently started writing for the site again but I quickly discovered that my old desk top computer is way too old to be playing newer PC games. So that put a damper on my game playing and review writing and it relegated me back to playing online browser games, many of which are sports manager affairs. A few of them are Online Cycling Simulator Bike racing. Hardwood which is an excellent college basketball manager. I was playing a baseball manager sim called Broken Bat by the guy that created Hard Wood but lost interest in it after a while. And I recently started playing a football manager browser game named Red Zone which is pretty good and quite detailed. I was looking for games that I might be able to run on my old computer or my laptop and discovered your site. So I guess this posting can serve as my first posting and get me half way to being able to download. lol I would like to try the hockey manager game you have on the site. I would like to become involved in your site because I have done the forum thing many times in the past and always enjoyed talking games and other things. One of which I was a mod and admin on for a site called Cutlass Isle. Hence my screen name. It was a Sid Meyer Pirates! fan site. I hope to become active and will look the forum over. Thanks.