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  1. Welcome Grant. You nailed your first review.
  2. A surprising basketball simulation that holds its own against the best in the business.In my first season coaching the Daytona Beach Wildcats, my season expectations were low. I was expected to win only 6 games and bow out ingloriously at the end of the season. I managed to win 7 games and blew out the #3 seed in my conference tournament before taking the inglorious bow that I was expected to all along. Seeing a glimmer of hope I rushed into recruiting season hoping to land a new guard that could help advance the team in the postseason.I was hooked.Campus Dynasty plays a lot like many other sports games on the market except that this game is a free app for Apple and Android. And it’s good. Like really good.I have to admit, when I picked this game up for the first time, I was hesitant. Many phone-based games just aren’t all that great or have some sort of paywall that prevents you from really getting good unless you buy into the game. This game surprises in that it is both a very solid simulation and it is completely free. There are no paywalls, no coins to buy and no gimmicks. It is purely a phone-based simulation.-----See the full review
  3. The game owner wrote you back on our discord server wolverinestudios (DDS:PB,CB)Yesterday at 9:09 PM There is a multiplayer function to the game - if you dont actually want input from them into the league you can create them as coaches, assign them to a team and then turn on all the AI help options so the AI does everything for them
  4. I would cover their game on our main site but I can't even extract screenshots anywhere. It's not marketed very well is it?
  5. What If The 2019-2020 NHL Season Continued Without COVID-19? | Franchise Hockey Manager 6 On March 12th, 2020, the NHL suspended its season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How would the season end and which team would be hoisting the Stanley Cup if it wasn't for COVID-19? The guys at Out Of The Park Developments have created a quickstart so that you can find out for yourself.
  6. 2020 Toronto Blue Jays Season Sim with Minor League Focus. An Out of the Park Baseball 21 Franchise / Dynasty Story. Jay Blue’s 2020 Toronto Blue Jays season sim with OOTP 21 with a lens on the Minor League teams. Jay Blue, Senior Vlogger, GM Games - Creator of The Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook -