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  1. Yes it does, and it does make ratings based on stats, you can pick all the years from a drop down like 79-80 etc and draft classes come in for each year
  2. Yeah, your best bet is over here there could be a number of different things going on.. if you are steam, non steam etc..
  3. No there are two main mods, one is slybells' logos and one is the player photos that we do... both are listed here
  4. Yeah of course, we cover both the preview for Franchise Dynasty and the Campus Dynasty game on the main site at , we also have a discord channel for both these games, check it out
  5. Season 3 Episode 5: Let’s Play Ball! In this campaign sim of the Toronto Blue Jays, we sim through the first week and a half of the 2022 season, playing the Opening Day game. Who gets off to a good start? Will the Blue Jays open the season with a win? Join us and find out!
  6. New Channel Let's Play | TheRealGWood's Franchise Rebuilds FBGM "Ep5: INJURED FINALS RUN" St. Louis Spirits Football GM (Online & FREE)
  7. That's sometimes maybe an issue of the tables being pulled in from windows 10. You can try running the game exclusively in Windows 8 compatibility mode by editing the permissions of the exe file. That seems to have fixed things in last year's.