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  1. I would cover their game on our main site but I can't even extract screenshots anywhere. It's not marketed very well is it?
  2. What If The 2019-2020 NHL Season Continued Without COVID-19? | Franchise Hockey Manager 6 On March 12th, 2020, the NHL suspended its season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How would the season end and which team would be hoisting the Stanley Cup if it wasn't for COVID-19? The guys at Out Of The Park Developments have created a quickstart so that you can find out for yourself.
  3. 2020 Toronto Blue Jays Season Sim with Minor League Focus. An Out of the Park Baseball 21 Franchise / Dynasty Story. Jay Blue’s 2020 Toronto Blue Jays season sim with OOTP 21 with a lens on the Minor League teams. Jay Blue, Senior Vlogger, GM Games - Creator of The Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook -
  4. Welcome Phil. It's a pleasure having you here! This is mostly used for dynasty stories and downloads now but still useful to have a forum you are also now a moderator
  5. With limited resources to put into development simplicity is key and it is what makes GPHM shine. Before I start the review of Game Plan Hockey Manager I have to note a few things. First, the game has only two people working on it and they work on it in the spare time that they have in their busy lives. Second, this game has a $1.99 monthly subscription fee. It has a one month free trial though for anyone that wants a taste before they jump in. Finally, I have been playing this game since June of 2015. I enjoy the game. There is going to be some degree of bias as a result. I am going to try to remove as much as possible for the review. Game interface The game interface itself has a rather basic look and isn’t that flashy. It sticks to being rather basic, outside of the ever present faded, large team logo in the background on the left, while having a few nice touches here or there depending upon where you are in the menus. On the team page there is a team jersey in the top right with the logo and team name on the front. If you are on a player page there is a team jersey with the player’s last name and number on the back. It is a nice small touch to an otherwise simple visual interface. ----- Read the review
    Essential Mod for Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020