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  1. WebSim Hockey has a huge community and is a long career mode, slow paced game. You will manage one or many teams (one max per league), in leagues of 12 or 24 GMs. It's been name the best online hockey manager game for 5 years in a row at OnlineSportmanagers. And its under NHLPA licensing so you get to play with the real players, with their pictures, etc. Try it out : https:/
  2. Hey everyone, With the 2013-14 pre-season underway, you may be looking for a new way to appreciate the NHL season and go beyond your standard fantasy keeper leagues concepts. For a limited time only, we are offering all GM Games members and readers an opportunity to join a brand new league and build your own franchise from scratch, at absolutely no charge. What you get with the promo: - A FREE subscription for a Quickstart 12-team league (Value of $9.99) - Draft your city: 1-2 days - 26-Round Players Draft: 2 weeks to 1 month - Full Season: +/- 6 months, 164 days of simulation - Playoffs: +/- 2 months, 56 days of simulation - Rookies Draft (2 rounds): +/- 1 week (upon renewal only) - GM Support Service - Mentor GMs available to help on live chat - 2 free subscriptions are awarded after every season: One for the Cup Winner and one for best participating GM - More free subscriptions are available with our refferal promo - ++++ All in all, that's about 8 months of daily GM tasks such as the draft, lineups, strategies, trades, player movement, etc. You own a league or play on another simulator? If you would like to transfer your league over to Web Sim Hockey, we can do it at no charge for your first season, regardless if it's a 12 or 24-team league. What you need to do - Send an email to [email protected] with Promo GM Games as subject. - Create your Web Sim Hockey account - We will then add you to the league - We will create as many leagues as necessary, there is no limit. This is your opportunity to play the only NHLPA licenced online hockey manager.
  3. Many teams are now available and looking for an Interim GM (at no charge) for a full season! To join in, you can follow the instructions included in the image below (the image is showing in a previous post of mine).
  4. Every year when the regular season is over we release a full set of NHL players attributes. The attributes are generated using 100% of the players stats of the current season, using complex formulas that are fair to all players. With so many stats available today, it is much easier to create attributes that represent every player accurately. Click here to Download NHL Player set Information about our methodology: Attributes creation A player must play a minimum of games during his NHL season to be added to the player set. The number of games varies depending on the following scenarios and is equally the same for both real and virtual player evolution mode. New players Rookie or veteran, a player who*was not*in the previous NHL player set must play a minimum of*40 games*to be created and added to the new player set. The minimum is*15 games*for a goalie (26 and 10 games respectively because of the lockout this year). Existing players A player who is already in the previous NHL player set must play a minimum of*15 games*to be created and added to the new player set. The minimum is*5 games*for a goalie. (8 games instead of 15 because of the lockout for this year only) The statistics used to create the attributes are listed below: Players Durability: Games played Stamina: Minutes played Discipline: Penalty minutes Strength: Height + Weight/Height ratio Intensity:*Body checks, Blocked shots, Takeaways & Giveaways Speed: Weight, Height & Shots/game Finesse: Points/Game & Speed Hockey Sense: Points/Game & +/- Faceoffs: *Faceoff % Passing: Assists/Game Shooting: Goals/Game Defense: Blocked shots/Game, +-, Takeaways & Giveaways, PK Time on ice* Leadership: Captain/Assistant & Experience Experience: Games played (career) Potential: Expected overall at the age of 30, calculated using*the actual overall and player age. Overall: Average of all attributes (some exceptions apply) Fighting: Major penalties Goalies Durability: Games played Stamina: Shots received and Durability Discipline: Penalty minutes Strength: Height & Weight Intensity: Wins & Minutes played Speed: Goal against average Stick handling (finesse): Win % Hockey sense: Shutouts, Intensity, Speed, Stick Handling & Saves Passing: Goals, Assists and Hockey Sense Shot block (saves): Save % Leadership: Captain,*Age & ExpΓ©rience Experience: Games played (career) Potential: Expected overall at the age of 30, calculated from the actual overall and player age. Overall: Average of all attributes (some exceptions apply)
  5. Hi all, I was a guest at M. Net TV show, live at Musique Plus Studios in Montreal, Quebec, to present the new version 2.0 and the game in general. It was really fun, here's a few pictures (sorry for picture size): And here's how to join Web Sim and take a team as Interim GM in no time, at no charge: 1. Register on 2. Once this is done, you will be redirected to your account page. You can ignore that page at this time, and click on the Web Sim Hockey logo on the top left. That will bring you to your News Feed. Then follow the easy steps shown in the images below: 1. 2.
  6. You must create an account and that will take you automatically to the main page: the News Feed. Read the info on that page as it guides you through a few tutorials and it will provide you with the info you need in order to apply for an Interim position at no charge. If you have questions, click on the Envelope icon on the top right. That will bring you to the message page. There, click on "New Ticket" if you need assistance on anything. Thanks!
  7. Since our first Virtual Player Evolution league went online back in 2007, we have allowed many different types of game play, to accommodate as many people as possible. First things first, no matter the league you play in, it will always be one of two possible player evolution: VIRTUAL EVOLUTION - Player attributes are re-evaluated twice a year: once at mid-season and once at the end of the season. - The simulator calculates player evolution using the following criteria: age, investment in player development, and luck. - Player evolution does not take performance (real or virtual) into account. - This mode allows you to have better control over your team as it's possible to determine in advance how good your player will become. The "Potential" attribute represents players' overall at age 30. REAL EVOLUTION - Player attributes are re-evaluated once at the end of the season. - Player attribute evolution is only based on their real performances. - At the end of a Web Sim Hockey season, the attributes are updated using the statistics from the last two seasons (the percentage varies depending on the league option). - Any league using this mode will need to wait until the end of the current season before being able to continue with their next season (except with Retro leagues). Moreover, every league can start with a Player set of their choosing. We are very flexible in that regard. Here is a list of player sets that we have so far (more will come): - NHL 83-84 - NHL 84-85 - NHL 1990 (attributes are based on players' career, not individual 1990 season) - NHL 1993 (same thing, based on the players career) - NHL 1997-98 - NHL 1998-99 - NHL 1999-00 - NHL 2005-06 - NHL 2006-07 - NHL 2007-08 - NHL 2008-09 - NHL 2009-10 - NHL 2010-11 - Fictive player sets - European sets?? There is a project right now to start a 100% finnish league, with players from Finland only from the Elite Finnish league. KHL could follow, if there is a demand for it. Eventually, we will have a player set for each and every season starting in 1983-84 up until today. We will add them as our league need them to continue to play. You can take a look at our player attributes for each of those sets by going at this page: Please note that our retro sets (except 1990 and 1993 based on career stats) can only be played using Real Player Evolution. That means that every year, we update the attributes with the ones of the following season. This ensures to always have accurate attributes for the players, season after season. You can also sort of "predict" how a player will evolve and thus, it adds quite an edge to your strategy Additional note: We generate the players attributes ourselves, after every NHL season, more or less a week after the regular season is over. The attributes are ALWAYS generated using complex formulas, using a wide array of statistics: goals, assists, points, +/-, PIM, time on ice, turnovers (for/against), blocked shots, etc. There is no human manipulation of the attributes. NHL PROSPECTS In addition to the players with attributes, we also have the PROSPECTS concept. By definition, a player is considered a prospect on Web Sim Hockey if he meets all of those criterias: - He was drafted in the past 3 NHL Entry Drafts - He was drafted in the 1st or 2nd round only - He never played more than 39 games in one full NHL season Our leagues can enable the prospect feature by voting for or against it when the league starts. If they vote for it, then GMs can draft up to 2 prospects during the initial draft. They can draft more prospects in the off-season drafts. A prospect converts to a player with attributes when he has played 40 games or more in the NHL during a full season. They are available to be added in every league only once a year: in april when we do our player attributes file. LEAGUES WITH NHL ROSTERS Whether it's a retro league or a current day league, there is an unofficial game type that is more and more popular. We will probably make it automated and official sooner than later but for now, it is still managed on a case by case scenario. THe concept is to start your league by drafting a complete NHL team with their full roster. Per example, if you would do that today, you would draft among the 30 NHL teams and end up with their current players (with the latest trades and acquisitions), but also with their prospects already in your team. The rest of the game is exactly the same, except for the fact that there is no player draft in the first season. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Well!! I will stop now, and let you grasp this new information about our game and I will eventually add more details in other aspects of the simulator. Cheers!
  8. It's also a perfect way to try the game before knowing if you're gonna like it.
  9. Hi, It happens frequentlly that new users on our site hesitate before deciding whether or not they should join a league and pay for it. This is understandable. We have 2 ways to play for free: - Register and create your Free GM account. You will automatically join a DEMO league. Demo leagues allow you to take a look at the site and functions but there are no sims involved, and no activity whatsoever. It is a way to look at the site and that's pretty much it. - Take over a team as a Replacement GM and play for free for the reminder of the League Season. This second option is very popular and is best to start playing web sim hockey. What you need to do is once you created your free GM account, you now have access to all of our forums. You can either browse the recruiting forum OR create a new thread saying that you are looking to take over an abandoned team. Within a day or two, you should be all set and ready to join a league at no charge!! If you do no like the game, you can easily give the team away to someone else by a single click.
  10. Hello everyone, Web Sim Hockey offers great flexibility when it comes to importing an existing simulated hockey league from another simulator, whether its STHS, EHM, Hockey renaissance or any other. - Tired of spending countless hours in managing your sim league? - Tired of having to send files by email to make changes to your team? - Tired to have to maintain a website for your league? - Tired of doing the player attributes manually, every year? - Tired of the old simulators? Well, I believe you are due for a change. Import your league on Web Sim Hockey today and you will get the first season at no charge*, including the import of your league! What Web Sim Hockey offers is simple: - A complete gameplay experience spent 100% online on our site. - No website to manage - Full access to our active community, which makes it very easy to find replacement GMs. - Active community means active leagues, means much more fun! - Every action is live and done on the site. All you need is internet access. - Full customer support by our team and community, whenever you have a question, you can be sure it will be answered within hours. - Continuous development of our game: We listen to our users ideas and we develop new features all the time. - Live league/private chat, message system, forum, directly in your league page. - So much more! If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] for all details. You could import your league on our site within a few days only and be ready to start your first season! You can ask questions on this topic as well, I will be more than happy to answer all of them. *The first season is at no charge. Regular pricing applies for following seasons. To find out more about our regular fees, click here.
  11. Hi, I am an administrator on and I will be happy to answer all of your questions about our game. Let's start with a few introduction facts: - The simulator was built from scratch, starting back in 2005. - The first Web Sim Hockey league was online in October 2007. - We currently have over 236 leagues (May 2011), and 5660+ teams managed every day on our site. - Most of our leagues are from Quebec, Canada (around 90%). This means that there is an immense potential for English users to join in and discover our game. Our current English users are dedicated to our game and loyal users. Now, a list of features: - Build your dynasty: Select one of 60 North American cities in which to start your franchise. - Participate in a 26-round players draft using our unique drafting system. - Sign your Head Coach. - Build and manage your Arena - Complete Online functions, including: Lineups, Team Practice/Strategies, Pro/Farm movement, Game plan, Pre-Game previews, Trade Market, Players contracts, Head coach contracts, Broadcasting contracts, Marketing & sponsors, fully customizable league rules, trade committee and commissioner, complete stats engine, standings, game boxscores, and much more. We are fans of the NHL, we try to reproduce the reality of an NHL General Manager. You play with the NHL players, whether they are Retro (83-84 to now) or current, you will get accurate attributes, made by our team, using complex formulas with the players statistics. There are 2 Player Evolution modes: - Real player evolution: Player attributes are re-evaluated once at the end of the season. At the end of a Web Sim Hockey season, the attributes are updated using the statistics from the last two NHL seasons (the percentage varies depending on the league option). - Virtual player evolution: Player attributes are re-evaluated twice a year: once at mid-season and once at the end of the season. The simulator calculates player evolution using the following criteria: age, investment in player development, and luck. Player evolution does not take performance (real or virtual) into account. So that's pretty much it! There is so much to tell, it is hard to resume it in one post. But this is why I created this category. Feel free to ask any question and I will be happy to answer them. Thanks!