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    Bug fixes and improvements Fix bug where scouting reports could not be created Fix bug where saving draft preferences did not work or could not be sorted properly
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    Welcome to the forum

    Found this on Reddit, loving this project!
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    I wonder if Season 4 will turn out like the others?
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    Derby Manager

    Happy you like the game, Zyrok, and good luck to your Huelva team ;)
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    My thoughts on endurance

    Also, in the West last year, only 59 points separated 1st and 13th place. Thats a very competitive environment.
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    The Tournament That Wasn't

    Although the NCAA Tournament has been cancelled in 2020, fear not! For in DDSCB2020 there is not CoronaVIrus, and DDSCB2020's Tournament Maker allows the BIg Dance to come alive. Since only a few conference tournaments concluded before the cancellation was announced, the results of any conference tournaments that were played have been disregarded. Teams have been selected and seedings made based upon conference standings, overall records, polls and RPI...and my own whims. Real World Mod Option #4 was used to create the association upon which Tournament Maker was based for this DDSCB2020 NCAA Tournament. So each team has real-life coaches. But players for teams are fictional, of course, rather than this season's actual real-life players...so results may vary from what you expect. Now time to get started so brackets can be constructed and tournament games played.
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    DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save

    Nice start! Good luck with your recruiting.
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    BBCF 2015 and Beyond

    I first picked up a copy of BBCF many years ago. I really enjoyed the game and played it as often as family, work, and grad school demands permitted. Fast forward to this past Holiday season and I found myself with some vacation time, good bowl games to watch, and an urge to start up BBCF again. As a long-time member of the OOTP boards, I have been posting my ongoing "career" of leading the San Jose State Spartans . While I enjoy the OOTP game and its community, I didn't think it was appropriate for me to continue to post in a forum for what is sure to be at some-point an amazing FOF / OOTP collaboration. So with that said, I hope this community finds some enjoyment in following along with my San Jose State Spartans.
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    Cage trash talk

    Take a look at Endurance on your team, Paul. I would not be surprised to see a hidden Endurance meter that depletes throughout a season and is impacted by a player's Endurance score. Your team isn't exactly top in Endurance, especially your goaltenders - that may account for the late-season slides. Good assessment of my weaknesses - and I agree with the loose definition of "weakness", as well as seeing them as challenges to defeat. I just did a massive high-risk, high-reward trade in Buzzer that is going to bring new issues for my team - and I've never felt more alive . The size issue with my D-men I've solved since the beginning of the season by pairing them with larger counterparts - worked well so far. Goaltending...is complicated. Lie's stats are 2.86/90.2% - which is decent for a backup. Baudoin, on the other hand, isn't even in Top 20 in SV%, despite having 8 shutouts (Tied for 1st). That's how streaky he, or his cocaine supplier, is. I am nearly sure I've identified the exact issue with him (not Anxiety, surprisingly), but have not yet decided now to fix it. The Spirit comment is interesting. Never was a fan of the "winning = who has the most heart" argument, but winning teams have had high-Spirit players often (i.e. Kegashka). I have some lower-Spirit players the past two seasons because of trades, and I have been worse defensively, so reasonable guess. But my offence has fired up as a result, and I like that exchange. For now, at least. I will keep an eye on this going forward, though - good observation.
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    Oh - and going back to a discussion that hasn't been had in quite some time. Roster Limits!!! I have always felt for GHL level it should be 30. Maybe offer a bit more leeway for the lower leagues, but I can't imagine why any GHL manager would need more than 30 spots. This would be the ultimate measure against hoarding players and creating a larger FA pool. 6 C - 11 F - 9D - 4G = 30 players. Easy peasy. You can even get creative and do 7C and 12F and 2G, the options are endless.
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    tom brady sucks

    People just hate those that are good. I am not a Pats fan but you gotta recognize greatness
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    Cage trash talk

    I hate games like that Paul. I get that they will happen but I still hate them none the less. You did end up getting the consolation of a 1-0 loss rather than a bad blowout.
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    tom brady sucks

    Brees is a better QB than Brady, simple
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    tom brady sucks

    TOM BRADY ONLY HAS 6 RINGS. He must suck.
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    Watching this video and then seeing Jimmy Howard retire in it... <3!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I suppose this is going to be my first time. So it'll be Draft Day Sports College Basketball 2020.
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    Getting back into the game

    Just bought DDSCB20, haven't played much of anything since Football Manager 2012.
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    Best gm sports game?

    pigskin empire on the internet, which is a free to play online game, is probably one of the deepest games I have played.
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    Paul you devious fellow. I had only ever looked at the transfers contract screen. That said, I am stubborn in my conviction that a player's movement on the terms of their current contract should not be limited. . .
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    Discord: Anders AMA

    Hey Anders: You know there is a core community of long-term managers here who love this sim. What do you think about hosting an AMA on Discord where we can ask you simple (perhaps Yes/No) questions about elements of the sim - with as much elaboration as you are comfortable with? I mean here things we have always wanted to know but have been unable to determine in-game (example: "Does fatigue strongly impact goalie attributes/performance?"). I have a few of these, they've come up in various discussions, and it would be interesting to hear your perspectives on some of these things. Of course, you do not have to answer any leading questions or ones that reveal game mechanics. This could also be a good avenue to talk about your roadmap for GPHM in the future, any areas you need help or input on, any resources we can provide, gain feedback on the game, etc. Thoughts? Other managers - feel free to comment as well if this is something you want to see. Alex
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    Paul T

    Discord: Anders AMA

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm not sure how it could be organized in a way that Anders could handle hundreds of questions coming his way at once, but this would be great from a community perspective.
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    Overtime/Shootout Bug

    Thanks for reminding me. I will have a look at this as soon as possible. Extended lineup with overtime and shootout assignments are planned for upcoming releases.
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    Assistants report

    I don't. I look at it to see if a player is comfortable in their role if they are struggling. Beyond that, it is interesting to look at. As for your team doing well defensively and losing by 3 goals, look at a few things. Did your goalie have a bad game? Alternately, do the game and player stats match up with that? Your team can still play well but be outdone by a few skilled players. Or the opposing team's special teams can get all of the goals effectively bypassing your team's D.
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    The Tournament That Wasn't

    Muchas Gracias! Figured you'd like the Creighton game, at least. We'll soon see who they have to go up against in Round 2.
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    USFL 2K | FBPro98

    This has been a joy to follow!
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    OOTP 21 features smart new guided experiences, an all new 3D Ballpark Construction Kit, reimagined scouting and drafting, all the new 2020 rosters, gameplay and roster rules, completely refreshed Perfect Team, and much more! We are proud to announce that Out of the Park Baseball 21 is officially available worldwide. The 21st version of the […] View the full article
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    Longtime listener, first time caller

    Been hanging around in Discord for a bit and just had my first game review published, but realized I hadn't stopped into the forums yet. So hello from the social-distancing capital of the world, Michigan's Upper Peninsula!
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    Season 8 Chat

    Here it goes! First GHL season for me, Good Luck to Everyone!
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    [SOLVED] Draft Preference

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    Indoor Football Manager

    I´m already really looking forward to this! If you take your time and really polish it, I´m sure it will become a great game. I always love more variety on the sports game market and this just looks very promising!
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    tom brady sucks

    Tom Brady is the goat
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    BBCF 2015 and Beyond

    San Diego State 31 --- San Jose State 3 Wow, total domination by San Diego State (7-5). The Aztecs jumped out to a quick lead and never were threatened in this one. In getting the 31 to 3 win over San Jose State (5-5), the Aztecs held the Spartans to just 214 net yards on the day and a dismal 9 first downs. QB Tony Lima was a pathetic 9 for 41 on passing, and RB Juan Moreno could only eek out 52 rushing yards on 20 carries. What a disappointing effort by the Spartans! #onestepforwardtwostepsback
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    It is finally here. We have talked endlessly about getting an NBA roster update on #dynasty-manager chat. And now, amazingly, a major roster update for Dynasty Manager 16. Don’t ask us if there will a new version of the game, we have no clue. We do know that InczeTigate is busy working on another sports project (ssshhh… Patrick Mahomes, Touchdown!) This is a reminder that GM Games is THE official host of Dynasty Manager 16 (logos & roster files) DM16 As per the game owner. Dynasty Manager 16 (NBA basketball) has been created for Android and iOS. If you don’t know about this basketball simulator, it has been loved and has a loyal following. See the above tabs for DM16 information or game features. Let’s take a moment to thank this beautiful bastid VierchasLitofcas. He is asking that if you love his roster updates, then please send a couple bucks to keep the updates coming. It took many many hours for his update to be put together and tested. [ https://paypal.me/VierchasLitofcas?locale.x=da_DK ] … You can reach him on our official discord server channel for Dynasty Manager 16. Instructions: You can download the CSV and make changes if you wish. If you want to import this roster and logos directly to your game, type the following URL website link EXACTLY as it is displayed here (Case sensitive you must the exact URL! It is http with an “s”!) The post 2020 NBA Roster Update for Dynasty Manager 16 (DM16) appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Cage trash talk

    He looked perfect last night against the Flyers. The Flyers played far better than Boston for at least 40 mins of that game and Carter Hart had a damn near perfect game, but Rask was perfect and that is why Boston won.
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    BBCF 2015 and Beyond

    Looking forward to this!
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    After the trade deadline all contract offers are in terms of the following season (example: sign a player not on your roster and they won't report until day 1 of the following season). Then if you are situated in a top 2 seed in your conference after day 87, in terms of contract negotiations you are now considered the level of the league you are promoting to. I'm not fully visualizing your situation in my head, so sorry if that doesn't clear it up. But that is how it has always been as a promoting team after day 87, going back to the old version. When I was promoting to the GHL I had a bunch of players that would not resign on SHL contracts, so I had to ensure that I had guaranteed promotion at the end of the season and had to wait until after day 87 to negotiate their extensions.
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    If you had to bet your life on which team won this game...
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    [SOLVED] Draft Preference

    I sent a PM to Anders, he said he was going to look at it/ fix it. That was 5 days ago...... Getting pissed every time i see that it still doesn't work properly
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    [SOLVED] Draft Preference

    So is this just going to go unnoticed and unfixed by the admin team?
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    Hail Hydra

    Cut off its head, and two more shall take its place. Coming Soon.
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    LIHL Players

    Bringing this one back from the dead because I think it is a real problem with an easy solution. There are a couple of teams in my LIHL league that have top 2 lines filled with 65+ players. No way this is by design but rather “lucky” as others have posted. Problem being there are so few owners that the early birds get REALLY lucky and it is frustrating being a new owner and seeing there are stacked teams that you can’t compete with. The solution in my mind is to make contracts scale closer with overall instead of however they are scaling now. Remove the “won’t sign with you right now” or at least loosen it up. One guy has a 68 overall forward he signed this year for 33k which is INSANE. That player is firmly in the copper league skill wise and is playing for peanuts in the LIHL. He should be requesting 100-150k based on his skill alone (5-7% of CHL cap). 70 overall should be looking closer to 10% (215k) of CHL cap. This way, you can grab one or two players outside of your league skill, but will break the bank if you sign too many. You have to be more STRATEGIC and less “lucky”. New owners can target one or two great players to build around or go for depth with proper league skill levels.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Teams Editor for Cyberfoot Football (Soccer) Manager, Android (editor works only on Windows, Java required) See the game here: https://gmgames.org/cyberfoot-football-manager-soccer/
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    Could you check the log file (CTFM.log) so I can see what is wrong? I am using the patch myself without issues
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    Loved the FrontPage Sports Franchise. Trying figure out how to download the 98 version.
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    gaseous clay

    How to download items?

    This place is great
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    tom brady sucks

    At lest tell us why Tom Brady sucks. It might be prudent that admin not count this posting for ryanstan when counting the 2 posts needed to leach a game. His posting is garbage... (There it was said. When making a statement such as that evidence needs to be included.) With that said, along with what the above guys wrote. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and his induction in to the pro football hall of fame will prove just that when he retires, whenever that maybe nobody knows. Love him or hate him it can not be disputed that he is one of the greatest if not the greatest there ever was!
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    Paul T

    Player profiles [DONE]

    Only question here is regarding Big Games. What is considered a "big moment"? Playoff games?... games toward end of season?... games against top teams?... 3rd period?... figure it out for myself?...
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    When the league headquarters announced the sale of the Altona Dragons to an unnamed bar owner in the small town of Warman most around the league didn’t bat an eye. That was until it was leaked who had made the purchase. “Wasn’t he banned from the league from his days in Howitzer?” One anonymous executive sent via text message “Heard he called the commissioner's wife a sex worker after being suspended for putting a fresh coat of lead paint in the visitors dressing room before every home game." It was day 54 of season 2 that Wick Schozen returned to the business of professional hockey. Successfully finding a loophole in the bylaws of Buzzer, Schozen is now the owner, general manager and coach of the Warman Aussies. A mere eight days after the announcement Schozen has stripped any remnants of the teams Altona past and left no confusion in the direction the Aussies are headed in. “I’m not in the business of telling grown men to divorce their wives. I sleep better at night with a team of 20 year olds who have no idea they just signed their life to me in the fine print of their contracts.” Schozen said at his first press conference in front of the media. "To do that we’re on our way down to the SHL, anyone too undesirable to other teams to be traded will have their contract voided at the end of the season and their stink of mediocrity out of my locker room.” This team of 20 year olds is already well into actualization. Through seven trades in as many days the Aussies have almost more draft picks for the season 2 draft as players on the active roster. As forecast, everyone over the age of 20 is going to see their one-way clause release them from the team. “We’re building this program from the ground up. To do that I need kids I can mold into competence. It’s the Nike sweatshop model. Children are employed to make shoes before they can wipe their ass. The ones that survive into adulthood are mercenaries on a sewing machine. Look how well Nike is doing as a company, the same model is coming to the Aussies. If these boys can tuck goals at half the efficiency that a nine year old can churn out sweatpants we’re going to have one hell of a hockey team in Warman.” It was his ruthlessness as a general manager that led the Newcastle Fighters to a GHL Championship back Howitzer. But the seasons that followed were tainted by the Fighters failing to live up to expectations. Schozen’s reputation around the league worsening as his antics continued to get more elaborate in search of success. Without notice Schozen was out of the spotlight and Newcastle bought out and relocated. “I thought the guy was dead.” Another anonymous exec said to me, “honestly I preferred believing that than to know he’s back in the league.” What Schozen manages to do at this seasons draft is going to be crucial for the long term success of the new franchise. With 11 draft picks in the bank he can afford to miss on a few, but Schozen is adamant that isn’t an option. “I took my entire scouting staff with me when I left Newcastle. They’ve been following this draft class since they were 12 years old and have been accruing a bar tab with me the entire time. If any of these picks don’t turn out I’m making the scout that backed the player pay back everything they owe on their tab. With that amount of debt I’ll own not only their children but their children’s children. They know what’s at stake.”
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    Manage Affiliate

    So I was wondering if, in the future, it would be possible for us to manage our affiliate teams too. It kind of sucks when a free agent or bad player is getting better playing minutes over a prospect that I want to grow. I also think it would make the developing system a little better as if you want to work on a player's defense, you can play them in a more defensive role as opposed the the computer tossing them wherever. I know training is partially available to do this, but being able to make a player more well-rounded in the aspects we want would be cool by setting up and managing affiliate team lines. Also, I saw in a different forum, the idea of adding national teams. To expand on that, having a world cup would be really cool and it would also add something else for us to follow when our team gets eliminated from the playoffs, as there is only so much you could do with scouting and contracts at the end of the season. Just a couple of suggestions. Hope to see these added, but otherwise, I've been liking 2.0 so far
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    The Town Crier

    In an "abundance of caution" collegiate basketball was cancelled due to the GuinnessVirus thus ending this dynasty.