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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Next up is Austria. If you look at them, their core team looks like a good, stable average one, with no real stars but reliable guys all around. The D has plenty of talent with the already grown youngsters. They have even younger forwards who are not elite level, but could be good depth players in the future (didn't look at ratings..:D ). Key players will be Sandro Koch from the Black Devils who looks very good at the age of 23, the same could be said about Foresters' D-man Angelo Braun, and Razorbacks experienced goalie Yannik Meyer. They look like a good mix in every aspects of personality traits also. (By the way, if anyone knows how to represent Belarus flag in excel, heeelp. that white-red stripe on the left is killing me, l tried, but looks lame.. )
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    Cage Season 5 GHL Awards

    Congratulations to everyone on yet another fantastic season! This series of awards has been crowdsourced via Discord, and discussions were had. I am making a judgement call on a couple of the awards, but generally, there was clear consensus, and as usual, discussions AND ADDITIONAL TROPHIES are welcome. You know the drill. GOLDEN CUP CHAMPION: BIG DELTA STEALHEADS (Paul T) Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP): JEREMIE CLINE (Big Delta Stealheads) - 19 points - (16GP - 9G/10A/+19) GHL East Champion: SLAUGHTERVILLE RED TIDE (Alexander Rasputin) GHL West Champion: ENIGMA RAGE (Wendel Clark) Manager of the Year: Jutsela (Coos Bay Commandos) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points) JOESPH RACKLEY (Enigma Rage) - 92 points - NEW LEAGUE RECORD Fabrice Marinier (Vortex) Brendan Rowlett (Rage) OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer) SHMUEL ELIE-BRETON (Sheshegwaning Dragons) - 45 goals Jerald Whitely (Trojans) Matej Brincko (Duhawks) GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) FABRICE MARINIER (Maxville Vortex) - 57 assists Valery Gibazov (Rage) Patrick Gornell (Red Tide) VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender) JEAN-FRANCOIS SHORE (Enigma Rage) Kwesi Cutter (Regals) Michele Amick (Bangers/Elite) ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman) JAYDEN GARZA (Maxville Vortex) NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman) GABRIEL LINDHOLM (Enigma Rage) ORR - Points leader among defencemen NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D-men [+/- + BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward) JEREMIE CLINE (Big Delta Stealheads) Elie Cuillerier (Elite) Valery Gibazov (Rage) Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA] Hits and +/- also relevant. LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player) VALERY GIBAZOV (Enigma Rage) Brendan Rowlett (Rage) Maksim Yatchenko (Elite) Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM] HART TROPHY (League MVP) FABRICE MARINIER (Maxville Vortex) Joesph Rackley (Rage) Joaquim Harter (Trojans) CALDER TROPHY (Best Rookie) MARCUS BEAUPARLANT (Canuck Red Dragons) Sagiv Schuppan (Red Tide) Henry Lux (Red Tide) GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD (Most Giveaways) MATEJ BRINCKO (Mango Duhawks) ROID RAGE TROPHY RICHARD YILDIRIM (Minnedosa Supersonics) (Most Hits + PIM + MP) LATE-BLOOMER AWARD WESLEY SOUDERS (Eldred Elite) *Notes: Calculations may not be entirely accurate due to limited visibility and inability to sort by position and outside Top 20 in GPHM stats format - if anyone sees mistakes, let me know and I will fix.
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Next team is Slovenia. At first they look like a good middle tier team, who are very nice off the ice, but kinda tough to meet them at the game. It looks like they have 2 quite good lines, and then quality drops a bit, but for a small nation like them, I guess it's normal. Their top attackers are Jan Kosir (Golden Flyers) and Dominik Oresnik (Razorbacks) who can pull this team in their prime years. On the D side, by far the top pair is Davor Novak (Hawks) and Alexander Pirjevec (Outlaws), who are stilly very young, so the future looks bright. In goal 3 kinda similar players: Uros Horvat looks the best, and he is quite Heroic, but here form can be a big factor when picking the starter
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    Version 1.0.0


    ABOUT:75 national leagues, 25 to second division and 3 to third division and 4 to fourth division// NBA and NCAA 48 League cups and 24 Super cups // 13 International Club Competitions 14 Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Catalan, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese and Lithuanian 80k players // 2700 teams // Online Updates Live 2D simulation // NBA Draft and Live Draws // NT Competitions Tactics and Trainings, individual and group // Transfermarket // Staff Arena: tickets and upgrade // Individual stats and awards for players and teams Arcade Mode // Custom Team Mode // Players and Teams Editor // History Teams WHAT'S NEW IN PCF2020: o New Career mode o Coach dismissal during season o New FIBA Champions League America o New Leagues: Guatemala, Vietnam, Belize, Armenia and El Salvador o New Fourth Division for: Spain, France and Germany o Italian Serie C Gold and Silver o Improved editor o General Improvements MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Supported OS: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit RAM: 2GB Disk Space: 400MB
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    So, continuing with S11 teams. I won't upload Italy again, as only a few changes: 2-3 old guys retired, but no young superstar or anything else came across. So let's go forward with Team Ukraine. In real life they are the worst in the world rankings of the nationalities in the game. But they have 5 defenders playing in GHL, and their D line is in very good age. In offense they have the legendary Kyrylo Voloshin, 800+ GHL regular season and almost 100 playoff match, close to point/match in both categories. Then there's Pavlo Savaryn, who looks like gonna continue Kyrylo's fame, and his best years are still to come. Their offense is quite old tho, but they have good talents on the way. Their only problem could be the goalie depth, if Fedorenko is injured, they will be in massive trouble. But with this brutal firepower on their best day they can be a huge challenge for the big teams too.
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    Paul T

    Season 6 GHL Power Rankings

    Rankings are updated as of Day 7 prior to the season opening games. EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE TOP 5 OFFENSES: 1) Slaughterville Red Tide 2) Sheshegwaning Dragons 3) Big Delta Stealheads 4) Enigma Rage 5) Eastern Outlaws TOP 5 DEFENSES: 1) Victoria Regals 2) Rome Trojans 3) Sheshegwaning Dragons 4) Pittsboro Plastic Attack 5) Slaughterville Red Tide
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    Notable Retirements - Cage

    Notable Retire Season 5 - Manuel Wyss - Defenseman A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The big contracts, the scoring titles, and stars of the game often go to the household name stars, but it's the players battling it out on the front lines lower on the depth chart that make or break a team's true success. Manuel Wyss was always in the trenches shoring up his teammates' weakest links. In only five short GHL seasons, he played on five different teams, often going unnoticed on each change in scenery, but always over performing above his expectations. Beginning in Season 1, Wyss began with the Lake Viking Bulldogs. To say it was a tumultuous start to a new league and new team would be an understatement. At 30 years old and a rating of 83ovr, Wyss found himself in a top 4 roll with the Bulldogs. After an 8-12 start, the Bulldogs continued to juggling their lineup, going through 10 D-men on the roster during that first year. Wyss found himself a casualty of that slow start and was traded to Enigma Rage in a swap that included Mario Vuillermet and Rowan Talbot-Gervais (step-brother to Ricky Gervais). Wyss was able to solidify a roster spot, getting 19 pts (8-11) for the remaining 60 games of the season and a 7th place playoff spot. After netting a goal in a hard fought 3-2 series loss to the West Chicago Hawks, Rage's season was over and so would be Wyss's time with the team. At the start of Season 2, after being waived unceremoniously by Rage, the Lightning Bolts picked him up for a two year stint as the team underwent the transition to the Miami Angels. Teaming up with the goalie George Mercredi, Wyss continued to show his ability to outshine some of his teammates as he scored 33 pts (15-18) in a strong depth role. However, once again Wyss found himself on the losing end of a first round playoff loss after going down three games to two in the five game series. The transition to Miami Angels for the team was not successful and Wyss only found himself starting 48 games and by far his worst year of his career. Following Season 3, at the start of Season 4 perennial under performers Eldred Elite picked Wyss up on a no frills one-year, $1.5 million contract. It was a chance for Wyss to prove he belonged in the GHL and Elite to garner some defenseman depth. Starting the season in the AAHL, Wyss made the best use of his opportunity and had 34 pts (17-17) in 49 games before being called up to the top six of Elite and finished the season with 13 pts in 24 games and a 0 +/- rating and a Corsi of 51.7%, all which caught the attention of Elite management of his ability to be a clutch performer in a depth role. With Wyss in his role on the the 3rd line D corps, Elite crawled up the standings to finish strongly in fifth place. Unfortunately, both for Wyss and the Elite, the playoffs ended almost as quickly as they had started and were swept out by the eventual Western Conference champion Victoria Regals. Now at the age of 35, Wyss resigned with Eldred Elite to try and continue both teams late season 4 success at a very paltry $1,147,000 for another year of service. Wyss continued to make the most of his time on the ice putting up a career tying 33 pts (12-21) in 80 games and a +8 with averaging only 14 mins a game, his lowest total ice time of his career. After a strong season both for Wyss and Elite, the storybook season came to an end during game five against the West Chicago Hawks in the conference semi-finals. Wyss played strong for the club putting up four points (1-3) in nine games in limited action as the #6 d-man. Following the season, Wyss was offered another one-year contract by Elite and all indications were that he would return as a strong veteran to help transition the defensemen corps to the new guard that will lead the team over the next 5-10 seasons. Unfortunately, facing age 36 and the current health crisis facing the world, he decided he would now take some time to spend with his family and go out on a high note with his season with Elite. Some champions never get rings, but will always be remembered by the fans and fellow players for what they bring to the rink each and every day. Manuel Wyss finished his career after five GHL seasons with 310 games, 50 goals, 75 assists, and a takeaway to giveaway ratio of 85/8.
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    Paul T

    Notable Retirements - Cage

    I am creating this thread so managers can document retirements for players that were important to their team or the league. Players that should be remembered. A eulogy of sorts.
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    Paul T

    Notable Retirements - Cage

    First up - GEORGE MERCREDI (Goalie) As Cage took off in Season 1, George Mercredi, the then 89 overall keeper, found himself in a tough scenario as backup goalie on the St. Thomas Stray Cats. The team appeared dominant from the get go, but he sat behind 28 year old Gregoire Wright (95 overall) on the depth chart. Looking to clear cap space to build out his roster, manager Erzac scoured the league for potential suitors for Mercredi when he came across the Deferiet Leopards (now Big Delta Stealheads) and noticed that their goalie situation was garbage (two 83 overalls). Erzac quickly messaged the Leopards manager, Paul T, looking for a trade. The asking price... a mere GHL 2nd round pick. Not knowing what the upcoming drafts would look like, Paul T hesitated for a split second before accepting the offer, which thrust Mercredi into a starting role. Mercredi's confidence after the trade seemed to be sky high as he led the Deferiet Leopards to a 20-0 start, making them the last team to lose a game in any game world after the GPHM refresh. Mercredi would finish the season with a 35-11-3 record with a .936 save percentage and 1.92 GAA. Unfortunately Paul T was aware that Mercredi was aging and jumped at an opportunity to acquire a much younger goalie at the time in Zach Woodley. The 23 year old 91 overall Woodley appeared to be the long term solution for the Leopards in net, but the love affair never really worked out. Both goalies posted respectable season 1 numbers, but the Leopards were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the #7 seed Bulldogs 3-1. Mercredi's old team, the Stray Cats, ended up winning the Gold Cup in season 1 leaving Mercredi wondering what could have been. The Leopards decided to move on from Mercredi at the end of season 1 and they would regret it a few seasons later. After his dominant stint with the Leopards, Mercredi went on to guard the crease for the Parkland Lightning Bolts (season 2) and Miami Angels (season 3). Both teams would relegate and Mercredi would comtemplate retirement. After long talks with his family and agent, Mercredi decided to test the waters in season 4 and signed on with the newly promoted Bodmin Bangers. Season 4 with Bodmin turned out to be highly successful as he went 37-18-3 with a .914 save percentage and 2.63 GAA and a 4th place finish. In the 2nd round of the season 4 playoffs, Mercredi found himself facing a familiar opponent, his old team, the Big Delta Stealheads (formerly Deferiet Leopards). After going down 0-2, the Bangers, led by Mercredi, turned it around and ended up winning the next 3 games to defeat his old club. Unfortunately the run came to an end in the conference finals where they lost to the eventual champions, Dragons. At the end of season 4, Big Delta showed an interest in acquiring back their old keeper as they were frustrated with their current goalie Michele Amick for his lackluster performances in big games, and they were not confident that 83 overall Henri Pohl was the answer either, despite a dominant season 4. Mercredi was traded for Amick and he decided to give his career one more shot with his old club, despite multiple opinions around the league that he would retire. Mercredi returned for season 5 knowing that he would be completing with Henri Pohl for the starting job. Both Pohl and Mercredi struggled early on and Big Delta played musical chairs in goal, eventually settling on 19 year old Colby Gloria. With Pohl's skills fading quickly, Mercredi earned the backup job mid season and throughout the playoffs. The season ended in dream fashion with Big Delta winning the Gold Cup. After captain Jeremie Cline hoisted the Cup, he immediately handed it to Mercredi. His glory had finally been achieved as he skated around the Delta Dome with the Cup held high over his head. At the end of season 5, at age 40, George Mercredi decided to call it quits. His career complete. He will go down as one of the greatest Cage goalies of the early seasons.
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    Tyrod Gibson

    Cage Season 5 GHL Awards

    Yeeee Boooiii! What a season by Marinier, only 1 point behind Rackley
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Pushed a hotfix update for version to fix some ftp issues I was having that weren't known until now https://robmeister89.itch.io/indoor-football-manager/devlog/179473/version-0044
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Buzzed by Paul's idea in Cage, I started to put together some small nations' national team squads. I did in 14 F, 8 D, 3 G format, tried to split the 14 into 5 C + 9 F, but where centers were clearly better than the last few forwards there I went with them. Just to be clear, I only looked at overall (what I try to avoid when building my team tho), so it's rather the best team than the right one Any questions, requests, advice and comments are welcome as well I also used a bit more colors in the player traits, according to the order of traits in the help files Let's start with the Italy roster here too: Interesting to see they have a lot of free agents, almost no depth in wingers, and their best goalie is down in the Czech league. Ones to watch: Pablo Zambrotta, the 87 ovr center and Samuele Perico, the 84 ovr defender, both with plenty of GHL experience, and Cristian Diego Alves, the recent BHL draftee who can grow into an important player for this team. As you can see, their D-line is getting old, but they try to compensate it with size and toughness
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    Love the progress basketball sims are making. I'm gonna try this out.
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    Pro Strategy Football 2021

    Thanks, we've added a page for this, https://gmgames.org/pro-strategy-football-2021/
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    Looking forward to this
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    SWISH! GM (Android, iPhone iOS, iPad)

    Just downloaded this a few days ago, already in love with it.
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    Custom League Simulation

    Hi folks, I've always been interested in creating and simulating a small, entirely custom, sports league over a length of time. Single player really, just something to pass the time. I was wondering what the best options are in terms of games to use for this? I started something like this in the past with an old OOTP, which is tailor-made for it, but not knowing much about Baseball hampered my engagement a bit. I'm more au fait with Football and American Football, although I'd consider any sport if the game was good enough. Any thoughts?
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    Wick Schozen

    S9 Buzzer national teams

    I swear my boy Petro Kovalchuk has changed nationality twice since I drafted him
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    Soccer or Football?!

    "Soccer" is some kind of abbreviation of "Association" like in "Football Association".
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    How to download items?

    after 2 posts i can dowload the mods right?
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    How to download items?

    thank you for the mods
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    New to GM Sim Games

    Out of the Park Baseball is by far the best baseball sim. Eastside Hockey Manager is a really good hockey gm game. I have yet to find a very good football game but CT Football Manager seems promising.
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    National Football Sim League

    I love this idea!
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Yes sure. I did 4 or 5 back then. If l find the files, and refresh, l can post them. Hopefully during the weekend l can do that
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    Glad I found this website

    As someone who’s relied on madden and FIFA to get my fill on franchise I’m so glad I found this website
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    Hello everyone
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    This game looks unbelievable from what I have seen. The presentation, the control you have, I may have to cop
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    Season 6 Goals

    So just like last season, list your manager, team, individual goals for Season 6 below. Here are Elite's: Team Goals - 1. Win 45 games not counting OT. Have 41 and 40 last two seasons, but should finally be consistent enough to get 45 wins. 2. Get passed the second round of playoffs and then anything is possible. Individual Goals - 1. Yatchenko 40+ goals. The future franchise player. 2. Veres 50+ assists. This will require several on PP, but as the other franchise player, he needs to continue his rise to keep the title. 3. Goalies combine for 45+ wins, with Amick taking the vast majority but the new permanent backup Svoboda getting at least 10 wins in his first full season. 4. Newly acquired Steve Sessions (F) adds to my team of "late bloomers" and has a career season in points, with at least 30 goals. Manager Goal - 1. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them. When does the old age become more a liability than asset? Knowing when to shift out some major players at the end of their career, but not too soon. So a subset of this is to not panic if this season starts poorly, but not wait too long to do something about it either!
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    A new season of NFL football is upon us and with that comes the FirstAccess of Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 (DDSPF21). GM Games plans to put out a thorough review this month from our own legend Grant Piper. Let’s share with you some of the core elements of the game and what’s new in this years experience? Franchise Mode Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 combines a realistic and deep franchise mode with a beautiful interface to give you the football simulation experience you many have are looking for. You Are In Control Make trades, sign free agents, customize your gameplan and playbooks down to the finest details including creating your own plays and when it’s gameday you can call your own plays and watch the action unfold as the physics based game engine shows you the action in fun and exciting 2D gameplay. Don’t want to do it all? Hand over some of the responsibilities to the AI and only control what you want to. Improved 2D Gameplay Build Your Dynasty Choose your favorite franchise and get ready to lead them to the promised land. Play season after season in this career based simulation. Every season brings new challenges with salary demands, drafting new players and player personalities. Marvel at the achievements in the historical archives so you can relive the excitement of past seasons. There’s nothing else that puts you in your own game universe like Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021. The draft is HERE! What’s New in DDSPF21 ? DDS:PF21 is totally rebuilt from the ground up on our new “Au” platform giving the user an incredibly beautiful and easy to navigate interface. Social types, multiple player traits, player mentoring options and player storylines give players a true life quality. You’ll feel like you’re managing real athletes – not just looking at numbers on a screen! New performance grades let you see quickly how players are performing and at what point in the season they are earning improvement bonuses in their ratings. Customization options have improved even more! Edit more details on coaches, hall of fame configuration options, multiple playoff options and new data export capabilities for you to analyze data your own way. The game engine has received multiple improvements as well. New play design options allow for motion and play action plays, revamped depth options allow for designation of third down backs, a total revamp of the penalty system to allow you control over accepting penalties in 2D play as well as AI improvements for penalties and 4th down logic. Use coupon code PF21FIRST at checkout and you will save 10% when you pre-order. This offer is only good during the pre-order stage so get your copy today! Leave a comment about DDSPF21 on our sub-reddit… The post It’s here! FirstAccess for DDS: Pro Football 2021 launches September 1st appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Season 5 Individual Goals

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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Some silver lining on the goals above. 1. Bolduc vanished down the stretch and didn't even end up top 5 in goals... but thenhe turned it on in the playoffs and led the postseason in goals. 2. Similar to above, Zluky did not accomplish the regular season goal, but ended up leading all defensemen in points during the playoffs. 5. Same story, Cline led the postseason in +/-. So basically most of the player goals that I had set for the regular season where accomplished in the playoffs by those same players.
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    Hello, Huskers24 here
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    Congratulations to everyone on an epic Season 10! I have been doing these awards for Cage for a few seasons now, and I am going to import them into Buzzer, to recognize the outstanding players and performances we have season over season. Input is welcome on Buzzer-specific awards or anything else. I am making a judgement call on a couple of the awards and attempted to be transparent as to formulas - but feel free to discuss. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GOLDEN CUP CHAMPION: VERMILION BLACK DEVILS (Alexander Rasputin) Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP): NIKITA MINEYEV (Vermilion Black Devils) - 12W 2L / 2.04GAA / 92.8SV% / 1SO GHL East Champion: VERMILION BLACK DEVILS (Alexander Rasputin) GHL West Champion: WARMAN FIGHTERS (Wick Schozen) Manager of the Year: Insera Reflex (Frost Giants) - 2nd place in Eastern Conference, playoff Conference Final first season after promotion ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points) AWALE PRUDHOMME (New Haven Ramblers) - 93 points Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx) Simon Mineault (Outlaws) OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer) BOLESLAV ZIBRIN (Wyoming Lynx) - 51 goals (New league record) Pavel Statnik (Frost Giants) Veijo Janhunen (Foresters) GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) JEAN-FRANCOIS MALONE (Hamilton Sea Warriors) / JASON MELLOR (Warman Fighters) - 54 assists Simon Mineault (Outlaws) Kyrylo Voloshyn (Lynx) VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender) AHTO KNUUTILA (Warman Fighters) Arnaud Belle-Lagrenade (Frost Giants) Nikita Mineyev (Black Devils) ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman) NICKOLAS MCCOLLOUGH (Harrow Hawks) - 74 points NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman) MICHAEL BUXTON (McMurphy Golden Eagles) ORR - Points leader among defencemen NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D-men [+/- + BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward) YANIS CHAMBERS (New Haven Ramblers) Jamie Coursol (Buccaneers) Dustin Karacan (Hawks) Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA] Hits and +/- also relevant. LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player) PAVEL STATNIK (Fairford Frost Giants) - 86 points / 2 PIM Sylvain Monciau-Desormeaux (Frost Giants) Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx) Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM] HART TROPHY (League MVP) AWALE PRUDHOMME (New Haven Ramblers) Boleslav Zibrin (Lynx) Pavel Statnik (Frost Giants) CALDER TROPHY (Best Rookie) PETER RINGBOM (McMurphy Golden Eagles) - 64 points Martin Oravec (Frost Giants) Dmitry Mandrykin (Black Devils) GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD (Most Giveaways) JESSE MAILLE-MAYER (Blenheim Pirates) - 92 giveaways (New league record) NEWTON AWARD (Highest Plus/Minus) JACHYM PAULIAK (Warman Fighters) / SANDRO KOCH (Vermilion Black Devils) / LOUKAS GADSBY (Vermilion Black Devils) - + 58 ANTI-NEWTON AWARD (Lowest Plus/Minus) JESSE MAILLE-MAYER (Blenheim Pirates) - -114 ROID RAGE TROPHY GARY AUCOIN (Batchawana Tornadoes) (Most Hits + PIM + MP) LATE-BLOOMER AWARD ZIKMUND BOWMAN (Metairie Buccaneers/Mississauga Movement) - 40 years old, 41W, 2.84 GAA, 90.2 SV%
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    I have been a FPS Pro football 98 player for literally decades, still love it more than Madden, etc which seems more a clickfest to me...but it is more and more difficult to keep going on new systems...most of the tools I use for it...fpsfedit, and the various tools which came on the CD long ago, I have to run from my very aged Windows XP laptop or DOS simulators...and that old laptop barely works now. Things like the game itself I can run from win10, but parts like rh play editors and gameplan editors ...the words and buttons don't show up. Just really dreading the day my old laptop dies and I can't use it anymore lol. . Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    My first game was a simple baseball game back around 1980 when i was 10 years old. I remember it was called "Baseball Manager", and all it was was a yellow magazine like booklet with some instructions, a couple of charts, and roster pages for some of the all time great baseball teams. Each player had like 4 ratings (batting, power, speed, defense I think) and you rolled 2 dice and looked up each result. Moved on to Avalon Hill and Strat-O-Matic from there.
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    Solid Game

    Been looking for a College Football sim like this!
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    I would definitely join if I had it
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    DDSCB2020 vs. College Hoops 2K8

    CH2k8 is my all time favorite sports game. I have 2 copies of it and for good reason. If one were to break, I have the other for backup. It’s crazy how expensive it is but you really can’t get it anywhere. Since I don’t have time to play out games any more, sim engines are more my speed and this one is pretty damn good! Give it a chance and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
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    Season 5 Individual Goals

    END OF SEASON UPDATE: 1) Elouan Scott - (94 F): Ovechkin + Gretzky trophies (Goals, Points*), Most shots* Close, but went cold in the last 3 games to finish just off in both key categories. 2) Simon-Delorme - (92 D): Most Points by a Defenceman, Highest +/- Not even close. Hugely disappointing season on a top offensive team. Questioning his necessity to this squad, and may be moving on next season. 3) Henry Lux - (86 F (rookie)): Most Rookie Points Likely would have got this without the injury that sidelined him for 8 games. Still, hugely impressive debut campaign with limited ice time and often in a defensive role. 41 points, +16, nearly 60% CF. 4) D Sharshin, D Nazarov, F Patrushev, C Stalin, C Putin 100 combined points by Russian players DONE. 158 points total. 4a) At least 1 goal scored + assisted by ONLY Russian players Actually did this, Patrushev from Sharshin and Nazarov. Surprising. 5) Sagiv Schuppan - (87 G (rookie)): 40 wins 31 wins, 4 shutouts, and finally settled in and been amazing late in the season with a couple of shutouts. Living up to his potential and 40 wins next season is not unthinkable. 6) Roger Muller - (92 C): FINALLY HIT GODDAMN 50 POINTS DONE! Just - exactly 50 points on the season. Frustrating, but there is progress. Team Objective: Score 300 goals, win 45 games DONE. 54 wins total including OT wins, good for 1st in the East. 318 GF. Record 1866 CF, and 57.9 CF%. This team absolutely destroyed at even-strength.
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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Accomplished on Day 76 by Jeremie Cline. Receives $2M roster bonus on top of his $8M salary.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    As far as sports games go, I used to keep my own set of stats from the original Tecmo Bowl but it was Tecmo Super Bowl that is the greatest game for me. My first text based manager game was CM. Even though I wasn't a soccer fan, I loved that game.
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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Third of the season update: 1) Rafael Bolduc - 89 OVR Forward ... most GHL goals. Bolduc has 13 goals and is currently 6 goals back of the leaders (Whitely and Breton, 19). Probably not possible to catch them as they are playing lights out, but a Top 5 finish in goals for Bolduc would be a success. Bolduc now at 31 goals, currently tied for 5th, and 5 back of Elie-Breton. Still eyeing that top 5 finish, hoping for top 2. 2) Kvido Zluky - 86 OVR Defenseman ... most GHL Points by a defenseman. Zluky currently has 17 points. Leader has 24. I expect a late season surge. Although he will have to catch his own teammate first, Nickerson, who has 22. Zluky has 43 points. The leader has 54. This one is slowly slipping away. He is currently 3rd in +/- and the pair of Zluky-Nickerson is Corsi 60 and PDO 70. Can't ask for much more. 3a) Henri Pohl - 83 OVR Goalie ... I want this guy to win Vezina. Given his low endurance and the fact that my team wins might be lower than usual, I don't think that is possible. Instead, I am going to try and get him 50-55 starts with the goal of GHL's best save percentage. Abort! Abort! I folded on this one early and I'm not happy about it. But Pohl shouldn't have been as bad as he was. Oh well. Time to move on. 3b) I will play the hot hand in goal and Pohl will be given a long leash to keep the starting job. In the event George Mercredi earns the starting job from Pohl, the same goal applies. This guy has been a dud as well. A couple of games ago he blew a 4-0 lead halfway through the second. High expectations for a pair of Heroic veterans did not work out. 4) Svend Clausen - 82 OVR Forward ... most GHL Points and/or Goals by a rookie. Another dud. Clausen has 1 point in 10 games and has spent most of the season in the AAHL. My goals for the less skilled players were a bit unreasonable. Lesson learned. 4 points in 20 games. All assists. Hopefully he bounces back next season with a more consistent role. 5) Jeremie Cline - 97 OVR Center ... best GHL +/-. Cline is sitting at +18. Leader is +24. This can change in a blink. Cline is a +38. The leader is +46. This one is still in reach, although there are 2 other Stealheads, Nickerson and Zluky, sitting at +40. 6) Any single player on the Stealheads to record a Gordie Howe Hattrick. If accomplished, that player will earn a $2M roster bonus. Not yet, but hopeful. Still nothing. Very disappointing.
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    New to GM Sim Games

    It only gets better from here. Check out our discord. Come play some multiplayer with us
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    New to GM Sim Games

    This could be the greatest site, I never knew existed.