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    New features Player roster and role demands. Players will now evaluate and react to their assigned role and given ice-time. A player will present their demands/expectations of player role and roster status when negotiating contracts. In addition to salary, contract length and clauses you must now also offer the player which role and roster status you have in mind for him. The player will take the offered role into consideration when considering the contract offer. If a player is given another role or less ice-time than his contract suggests he can become unhappy which will impact his game performance, team culture and prevent a future contract extension with the team. The player profile will also influence how strongly the player may react. Since no player has a contracted role assignment at this time, players will evaluate their role and ice-time based on expectations alone. Their happiness reactions will therefore be less severe than if they actually had a contracted role. To see what role and roster status the player expects or has contracted you can visit the player page and select Player role from the action menu. You will also see a report from your assistant with the player's last 10 days game participation. Rookie status Young players are now given a rookie status when entering a new league. To be considered a rookie, a player must not have played in more than 25 games (15 for goalies) in the same or higher league level for any preceding seasons. Only players 25 years of age or younger are considered a rookie. The rookie status is displayed on the player's page transfer tab under the league reputation section. You will also see an asterisk on the player stats for seasons where the player was considered a rookie. Top 5 rookies in the league are displayed on the league home page. Bug fixes and improvements Reduced the number of simulation locks Greed is now a visible trait on player profile and no longer part of the scouting report Scouting report now reveals the hidden trait Player consistency Improved lineup repair in case of injuries or unavailable players Adjustment of demands regarding one-way/two-way contracts Adjustment on player development/regression if players are on either streaks and slumps Own and shortlisted players are now highlighted in tables and listings Manager name is now linked and clickable in chat Sign up form protected by reCaptcha v3 Fixed bug where untouchable players potentially could be included in a trade offer Fixed bug for duplicate pending contract offers
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    I downloaded it to see what the game is like. I was always a big fan of the recruiting aspect of the EA games. I am hoping that it is a bit of a challenge to turn around a little school like Kansas. RCJH!
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    I'm looking forward to giving this a look over the next few days.
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    Sim Season

    Could you add an option to sim the season, or even multiple seasons?
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    Ct football Manager Story

    This will be a running ctfm story
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    Sports Management games

    Big fan of OOTP and FHM and was wondering what recommendations people have for other games? Looking more at football and basketball(college or pro), but if there are other good sim games I'm open for recommendations
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    Version 1.0.2


    This download contains all the real team names, logos, bowls and logos for bowls for CT Football Manager. Just unzip the data-file, and replace the existing data-folder with the unzipped folder. REMEMBER: You MUST have Two Forum Posts!
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    Please recommend a NBA/Basketball game

    I would try wolverine sports pro basketball. I have been playing it for a couple years and love the detail and ability to modify the gaming setup to get different challenges. It has a demo version that allows you to play the current season as a way to get used to the functionality. https://www.wolverinestudios.com/
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    Welcome to the forum

    Game is really fun, one of the best free gm games I've found.
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    Fighters-Danger even after two The Warman Fighters team bus is silent as it departs Culdesac on their way home to prepare for game three. The players isolated in their own preoccupations, some illuminated by a small flash light from above while they read or isolated with their headphones in the darkness of the bus. Only the barely decipherable cursing of Wick Schozen at the front of the bus disrupts the deafening silence. Scattered across his tray table that serves as a impromptu desk is the most recent game report, a litany of scouting profiles and a document that sits above all; a bill issued by the Culdesac Danger for repairs needed in the away team dressing room. After a dominating game one performance in which the Fighters at home skated away to a 5-1 victory and their confidence high, now leave Culdesac in a tied series with their heads sunken. If game one gave spectators the impression that this series would be wrapped up in short order, game two reminded everyone that Culdesac in fact had been waiting for their round two matchup before Warman had even punched their ticket to move on. Bested by the their castaway asset Charles Champagne who along with the victory took the games first star honors. The Fighters again confront the cutthroat realities of playoffs, that there is no time to relish in past success. Game two was a far more accurate depiction of how the next two to three games of round two will play out. Where in game one the Fighters imposed their stature on Culdesac, strongly outshooting them and goals more a product of abundance of offensive than precision. Game two saw the series tighten back up. The shots were more evenly spread, possession was near identical. The only differentiation between the two teams was who was able to make the most of their opportunities. Tonight that honor went to Culdesac. If anyone can be an example of the quick adjustments required in the rapidly evolving nature of the playoffs, Wick Schozen is an ideal model. By the time we return to Warman and are back in the arena I am quick to discover that the broom closet in the underbelly of the arena that served as my office is no longer under my possession. I find my elementary school sized desk and a cardboard box of my possession discarded outside the door. Two Vietnamese women attempt to maneuver a massage table into place, it’s clearly too large to fit in the room. I’m summoned into Schozen’s office and informed that the rent he’ll receive from the popup massage parlor is going to cover the charges to replace the cracked whiteboard, broken benches and plumbing repairs required for the away team locker room in Culdesac. It was either rent my office or don’t pay the salary of one of the scouts I’m told, and considering scouts tend to gossip among one another Schozen feels confident that a disgruntled scout will reach more ears than my publications. Around the league, Wyoming has jumped out to a two game lead and pushed top seed Highland to the brink of elimination. Pinehurst and Harrow have split their opening two games in the East while Vermillion looks to be making easy work of Bellmore, up two games with a goal differential of 11-2.
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    Fighters Face Danger In the Second Round At the start of season 9 Wick Schozen caught wind on the phones that Culdesac GM Fred Longpre was in the market for a goaltender. The situation seemed a perfect match. Schozen had been juggling goaltenders with Guilmaine, Knuutila and Champagne in the fold. It was possibly one of the more straight forward and seamless deals Schozen has completed. A goaltender one way, a first round pick the other. Internal questioning indicates Warman felt pretty confident they had come out on the winning end of the arrangement. Looking at the deal now, I wish anyone good luck in their effort to get a response on the matter that doesn’t hold an air of campaign talk on Capitol Hill. The repercussions of that deal and how it relates to Warman in the playoffs is the fact that Charles Champagne went on as the starter of the Culdesac Danger to have a top 3 season league wide in net. The Fighters meanwhile sit on a 23rd overall pick and a continued circus in the crease of the Warman Fighters. While the pick could still pay off with Schozen’s hand on the scouting trigger, at present moment it is still unknown who will be starting in net for Warman ahead of the first game of round 2 against Culdesac. Guilmaine’s first round performance against the Hazard Blizzard alone would have encouraged the conversation among the media of whether Knuutila could get the look. After the game four implosion of Guilmaine and the heroics of Knuutila in Warman’s comeback victory, that encouraged conversation has morphed into hostile doctrine calling for the chaining of Guilmaine’s ankles to the bench. The only issue with the doctrine, like with all ideology, is there is more nuance in the details than the first to mind emotional appeal. Fact of the matter is Guilmaine played exceptional against Culdesac in the regular season, getting the Fighters two of their three wins against Culdesac this season. Knuutila on the other hand was liable for the Fighters only loss to the Danger on the season, with their other win credited to *double checks notes* Juraj Jarabek, who was waived by the Fighters and spent the rest of the season in the SHL. So there is some uncertainty that persists in the Warman crease, it’s nothing new to the organization so expect them to prepare as usual. Though there is an added layer of complexity in assessing Warman entering the second round considering they saw more value in a first round pick than the goaltender that will be standing in the opposing crease. If Culdesac were to succeed past Warman it certainly wouldn’t be the first time GM Longpre has gotten the last laugh on Schozen. A temporary fallout between the two organizations over a disagreement during trade negotiations for then prospect Jean-Philippe Kilburn was able to be buried to get the Champagne deal done. In the end Schozen’s stance on Kilburn has been the equivalent of stepping in an ignited brown paperbag of dog shit on his front porch while the fruits of the eventual deal Longpre pursued has helped guide his team to this crossroads of the two organizations. In the Culdesac Danger the Fighters don’t face a team of veteran playoff experience like that of Hazard but instead confront a team of a hard forged style of play. Tighter defensively, less flashy offensively but hardly less effective. This is a unit less powered by its star presence in the lineup but instead a roster of everyone pulling the same direction without deviation. For Warman success will hinge less on whether their depth is too much for Culdesac to overcome and more so on whether their goaltending will hold together long enough to avoid self sabotage. While Warman took out the regular season series 3-1, each game was a hard fought affair. Exiting the first round the Fighters top two lines appear to be rolling hot. With six goals apiece for each line. This series looks to be an opportunity for Warman’s depth to come to the forefront. Every player registered at least a point against the Hazard Blizzard. While Culdesac moved past Oshawa in three games of more tightly fought games, it was their bottom 6 forward group who carried the weight offensively. Leading to the speculation that the top of their lineup is due for a rebound series. Looking around the league. There were no upsets in the first round in the West with Highland coming out ahead of the season 8 GHL Champions Metairie and Wyoming making easy work of Medicine Hat. In the East Pinehurst pulled out an upset against Wintersville to move to the second round, they’ll face Harrow Hawks who seemed untested by Enigma. While Vermillion and their communist regime are to face off against Bellmore who will be waiving the flag of liberty for our sensible red, white and blue bleeding American viewers at home.
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    Any free hockey manager games?

    Hockey League Manager 20 on Android if you're a mobile gamer
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    DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save

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    FEDORA (using DDSCB2020)

    Frederick Aura Today is Janeka’s last day of self-quarantining. About damned time! Playing Mom and Dad the past two weeks has been hell. I think the kids were unhappy about not having her with them and also saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation whenever they could. And they're getting older and wanting to be more independent which leads to differences in opinion between them and me. My response to their efforts was occasionally over blown which made things worse. Even though she is in the same house and we talk through the door, I’ve missed her a lot. I’ve told Janeka to spend as much time as she can with the kids the entire week after she gets “freed”. I’m then planning to take her on a surprise weekend…just the two of us. I’ve got my parents coming to our house then to take care of the kids. Then a few weeks later, the whole family will go on a great vacation to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
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    Edit Player Details?

    At the moment yes, but it might be changed later
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    Blizzard Forecast in Playoff First Round The final matchup of the regular season for the Fighters was a heavyweight bout between two young, up and coming powerhouses in the West. The score was tied with Medicine Hat after every period, with Warman finally separating themselves in the shootout when Captain Ulrik Kristensen sealed the deal, scoring the second of the night and capping off a two goal - three point evening. Wick Schozen exchanged pleasantries with Medicine Hat GM Dave Pellerin in the tunnel after the game. The Fighters players bottlenecking into silence as the slipped by Schozen to get into the locker room. Kristensen being the last player off the ice is followed by Schozen who gives off a nod to Pellerin and slams the locker room door behind him. “All right shut the fuck up” The room was already silent. “It’s day 87, good job on the season, yada-yada-yada. Don’t crack too big of a smile in the showers yet. We’re bringing Jenssen, Moorehead and Espana with us from the minors for the duration of the playoffs. That means when you go out tonight their coming with you. KLAVINS! You’re responsible for making sure the kids make it out, Willman you’re responsible that they make it back. Either of you fail Pattenaude gets a jock slide, blue line to blue line. We’ve got Hazard first round, they’ve rolled us twice in the last three years from the playoffs. So go out tonight, take advantage of the 88 off day, skip any mixers in your drinks, it’s going to take a room full of men to get past the Blizzard. If I see another photo of Mellor drinking a cruiser I’ll waive you on the spot. Cribbs you’re on the trading block, so you better show up in the playoffs this year or else the only team that’ll want you is Nipawin.” Just as quick as he came in Schozen is gone, with the slam of the door confirming his departure. Though Schozen’s presence still hangs in the room, it’s one of his defining traits and he remains until Kristensen breaks the silence polling the room for where they’re going tonight. Ray’s Tavern is the decision. A country bar with a jukebox with an impressive 70s collection and a “cannot come back” list that includes a one Wick Schozen, bolded and underlined. “Jenssen’s singing Stevie Nicks tonight!” Shrieks Kosir, who tonight just capped off a career year, 60 points in the 3C role. The Hazard Blizzard aren’t mentioned again after Schozen announced the first round matchup though they can’t be far out of mind. Save for the fourth line and Derek Shipman, the team grey beard at 32, everyone on the Fighters has been eliminated from the playoffs by Hazard. A veteran team whose physical style ragged dolled the young Warman side in season 6 and 7. Those were childlike teams though compared to how Warman presents itself today. The Fighters are coming off their best GHL season yet. A 2nd place finish in the Western conference, 48 wins, their second season in a row topping 300 goals in a season while putting together their best defensive season yet ranked 7th best for goals against. The bottom of their lineup now looks the part to go toe to toe with the heavy units that the Blizzard put over the boards. Their last playoff series saw the Blizzard outscore Warman 21 to 11 in a four game series. This time around looks to be a far closer affair. But simply a beefing up of the bottom 6 and a few more years of experience won’t be enough for Warman to get over the hump. This is likely Hazard’s last true shot at a championship. GM Feynman knows this and his players, while they may not admit that their time is coming, have enough experience not to let this opportunity slip by them. Their speed seems to be the most glaring regression in the Hazard lineup. This is no where more obvious than down the middle where their veteran center depth would whale on Kristensen, Pattenaude and Kosir for their lunch like school yard bullies. The tides have turned now. Kristensen has developed into the captain he always looked to be and plays an imposing game as one of the leagues premier power forwards. Pattenaude just finished a career year himself tied for third league wide in goals. While Kosir is the Fighters quiet leader in the bottom six, a player that just goes about his business to surprisingly impressive results. The Warman Fighters, now packed into the team bus that begins its journey out of Medicine Hat. Schozen, seated at the front of the bus is back operating the phones. A scouting meeting will be held tomorrow kicking off the teams final leg of the draft preparation. There Warman’s internal list of prospects will be narrowed down to single out those that will be invited for private interviews with the player development staff while the playoffs progress out of sight. The three rows of seats behind Schozen are empty save for the minor league call ups who sit isolated as the team roars and beer cans crack behind them. Day 87 will blur into 88 in what will be their last release as a team before playoffs begin. Their next opportunity won’t be until after the Fighters place in the playoff dance is over, which will either be accompanied by a new experience of triumph or the all too familiar taste of failure.
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    DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save

    This looks super cool. Cant wait to see what you do with it
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    A Decade of the Silver and Black fbpro98

    A bit of a delay as some of our league owners dealt with personal issues the past few weeks. The Raiders lost at Denver 22-20, snapping their playoff-qualifying run as San Diego wrapped up the AFC West with a bruising 44-12 victory over the Chiefs. The Chargers win the AFC West with a 10-6 record, the Broncos clinch a wildcard with a 10-6 Record, and the Raiders will head home and look at several issues in the offseason.
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    I appreciate the Team for taking the time to make this, especially since it's free
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    New Here

    Created an account so I could download the Data File for the real Teams and Logos lol. Roll Tide
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    DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save

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    CT football manger

    This game is really cool and unique but for the real teams and how to get them into the game can someone make a walkthrough of that on youtube so i can seee exaclty what to do that will be realy helpful thx
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    Hoping to give these sims a try! Thanks for the add!
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    New to GM Sim Games

    Big into baseball and football games.
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    Football GM Let's Play Franchise Story "Boston Massacre | Episode 1: Fantasy Draft"
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    Hi Everyone New to the Forum

    Hi. Big GM game fan from Ohio.
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    New to GM Sim Games

    Football manager is probably the best sim sports game out there.
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    Hi everybody

    Im a fan of the OOTP and hockey franchise games and gotten into the college sims and really like the conversion mods for those games it makes life a little more bearable in a world without NCAA Football and NCAA basketball games.
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    Welcome to the forum

    just a heads up Norton doesnt like this very much it wont allow the game to run and thinks the exe is a virus so Norton users will have to work around that to get it to work
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    I came here to try CT Football Manager. I'll let you guys know what I think!
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    Great series so far! Making me want to document my own progress in the game!
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    For those of you unaware of Shaun Sullivan, he has been a fixture in the world of computer sports games for over two decades. Fans of the old Front Page Sports Football series might remember him as one of the creators of some of your favorite add-on utilities that helped make online multiplayer leagues super realistic. In the past Shaun has lent his development talents to our golf series and Shaun also was the architect of a fantastic baseball sim titled PureSim Baseball which even had a few versions released under our umbrella years ago. Last year we were extremely fortunate to pick up our relationship with Shaun again as we worked closely with him merging his Alchemium Unlimited platform with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 and Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020. The results of that partnership have spoken for themselves as the basketball titles received a beautiful new interface with expanded capabilities. All in all it was an entire refresh of an already outstanding series. This year Shaun has once again been lending his talents to Wolverine Studios as he has continued to sharpen AU and has been working both with Gary Gorski on the next gen of the basketball games as well as with Brooks Piggott in helping to bring AU to Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021. The combo of an already fantastic game and the Alchemium Unlimited platform are sure to make our Draft Day Sports: Football titles the premier football sim games on the market this fall. Shaun’s role in the company also will be taking on further expansion in 2020. After the successful combinations of AU with our annual Draft Day Sports titles, Shaun will be once again working directly in product development with the company. We look forward to continuing to work with Shaun to deliver the best sports simulation game experiences possible. The post Shaun Sullivan to expand role with Wolverine Studios appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Third of the season update: 1) Rafael Bolduc - 89 OVR Forward ... most GHL goals. Bolduc has 13 goals and is currently 6 goals back of the leaders (Whitely and Breton, 19). Probably not possible to catch them as they are playing lights out, but a Top 5 finish in goals for Bolduc would be a success. 2) Kvido Zluky - 86 OVR Defenseman ... most GHL Points by a defenseman. Zluky currently has 17 points. Leader has 24. I expect a late season surge. Although he will have to catch his own teammate first, Nickerson, who has 22. 3a) Henri Pohl - 83 OVR Goalie ... I want this guy to win Vezina. Given his low endurance and the fact that my team wins might be lower than usual, I don't think that is possible. Instead, I am going to try and get him 50-55 starts with the goal of GHL's best save percentage. Abort! Abort! I folded on this one early and I'm not happy about it. But Pohl shouldn't have been as bad as he was. Oh well. Time to move on. 3b) I will play the hot hand in goal and Pohl will be given a long leash to keep the starting job. In the event George Mercredi earns the starting job from Pohl, the same goal applies. This guy has been a dud as well. A couple of games ago he blew a 4-0 lead halfway through the second. High expectations for a pair of Heroic veterans did not work out. 4) Svend Clausen - 82 OVR Forward ... most GHL Points and/or Goals by a rookie. Another dud. Clausen has 1 point in 10 games and has spent most of the season in the AAHL. My goals for the less skilled players were a bit unreasonable. Lesson learned. 5) Jeremie Cline - 97 OVR Center ... best GHL +/-. Cline is sitting at +18. Leader is +24. This can change in a blink. 6) Any single player on the Stealheads to record a Gordie Howe Hattrick. If accomplished, that player will earn a $2M roster bonus. Not yet, but hopeful.
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    Trade Deadline Calm and a New Defensive Identity Looming at the beginning of next week is circled day on the calendar in an otherwise ominous week of the season. Usually an anxious time for rostered players in the top league of Howitzer. The impending trade deadline appears not to have infiltrated the Warman locker room. The majority of the moves by Wick Schozen appear to have already been made. The most noteworthy shakeup of the roster this season was the departure of former top 10 pick Jesper Berch. In an exchange of young forwards that saw Daren Tarpley assume ownership of Berch’s stall in the Warman locker room. That trade was the only one with an impact on Warman’s active roster in the GHL. All the moves beyond that have been transactions involving players that inhabited a role in the organizations farm team. Those moves have seen Schozen amass three additional GHL draft picks and a pair of SHL first rounders. The dawn of the season brought with it a decision on Warman’s goaltending depth chart. A decision had to be made as to who Warman would be committing to in net for the next couple of seasons. Despite a fragile grasp on the role, the starting job continued to be held by Robin Guilmaine. The start of a three year contract extension signified that Schozen was committed to giving Guilmaine an opportunity to assert himself into his prime years in the Warman crease. A decision that left young goaltenders Ahto Knuutila and Charles Champagne vying for the backup role. Which after testing the trade market, an offer of a 1st round pick for Champagne appeared incentive enough for Knuutila to default into the backup position. Whether that decision has proved the right one is still up in the air. Champagne has gone on to assume the starting job in Culdesac and posting far superior numbers to both of Warman’s remaining net minders. The thriving game of Champagne outside of the Warman system appears to be the catalyst that prompted Schozen to look to his skaters as the cause of the Fighters defensive woes as opposed to his goaltenders lackluster play. While the team maintained a playoff position on the back of their high powered offense, the team was in disarray with a team save percentage of .885. Most wouldn’t have faulted Schozen to have placed the blame at the feet of Guilmaine and Knuutila, opting to bring in a veteran presence to patch the holes in the crease that opposing teams seemed all too aware of. Instead Warman fans awake to news of Berch no longer being a member of the Fighters, replaced Tarpley a player who’s style of play was glaringly absent on the roster. Following the addition Tarpley to add an element of defensive stability to the bottom six, that Schozen was able to acquire any compensation for perennial sook Clovis Savariat should be deemed a success. Savariat was mere days away from opening the morning paper to find his name on the waiver wire. Schozen confirmed the story circulating that he never extends the courtesy of informing players they’ve been waived. Apparently opting for players that don’t keep up with the daily happenings of the league to find that their access key to the arena no longer grants entry. A security guard generally leads them to the dumpster that their equipment was thrown in. Beyond the roster alterations, fans will likely notice a new defensive identity that the Fighters carry themselves with on the ice. Currently sitting tenth in the entire league in goals against, come the seasons end this year could be the first that the Fighters are able to keep their goals against average below 3.0. Something that would have been irrational to conceive around the 20 game mark. On the offensive side the Fighters are continuing to assert themselves as a powerhouse in the league. Before being sidelined for 9 games Jason Mellor was having a break out season, leading the league in points at the time of his injury. He and Pattenaude appear to have stuck a playmaker-sniper partnership that has always been envisioned of them. Pattenaude himself is on pace for a career year. He’s already eclipsed 30 goals before the 60 game mark and looks poised to best his career high of 36 that he set in his sophomore season. Approval of the performance of Schozen has to be high in the Warman fanbase. Not only is the young roster coming together in a dominant fashion but the longterm outlook of the team is quickly taking direction. The seven prospects that will be selected in this draft complement an organization already holding a deep stable of prospects. Morten Jenssen, taken in the second round last season, got a taste of the big club filling in for Mellor while he was sidelined. His 5 points over 11 games while filling a role on the fourth line will go a long way to keep him in good standing with Schozen when he is forced to look down the pipeline to round out the roster in the coming years. What remains to be seen is what Schozen envisions with his backend in the long run. It was leaked that upon signing an three year extension Emile Jomphe was informed by Schozen that he’d be listening to trade offers starting next season. It will be cut throat decisions like this which Schozen will have to make in order to keep the core of his team together for the long haul. Despite Jomphe’s cap friendly extension, it will be the roles in which players like Jomphe fill that Schozen will be forced to economize on the cap.
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    In a shocking development, Out of the Park Developments and Front Office Football’s Jim Gindin have parted ways after working together for more than two years on the much anticipated Front Office Football 9. Fans had been eagerly looking forward to a marriage of Front Office Football’s statistics engine and Out of the Park Development’s graphics and UI. In a statement, Out of the Park Developments cited a change in direction for the studio and a lack of resources to continue dedicating to the project. Jim Gindin partnered with Out of the Park Developments in February of 2018 and has been working on the newest iteration of Front Office Football ever since. Despite the optimism, the project had been plagued with a lack of communication and long development times. At the time of their split, the game still does not have a release date. Out of the Park Developments has seen a lot of recent success and have moved to a yearly release model for their most popular franchises which include Out of the Park Baseball and Franchise Hockey Manager. The good news is, Out of the Park Developments released all of the code for Front Office Football 9 and the naming rights back to Jim, the original owner. Jim Gindin and Solesmic Software have been releasing critically acclaimed football manager games for years and this project should not hamper those efforts. The game might not look the way fans had imagined when the two first teamed up but as of now, there is still hope for a release of the next Front Office Football game sometime in the future. Simply put, we won’t be able to allocate the resources we need to deliver the Front Office Football product up to the standards that our fans expect and deserve for a long time, so we’ve chosen to go in a different direction. Jim Gindin is and will always remain a good friend, and we expect that whatever he decides to do next with his franchise will be extraordinary, and we will support him the best we can. We gave him full ownership to the current FOF9 code and wish him all the best moving forward. (Markus Heinsohn, CEO OOTP Developments) You can read the full statement by Out of the Park Developments here. You can follow up with Jim’s blog here. Join in on the discussion on reddit… The post OOTP Developments and Solecismic Software Part Ways appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    I'm looking for the same thing, which brought me here. Just picked up College Basketball 2020. Looking forward to trying it out.
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    Do we have hockey fan here ! I want to know your opinion about the new playoff format with 24 teams and 5 round. In my opinion, it's a good idea but the teams that don't make the series will not play for several months. It is therefore not positive because their rehabilitation will be long. However, hockey is starting again and I am very happy!
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    Just what I have been looking for!
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    Tim Moungey Wolverine Studios Community Manager What Do Those Advanced Basketball Stats Mean, Anyway? Sports metrics and measures of analysis have made dramatic improvements over the last decade or so. We’re now able to better pinpoint from a statistical perspective just how good a given player or team actually is. Here at Wolverine Studios, we keep current on the latest models and advanced statistics and find ways to integrate them into our games. But that can often lead to confusion from people who aren’t as familiar with the latest trends. What’s Offensive Rating?, they ask, and what does that stat tell me about my team and players? Consequently, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk about some of the advanced stats for one of our flagship games, Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball – specifically, explaining what they measure and how you can use them as a gauge. Offensive Rating, Defensive Rating, and Net Rating The brainchild of statistician Dean Oliver, Offensive Rating, Defensive Rating, and Net Rating mark one of the biggest leaps forward in terms of understanding how both players and teams perform on those respective sides of the ball. Offensive Rating Team We won’t delve into the mathematical formulas here, as they can be rather eye-glazing and don’t address what you want to know. But simply put, a team’s Offensive Rating measures how many points a team scores per 100 possessions. Player As you might expect from the above, a player’s Offensive Rating measures how many points that individual scores per 100 possessions. The higher the offensive rating, the better the number, obviously. So what’s a good offensive rating? That depends. For the last two seasons, the average NBA offensive rating has been 110.4, according to Basketball Reference. In the early 2000s – before today’s perimeter-oriented offense, it ranged from 103-106. However, take note of any time a player, team, or lineup has an Offensive Rating below 100. That means they’re scoring less than a point per possession. That’s not very efficient usage at all. Defensive Rating Team As you can probably guess, Defensive Rating looks at how many points a team gives up per 100 possessions – or the opposite of what Offensive Rating measures. Player Similar to what we’ve already seen, a player’s Defensive Rating tells us how many points a player surrenders per 100 possessions. Completely opposite to Offensive Rating, you want the Defensive Rating for both your team and players to be as low as possible. Don’t be surprised if a player has an average Defensive Rating over 100, though – only 30 people in NBA history have ever achieved a Defensive Rating under 100. Net Rating Simply, net rating is the difference between Offensive Rating and Defensive Rating. A positive number is good; a negative number bad. Let’s take a look at some of the lineup data from a save to see how this is displayed in DDS:PB. Our in-game lineup tracking lets you easily see what the good (and bad) rotations areAs you can see, the team’s most used lineup and third-most used lineup are playing very well, and there’s a potential Death Lineup (h/t to the Golden State Warriors for introducing this to our basketball vocabulary) at the bottom of the screen. Excellent net ratings all around. Where there’s an issue? The second-most used lineup. That’s a horrible Net Rating. And although we haven’t shown you the full screen, it’s clear from looking at the aggregate lineup data that Mike Berry and Jason Minor on the court together is the issue – every single lineup involving that pair has a negative Net Rating, regardless of who else is with them. Effective Field Goal %, True Shooting %, and Usage Rate The days when Field Goal Percentage and 3 Point Percentage were the best measurements of a player’s offensive efficiency have been dead since the 1990’s. We now have Effective Field Goal %, True Shooting %, and Usage Rate, which paint a far more clear picture of just how good a player is on the offensive end. Effective Field Goal % The math here is simple enough – (Field Goals + 0.5* Three Pointers)/Field Goal Attempts. What EFG % has over plain FG% is that it takes into account the fact that three-pointers are worth more on the stat sheet than two-pointers. So you could, for example, have a player who attempts 10 field goals inside the arc and makes 4 of them. You could have another player who attempts 10 field goals behind the arc and makes 4 of those. On the stat sheet, the FG % will be 40% for both. But the EFG will be 40% for Player A, and 60% for Player B. That’s a massive 20% difference. What qualifies as a good Effective Field Goal percentage will, like everything else, depend on your league. In the early 2000s, the league average was around 47-48%. In today’s NBA, the average is 52.4%. Averaging them, you can use 50% as a ballpark measure. True Shooting % So what’s missing from Effective Field Goal %? That’s right – free throws. True Shooting % (TS %) rectifies that. The formula is Total Points Scored/(2*(Field Goal Attempts + 0.44 * Free Throw Attempts). As a rule of thumb, True Shooting of 50% is average, 55% is excellent, and above 60% is world-class efficiency. To gain a complete measure of how good a shooter a player is, it’s best to take into account both their Effective Field Goal % and their True Shooting %. Usage Rate The calculation is incredibly lengthy, so we’ll simplify it for you.Usage Rate establishes what percentage of a team’s plays a given player was involved in that resulted in one of the following: a field goal attempt, a free throw attempt, or a turnover. An average usage rate is around 20%, which is logical – 100% Usage available, divided by five players on the court = 20% usage per player – everything be equal. Where this matters in DDS:PB terms: You want your most effective players, as measured by Effective Field Goal and True Shooting percentages, to have the highest Usage Rates to maximize your team’s offensive efficiency. Let’s look at the same team from earlier to see an example. DDS: Pro Basketball 2020 is full of advanced stats to help you make decisionsGreat news here from the team’s perspective – Kendall Dallas has the highest True Shooting and Effective Field Goal percentage *and* the highest Usage Rate. No wonder this squad went 48-34 this season. Dennis Sanchez, on the other hand, looks terrible from those metrics. But that’s why he’s only played in 3 games this season. The staff knows he’s a poor performer in their setup. As you can see from that screen, there’s more advanced stats we could talk about, but we’ll reserve those for another post. We hope you’ve found this information helpful. To check out a free demo of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball or any of other sports simulations, go here. The post Understanding Advanced Stats appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
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