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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started playing GM games in the mid to late eighties. I got my first computer at nine which was a Spectrum +3. With it came a floppy disk with a game called Soccer Boss. You took charge of a club in either Division 2, 3 or 4 and had to win promotion to Division 1 (Now the premier league). Me and best best friend spent hours on this game unable to win promotion to the top division, no matter what we did we always seemed to start the season really well and then loss a lot of game at the end to miss out on promotion. Then by some grace of god I managed to finish 3rd in the league and was promoted. The next two seasons we won Division 1 as easy as pie and won two FA Cups...Great times and it started me down the road of manager games.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I co-ordinate General Manager Games (the sports manager game database). It's been a pleasure working with Slybelle to get the mods that bring that NBA immersion. I have an update for this season on recent photography for players, draft picks, and of course all decent NBA players into free agency. We ask that you have a username at the GM Games forums and have two 2 posts to unlock unlimited downloads. The installer is also an exe file and you'll know it's safe. This is all we ask for the number of hours put in, no asks for donations or money, just 2 minutes of your time and for free. Where to get Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2023? (PC): https://gmgames.org/draft-day-sports-pro-basketball-2023/ What's Not Included: - SLYBELLE's ESSENTIAL DDSPB23 NBA MOD of Team Names, Logos, G-League Teams, Jerseys. You need to use that in conjunction with this mod for full performance. You will find that here https://www.draftdaysports.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=357&t=35577 What photography IS Included: - ALL NBA PLAYERS, images with 2023 Portraits - STAFF, Coaches, Owners images with 2021 Photography from around the web How to Install: 1) Extract the DDSPB23_GM_Games_Pro_Photo_Pack.zip file to a folder or somewhere in your downloads folder. 2) Extract either the STEAM version or Non Steam depending which game you have. 3) Run the DDSPB23 GM Games Pro Photo Pack.exe file (allow this with security warnings, as it is the auto-installer) 4) Select the path where you installed the game. 5) Reload your existing save and the images will pull up without having to start a new save!
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    Mac running Windows games

    Hey there! I feel you – playing games across different platforms can be a bit tricky sometimes. It's awesome that you found a way to run Windows games on your Mac. I did something similar a while back, and it's been a game-changer (literally!). By the way, have you considered getting a cheap Windows key? It's a great way to make sure you're all set up properly without breaking the bank.
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