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    Do you like online GM games more or you like offline GM games more? IDK why but i stuck to offline in every game
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    Version 1.0


    Approval and courtesy of TheFlyerITA from Wolverine Studios Forums. Pictures are from NFL dot com and used solely for personal offline use and not publically re-purposed. Instructions: TheFlyer Superpack includes almost all players pictures (both ID and Name player alignment) and the pics for every modern team. It's updated to the first weeks of 2020, January. Q: HOW TO UPDATE PICS? A: Open OPTIONS menu, then select ASSIGN PLAYERS PHOTO=By Player ID. Then Save and press the RESET PIC button. Copy and paste into these locations: For player pictures: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2020\Data\images\players For team logos: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2020\Data\images\logos For NFL, NFC, & AFC conference logos: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolverine Studios\Draft Day Sports - Pro Football 2020\Data\images\logos\conferences On Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Draft Day Sports Pro Football 2020 Thank you THE FLYER
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    FB Pro 98 Discord! Official Community

    I am so phyched this is alive and well! CC
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    FB Pro 98 Discord! Official Community

    WOW thats is fantastic, been looking to join a league. Was in WFFL for years and have 1 championship. CC
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    Wick Schozen

    Scouting Expected Finish

    Does anyone know when exactly a scouting assignment is completed? Under the status of the assignment it has expected finish but does that mean that the scouting assignment can run beyond when it was expected to be completed?
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    Paul T


    Also just realized you can look back at past season schedules now, too. Good for viewing all time head to head results. Loving V2.2.0 so far.
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    Wick Schozen

    defensive tactics

    With player roles, line pairings and line focus I find a lot of it is just trial and error in seeking out what works. Sometimes certain players work well together that you would not normally expect. My top defensive pairing on my GHL team is a 92 overall stay-at-home defenseman paired with a 84 overall offensive defenseman. Together they have 75 and 76 performance rating and the 84 overall offensive defenseman has 24 points in 35 games (23 of which at even strength). It's just about finding what players complement each other to work best as a line. I have their defensive pairing set to dynamic.
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    FB Pro 98 Discord! Official Community

    Spent so many hours on this and the 95 version way back. That is until they no longer worked on windows, so I'm really pleased to see it now does! Had no idea there was active modding going for this too!
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    Best gm sports game?

    Just joined here after learning that Front Page Sports 98 can actually be played on windows 10. I did get it to work after dusting off my cd and it all goes fine until you start up a game then it crashes so I'd pretty much given up on it at that point. Anyway I voted for OOTP. For me FM has lost its way a bit. It has become a bit of a chore to play and is beginning to feel like a full time job in the last 3-4 versions rather than a game. It takes far too long now to play out a season and I find the whole dressing room dynamic a bit farcical. The half time team talks seem to have way too much of an effect too.
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    S4 GHL Power Rankings

    Shot must have been from a gun. To put him out of his misery.
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    I prefer offline games, but I also play online multi player from time to time. Offline is more fun for me because it's always my game and I can do whatever I want whenever I want, multi player GM games on the other hand feel more like a commitment (at least for me).
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    Good question. For me, I play some of these games on planes or subway and connectivity would be a problem. Once you step up to leagues and multi player, online takes things to another level. Need a great AI algorithm to make offline long term fun.
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    Hey GM Games, is boosting the engagement for Game Plan Hockey Manager by updated the Official Discord Server. We've setup channels for Attack, Buzzer and Cage as well. The newest forum threads will be directly posted to Discord. If you are in Attack, Buzzer or Cage, please write me Chris and let me know so we may assign you the role of the league you are in. https://discordapp.com/invite/cjYxgUm
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    Just learned about this game this morning. It's nice to see alternatives to Madden.
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