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    Going for Gold- Development Thread

    Hello all! I would like to share a little bit of what I have done this month working on Going for Gold. Development Log 3: Creating Country Ratings from Real-World Results I'm a few days late, but I wanted to get in my July update. I have been continuing to build databases, and in July, I finally finished all of the results for Winter Sports, so I wanted to share those here. Basically, I took each of the game's 65 countries, and inputted real-life records regarding medal total, qualifications (for both Winter Games and World Championships), and most recent yearly results for the winter sports season. Then, a coefficient value is calculated. The coefficient is a decimal between 0 and 1. 1, a perfect score, is basically not possible in real life. It indicates a country that wins every possible medal in every possible situation, every time for the entire history of a sport. In reality, a coefficient above .9 reflects historical dominance in a sport, and I have only seen two examples thus far (Chinese table tennis and American basketball). A coefficient in the range of .7 usually indicates that the country is the best in their given sport at that time, while a coefficient of above .5 indicates that the country will be a consistent producer of medal winners. Coefficients around .15 indicate that the country is average, while a coefficient of 0 indicates that nobody from that country ever medals or even places at international events. What I'd like to share today is the top-rated country, and the corresponding coefficient value, in each winter sport. These are based on real-world data, and should be a good indicator of future performance in real-world winter games as well. Alpine Skiing (Speed) = Austria (.6705) Alpine Skiing (Slalom) = Austria (.6850) Biathlon = Germany (.6582) Bobsleigh = Germany (.7502) Cross-Country Skiing (Distance) = Norway (.7204) Cross-Country Skiing (Sprint) = Norway (.7653) Curling = Canada (.7711) Figure Skating = Russia (.6491) Freestyle Skiing (Moguls) = Canada (.6809) Freestyle Skiing (Aerials) = China (.6908) Freestyle Skiing (Skicross) = Canada (.6930) Freestyle Skiing (General) = USA (.7217) Ice Hockey = Canada (.8302) Luge = Germany (.8201) Nordic Combined = Germany (.6578) Short Track Speed Skating = South Korea (.7165) Skeleton = Germany (.5088) Ski Jumping = Germany (.5899) Freestyle Snowboarding = USA (.7185) Snowboardcross = France (.5795) Alpine Snowboarding = Austria (.6414) Speed Skating (Sprint ) = Netherlands (.6602) Speed Skating (Distance) = Netherlands (.7403) These coefficients will eventually be used to give each team a numerical rating number between 20 and 99, with 99 being the highest possible value. No one seen here would receive a 99, as that will be reserved for the aforementioned outliers (Chinese table tennis/USA basketball/etc.) . If you're curious about how a particular country does in a particular sport, just let me know, or if you'd like to see the whole table, I would be happy to share.
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    CSFL Online League [DDS:PF20]

    The CSFL College League is close to finishing up the 2012 season and looking to find more ADs that are motivated to compete! PM me on the forums here or email me at [email protected] to join the league! Here's a list of the current teams that are taken. Any team not on this list is available for you to take over immediately! Arizona - JayTheGreat Auburn - MattP598 BYU - Regan_Cowboys Clemson - ouwr83 Colorado - UnnamedSource Florida - NOppenheimer FSU - drumr Georgia - VinCal Illinois - J2x Indiana - cascook Iowa - Rouse Kansas - Phatman LSU - Salvo Memphis - darrellet86 Miami (FL) - J2x Minnesota - Axemjax Notre Dame - WarDaddy Ohio State - darrellet86 Oklahoma - Soonerfan09 Penn State - pbot Texas - Rizzo Texas A&M - Justin_Zima UConn - Regan_Cowboys Utah - jedpearson Virginia - mg00091
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    Crashing at the end of season

    it's sended.
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    i want fbpro98 to work on my windows 10 machine hi i've tried ten different ways to get this game working on windows 10. hopefully your files will help me be successful
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    They can be downloaded from here:
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    Its almost as bad as the flu
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    Glad I found this website

    As someone who’s relied on madden and FIFA to get my fill on franchise I’m so glad I found this website
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    PCFantaCanestro (Basketball)

    have all of them even the Sportando 2015 and 2016 ones. Every release brings more quality and realism to the game.
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    Recommend any College Basketball Sim?

    Campus Dynasty for sure
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    Yeah I'd be up for it, trying to get a bit more consistent with my write ups.
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    Recommend any College Basketball Sim?

    Campus dynasty is really fun
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    We would first have to change parts of the code for that, so when we look into the task, we will get back to you
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    Glad I found this website

    I'm someone who just loves just building teams, creating dynasties and it looks like I found the right site! :)
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    Best Lefty of All Time?

    Randy Johnson if the gameplay physics were from MLB The Show or something modern Most early baseball games I played throughout the 90s & 2000s when he was in his prime couldn't really convey his skill accurately, compared to a pitcher like Kershaw or Pedro Martinez who have a large variety of pitches instead of 2 completely unhittable ones. Depending on the game engine RJ could get lit up pretty easily (doubly so if they get his velocity wrong)