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    Paul T

    Season 8 GHL Power Rankings

    As of Day 6 EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE Top 5 Offensive teams: 1. Red Tide 2. Dragons 3. Natives 4. Rage 5. Battlin Bears Top 5 Defensive teams: 1. Natives 2. Dragons 3. Yale Men 4. Red Tide 5. Trojans Top 5 Goalie tandems: 1. Pegasus 2. Bulldogs 3. Doom 4. Plastic Attack 5. Outlaws
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Alpha 7.0 has been published.. some new html reports and a few other minor adjustments https://robmeister89.itch.io/indoor-football-manager/devlog/242467/version-0070 No uninstall necessary, just install version and it'll overwrite old game files.
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    Version 2021


    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I co-ordinate General Manager Games (the sports manager database). It's been a pleasure working with Slybelle to get the mods that bring that NBA immersion. I spent more time than I can count going through and performing visual design tasks for recent photography on coaches, draft picks, courts, and of course all decent NBA players. We ask that you have a username at the GM Games forums and have two 2 posts to unlock unlimited downloads. The installer is also an exe file and you'll know it's safe. This is all we ask for the number of hours put in, no asks for donations or money, just 2 minutes of your time and for free. Where to get Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021? (PC): https://gmgames.org/draft-day-sports-pro-basketball-2021/ --- [UPDATED 2021 Jan] Credit to John L. -- Updated draft picks on teams, general managers, all coaches, all players for sure working on every time with default. What's Not Included: - SLYBELLE's ESSENTIAL DDSPB21 NBA MOD of Team Names, Logos, G-League Teams, Jerseys. You need to use that in conjunction with this mod for full performance. You will find that here https://www.wolverinestudios.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=328&t=32714 What photography IS Included: - NBA PLAYERS, 640+ images with 2020 Portraits - DRAFT CLASS PLAYERS, 80+ images with upcoming draft picks - STAFF, 110+ Staff, Coaches, Owners images with 2020 Photography from around the web - COURTS, 30 NBA modern designs from the past season - 2D JERSEYS, owned by HotChips 2019 Mod and is needed to complete the NBA feel How to Install: 1) Extract the DDSPB21_GM_Games_Pro_Photo_Pack.zip file to a folder or somewhere in your downloads folder. 2) Extract either the STEAM version or Non Steam depending which game you have. 3) Run the DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack.exe file (allow this with security warnings, as it is the auto-installer) 4) Select the path where you installed the game. 5) Reload your existing save and the images will pull up without having to start a new save!
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    Vasco da Gama

    all my family supports vasco da gama, and we been demoted for the fourth time in less then 10 years, this is nothing expresive by the handicap for your team in fm but with the roster that been demoted and won my state championship, brazilian cup, brazilian league and secondary continental tournment
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    In my case I started with FIFA Manager 08 until 11 (IIRC), then Football Manager (SI) until 2019. Pro Cycling Manager (2016/17/18/19) , NBA2K19, WWE 2K19, Madden 19/20/21 and if you consider Blood Bowl as a sim game many years of it. Recently I discovered DDS Pro Football and then DDS Pro Basketball. Cheers.
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    favorite player?

    The best player I ever saw live was Charles Barkley, he was something else. And I saw Magic Johnson, Robinson, Pippen, etc. Barkley was the most dominant player I ever saw live. And my second favorite. My favorite player would have to be Hakeem Olajuwon. When you cross soccer foot skills (heel pivot) with a monster wingspan you get the best center of the modern era. He was humble yet dominant. Only lacked FT accuracy. Everything else in his game was superb!
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    I am in agreement with this. I think everyone who has responded so far is showing @zinnyzxx support and agrees with the issue by providing multiple solutions. It's a topic that has been discussed for the past 3 years that I continue to discuss because I think it would greatly improve the game. Luckily, in a recent chat with Anders, it seems like roster limits, as well as a few other things mentioned here, are on his "to-do" list. So that's good. But to dive in a bit - say the roster limit is set at 30. That is not going to solve the issue, specifically with the Hawks. Their roster is 31players, so they can just drop the 79 overall and move on. All the rest are still in the affiliate. Which is why I agree with @rainsilent that salary demands also need to come up in order to fully solve this. The higher salary players ask for, the less players teams can sign (or they can still choose to sign many players, but their top talent won't be as good, and I'm fine with that strategy aspect). Also, players turning 21 won't sign for as cheap or if they are 85+ overall maybe they shouldn't accept 2-way deals. The reset started off great in this regard, but something was changed around S4 (S8 in buzzer), which made it too easy to sign players. Right now, the salary demands of 21 year olds are just ridiculously low. Even 88 overalls are signing SHL level deals, which is crazy. So again, I think my solutions to the following issue are: 1. Roster limit. 30 seems reasonable to me. 2. Salary demands should be higher. I don't know what the fix is here or if it can even be fixed at this point, but it would help to solve the "hoarding" issue. 3. Players getting frustrated or unhappy easier - and having a greater impact on performance, if they don't already.
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    Don't disagree with skater limit and salary increases. But I think we are starting to veer off course. The intent of @zinnyzxx's original post was to highlight some examples of why teams promoting to GHL are currently f*cked when it comes to squad strength. Yes, the salaries are part of this, but there are two equally culpable elements: 1) Smart relegating managers trading away one-way assets ahead of time, preventing them from going to FA, and 2) Hoarding players. The former can't be fixed unless we do something with transfer windows. The latter - can. In the case of Fury above, the players aren't exactly GHL quality, and I have no problem with having a full AAHL-LEVEL team in the minors. Where I do completely support @zinnyzxx, is in the case of the other teams he mentioned, who have players in their minors who would walk into the top 6 of any recently promoted team. Yet, they are out of GHL rotation entirely, and the hoarding teams experience zero penalty, team confidence or otherwise, for keeping these players in AAHL - a league way below their level. It would be less egregious if the managers in questions actually DID something with those players, but more likely than not, they just stay in the minors for a significant portion of their careers, and maybe a few eventually make their way out. This is damaging to the in-game economy. It's one of many elements that contribute to this damage, to be sure - not the only one - but it is the simplest to fix, in my opinion. So let's give @zinnyzxx some support and have Anders set a roster limit.
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    favorite player?

    Rudy Fernandez
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    Trading with CPU

    Whoa, I just witnessed some crazy shit on Attack. A computer team with 18 years old defender that is rated 94 gets promoted to GHL. The team doesn't sign anything in first few days of silly season. So, a guy makes trade with a computer team, sending few 85-86 rated players and some silly 20 years old worth nothing and 2nd pick for player like that. Do I need to say that FA is still filled with tons of players better then the computer team got for the 94 rated 18 years old guy. I know I am ranting, but bad programming like this and general non responsivnes of owners will make me quit soon, its just stupid and broken.