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    DDS Pro Basketball 22 Questions

    For being my first time playing a football manager type game for basketball, i am really impressed with the game although the 2D simulation in-game can be a little more polished than it is. I'm talking about DDS Pro Basketball 2022
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    My 1st Basketball GM game is Jump Shot Basketball and then I played Championship Manager.
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    Hello. Long time fan of GM sims

    Hello, Just registered....looking to download obviously, but figured I'd actually try with my posts. I've been playing sim games for more than 20 years, going back to the late 90's. It started out with old wrestling simulators like TNM, Extreme Warfare, and many others I cant remember the name of. I had always preferred the franchise mode of any sports video game back in the day with NBA 2K (Dreamcast OG), NBA Live, Madden, etc. I've played DDS games for quite awhile, and probably spent the most time with countless hours of BBGM from DumbMatter. Happy to be here!
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started with a football manager in 2008 and have been playing every new edition ever since. In the last year, I started playing OOTP and FHM, and now I have started my adventure with basketball.
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