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    As a fan of sports management simulation games, I have always been fascinated by the challenge of rebuilding struggling franchises and turning them into dynasties. Whether it's taking over a struggling hockey team in Ultimate Hockey GM or reviving a football franchise in CT Football Manager, the thrill of turning a team's fortunes around is truly rewarding.
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    the download instructions are confusing, I have windows 11 and don't know where to put the files
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    Excelente o trabalho! Falta um jogo assim
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    Indoor Football Manager

    I highly recommend backing up leagues prior to installing and playing this version. I did a lot of code refactoring over the last few months and kinda forced it when someone reported a bug that needed to be fixed. I am pretty sure its stable, but back up league files to be safe. https://robmeister89.itch.io/indoor-football-manager/devlog/329040/version-0016