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    This is great!
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    Okay, I found a few more boxing titles. The reviews are a bit mixed on some of these but I figured I would at least mention them. World Boxing Manager (PC/Mac) https://store.steampowered.com/app/563750/World_Boxing_Manager/ World Championship Boxing Manager (PC) - a classic game port https://store.steampowered.com/app/1254860/World_Championship_Boxing_Manager/ Punch Club (PC/Mac) - more of an RPG/Strategy game https://store.steampowered.com/app/394310/Punch_Club/ Title Bout Championship Boxing (PC/Mac/Linux/Android) - outdated but still has a small community of people playing it http://www.titleboutboxing.com/cgi-bin/page?home World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 (PC) - I know it's MMA not boxing, but I still have to mention it because of how detailed, in-depth and realistic it is. I've played hundreds of hours on it, mostly thanks to such a fantastic community with superb modding. http://greydogsoftware.com/wmma-5/ If I track any more titles down worth mentioning, I'll let you know.
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    They are both good games but I am looking for a PC game. Eboxing promoter is good but is online only, I wish there was an offline version. Thanks for the reply Chris.
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    Totally here for the downloads

    I'm a terrible person, I know, but... You might hear from me again???... But probably not. Thanks, though!
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Can't wait to download this mod!
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    The Basics

    I'm also just starting out and under "Dynasty Stories" in the forum list there are four videos of a playthrough that helped me get to know the game much better.
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    If you were able to successfully download the file and your are talking about running the EXE, it likely is working just fine. Don't worry about the extraction percent, that is just an estimate. If it completes without error, then photos installed. Besides the extraction percent, why do you believe it isn't installing correctly? Did you open the game afterwards and no player images were showing? Are you installing these for the steam or non-steam version of the game ?
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    Longtime customer of Gary's games. Looking forward to playing this new version.
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    can't wait to get it! I'm trying the demo right now
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    With Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 21 now in First Access with expected full release in the next couple weeks, I decided it's time for a new dynasty. And since I have a account here now to download the PB21 player pack, figured might as well add some content to this forum, as well. Hopefully I can get this one going longer then my Pacers one last year. Was looking for something different and a team that has never won a NBA Championship. So welcome to my Charlotte Hornets dynasty.
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    awesome video. Lakers got lucky IRL though. Paul is overrated. :)
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Looking forward to downloading. Thanks!
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    It's a massive new User Interface upgrade. Some like it, some don't. Great thing about Wolverine Studios is they always offer a demo that can be downloaded on their website. I like it better then 20 but I still don't like it as well as PB21 or even CB20.
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    Looks Awesome Man. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    Thanks for this
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    NCAA sports in general are hurt the most
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    What a great file and addition to this game! Big thanks
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    New to the site!

    Thx man! I am new just like you.I hope games will be enjoyable!
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    DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions

    Playing the demo - it looks good although I am in first steps but what is important it is much much faster!
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    DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions

    hell yea
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    PC Futbol 3.0 (a spanish soccer game) was my first sports sim iirc... Championship Manager/Football Manager followed it and now mostly OOTP.
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    Chris the co-ordinator of GM Games, takes you through the newest presentation in Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021 (DDSPB 21) Take control of your favorite franchise and lead them to basketball glory with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021. With the additions of the “Slybelle Real World Mod (Team Logos, Names)” and the “GM Games – Pro Photo Pack (Player, Draft, Coach, Court Photos)” you’ll be playing a franchise mode full of graphics, realism and life. Mods are here: https://www.wolverinestudios.com/board/viewforum.php?f=328 [This press release is made courtesy of Wolverine Studios] We dug down deep into the AI for this year’s version to make sure that the AI was even smarter when it comes to things like roster building decisions and most importantly trading. We have completely overhauled trading in this year’s game not only to make the AI even more intelligent especially when it comes to valuing and trading draft picks but to make things more user friendly for you as well. You can see that now when going to make a trade you are able to see more detail about the other team in the trade. You can view what stage of build process they are at and what their biggest needs are. Don’t want to wait for trades from the AI? Use the brand new option to immediately shop a chosen player to the AI controlled teams. We even have added an option in the free agency session to replicate sign and trades to bring the realism to an entire new level! A Brand New Look… We didn’t just work under the hood either. Last year’s version saw a massive transformation in the game as we moved it to the Alchemium Unlimited platform. This year we started to show just how powerful this platform can be. DDSPB21 with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack We’ve redesigned many of the areas of the game such as the player card above to make the information more vibrant, easier to read and better looking. You also see in that screenshot one of the many other new features we have added this year – player types. Players in DDSPB21 have always been created to be incredibly unique so that the job of building your roster was an exercise in putting together players that fit well as opposed to simply finding the highest rated players there are. Player types now help you to identify with badges players that fit a certain description such as a “bucket getter”. So Much More… DDSPB21 with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack That’s only the tip of the iceberg for what’s new this year. Here’s just a quick list of some of the other new items. Offseason start mode Universe mode allowing you control of multiple teams at once New and more realistic player and coach models New schedule and new schedule screen New draft pick monitoring screen Expanded lineup tracking features New milestone tracking feature Offseason injury options Free agency rumors to help make decisions with D-league select players that skip college and enter the draft after playing a year in the d-league Expanded coach and player personalities Expanded linked league option with Draft Day Sports: College Basketball to allow stats and player information from your DDS:CB league to be visible right in your DDS:PB league DDSPB21 with Slybelle Real World Mod & GM Games Pro Photo Pack Join in the conversation about DDS PB21 on discord or below on Reddit… The post Splash! Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021 for Windows PC appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Any Boxing Fans Here?

    I'm a boxing diehard. I need to try this out.
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    Hi guys. I just discovered this game and am looking forward to playing it and the experience being enhanced by the modding community here. I have been creating facepacks for football manager for years now and am hoping this game grows and grows.
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    Football Manager 2021 Mobile will land on the iOS and Android stores on November 24th. To get you fully prepared for another successful season ahead, here are this year’s squad additions. YOUR WORLD JUST GOT BIGGER There are three brand-new nations for you to test your managerial prowess as we welcome Argentina, Mexico and Canada to the Football Manager Mobile series. This means there are new divisions to dominate and a fresh pool of players to scout – unearth the gems hiding in those parts of the world. TOTALLY REVAMPED TACTICS Tactics in FM21 Mobile have been finely tuned so you can get the very best out of your squad. Managers now have more tools to play with including a host of renewed tactical templates as well as brand-new player roles. Simply select a tactical style from pre-sets so you can Gegenpress, Tiki-Taka or Route One your way to glory. Within that tactics, you can now deploy Roaming Playmakers and Inverted Wingers in your team to give you new ways to piece together your tactical masterplan. This revamp also considers set-pieces, which have been re-defined for the FM21 season. Not only can you assign a list of set-piece takers, but you can now dictate player instructions for both defending and attacking dead-ball scenarios. Get your centre-backs and target men in prime positions to meet the ball in dangerous areas at both ends of the pitch or organise intricate short-corner routines to surprise your opponents. BRAND NEW PLAYER DYNAMICS Squad hierarchy and player social groups give you, the manager, the full picture of your team. Understanding squad dynamics is crucial when controlling player morale and building success as a squad. Learn how your players operate and communicate together to create an atmosphere everyone can develop in. This new feature is bolstered by the addition of Club Captains. Now you can assign a captain and vice-captain when you walk into the training ground doors on day one. In FM21 Mobile, like in other iterations of FM, the captain’s role is crucial in maintaining a relationship between you and your players. Get the skipper on your side and the dressing room will be a happier place but upset your captain and your team’s morale may suffer. You cannot afford to get things wrong with the team’s leader. NEW AND IMPROVED INTERACTION You now have far more interaction options, including both conversation topics and answers. You’ll be able to speak to players and the media on a whole host of different subjects, giving you the detail you need to control every moment and make decisions in your club’s best interest. On the other end of these conversations, most commonly, will be players as FM21 has revamped their role in interactions. Players now give far more feedback to the events they experience and will be more vocal – as they are in real life – in reaction to things they admire or are unhappy about. FEEDER CLUBS Existing affiliate links between elite clubs and feeder clubs now allow those managers to send and receive young players on loan to help aid their development while winning valuable points for the feeder team. FM21 Mobile also allows you to create new affiliate links with feeder clubs so you can build your network in order to secure valuable deals. ENHANCED NEWS AND MEDIA News items and media articles are now much more reactive and responsive to you and your club’s movements. You’ll have the ability to comment on what you see too which can come in handy when you have to defend your player’s poor performances and publicly back your squad. FM21 Mobile blurs the lines slightly between the match action and the media reaction. CUSTOMISE PRE-SEASON FM21 Mobile gives you the ability to arrange your own friendlies. This new level of customisation allows you to test your squad against the very best and work on pre-season sharpness. And that’s it, another exciting season of FM21 Mobile awaits with new features that bring you ever closer to the football world you’re creating. Join the conversation about it with the GM Games community… The post Headline Features of Football Manager 2021 Mobile appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Introducing Football Manager 2021 in 60 seconds. This marks the beginning of our FM21 feature reveal period. Screens that only get a few seconds of air time here will make a huge difference to your world in FM21 Football Manager 2021 Beta is now live and ready for installation on the Epic Games Store and Steam. If you have bought FM21 from a SEGA-approved digital retailer, you’ll be delighted to know that the game is now fully playable* and includes the online modes Create-A-Club and Online Career Mode with cross-compatibility between Epic and Steam. As always, any progress made in Career Mode can be carried forward when your game updates on full release on Tuesday 24th November. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM FM21 We’re sure that most of you know the drill by now, but this is a Beta and not the full game, so you may encounter some bugs and glitches which our developers will be working tirelessly to fix before full release. Feedback is essential to us, so if you do find any issues, please use the Report Bug button on the sidebar in the game. Alternatively, you can log them on their community forums. HOW TO INSTALL PURCHASES FROM EPIC Quit and restart the Epic Games Launcher and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM STEAM Simply quit and restart Steam and you’ll see that Football Manager 2021 is available to install. PURCHASES FROM ANY OTHER PARTICIPATING DIGITAL RETAILER Your retailer should have sent you a confirmation email with a code, or a link to redeem your code which can be activated on Steam by following the instructions below: 1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account or create a new, free account 2. Click the Games Menu 3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process *Fantasy Draft, The Store, Steam Workshop and both the Pre and In-Game Editor are not available in the Beta. Discuss this story with the GM Games community… The post Football Manager 2021 Beta Available Now appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
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    Thanks for the work here, this is incredible.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Nice, I started with OOTP and Football Manager (soccer). Both great series. Never tried a basketball sim so excited to try it!
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    Thanks for your hard work, Chris. This looks awesome! I can't wait to get started with it.
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    New here and to DDSPB21. Excited for something better than 2K.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started with Out of the Park baseball and another text sim basketball game that I cannot remember. I'm giving Wolverine Draft Day Football another try
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Tabletop Statis-Pro, Front Page sports sims and various one-offs for PC and Mac.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Got frustrated with the lack of depth in the most recent Maddens in franchise mode, ended up turning to Front Office Football and then DDSPFS which have really scratched that front office itch.
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    Sorted it, I didn't copy over the content of the player photos folder, just moved the folder over, idiot lol..
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    I did try it with the alternate directory but same result, will try again tho, will check the provided link, many thanks..
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    It does post as rich text if you just highlight the whole blog entry on wordpress from html and then paste it in to a new entry here as rich text. You'll lose the entirety of the white background but at least it's not black text on black background.
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    Thanks, New to the forum, trying to figure out best way to post the image and make it full size. Not the tiny thumbnail, so people can read it without having to click anything. Or clicking it and it taking you to imgur. To keep all my dynasty's uniform looking, I normally update them all to my wordpress blog and then take a screenshot and then post to forums. I may just have to link my wordpress site. My lastest blog post for this dynasty can be found here: https://drummerj99.wordpress.com/2020/11/02/2020-21-season-october-18th-24th/ And my full blog can be found here: https://drummerj99.wordpress.com/
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Great work! essential for the game!
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    HORNETS ANNOUNCE GM CHANGE The Charlotte Hornets have not won more then 36 games since they won 48 in the 2015-2016 season. And they have not reached the playoffs since that season, and have only finished with a winning percentage better then .450 one season since then. The Charlotte Hornets announced today they have parted ways with Mitch Kupchak, who to be fair has only been in that position since April 8th 2018. In his place they have agreed to terms with 40 year old Indiana native Sam Fisher. Fisher played college ball at Indiana State before playing 2 years over in Europe. “I’m excited for the opportunity” said Fisher at the press conference today, “I have lofty expectations for myself. I want and expect to win to bring Charlotte their first championship.” Fisher wasn’t brave enough to guarantee or promise how soon that will happen. When asked what his first order of business was, he said “getting ready for the draft coming up.” The pretty much unknown Fisher The Charlotte Hornets will have the 3rd pick in the upcoming draft. The WSSN mock draft has them taking 19 year old SG Anthony Edwards from Georgia. The mock draft ended up being right, as the Charlotte Hornets selected SG Anthony Edwards with the 3rd pick in the 1st round. Edwards will fill a hole the Hornets have at SG, as the Hornets only had 22 year old Malik Monk on the roster. With the 2nd round pick the Hornets selected PF Tyler Bey from Georgia and with the final pick the Hornets selected PF Yoeli Childs from BYU.
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    Going for Gold- Development Thread

    I believe in updating this thread every month, but because this is a hobby project (and not my only hobby, nor certainly not a career of mine), there are some months where I don't end up doing much. This month is one of those months- I am kind of stuck right now and need to get some progress going again. So, I'll give another update in a month, but in the meantime, if anybody has any questions about this project, feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to answer!
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    Best Sport?

    In Person: Hockey. Have season tickets to my local-ish ECHL team. On Tv: NFL or College football
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    Lieutenant Tortue

    Best Sport?

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    How to download items?

    ....and download some cool mods!!!
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    Glad this exists

    Been pretty obsessed with these kinds of games. I spend too much time probably. Great to be a part of a community of ppl who are as crazy about it as me!
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Thank you for all the work!
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    DDS Pro Football 21 Questions

    I'll try posting here instead of making a new thread. I really like Front Office Football, will I enjoy this game? Just looking for something with abit more to look at while I play!
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    After the trade deadline all contract offers are in terms of the following season (example: sign a player not on your roster and they won't report until day 1 of the following season). Then if you are situated in a top 2 seed in your conference after day 87, in terms of contract negotiations you are now considered the level of the league you are promoting to. I'm not fully visualizing your situation in my head, so sorry if that doesn't clear it up. But that is how it has always been as a promoting team after day 87, going back to the old version. When I was promoting to the GHL I had a bunch of players that would not resign on SHL contracts, so I had to ensure that I had guaranteed promotion at the end of the season and had to wait until after day 87 to negotiate their extensions.