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  2. Year 1, Chapter 8- December 2022 Results "Greenland is Ice, but Iceland is Nice" -D2: The Mighty Ducks "Jeff, I am so, so, sorry...." "Katja, it's fine. It's fine." My voice tailed off. Even I wasn't actually sure if it was fine, but I was trying not to let her know that. I had been heading towards the door with my coffee. Katja had been heading to the other side of the door with this month's reports. A few moments later, all of this month's reports were scattered on the floor. Unfortunately, so was my coffee, and a few of the reports looked unrecognizable. We had a mess on our hands. ***************************************************** A few minutes later, things were calmer, and we had decided that Katja, who had already read the reports, would simply summarize December 2022. "Alright, so we had competitions in Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Bobsleigh this month. Which would you like me to start with?" began Katja "Let's start with Alpine Skiing." "The European Cup, which is the 2nd level of skiing, started up this month. We did have one skier, Sara Ingolfsdottir, get 23rd place at a downhill event in skiing. Most of the rest of the events were not as successful, but we did at least get some competitions in for a number of athletes. The World Cup, we did not get any points, but there were a couple of good results. Karen Vilhjalmsdottir got 45th out of 75 or so in one of the slaloms, and Julia Leifsdottir was 51st in the same event. Julia also had 41st in a world cup downhill this month as well. Still no points for either of them, but they got closer a couple of times. Unfortunately, Viktor Armannson did not have a lot of success in the downhills in Beaver Creek early in the month, though." I nodded. Nothing too exciting, but a couple of good results at least. "How about cross country?" was my next question "As you know, the press is a touch disappointed that we do not have anybody in the World Cup this year, so we have sent our top skiers to the Scandinavian Cup instead. We had a weekend in Norway, and it really did not go all that well. The men really struggled. Julia Sigurdsdottir was in the Top 30 of the second 10km race, but given that there were only 36 entrants, the coaches did not seem very excited." That was, to be fair, an expected result, but not one that anybody was going to be happy about. Cross country skiing was one of the few sports where we had homegrown coaches, and they seemed to be struggling to connect to the skiers and and interest the population at large. We quickly moved on to Ski Jumping. "Janne was really pleased with how Rakel jumped over the weekend." "When is he not?" I shot back. Katja ignored me. "She took 52nd and 38th out of 57 on the two Continental Cup competitions." I shut my mouth. Janne was too optimistic by some margin, but 38th was a definite sign of progress. "Okay, well, that seems like a good thing", I offered. "Now what about Bobsleigh?" We had made the decision to send Katla and Emilia to the next competition, despite not being fully recovered from the hamstring injury earlier in the month. Katja looked a bit dismayed. That probably meant that she had bad news. "17th of 17, followed by 17th of 17, followed by 16th of 17. They were dead last in 5 of the 6 runs this weekend." Not a shock, but not great. Thankfully, they would have some time to recover and train before European Championships and the World Junior Championships. But that would have to wait until after the holidays. And this coffee spill. I hoped that the stains would come out of the carpet. Happy New Year, indeed. [END Year 1, Chapter 8] As always, remember that you can help improve Iceland's fortunes! With any comments you make on this post, you get Dynasty Points that you can spend at a later date to increase Iceland's budget. I update this thread once each week! Got the scripts that sim the minor level leagues working correctly. Unfortunately had a bit of a problem with the scripts that organize the results, so I decided to work it into the story. That will be the bug fix focus for next week, it looks like! See you then.
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  4. Looking forward to play the historical part of DDS
  5. Wish there was an Historical pic pack
  6. Brewers accept We have been looking for a RHB for the outfield and we feel Garcia has more power in him than he has shown. Thanks to Jonathan for the quick negotiation and good luck in the coming years.
  7. The Pittsburgh Pirates Trade: RF Jonathan Garcia (ML) $2m cash The Milwaukee Brewers Trade: SP Manuel Chavez (R Phoenix) CF Blair Eaton (R Phoenix) Pretty simple trade here. Looking to get younger. Willing to pay the remainder of Garcia's 2022 contract in order to gain a couple of young pieces and make room on our roster for the youth movement. Thanks, Cole, and best of luck the rest of this season.
  8. Hi all I am new to the GMGames forum.
  9. Very new on this game. Any tips on playing it? Any nice gameplay video's? Thanks
  10. Hi all. Very new to this game. never played DDS games. Looking forward to play it.
  11. want to try football next
  12. Hello, The Site is down fpr downloading PCF 2021.
  13. Hello, I'm new here and thise site is great
  14. I'm curious to see how they will be able to make this two big line up work. I feel if teams play small and try to take them from the perimeter Rudy will have a hard time keeping up. Just seeming hard to justify the haul UTA got.
  15. I wonder if Westbrook, THT and some picks will be enough? Kind of hard to gauge Kyrie's value after last season.
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