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  3. Hey everyone, I am a huge "manager" game enthusiast and have been spending a lot of my free time recently working on this football GM mobile game called "On Paper Sports Football '24", its a football gm/manager game. You're trying to build your team from the ground up via free agency, trades, the draft, hiring coaches, researching new plays, training players etc. You can simulate a near infinite number of seasons & each play of every game is actually simulated out in the engine. I am trying to find the sweet spot between super in depth-simulator but also somewhat casual & easy to pick up and play Wanted to share it here to see if anyone was interested & also see if I can get some feedback to gauge what I should add/improve. I have a lot of stuff I want to add so hopefully getting some feedback will help me figure out the priorities. The game is available now on iOS (Android coming in the next couple of weeks) Here are some links if you interested in checking it out: Thanks!
  4. Whoops I posted in the wrong section
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  6. The Brewers Accept With the limited cap room available right now the Brewers are looking to add some pitching and getting Morejon with lots of years of control just made sense. Callen is going to be a solid player but with all the outfield spots filled for at least the next 3 years he become expendable. Thank you to Matt for the easy negotiations.
  7. Angels Trade: P Adrian Morejon - MLB Brewers Trade: CF Garrett Callen - Biloxi P Sam Heath - Phoenix --------------------------------------------- With a surplus of arms, the Angels send lefty Adrian Morejon to Milwaukee in exchange for a pair of minor leaguers we liked in the most recent draft. Callen was a quick riser to AA, possesses decent enough D in CF and can likely project in either RF or LF moving forward. We like his well roundedness and into the future with Trout potetnially opting out after this year/Mazara's final year of team control. Heath was dominant in 26 IP of rookie ball after showing a 10+ K/9 in his final year at Saint Mary's. We are also happy to add a pair that will find room in the organization off of the 40-man roster. Thanks to Cole for what was a straight forward and and easy deal to complete.
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  9. Agreed. We still had quite the surplus in the outfield. Although Nimmo is a good player, he would take opportunities away for other young players like Logan Tanner. The deal also frees up some cap room to let us be flexible. I'm still looking at a variety of options for 3B and Davidson looks like he will be able to compete for the spot.
  10. The Giants send IF Logan Davidson (AAA) to the Cardinals for OF Brandon Nimmo (STL to retain 25%) We like Davidson's pop, but with a bit of a glut of similar players already in house, we move him over to STL for Nimmo. We're hoping Nimmo can continue to get on base (and stay healthy enough) to set the table for Tork & Crew Thanks for the deal Josh!
  11. Pitt confirms. we have some budget room and grabbing a couple young prospects at our current state makes sense.
  12. KC sends 1B Anthony Rizzo (KC), OF Deion Jackson (R-LV), & 1B Daniel Cuvet (R-LV) to Pittsburgh Pittsburgh sends 1B Donald Taylor (PIT) to KC This trade is a salary dump, with KC giving two good prospects away to take Rizzo and his salary. Good luck to Brenton and the Pirates!
  13. Big fan of all things football, and that includes football simulation games. Just here to get the latest on the space.
  14. Don't mind me just filling the requirements.
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