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  2. Hi Everyone! I'm here for all things DDSPF! :)
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  4. Hey, recently got the game was wondering if there are any tips or advice for how the trade machine works?
  5. dirkules, im from germany and dirk nowizki was great
  6. Very cool show. Hopefully we'll get more of those types of documentaries
  7. Long time OOTP player, and a Draft Day Pro Basketball newbie !
  8. OK, I better chip in. Try to keep it short even if the story actually goes back to 70s. Coming from Sweden where really boardgames mostly are like Monopoly and Risk. I didn't get to know sportgames until I was in USA as a Collegestudent in the 70s. Then Strat-o-Matic and later APBA become addictive. Before that time I knew nothing about American Football or Baseball. I played the "real" football until my senior years in college, but even that game can end a career with wrong injuries. The first computer sportgames on C64 was not the way to go with sports. Then getting some early sportgames like Tony LaRussa and some forgotten NFL games on those first PCs helped a bit. But I kept on playing with cardgames on those American sports over the years until Championship Manager finally popped up on the REAL sport. EA Sport games I always found too much arcade style in those days, still think it. Like EAs NHL,Madden and FIFA versions. You step into the shoes of the player in those games having the ball and try to emulate his moves. Crazy. I'm not Messi, never been, so I prefer Messi to handle his playing himself. I love to manage him. So manager games with as close to reality is my game. OOTP and Football Manager have dominated the years but always looked for some decent games on NFL, NBA and the college versions of them. I had a look at DDS games some years back but they looked too thin. Still they have a long way to go, especially the football version ( a bit to reach FOFs deeper level I think). Latest iteration have focused a lot on how the menues are looking and the interface. The heart of the games needs to come along. OOTP went the other way I think. First the inside then a better and better interface then from pure text to 2D and some sort of 3D. I found this site when I decided to dig in on the DDS games last year. Nice to see the searchlight is also on several other interresting games here on GM-Games. That CT looks good and since I always followed The Kentucky Derby I just had to try out Starters Orders. Kind of nice game. Good to run a stable and just hope you get a new Secretariat. But of course I have to mod the racing schedule. Modding games are important in my plays Actually anything in managerstyle hits my heart, but beside the college versions I always tend to like playing historical saves and have strong feelings that the part must be present in a game. OOTP in that case is the King no doubt, but hoping to get DDS games on a nice track to get up to par. Trying hard to update and fix the historical-file in the DDS pro football version, but running in to several doubts and problems to get it right were I like it. Well I said it was difficult to keep it short. LOL
  9. This is very helpful when first starting out, Thanks.
  10. As an argentinian, the answer is GinΓ³bili, but for current players it has to be Luka.
  11. Started with east side hockey manager then moved to FHM and OOTP baseball.
  12. All time: Yao Ming Current: Harden
  13. Obviously Kobe but an honorary mention is Kyle Korver. He was just that guy.
  14. Probably the Jazz. They had talent but had been fairly underwhelming before this season
  15. Football Manager after playing FIFA for a lot of years, then expanded to play OOTP and a few other games
  16. It's super frustrating as a fantasy basketball player, but if it's the price for him staying healthy and playing big minutes, then so be it
  17. I think its the Cavs not only they won two games against the Nets big 3 but they are above 500 and with a better record than the Heat and the Raptors
  18. all-time d-wade but from active players Luka and Bam
  19. Hello everyone! Love to find fellow sports nerds that love to build fantasy dynasties.
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