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  4. David Woodruff, 1st Assistant Coach Last year as head coach for Youngstown State we were 17-15 and went to the CIT Tourney. But at 63, I realized that I really preferred handling player development rather than the many varied roles of a head coach. So when the job came open here with Coach Aura, I jumped ship. Getting a chance to work with the talent level on the Eagles has been a blast. The past month of practice went smoothly. Now we’re ready to start the season. Turns out all 3 guys BC recruited last season will be starting. All 3 were impressive but of course are still learning our sets and getting accustomed to playing together. Hopefully their talent will override that deficit early this season until they gain sufficient experience. Starters: C-Courtland Reese, 6’9” freshman: looked good in practice, good inside scorer, strong rebounder, solid defense. SF-Sam Dickens, 6’8” freshman: scores well from inside and mid-range, great rebounder, very strong defensively. PG-Josh McFadgon, 6’1” junior (JC transfer): good passer and ball handler, can score well from mid and long range, good rebounder for a guard, able defender. The two repeat starters are: SG-James Lilly, 6’0” junior: very good scorer from outside but also drives well, exceptional rebounder for his size, great defender who gets a lot of steals and blocks, good passer. PF-Marvin Reese, 6’6’ junior: played both PF and SF last season, shoots well from all over the floor, good rebounder, solid defensively. Bench: Guards: Willis Lofton will be coming off the bench rather than starting this season. Jon Ray, Samuel King, and Jason Dunn also provide good depth. SF: Michael Millford and Earl Betts again will be good subs. Interior: Jason Caldwell will be a reserve instead of a starter, Steve Ross again will be a trusted sub. Dickens, Millford, and Betts can also fill in at PF. The media has picked us to finish in 9th place in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but I think we have the talent to finish well up in the top half of the standings.
  5. Colorado Trades: RP - Clayton O’Neal (AA) OF - Max Gilliam (A+) OF - Roy Mckenzie (AAA) 3B - Spencer Steer ( A+) Rangers Trade: RP - Addison Reed (MLB) **Rangers retain 100% of salary** The last two years the 9th inning has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Dennis Moore and Nick Mcully should be more than cable but they have struggled in that role when given the opportunity over the last 2 years. Reed should help solidify our pen by taking the ball in the 9th. Moore and Mcully will move into lower leverage roles. we lose our best RP prospect in O’Neal, arguably our best OF prospect in Gilliam, and a promising 3B prospect in Steer. Also, Mckenzie looks to be a solid player as well. Thanks to Paul for the fun trade talks and welcome to the league!
  6. I guess I can say this is my first gm game and it's a little overwhelming, I barely know what I'm doing lol, but I figured it'd be a little easier if I recognized all the teams
  7. Hello! It says I have to post twice on here to get the download, I'd try to make it relevant but since I haven't played the game much, I don't have much to say
  8. I had to have spent legitimately like 400 hours on my first OOTP save, been hooked ever since. I like the creativity text sims allow you when it comes to editing and customizing teams. Console sports games don't have that luxury most of the time.
  9. yeah - played it a lot before the pro game. you can transfer draft classes from college to pro, but i havent tested it yet since i just got pro on sale
  10. Welcome. What's your favorite team?
  11. Hey, I'm Ben. Big football fan. Nice to meet ya'll.
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    The second: main roster and farm clubs. You can see your current number of players on the "Team Info" site (Roster count).
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    just for clarity, does this 30 max limit mean 30 allowed at one time on the main roster, or does this mean 30 total players under contract, main roster and farm clubs?
  14. Hey y'all, I'm new around this area. I'm into football, basketball & wrestling simulators.
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  16. Jason Braxton, Athletic Director Our schedule for this season is complete. We have 9 pre-conference games. Since I was able to schedule 8 of those at home, I expected Coach Aura to be ecstatic. But I was wrong. He explained that he has now seen both sides. As coach of a low prestige school, he typically had a very high percentage of his team’s pre-conference games as road games. He said his AD explained that many teams were unwilling to play Towson at home. Once his team got strong, teams were disinclined to play the Tigers at home, even much better teams since those didn’t want to rack up a loss when they were more likely to gain a win if Towson played on the opponent’s home court. And he said that now he sees how teams in power conferences like the ACC can dictate that a high percentage of their pre-conference games are played at home, thus increasing the likelihood of wins. He said that while he appreciated my efforts to schedule a bunch of home games and he understood that it meant increased revenue for the college, he didn’t feel it adequately prepared the team for conference games. So he got me to change each home game to a upgrade it to a much higher competition level. I’m pretty sure I created some enemies with AD’s for the teams that were cancelled off our preliminary schedule since it meant they had to try to find a new opponent on their schedule. Here’s the re-worked pre-conference schedule (prestige level is in parentheses) (BC’s prestige level is 52): BAYLOR (55) OKLAHOMA (69) VANDERBILT (63) CREIGHTON (67) SAN DIEGO STATE (65) BRIGHAM YOUNG (67) STANFORD (65) @ Cornell (our annual non-conference rival game) (26) MISSISSIPPI STATE (61) Coach Aura also said that we need to discuss a future change to our rival game opponent and suggested I contact Providence about becoming ours beginning next season. He thinks the Friars are a more equal competitor and that a nearby Catholic college is a more logical rival.
  17. I am new to the forum and want to download the file for draft day basketball 21
  18. I spent far too much time on Championship Manager 01/02 although I don't really like watching soccer at all...
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