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  3. Reds confirm. Scott had already agreed this trade so I didn't want to stand in the way. :) Note that it's Masyn Winn, not Mason. Don't know why, ask his mother.
  4. Rockies send: SS-Bryce Young (R ) SP-Mason Winn (R ) Reds send: SP-JoJo Booker (A) SP-Kyle Mora (R ) just swapping some lower level minor leaguers. Thanks Reds!!
  5. game is once again crashing on me after I load my saved games and select play to next event,,,, hangs for about 30 seconds then just closes no error messages. ideas? Im going to try one thing and get back you folks I must be missing something somewhere, I thought it was a depth chart issue but I had the system auto update depth chart... as stated above ... correction games crashes if I select play next day but a game is on the schedule for today. Am I missing some setting that is need to play todays game? FYI still crashes if I run as administrator
  6. Yes it does, and it does make ratings based on stats, you can pick all the years from a drop down like 79-80 etc and draft classes come in for each year
  7. Does this come with any historic rosters? If so, how accurate does it play different eras?
  8. The A's agree to this trade. We have been looking for a better bat behind the plate so Bailey could have at least another half a year of development in AAA where he struggled last year. Lopez was expendable because he has not improved his defense to an average level yet. Thanks for the trade Chappy and I hope it works out for both of us.
  9. The Kansas City Athletics Royals and the Oakland A's have reached a deal! Kansas City sends C Andres Esparza to Oakland Oakland sends C Javier Lopez (Vermont A-) to Kansas City Pretty obvious deal here given the stages of the squads. We shed some salary in favor of a young player. Esparza was a sensational player in his one season with the Royals, and we wish him much success in 2021. Lopez possesses the OBP potential we are looking for in our system, and we are excited to see how he develops. Good luck to the A's!
  10. Same here. Hockey guy, but looking for something with shorter seasons.
  11. Is there an idiot proof way to load the player pic and logo mods? I don't really understand unzipping etc...
  12. Anyone has the old HLS (Hockey League Simulator)? .. I know, it's not like the Eastside Manager but it was still pretty fun.
  13. Why are they not making goog games like the old Frontpage anymore?
  14. In Person: Hockey. Have season tickets to my local-ish ECHL team. On Tv: NFL or College football
  15. Yeah, your best bet is over here there could be a number of different things going on.. if you are steam, non steam etc..
  16. The installer installs the mod fine but when I open the game and start a new save the logos and names of the teams aren't right I've gone into the graphics folder and all the logos are there I don't know what the problem is
  17. No there are two main mods, one is slybells' logos and one is the player photos that we do... both are listed here
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