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  2. Hello I am TunicSauce
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  6. We are currently creating a whole new version of the game, where this fix will be a part of. Games saved in the old game wouldn't work in the new version
  7. Any news on such a fix or update for that matter?
  8. pickett is the only qb on that roster that i can confidentally say isn't entirely trash, that being said, alot of what pickett showed this year was straight garbage, but that can be developed, hes definitely the only answer on the roster right now lol
  9. tough to say just cause i haven't seen too much to know who really stands out between the different front runners but i'd have to say the bucks off hand only because they have the best player out of all the top ranked teams atm, somewhat less-informed take, but what can ya do
  10. i'm all in on celtics, maybe get the run back from last year if warriors pick it up
  11. I think it will be someone unexpected like the clippers or nuggets
  12. My one of the best and all time favorite, where I spend my lots of time here geometry dash
  13. nice to meet you! the backrooms
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