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  2. Thank you for sharing information that is so helpful. I haven't been able to think of many questions about this subject fnaf
  3. Confirmed We do this deal for 2 reasons, injury (shocker) and our pen is starting to fail us again (shocker) Cleveland's annual trip to the IL showed us we needed another outfielder, while we have a couple of capable guys in AAA we wanted a guy who's numbers have shown to be sustainable. We needed to add Ramirez to hopefully stabilize a shaky pen. He will also be an extra piece if/when our next bullpen injury occurs . Losing Saini hurts bad, but the emergence of Jimenez in CF had him stuck behind him now. Thanks for the deal Jabs and good luck the rest of the way
  4. Updated - Brett to confirm. Thanks all!
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  6. Cubs send: CL Alex Ramirez (100% retention) OF Earl James (MLB) Red Sox send: CF Sammy Siani (AA Portland) 2B Zack Raabe (A Greenville) SP Jackson Baumeister (A Greenville) Our beloved closer finally finds a new home. Alex Ramirez has strung together some great outings with a few not-so-great outing this year, but we feel like his true talent is still top-tier and genuinely hope the change of scenery puts Ramirez back in the thick of some exciting ballgames with positive results. Some pundits may scoff at the lack of money savings for us involved in this deal... the only opportunity that has presented itself to use potential budget room this year that we've skipped out on involved us adding $15M to our 2024 books (which is something we don't want to do), or taking a short-term bat back in this deal that would deny some of our young pieces playing time. So, we retain and add more good prospects to our pool. The Cubs have identified just 13 of 75 non-RP starting positions in the minors where we could still use an upgrade, so our deals from here on out are focussed on improving those positions where we still need help. Sammy Siani is a rare "already on the 40 man" guy we are getting back. He's just 22 years old, but represents some of the best true center field defense we have seen in our high minors (or even majors). He's a smart baserunner with a solid contact bat who can track down fly balls and won't make mistakes. He represents an upgrade and youth-infusion over Earl James, 28 year old corner outfielder who we also send to Boston to try and help cover the recent Cleveland injury. Siani may go to AAA for now, but will likely be in the majors before long. We need a better 2B on Myrtle Beach and Zack Raabe will do nicely. He's struggling a bit in his sophomore season but the 2022 2nd round pick will come around. He shouldn't strike out much, which isn't necessarily the case for some of the power bats we've recently acquired, and if/when he makes the majors this contact ability will play into that lineup nicely. Finally, Jackson Baumeister. Every trade needs a wild card. There's a chance that Jackson doesn't quite crack a rotation of ours in the minors as most of our teams are full up with 6 current and future studs. We need to figure out who is being promoted for Alex Ramirez's spot, so there may be an opportunity that I'm not realizing and Baumeister could be starting again before long. The 2021 fourth rounder throws straight and wild right now, but he's only 20 and man, the potential on the fastball, curveball, and changeup has our scouts drooling. He's striking out 11.8 per nine and has just a 1.6 BB/9 in A-ball this year, so the stats themselves are saying he can handle things, even if the report leaves something to be desired. We're excited to see where he slots into our organizational plan. Although this deal initially featured Riku Goto, three things happened since our initial handshake agreement last night: 1) it was pointed out to us that Goto is too new to the Red Sox organization to be traded, 2) Sammy Siani is a little more coveted than I initially thought as a few teams chimed in saying what a great player he was, and 3) I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in theaters (unrelated, but pretty cool). Now that we realize Siani has more trade value than we initially intended, we are still good moving forward with this deal without Goto. Thanks Brett for the deal - Boston to confirm.
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  8. Hey so i'm starting a college football league and i'm trying out mod packs, any particular tips?
  9. Hey so i'm starting a college football league and i'm trying out mod packs, any particular tips?
  10. I downloaded this game for the first time yesterday, and I had to start with my Pistons. I ended up trading for Giannis and making the finals in like year 4. I got fired that year for going into the luxury. Good luck with the series it looks like a good watch, I'll definitely check it out.
  11. Hey everybody, my name is Joe, and I love basketball, I started my enjoyment of GM style games with association modes in NBA 2k on playstation, but they have so many flaws, and I cannot play it while I sit at the desk of my college gym. I have been playing Basketball GM, the free game for about a year now, and I wanted something a little more immersive, so I bought the DDSPB23 while it was on playoffs sale. I am excited to join this community!
  12. Rays confirm the deal. Stowers was sitting in AAA, blocked by a handful of players. Moving him frees up another 40-man spot, and nets us an interesting young pitcher in Carter, someone our scout is pretty keen on. Thanks to Sam for the quick talks and deal.
  13. Tampa Bay acquires: SP Irving Carter (A) Los Angeles acquires: OF Kyle Stowers (AAA) Dodgers confirm. We have had Stowers on our radar for a while. It however wasn't until he was publicly made available that we decided to inquire. We're big fans of the offensive profile and the fact that he offers some positional flexibility. Plus, he is major league ready. To acquire him we gave up an ascending young pitching prospect. Thanks Comey for the easy talks.
  14. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with the fourth test version of the game, where the main focus has been on bug fixing and implementing loading and saving of games: Fixed issue with two head coaches... View the full article
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