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  2. Multiple giveaways happening now, enter to win!
  3. im here for the downloads man
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  5. I bought my first baseball sim game long before computer sims were available. In junior high, I started with Program IV Baseball then progressed to Sherco (I really enjoyed the unique gameboard). Later, I played the C& D version of Statis Pro for a few years but then off to college when I left baseball sims behind for a while. I later came back when I needed a hobby, first using SSI's Baseball Strategy, then Micro League and finally Earl Weaver before I saw that APBA had come out for the PC. Tried that for a few years but have preferred Strato in recent years. Have tried several but enjoy trying new sims and comparing them.
  6. I've read that Pure Sim Baseball can be played on Windows 10. Does anyone know whether it will run on Windows 11?
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  8. We are nearing the end of our regular season which means our draft will be starting soon! Perfect time to join, and you do not need the game to play! Home | Inside The Paint Basketball Sim League (TM) (
  9. at this link or use the form below, and if we get enough interest, I'll let you know and start sending league updates soon! ]] View the full article
  10. Does anyone here play football manager? I've done some stuff with the free trial. I really liked it.
  11. Hi! I'm new. I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan. I also follow baseball. I like the Pirates despite them generally being pretty bad.
  12. For some reason nothing happens when I click download.
  13. This seems like it will be a fun game.
  14. Cool. I'm surprised you guys beat Villa. I'm a Tottenham fan (I was also surprised when we beat Villa lol)
  15. To strikethrough text in Discord, simply enclose the text you want to strikethrough with two tilde (~) symbols on each side. For example, typing this will appear as this in xfinity billing support Discord. It's a quick and easy way to visually indicate edits or crossed-out text in your messages. Hope this helps!
  16. hello guys, hru? im an olympiacos fan
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