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  2. Alpha 7.0 has been published.. some new html reports and a few other minor adjustments No uninstall necessary, just install version and it'll overwrite old game files.
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  4. Jason Braxton, Boston College Athletic Director Although BC has a great basketball history, it’s been 15 years since we’ve had a winning season or conference record. And the past 5 years our overall record has been 49-105. Our move from the Big East to the AAC 20 years ago hasn’t been a pretty one thus far. The prestige level of our basketball program is, along with Wake Forest, the lowest by far in the AAC. I’m tired of being the doormat of ACC and not getting to the NCAA Tournament. Obviously, the alumni and the BC Hoop Club feel exactly the same way. They’ve been bending my ear all 3 years I’ve been here as AD. The coach I inherited lasted two years under me at which point I didn’t renew his contract. Last season I made an effort to entice Fred Aura, but he showed no interest. I made the mistake of promoting Stan Whitehouse, who had been our 1st assistant coach, to be our head coach. That turned out to be a disastrous mistake! We finished last in the AAC and there was a lot of unrest on the team. It definitely was time for a major change. While I really don’t expect Coach Aura to work a miracle by turning this team into an instant threat, I decided to set some high goals: (1) no academic ineligibility (an obvious goal due to our high academic standing); (2) win 15+ games; (3) finish in the top half in the conference standings; (4) qualify for the NCAA tournament; and (5) improve our basketball program prestige. I believe Fred can achieve the first and last goals, but the middle 3 will definitely be tough and #4 is very likely just a dream at this point. But I’d rather set high goals and have him miss some of them, than to set low goals that don’t require much effort and a stretch. Actually I know he’s got a major building project that will take several years. But we need to get the Eagles back to the prominence that we had in the late 20th and early 21st century. I’m already excited by the two new assistant coaches that Coach Aura hired. They look like upgrades to those they replaced. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to land a top-flight recruit this season who will be able to significantly contribute immediately when he gets to BC. For the first time since I arrived at Boston College, the BC Hoop Club has shown optimism. That’s a major burden off my shoulders. Fred has been open with them and has gotten them to realize that the building process will be a gradual one. If we can develop and continue an upward trend, I believe they’ll be happy.
  5. I completely agree with richh200, there is absolutely no chance Arsenal will sign any top players as they've been out of the Champions League for faaar too long.
  6. I looked at 4 or 5 and they still lacked some of the contracts issues and cap management that made EHM so interesting to me. Also it is a really tough UI to get comfortable with. Has it improved?
  7. Really wanted to like the FHM series abut it never has been able to match EHM. The Wolverine Studios stuff looks pretty solid, and chance they do hockey in the future?
  8. Either way they need offensive weapons to compliment that quality defense.
  9. Zach, thanks for reaching out! I'm glad you are excited! As for bowling, I will never say no to more data! It's my hope that eventually I will get the program into the kind of shape where users can add sports and such into the Olympics, so I would love to have the data in preparation for that. (Fair warning: that's probably several years out, because I don't work super fast and I'm a long way out from that!) I'll send you a message on here tomorrow or Wednesday to detail what kind of data I would need and how that would all be formatted- the help would be appreciated! (I'll probably have a couple of questions as well, since I'm only minimally aware of how bowling is set up on an international level) Thanks, Jeff
  10. NBA Mod looks awesome but I don't have a clue on how to download it to my simulation
  11. I’m a new member trying to find out how to download NBA mod to my pro basketball simulator
  12. I know it's not an olympic sport but I could really help with bowling because it's been pushed for to be one since bowling has been around aswell as if you want more help on the database! I'm so excited for this game.
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  14. Rays confirm! While Nicholas is definitely a favorite for us, he realistically doesn't have much of a home here beyond 2021. With a bevvy of young catchers in the org, we free up some playing time for Bob Heller (currently the other ML catcher) and callup William Contreras (starting in AAA) to both get some time in the bigs. That freedom will also allow us to slide our higher-end catchers up through the system more freely as they progress (we've got 4-5 similar guys to Heller/Contreras currently). The 3 pieces we get back are nice, for the reasons Eddie laid out. Probably the highest on Grammes who will likely move to a relief role in our minors at some point. Nicholas will be in DFA, fyi Thanks Eddie!
  15. Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic. No need to say I'm a Mavs fan.
  16. Hi everyone! Hope I'll find here a lot of GM games. I already love it.
  17. Rockies Trade: OF - Jordan Brewer (A-) SP - Connor Grammes (A+) 3B - Alberto Ocosta (R) Rays Trade: C - Brett Nicholas (MLB) **60% Retention for this year** The Rockies have had a good start to the year largely due to Jed McMinley slashing .452/.528/1.334. Learning about his 6 week injury yesterday was a big blow to the team. Brett Nicholas isn’t a Jed replacement. He is someone we have been looking at for a while as a potential compliment to Jed. With a 6 week gap we didn’t like any of the current in-house options for this long of a stint. Also given our early year schedule is tough we didn’t want to chance it. So we pushed the timeline up and acquired Nicholas. Nicholas is off to a slow start this year but is a proven veteran presence who consistently has great ABs. He should help fill the void in the short term and then slot into the backup role nicely once Jed returns. We lose 3 young prospects who are all pretty intriguing. Grammes=Stuff, Ocosta=Power, Brewer=Personality/Athleticism/Power. All guys I liked but the injury forced our hand here a bit. Thanks to the Rays for the trade talks! This came together pretty quickly after some light conversations a few weeks back.
  18. 2nd Assistant Coach Chris Evans: I’m the lone survivor on the BC basketball staff. After how we did last year, I’m not surprised. I was pleased that Coach Aura liked what he found out about me as a recruiter. We only have one senior on the roster this year, so it’s incumbent upon me to find the best recruit we can land to fill that one scholarship that will come open. Based on the experience and talent on our team this season, I believe that our most critical need is at SF. But if we can’t get a strong recruit at that position, I think our secondary need is a big, strong interior player. Coach Aura concurs. With only one player to recruit, we’ll be buying the Atlantic East Regional Report and the National Report and attending the Indy Elite and Big Apple Showcase camps. Because of the high academic standards at BC with SAT minimums set at 980, that limits the recruits it makes sense to focus upon. Unfortunately this year there aren’t many recruits coming out of Massachusetts. The best on is a SG and is probably too highly rated for us to have a chance. But there are a few others we will put on our list. We’ll also put some recruits on our list from within our region and then also focus on some of the top rated recruits nationally and internationally. I’m excited since recruiting season is about set to kick off. I’ll get together with Coach Aura and the other assistants later this week to go over some of the recruits I think we should put on our watch and call lists.
  19. Season Results—Conference V: Two of the 16 teams in Conference V are coached by Five Musketeers coaches: Alcorn State finished 8th in the conference with an 8-8 conference record. The Braves overall record was 14-16. While it wasn’t a disastrous season, the Braves slipped a little this year even though they outscored their opponents 76.6 to 75.3 ppg. This was the first time a team coached by Ramon Montez was below .500. His 3 year record is now 36-37 (.493). Alcorn State will remain in Conference V but their prestige dropped back down to 3. Coach Montez said, “I was disappointed that we didn’t do better this year, but I’m very optimistic about how we’ll do next season.” The Braves were led offensively by their two big men, Virgil Brown who averaged 12.7 ppg and James Roberts who scored 11.0 ppg (and averaged 6.3 rpg). While Roberts and PG Kyle Rose (7.0 ppg and 4.6 apg) are graduating, 3 starters will return: Brown was a freshman as was SF Will Friel (9.6 ppg and 5.0 rpg) and junior SG Mike Gallagher (9.6 ppg). Additionally, 3 of the team’s top subs will be back: freshman C Gabriel Atwood (7.5 ppg and 3.5 rpg), junior SF Benjamin Delk (4.3 ppg), and sophomore PG Dana Turner (3.5 ppg and 2.7 apg). Maryland-Eastern Shore had a 7-9 conference record to tie for 9th place in the conference. The Hawks season record was 12-17. Coach Mike Mc Millan said, “We had a good start winning 3 of our first 4 games, but then we had 3 straight road games against top-flight teams (Stanford, Iowa State, and Vanderbilt) and lost all 3. Then early in conference play we lost 6 of 7 games which put us down toward the bottom of the standings. We gradually improved though and were playing pretty well in the last part of the season.” 17 losses dropped the team’s prestige to 4. Coach McMillan’s collegiate coaching record is now 26-33 (.441) in his first 3 years. Four of Hawks’ starters are graduating and only 5 scholarship players will return, so next season could be a challenge to prevent relegation back to Independent status. Leading the team this year were C Roby Ford (13.0 ppg and 6.2 rpg), SF Junior Sarchet (12.2 ppg and 3.7 rpg), and SG Chris Seals (11.6 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 3.4 apg). Only Sarchet (who was a freshman this year) returns. In the Conference V Tournament, Alcorn State and Maryland-Eastern Shore were matched up against each other for the right to play the 1st seed Kennesaw State Owls. Conference V Tournament: Alcorn State-85, Maryland-Eastern Shore-72: The game swayed back and forth for the first 5 minutes but then Alcorn State took control and by the end of the first half, the Braves led 43-29. With the Hawks shooting poorly, the Braves began pulling further away to open a 20-point lead. Maryland-Eastern Shore cut into the lead a little, but Alcorn State prevailed to move on in the tournament. The Braves were led by PG Kyle Rose’s 23 points. Rose hit 5 of 9 three-point shots. The top scorer for the Hawks was SF Junior Sarchet who pumped in 19 points. Kennesaw State-79, Alcorn State-78: Even though Kennesaw State led at one point by 11 points and Alcorn State’s biggest lead was 9 points, the game was close most all the way with 20 lead changes and 12 ties. At the end of the first half Kennesaw State led 34-33. In the second half Alcorn State scored 34 points to Kennesaw State’s 33 points. With the game tied at 67-67, the teams went at each other in OT with the Owls clawing out a single point victory over the Braves. Alcorn State C James Roberts had 14 points and 10 rebounds plus 4 assists, a steal, and 2 blocks.
    no salen las fotos en el juego y donde se instalan compre juego stream solucion gracias
  20. Alpha 6.1 hotfix has been applied.. fixing a bug that 6.0 created:
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