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  1. Hello all! I would like to share a little bit of what I have done this month working on Going for Gold. Development Log 3: Creating Country Ratings from Real-World Results I'm a few days late, but I wanted to get in my July update. I have been continuing to build databases, and in July, I finally finished all of the results for Winter Sports, so I wanted to share those here. Basically, I took each of the game's 65 countries, and inputted real-life records regarding medal total, qualifications (for both Winter Games and World Championships), and most recent yearly results for the winter sports season. Then, a coefficient value is calculated. The coefficient is a decimal between 0 and 1. 1, a perfect score, is basically not possible in real life. It indicates a country that wins every possible medal in every possible situation, every time for the entire history of a sport. In reality, a coefficient above .9 reflects historical dominance in a sport, and I have only seen two examples thus far (Chinese table tennis and American basketball). A coefficient in the range of .7 usually indicates that the country is the best in their given sport at that time, while a coefficient of above .5 indicates that the country will be a consistent producer of medal winners. Coefficients around .15 indicate that the country is average, while a coefficient of 0 indicates that nobody from that country ever medals or even places at international events. What I'd like to share today is the top-rated country, and the corresponding coefficient value, in each winter sport. These are based on real-world data, and should be a good indicator of future performance in real-world winter games as well. Alpine Skiing (Speed) = Austria (.6705) Alpine Skiing (Slalom) = Austria (.6850) Biathlon = Germany (.6582) Bobsleigh = Germany (.7502) Cross-Country Skiing (Distance) = Norway (.7204) Cross-Country Skiing (Sprint) = Norway (.7653) Curling = Canada (.7711) Figure Skating = Russia (.6491) Freestyle Skiing (Moguls) = Canada (.6809) Freestyle Skiing (Aerials) = China (.6908) Freestyle Skiing (Skicross) = Canada (.6930) Freestyle Skiing (General) = USA (.7217) Ice Hockey = Canada (.8302) Luge = Germany (.8201) Nordic Combined = Germany (.6578) Short Track Speed Skating = South Korea (.7165) Skeleton = Germany (.5088) Ski Jumping = Germany (.5899) Freestyle Snowboarding = USA (.7185) Snowboardcross = France (.5795) Alpine Snowboarding = Austria (.6414) Speed Skating (Sprint ) = Netherlands (.6602) Speed Skating (Distance) = Netherlands (.7403) These coefficients will eventually be used to give each team a numerical rating number between 20 and 99, with 99 being the highest possible value. No one seen here would receive a 99, as that will be reserved for the aforementioned outliers (Chinese table tennis/USA basketball/etc.) . If you're curious about how a particular country does in a particular sport, just let me know, or if you'd like to see the whole table, I would be happy to share.
  2. Over at SimNation, I like to update my development thread once a month, so I'm going to try to do likewise here! I'd like to talk a little bit more about some of the things I have done to this point in programming Going for Gold. Development Log 2: Player Ratings One of the things that I have looked to do in developing an international sports simulation is to put in a LOT of flexibility. If you look at a traditional Olympic Games, there are so many different formats for events and so many different qualifying processes, and then the events themselves have many, many different ways to keep score. (Timed events, point events, multi-stage events, direct head-to-head competitions, and so on...) So it would be an immense effort to code all of the detailed situations and strategies for every sport. I may get to that point eventually, but I'm not there at present. So, instead, player ratings are done in a very simplistic manner, so that there is more room to be flexible with the actual event structures. How simplistic? Well, each player has a rating (0-99) for each event that they take part in. Some players are in sports that contain multiple regular events, and those players may have different ratings for each event. However, that's the extent of the rating. One number, indicating how good the player is at that sport. (Team sports are set up the same way- the team's rating is just an average of everybody on the team) Obviously, this system has some benefits and some drawbacks, with one drawback being that you don't get into much detail with each individual athlete. What that ends up meaning is that as the player, you are overseeing a SYSTEM more than you are overseeing individual athletes. In a lot of sports sims, you effectively get to be the "coach", choosing strategies, gameplans, and the like. Going for Gold is a layer above's more about tracking athlete skills and results, and seeing how to exploit areas of strength for your country in a way that leads to a bigger medal haul every summer or winter games. I guess that makes it a bit more "casual" of a sports sim in some ways, but it's a system that I have been happy with so far, because I can adapt it quickly to ANY sport that needs to be added in, and it gives me a chance to add more detail in the future because I have a flexible infrastructure in place. At any rate, the player would see something like this. In the example below, the player (as Canada) can use the Athlete window to see who their top Athletes are. Then, as the head of Canada's athletics program, you can break things down farther and see an individual sport/gender. So, breaking that down farther, here's the top Men's Divers in Canada. Then, when looking at event schedules and results, you'll be able to see specific athletes, and how they rate compared to the rest of the world for that particular event. So that's a basic overview of player ratings. I do eventually intend to have individual athlete pages, but that's not currently a feature I have in place. (This is very much a "hobby" venture at the moment, after all). At any rate, I wanted to share. Let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know! -SecretAgentMan
  3. Thank you! It's much appreciated. I'm glad to be able to share what I am doing, and I hope that there are others who find it interesting.
  4. Hi all, My name is Jeff, but I go by SecretAgentMan on a couple of sports forums sites. In my very limited free time, I am developing a game called Going for Gold. It is, basically, an Olympics sim. You take control of a country's athletics program, and work to build up your athletes and teams so that they can win medals at the Summer Games and Winter Games. I post a regular progress thread at SimNation, and I wanted to do likewise here, so that I can share development with others. So, with that in's my first development log here at GMGames. Development Log 1: A basic overview of Going for Gold Where did the idea come from? After participating in online leagues in college, I found myself with a little bit too much time (and too little employment) on hands after graduation. I started pursuing the idea of making a sport sim of my own, and after a couple of false starts, I got introduced to GameMaker, a programming system I still employ. That was early in 2010, and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver were fast approaching. I decided I was going to make sims for several sports in time for the Winter Games, to celebrate my favorite sporting event. I started small, with ski jumping, figuring that it would be one of the easier sports to program. Good call. I barely got something done, but I did get something done. I had a good experience with it and decided to expand it into a full-fledged ski jumping game, Going for Gold: Ski Jumping. I developed that until 2013, and got it into some sort of "finished" state, though it was never released or published. From there, with the 2014 Winter Games approaching, I started to make a rudimentary Olympics sim, titled "Going for Gold: Winter Games". I took the same ideas and, in 2016, made "Going for Gold: Summer Games". After that, I combined the two into one game, Going for Gold, prior to the 2018 Winter Games. I have continued to work on it intermittently ever since, with a particular focus being an addition of a career mode. (None of the previous versions had had that) Currently, the career mode, summer games, and winter games are all operational, though far from polished. I was, of course, intending to have another trial run this year with the Tokyo Olympics, but with those being postponed, I am continuing to refine features with the hope being that I have a stronger career mode in time for the double whammy of two Olympics in a 6-month span in 2021 and 2022. How does it work? As I mentioned above, I have 3 modes: Summer Games, Winter Games, and Career. The individual "Summer Games" and "Winter Games" modes are designed to be a short-term sim. You drop in to the Games, pick a country, and take a look at the athletes that you will have competing in the games. You then take "Training Points" (which basically simulate coaching and other such factors) and allocate them to certain athletes to boost their chances of success. You go through the games, win medals (or not), and see how you do. Career mode, though, has a little bit more detail to it. You start by selecting one of 65 countries from a list, allowing you to represent many of the most successful athletic nations from throughout the world. From there, you get a chance to simulate through a full year that includes both the summer and winter sports. As you play, you'll be able to see the schedule for the year and how your athletes are doing, and you can check the standings for each event throughout the season. At the end of each year, you get to go through the Finances, where you can decide, sport by sport and athlete by athlete, just how much you are going to support them and their ability to train and improve. As the years go by, you can build your country's athletic association into a powerhouse, growing in World Ranking and dominating more and more sports. (Or, you know, fall into disrepair. That part's up to the player, after all!) Athletes grow and decline, then retire, and new athletes come into the fold as you play year after year. Your ability to manage finding and find strengths and future stars will constantly be tested, but you have the opportunity to lead your country to glory at the Winter and Summer Games quadrennial after quadrennial. I'll try to dig into more specifics in the weeks and months to come as I continue to grow and update this game, but I wanted to at least start out by introducing myself and by introducing what I have to offer. I hope that you enjoy, and I would welcome your thoughts and feedback! Thanks sincerely, Jeff (SAM)
  5. Hi, my name is Jeff, but I go by SecretAgentMan on a couple of different sports sim forums. I think I technically joined here like 5 years ago, but I never posted anything other than an intro post at that time. So, I'm "re-joining", as it were, and saying hello again. I have been playing/programming sports sims for almost a decade and a half, but my primary involvement now is in programming. I currently am developing an Olympics-style simulator titled "Going for Gold", and I tend to trot it out for beta tests every 2 or so years when we have a Summer or Winter Games. My intent here is to post updates for "Going for Gold" as I work to program and polish it. I am hoping that in sharing how things are going, I can find other interested parties who are willing to try it out and offer feedback. A few people here might know me from other places. I can also be found posting occasionally over at SimNation's forums, and I used to run an ESMS+ soccer league called the IFF over there. I was also actively involved with back in the day, and before that was an active participant in Gridiron Glory, one of the biggest BBCF leagues around at the time. (Man, I miss the kind of free time I had in college) I've also played OOTP, but sparingly, simply because I am a big baseball fan and I worry about losing every ounce of my limited free time if I get too involved with it! So, yeah, hello! I hope to connect with some Olympics fans over here and share what I'm doing. Hope you like!
  6. Watching the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics? Want to sim alongside it? Well, look no further! Hi all, my name is SecretAgentMan, and I like to program sports sims in my spare time. In particular, I like to program games tied to the Olympics. I've recently creating Going for Gold: Summer Games, a summer Olympics Sim. Over at SimNation, we're currently running a Summer Olympics sim, and we are still taking/looking for signups. So if that seems like something that would be up your alley, head on over and check it out! I've created a post with some links and information here: Hope to see you in Rio!
  7. Hi, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name's Jeff, but online I go by SAM (SecretAgentMan). I'm an active member of the SimNation sports community, and I've participated in college football (BBCF) and soccer (ESMS+) leagues in the past, and I'm a former commissioner of the IFF (International Football Federation), and ESMS+ league. I also do some programming in my spare time, and I'm interested in unique sports simulation ideas, including olympic sports. I'm in the process of creating a game I call Going for Gold: Winter Games. It's a Winter Olympics simulation where you control a National Olympics Committee and manage the budgets and other aspects of your winter sports athletics program. I'm hoping to meet some fellow sim fans here, particularly people who are interested in international sports like I am.