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  1. I know I have a few people that follow this thread, so I wanted to drop a line and let everyone know that I haven't abandoned this project. However, I just started a new job recently, and I haven't had any time to work on it at all, so I've gone dark for a few months. Planning and hoping to get some work done on this project in November or December, so I wanted to let any readers know that! Thanks, Jeff
  2. Greetings! The WWCS (Weekend Warriors College Soccer) is about to complete its' 3rd season over at SimNation. We currently have 9 squads, 4 of which have human managers and 5 of which are computer-controlled. We are looking to fill some of our CPU squads with human managers for our upcoming season. The program we use, ESMS+, is free-to-play shareware and is pretty easy to use. Once you learn how to play, the sim process is pretty quick, and we sim 3 times a week. We're about 2 weeks away from starting our next recruiting cycle, which means that it's a perfect time to join up and craft the future of your squad. If you are interested, take a look at the team descriptions below and let me know who you would like! -Jeff (SecretAgentMan) ********************************************************************************************************* -Louisville Cardinals- Made the title game in Season 2 and still have some young talent coming back for Season 4. Can you get them back to the mountaintop? -Maryland Terrapins- The league's strongest offense by a mile; currently making its' second straight playoff appearance. Would be a great fit for a manager looking for a high-scoring playstyle! -Penn State Nittany Lions- Won an improbable national title in Season 2, their first year of existence, but missed the playoffs this year. Can you build them back up? -Virginia Cavaliers- An otherwise successful squad that has missed the playoffs in all 3 WWCS seasons. Will you be the one to get them over the hump? -Virginia Tech Hokies- Currently competing in their 2nd playoffs in 3 seasons; the pieces appear to be in place for future title runs if they can recruit some good forwards!
  3. If you tried/played this game at all, I have a favor to ask. Would you please fill out this Survey? Stuff like this helps me get better and would be appreciated! I will use the results to help make things better, including with the Winter Games in February. (There will absolutely be another one of these sims in February if you are so inclined/interested)
  4. Results- August 8th, 2021 And there we are! Time to close the Summer Games and Summer Games Sim! Final Results below. First, though, I have a favor to ask. If you played this game, would you please fill out this Survey? Stuff like this helps me get better and would be appreciated! So, with that, we're done until the Winter Games in February! (And yes, there will absolutely be another one of these sims in February if you are so inclined/interested) Final Medal Table USA|18|21|18|57 Russia|22|15|16|53 Australia|16|19|15|50 France|19|10|16|45 Germany|13|13|17|43 Great_Britain|15|13|12|40 China|13|6|16|35 Italy|13|8|12|33 Japan|7|12|14|33 Canada|9|7|10|26 Hungary|5|11|8|24 Brazil|10|7|5|22 Netherlands|9|6|7|22 Poland|6|9|7|22 Spain|4|12|4|20 South_Korea|7|6|6|19 Argentina|7|5|6|18 Ukraine|6|7|5|18 New_Zealand|4|10|4|18 South_Africa|7|5|5|17 Denmark|5|8|4|17 Czech_Republic|3|7|7|17 Israel|5|3|8|16 Kazakhstan|6|3|6|15 Belarus|5|6|4|15 Ireland|4|7|4|15 Romania|6|5|3|14 Azerbaijan|5|7|2|14 Slovakia|4|5|5|14 Bulgaria|1|6|7|14 Iceland|8|2|2|12 Mexico|3|7|2|12 Malaysia|3|4|5|12 Iran|6|2|3|11 Lithuania|4|2|5|11 Greece|3|4|4|11 Uruguay|2|6|3|11 Croatia|6|2|2|10 Nepal|3|3|4|10 Chile|6|1|2|9 Slovenia|5|1|3|9 Finland|4|0|5|9 Switzerland|3|4|2|9 Estonia|3|4|2|9 Cuba|3|3|3|9 Nigeria|3|2|4|9 Thailand|1|6|2|9 Sweden|3|2|3|8 Ethiopia|3|1|4|8 Indonesia|3|4|0|7 Turkey|2|3|2|7 Austria|0|4|3|7 Luxembourg|2|1|3|6 Serbia|1|2|3|6 Liechtenstein|1|0|5|6 Latvia|3|0|2|5 Jamaica|2|3|0|5 Kenya|2|1|2|5 Georgia|2|0|3|5 Belgium|1|0|4|5 Norway|0|3|2|5 India|2|2|0|4 Pakistan|2|1|1|4 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 North_Korea|0|1|2|3
  5. News and Results for August 7th, 2021 One day more! Medal Table USA|17|21|17|55 Russia|22|14|14|50 Australia|14|19|13|46 France|18|9|14|41 Germany|13|11|17|41 Great_Britain|15|13|12|40 China|13|5|15|33 Italy|13|8|11|32 Japan|7|12|13|32 Canada|9|6|10|25 Hungary|5|11|8|24 Netherlands|9|6|7|22 Brazil|8|7|5|20 Poland|6|8|6|20 South_Korea|7|6|6|19 Ukraine|6|7|5|18 Spain|4|11|3|18 New_Zealand|4|10|4|18 South_Africa|7|5|5|17 Czech_Republic|3|7|7|17 Argentina|7|4|5|16 Denmark|5|7|4|16 Israel|5|3|8|16 Romania|6|5|3|14 Azerbaijan|5|7|2|14 Kazakhstan|5|3|6|14 Slovakia|4|5|5|14 Bulgaria|1|6|7|14 Iceland|8|2|2|12 Mexico|3|7|2|12 Ireland|3|6|3|12 Belarus|3|5|4|12 Malaysia|3|4|5|12 Iran|6|2|3|11 Lithuania|4|2|5|11 Greece|3|4|4|11 Uruguay|2|6|3|11 Croatia|6|2|2|10 Nepal|3|3|4|10 Chile|6|1|2|9 Slovenia|5|1|3|9 Finland|4|0|5|9 Switzerland|3|4|2|9 Estonia|3|4|2|9 Nigeria|3|2|4|9 Thailand|1|6|2|9 Sweden|3|2|3|8 Cuba|3|2|3|8 Ethiopia|3|1|4|8 Indonesia|3|4|0|7 Austria|0|4|3|7 Luxembourg|2|1|3|6 Turkey|1|3|2|6 Serbia|1|2|3|6 Liechtenstein|1|0|5|6 Jamaica|2|3|0|5 Kenya|2|1|2|5 Georgia|2|0|3|5 Belgium|1|0|4|5 Norway|0|3|2|5 Pakistan|2|1|1|4 Latvia|2|0|2|4 India|1|2|0|3 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 North_Korea|0|1|2|3
  6. News and Results- August 6th Two days left to go. Will anyone pass the USA for most medals or Russia for most gold medals? Medal Table USA|12|20|17|49 Russia|18|13|12|43 Australia|11|19|12|42 Germany|12|10|15|37 Great_Britain|14|12|10|36 France|16|7|10|33 Japan|6|12|13|31 Italy|12|7|11|30 China|12|5|11|28 Canada|9|6|9|24 Hungary|4|11|8|23 Netherlands|9|6|6|21 Brazil|8|7|5|20 South_Korea|7|6|6|19 Poland|5|7|6|18 Ukraine|6|6|5|17 Czech_Republic|3|7|7|17 South_Africa|7|4|5|16 Israel|5|3|8|16 Spain|4|9|2|15 New_Zealand|4|9|2|15 Argentina|6|3|5|14 Azerbaijan|5|6|2|13 Kazakhstan|5|3|5|13 Slovakia|4|4|5|13 Denmark|3|6|4|13 Iceland|8|2|2|12 Romania|5|4|3|12 Mexico|3|6|2|11 Ireland|3|5|3|11 Uruguay|2|6|3|11 Bulgaria|1|6|4|11 Iran|6|2|2|10 Lithuania|4|1|5|10 Malaysia|3|2|5|10 Belarus|2|4|4|10 Chile|6|1|2|9 Finland|4|0|5|9 Nepal|3|2|4|9 Croatia|6|0|2|8 Slovenia|4|1|3|8 Switzerland|3|3|2|8 Estonia|3|3|2|8 Nigeria|3|1|4|8 Thailand|1|5|2|8 Greece|3|2|2|7 Sweden|2|2|3|7 Ethiopia|2|1|4|7 Austria|0|4|3|7 Cuba|2|1|3|6 Liechtenstein|1|0|5|6 Georgia|2|0|3|5 Indonesia|1|4|0|5 Turkey|1|3|1|5 Serbia|1|2|2|5 Norway|0|3|2|5 Luxembourg|2|1|1|4 Latvia|2|0|2|4 Jamaica|1|3|0|4 Belgium|1|0|3|4 Pakistan|2|0|1|3 India|1|2|0|3 Kenya|1|1|1|3 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 North_Korea|0|1|2|3
  7. News for August 5th, 2021 Another day and many, many more results. Take a look! Medal Table USA|11|19|17|47 Russia|18|13|12|43 Australia|11|17|12|40 Germany|11|10|14|35 Great_Britain|14|11|9|34 France|14|7|10|31 Italy|11|7|11|29 Japan|5|11|12|28 China|11|5|11|27 Canada|9|6|8|23 Hungary|4|10|8|22 Brazil|8|7|5|20 Netherlands|8|6|6|20 South_Korea|7|6|5|18 Poland|5|7|6|18 Ukraine|6|6|5|17 Czech_Republic|3|7|7|17 Israel|5|3|8|16 Spain|4|8|2|14 Denmark|3|6|4|13 South_Africa|5|2|5|12 Azerbaijan|4|6|2|12 Slovakia|4|4|4|12 New_Zealand|3|8|1|12 Iceland|8|1|2|11 Argentina|6|3|2|11 Iran|6|2|2|10 Romania|4|3|3|10 Mexico|3|6|1|10 Ireland|3|4|3|10 Malaysia|3|2|5|10 Bulgaria|1|6|3|10 Lithuania|4|1|4|9 Uruguay|2|4|3|9 Kazakhstan|2|3|4|9 Chile|6|1|1|8 Croatia|6|0|2|8 Finland|3|0|5|8 Nepal|2|2|4|8 Slovenia|4|1|2|7 Greece|3|2|2|7 Estonia|3|2|2|7 Nigeria|3|1|3|7 Thailand|1|4|2|7 Sweden|2|1|3|6 Belarus|1|2|3|6 Ethiopia|1|1|4|6 Austria|0|4|2|6 Cuba|2|1|2|5 Indonesia|1|4|0|5 Turkey|1|3|1|5 Serbia|1|2|2|5 Liechtenstein|1|0|4|5 Norway|0|3|2|5 Switzerland|2|1|1|4 Luxembourg|2|1|1|4 Georgia|2|0|2|4 Latvia|2|0|2|4 Kenya|1|1|1|3 Belgium|1|0|2|3 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 Jamaica|0|3|0|3 North_Korea|0|1|2|3 Pakistan|1|0|1|2 India|0|2|0|2
  8. News Results- August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th No time for a proper writeup today, but we are once again caught up on results! Medal Table USA|10|19|14|43 Russia|16|13|12|41 Australia|10|15|12|37 Germany|10|9|14|33 Great_Britain|13|10|9|32 Italy|11|7|10|28 France|12|7|8|27 Japan|5|11|11|27 China|9|4|11|24 Canada|8|6|7|21 Hungary|4|10|6|20 Brazil|8|6|5|19 South_Korea|7|6|4|17 Netherlands|7|4|5|16 Ukraine|6|6|4|16 Poland|5|6|4|15 Israel|5|2|8|15 Czech_Republic|3|7|5|15 Spain|4|6|2|12 Azerbaijan|4|5|2|11 New_Zealand|3|7|1|11 Iceland|8|1|1|10 Slovakia|4|2|4|10 South_Africa|3|2|5|10 Denmark|2|5|3|10 Iran|6|2|1|9 Romania|4|2|3|9 Lithuania|4|1|4|9 Mexico|3|5|1|9 Malaysia|3|1|5|9 Kazakhstan|2|3|4|9 Bulgaria|0|6|3|9 Argentina|5|2|1|8 Ireland|3|3|2|8 Uruguay|1|4|3|8 Croatia|5|0|2|7 Estonia|3|2|2|7 Finland|3|0|4|7 Nepal|2|1|4|7 Chile|5|0|1|6 Slovenia|3|1|2|6 Nigeria|2|1|3|6 Belarus|1|2|3|6 Greece|2|2|1|5 Sweden|2|1|2|5 Turkey|1|3|1|5 Serbia|1|2|2|5 Ethiopia|1|1|3|5 Austria|0|4|1|5 Thailand|0|3|2|5 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Georgia|2|0|2|4 Latvia|2|0|2|4 Indonesia|1|3|0|4 Norway|0|2|2|4 Liechtenstein|0|0|4|4 Switzerland|1|1|1|3 Kenya|1|1|1|3 Luxembourg|1|1|1|3 Belgium|1|0|2|3 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 North_Korea|0|1|2|3 Pakistan|1|0|1|2 Jamaica|0|2|0|2 India|0|2|0|2
  9. News and Results- August 1st, 2021 Another day, and many more medals handed out today. A highlight: how about Chile, which took home two Gold Medals in Tennis in the same day. Much more coming tomorrow, as the games move along towards their conclusion! Medal Table USA|9|18|12|39 Russia|13|11|9|33 Australia|9|12|11|32 Japan|4|11|11|26 Germany|7|6|11|24 Great_Britain|8|10|5|23 Italy|9|6|7|22 China|6|4|10|20 France|8|5|6|19 Brazil|8|6|4|18 Canada|7|4|6|17 South_Korea|7|5|3|15 Czech_Republic|3|6|5|14 Hungary|1|8|5|14 Netherlands|5|3|3|11 Spain|4|6|1|11 Ukraine|4|5|2|11 Poland|2|5|4|11 South_Africa|3|2|4|9 Denmark|2|4|3|9 Israel|3|1|4|8 New_Zealand|2|5|1|8 Iceland|6|0|1|7 Romania|3|2|2|7 Croatia|5|0|1|6 Malaysia|2|0|4|6 Belarus|1|2|3|6 Kazakhstan|1|2|3|6 Bulgaria|0|3|3|6 Azerbaijan|2|2|1|5 Slovenia|2|1|2|5 Finland|2|0|3|5 Slovakia|2|0|3|5 Ireland|1|2|2|5 Uruguay|1|1|3|5 Lithuania|1|0|4|5 Argentina|4|0|0|4 Iran|3|1|0|4 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Nigeria|2|1|1|4 Estonia|2|1|1|4 Mexico|1|2|1|4 Nepal|1|0|3|4 Austria|0|3|1|4 Chile|3|0|0|3 Sweden|2|0|1|3 Greece|1|2|0|3 Turkey|1|2|0|3 Zimbabwe|1|0|2|3 Latvia|1|0|2|3 Kenya|1|1|0|2 Indonesia|1|1|0|2 Serbia|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Luxembourg|1|0|1|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Thailand|0|1|1|2 North_Korea|0|0|2|2 Liechtenstein|0|0|2|2 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Pakistan|1|0|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 Switzerland|0|0|1|1
  10. Well, I'm going to do a July update, but if you've been on this site during July, you know EXACTLY what I've been up to programming-wise. So, I am continuing to work on Going for Gold, and I've released a Beta build, "Going for Gold: 2020 Edition" for testing. It's available from the link here: I'm using this as an opportunity to see what works well, and what doesn't work well, from a simulation standpoint, from a gameplay standpoint, and from a multiplayer standpoint. If you haven't already had a chance to do so, I'd be immensely appreciative if you'd consider taking a look and telling me what you think. I want to emphasize that this is very much still a Beta edition, and will likely have crashes and problems, but every time I do this (this is my 4th "Games" and 2nd "Summer Games"), I feel like it improves every time because I have players and get feedback. So if you check it out, please let me know!
  11. News- July 31st, 2021 The US came back on strong in the pool today, winning two more golds, while France also picked up one and Great Britain won the mixed medley relay (another reality check, no?). Denmark has themselves an archery champion, while Malaysia upset China to win Gold in Men's Doubles Badminton. USA downed New Zealand to take Gold in Women's Rugby 7s. Italy and Great Britain won tennis golds, denying Denmark from another Gold in the process, while host Japan won Golds in Weightlifting and Judo. Medal Table USA|8|16|12|36 Russia|12|11|5|28 Australia|7|10|10|27 Japan|4|9|10|23 Germany|6|5|10|21 Great_Britain|8|9|3|20 Italy|7|5|6|18 Brazil|7|6|4|17 China|5|4|8|17 South_Korea|7|5|3|15 Canada|6|3|5|14 France|5|5|3|13 Czech_Republic|3|4|5|12 Hungary|1|8|3|12 Ukraine|4|4|2|10 Spain|3|6|1|10 Poland|2|4|4|10 Israel|3|1|4|8 Denmark|2|3|3|8 South_Africa|2|2|4|8 Netherlands|3|1|3|7 New_Zealand|2|4|1|7 Croatia|5|0|1|6 Iceland|5|0|1|6 Romania|3|1|2|6 Belarus|1|2|3|6 Kazakhstan|1|2|3|6 Bulgaria|0|3|3|6 Azerbaijan|2|2|1|5 Slovenia|2|1|2|5 Finland|2|0|3|5 Lithuania|1|0|4|5 Argentina|4|0|0|4 Iran|3|1|0|4 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Nigeria|2|1|1|4 Estonia|2|1|1|4 Malaysia|2|0|2|4 Slovakia|2|0|2|4 Mexico|1|2|1|4 Uruguay|1|1|2|4 Nepal|1|0|3|4 Austria|0|3|1|4 Ireland|1|1|1|3 Turkey|1|1|0|2 Sweden|1|0|1|2 Serbia|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Latvia|1|0|1|2 Luxembourg|1|0|1|2 Greece|0|2|0|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Thailand|0|1|1|2 Zimbabwe|0|0|2|2 Liechtenstein|0|0|2|2 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Indonesia|1|0|0|1 Chile|1|0|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 North_Korea|0|0|1|1 Switzerland|0|0|0|0 Kenya|0|0|0|0 Pakistan|0|0|0|0
  12. News- July 30th, 2021 Track and Field finally got underway, with a 10,000m final that was taken by Ukraine. Netherlands and Latvia took the two medals in BMX Racing, while France fitting won a Gold in fencing in the Men's Team Epee. Canada got a trampoline Gold, while Romania and Croatia were among the Rowing golds. Japan, meanwhile, got its second gold medal with one in swimming. Medal Table USA|4|16|12|32 Russia|12|8|5|25 Australia|7|9|6|22 Germany|6|5|8|19 Japan|2|8|8|18 Brazil|7|6|4|17 Great_Britain|6|8|3|17 Italy|6|4|6|16 China|5|3|8|16 South_Korea|6|5|3|14 Canada|6|3|4|13 France|4|5|3|12 Czech_Republic|3|3|5|11 Spain|3|6|1|10 Ukraine|3|4|2|9 Poland|2|3|4|9 South_Africa|2|2|4|8 Hungary|1|5|2|8 Netherlands|3|1|3|7 Israel|3|0|4|7 Iceland|5|0|1|6 Romania|3|1|2|6 Denmark|1|2|3|6 Kazakhstan|1|2|3|6 New_Zealand|1|3|1|5 Croatia|4|0|0|4 Iran|3|1|0|4 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Azerbaijan|2|1|1|4 Slovenia|2|1|1|4 Belarus|1|1|2|4 Lithuania|1|0|3|4 Bulgaria|0|2|2|4 Argentina|3|0|0|3 Slovakia|2|0|1|3 Ireland|1|1|1|3 Uruguay|1|1|1|3 Nigeria|1|1|1|3 Estonia|1|1|1|3 Malaysia|1|0|2|3 Austria|0|2|1|3 Mexico|1|1|0|2 Serbia|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Latvia|1|0|1|2 Luxembourg|1|0|1|2 Greece|0|2|0|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Thailand|0|1|1|2 Finland|0|0|2|2 Nepal|0|0|2|2 Sweden|1|0|0|1 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Turkey|1|0|0|1 Indonesia|1|0|0|1 Chile|1|0|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 Zimbabwe|0|0|1|1 Liechtenstein|0|0|1|1 Switzerland|0|0|0|0 Kenya|0|0|0|0 Pakistan|0|0|0|0 North_Korea|0|0|0|0
  13. News and Results- July 29th, 2021 Brazil had a stellar day at the pool today, taking home 5 medals in swimming alone, including 3 golds, to shoot up the medal counts. Another country sneaking up the medal counts? Iceland, which now has 5 medals, all Gold. (Okay, so that's a -1 for realism there, but we're working on it) Australia and Spain won the inaugural 3x3 basketball gold medals, while Japan FINALLY got their first gold medal of the games, in Judo. (Much life real-life, in that case) Tune in for more tomorrow! Medal Table USA|3|16|9|28 Russia|11|8|4|23 Australia|6|7|5|18 Italy|6|4|6|16 Germany|5|3|7|15 China|5|3|7|15 Great_Britain|6|6|2|14 Brazil|5|5|4|14 Canada|5|3|4|12 Japan|1|4|6|11 France|3|5|2|10 Czech_Republic|3|3|4|10 South_Korea|4|2|3|9 Spain|3|5|1|9 Poland|2|3|4|9 Ukraine|2|4|2|8 Israel|3|0|3|6 Denmark|1|2|3|6 South_Africa|1|1|4|6 Iceland|5|0|0|5 Romania|2|1|2|5 Netherlands|2|1|2|5 Hungary|1|3|1|5 Iran|3|1|0|4 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Slovenia|2|1|1|4 New_Zealand|1|2|1|4 Bulgaria|0|2|2|4 Argentina|3|0|0|3 Croatia|3|0|0|3 Azerbaijan|2|1|0|3 Belarus|1|1|1|3 Uruguay|1|1|1|3 Nigeria|1|1|1|3 Estonia|1|1|1|3 Malaysia|1|0|2|3 Kazakhstan|0|1|2|3 Lithuania|0|0|3|3 Mexico|1|1|0|2 Serbia|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Luxembourg|1|0|1|2 Slovakia|1|0|1|2 Austria|0|2|0|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 Ireland|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Finland|0|0|2|2 Nepal|0|0|2|2 Sweden|1|0|0|1 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Turkey|1|0|0|1 Indonesia|1|0|0|1 Chile|1|0|0|1 Greece|0|1|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 Thailand|0|1|0|1 Zimbabwe|0|0|1|1 Latvia|0|0|1|1 Liechtenstein|0|0|1|1 Switzerland|0|0|0|0 Kenya|0|0|0|0 Pakistan|0|0|0|0 North_Korea|0|0|0|0
  14. News and Results- July 28th Greetings! Let's see what happened on Wednesday, July 28th. The US continued to have a good games in the pool, snagging a number of more medals. China, though, got two swimming golds on the day, while Australia was celebrating Sam Gutierrez's win in the 200m Butterfly. The Aussies also won Diving and Equestrian gold medals, and narrowly missed getting a gold in the Cycling Men's Road Race, which was won by Russia. South Korea dominated the Men's Team Sabre competition in Fencing, while Iran had a fantastic day in Rowing, winning two gold medals. Spain dominated Great Britain in the finals of Men's Rugby 7s, while Argentina picked up a weightlifting gold (not their first, I believe). Meanwhile, many of the team competitions advanced further and further along, and there's still lots to happen there as the games continue! Here's the medal standings as of today: USA|4|13|7|24 Russia|9|5|4|18 Italy|4|4|6|14 Australia|5|4|4|13 China|5|3|5|13 Germany|4|3|5|12 Canada|4|3|4|11 Czech_Republic|3|3|4|10 Great_Britain|5|4|0|9 South_Korea|4|2|3|9 Brazil|2|4|3|9 Spain|2|5|1|8 Ukraine|2|4|2|8 Poland|2|2|4|8 Japan|0|3|5|8 France|3|2|2|7 Hungary|1|4|1|6 Denmark|1|2|3|6 Israel|3|0|2|5 South_Africa|0|1|4|5 Romania|2|1|1|4 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Netherlands|1|1|2|4 Argentina|3|0|0|3 Croatia|3|0|0|3 Iceland|3|0|0|3 Azerbaijan|2|1|0|3 Slovenia|2|0|1|3 Uruguay|1|1|1|3 Estonia|1|1|1|3 New_Zealand|0|2|1|3 Bulgaria|0|1|2|3 Kazakhstan|0|1|2|3 Iran|2|0|0|2 Mexico|1|1|0|2 Belarus|1|0|1|2 Malaysia|1|0|1|2 Nigeria|1|0|1|2 Serbia|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Lithuania|0|0|2|2 Sweden|1|0|0|1 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Turkey|1|0|0|1 Slovakia|1|0|0|1 Greece|0|1|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 Austria|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 Ireland|0|1|0|1 Thailand|0|1|0|1 Finland|0|0|1|1 Zimbabwe|0|0|1|1 Latvia|0|0|1|1 Nepal|0|0|1|1 Liechtenstein|0|0|1|1 Luxembourg|0|0|1|1 Switzerland|0|0|0|0 Kenya|0|0|0|0 Indonesia|0|0|0|0 Chile|0|0|0|0 Pakistan|0|0|0|0 North_Korea|0|0|0|0
  15. News and Results- July 27th And we're up to date! Here's a look at the current medal table: Medal Table USA|3|10|6|19 Russia|8|4|3|15 Italy|4|3|6|13 Germany|4|3|4|11 Czech_Republic|1|3|4|8 Great_Britain|5|2|0|7 China|3|1|3|7 Poland|2|2|3|7 Brazil|1|3|3|7 South_Korea|3|2|1|6 France|2|2|2|6 Australia|2|2|2|6 Canada|2|1|3|6 Spain|1|5|0|6 Ukraine|1|3|2|6 Denmark|1|2|3|6 Israel|3|0|2|5 Japan|0|2|3|5 Cuba|2|1|1|4 Hungary|1|3|0|4 Netherlands|1|1|2|4 Croatia|3|0|0|3 Iceland|3|0|0|3 Slovenia|2|0|1|3 Romania|1|1|1|3 Uruguay|1|1|1|3 Bulgaria|0|1|2|3 South_Africa|0|1|2|3 Argentina|2|0|0|2 Mexico|1|1|0|2 Azerbaijan|1|1|0|2 Belarus|1|0|1|2 Nigeria|1|0|1|2 Georgia|1|0|1|2 Estonia|1|0|1|2 Norway|0|1|1|2 New_Zealand|0|1|1|2 Ethiopia|0|1|1|2 Kazakhstan|0|0|2|2 Sweden|1|0|0|1 Belgium|1|0|0|1 Turkey|1|0|0|1 Malaysia|1|0|0|1 Serbia|1|0|0|1 Greece|0|1|0|1 Jamaica|0|1|0|1 Austria|0|1|0|1 India|0|1|0|1 Ireland|0|1|0|1 Thailand|0|1|0|1 Finland|0|0|1|1 Lithuania|0|0|1|1 Latvia|0|0|1|1 Nepal|0|0|1|1 Liechtenstein|0|0|1|1 Luxembourg|0|0|1|1 Switzerland|0|0|0|0 Kenya|0|0|0|0 Iran|0|0|0|0 Indonesia|0|0|0|0 Chile|0|0|0|0 Pakistan|0|0|0|0 Zimbabwe|0|0|0|0 North_Korea|0|0|0|0 Slovakia|0|0|0|0