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  1. Zach, thanks for reaching out! I'm glad you are excited! As for bowling, I will never say no to more data! It's my hope that eventually I will get the program into the kind of shape where users can add sports and such into the Olympics, so I would love to have the data in preparation for that. (Fair warning: that's probably several years out, because I don't work super fast and I'm a long way out from that!) I'll send you a message on here tomorrow or Wednesday to detail what kind of data I would need and how that would all be formatted- the help would be appreciated! (I'll probably have a couple of questions as well, since I'm only minimally aware of how bowling is set up on an international level) Thanks, Jeff
  2. Development Log 8: Continued Database Progress My March update is short, because I haven't gotten to dig in on the code as much this month. However, I have been continuing to dig in with databases, which is always an interesting experience. I tend to learn a lot about sports that I'm not very familiar with, like which nations are good at fencing, and just how random Olympic football is (really, really random- no country's one more than 3 medals on the men's side, which seems weird). Getting closer every day/week/month to a proper representation of what an Olympics SHOULD look like, and I'm hopeful that I will get to code a lot this month. (Definitely will in May, but I'm hoping my schedule clears up a bit sooner in April, too) At any rate, keep checking this space- I'll have another update at the beginning of May!
  3. Most definitely will need testers, and would appreciate the help! When we get to that point (late Spring, I'm hoping) I'll reach out here and get in touch!
  4. We are! We completed our first season in February, and are in the middle of recruiting right now. We're about 3-4 weeks away from the next season starting, so it would be a good time to get started. If you are interested, I would be happy to talk more via e-mail. Is your signature a good e-mail for me to send to?
  5. Development Log 7: Making Progress My February update is a little bit bare on details, but I am happy on progress for the month! Some highlights include: -Good research happening behind the scenes to build the sport result database up. I haven't talked about it much, but there is a massive database of results from Olympic Games, World Championships, and other world competitions from 2000-on that is being built up to provide realistic player generation and results for the game. There has been good progress on that database this month. I've also been testing the player generation and event results on the basis of the parts of the database that are already complete (Winter Sports). It isn't perfect yet- there are some problems with team events in particular, and I still need to mess with the "consistency" settings for certain sports- but I feel really happy that the results generally feel "correct", with a good amount of expected and surprise results. -Making progress towards a stable single-player release. Currently, the game is functional in "career" mode, but there are some important details missing. Namely, if your athletes grow/get better and have better results, your country's overall rating in the sport doesn't yet change. However, that is on the road to being completed, and I'm thinking that it should be done in the next couple of months. Once that is done, the database is finished, and I create a financial database that is stable (a process I haven't started yet), I should have a stable build for a single-player beta trial. My goal for this Olympics cycle has been to have my "career mode" in place before we start the Tokyo games this summer, so I'm optimistic that I will get there. I am still targeting and hoping for a beta release with functional career mode and the ability to do online leagues sometime late Spring. -So, please keep an eye out on this space! I'm hopeful to have a lot more to show off soon!
  6. Let's do a January update! Development Log 6: Fine-Tuning Athlete Creation Process I was able to get back into the swing of things this month in terms of working on Going For Gold. I spent a significant amount of time tightening and improving the player creation system. I've been working in recent months on getting data into a database to generate ranking values for countries in each sport (0-99, with 99 being the best). However, those rankings weren't translating well to actual athlete creation. The top countries often would not have the best athletes (they'd be high up, but not the best), and that was definitely a problem that needed to be fixed. I basically overhauled the process and put several fixes in place, and I'm happy to report that it's going much better. The top countries in a given sport now receive more athletes for that sport, and the athletes are more consistently of better quality, and they are closer to their "prime" age. (The way I have athlete generation setup, players are created with a "top" skill level that is then adjusted based on the player's age) I have to do some further testing on it in February to make sure that the results are relatively consistent, and then it's on to fine-tuning how those individual player rankings translate into results. It should provide for a much better-quality (and much less-random) actual simulation, so I'm pleased that I was able to progress on it. Here's an example (below) from a recent test. This particular event is a skiing event, and you can see that Austria is near the top of the rankings (as they should be). However, other top countries (USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, etc.) still have some representation near the top, while countries that are less strong in terms of skiing do still have strong athletes, but they're still clearly further down the list. It leads to a distribution that I'm happier with that than in the past (which often saw athletes from seemingly random countries near the top) 000111697 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Kerstin_Schuetzenuer |7001-97(0) 000111677 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Kerstin_Koretnaar |7001-96(0) 000111776 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Marie_Wallner |7001-95(0) 000004132 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Ava_Brown |7001-94(0) 000074656 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Milena_Abdi |7001-94(0) 000004129 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Mary_Adams |7001-93(0) 000004134 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Margaret_Diaz |7001-93(0) 000022763 |Germany |70a|25|F|0|AnnaMaria_Fischer |7001-93(0) 000111716 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Anna_Badem |7001-92(0) 000004135 |USA |70a|25|F|0|Elizabeth_Lewis |7001-91(0) 000027227 |Italy |70a|26|F|0|Chiara_Gallo |7001-91(0) 000074651 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Anna_Spycher |7001-91(0) 000111689 |Austria |70a|24|F|0|Laura_Klor |7001-91(0) 000004140 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Olivia_Martin |7001-90(0) 000027218 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Federica_Rizzo |7001-90(0) 000031137 |Sweden |70a|26|F|0|Julia_Gustafsson |7001-90(0) 000031143 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Alva_Petersson |7001-90(0) 000074664 |Switzerland |70a|27|F|0|Laura_Ziegler |7001-90(0) 000074763 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Elisa_Abdi |7001-90(0) 000111675 |Austria |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Stadisch |7001-90(0) 000111681 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Hannah_Peiper |7001-90(0) 000111734 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Kerstin_Mayer |7001-90(0) 000145972 |Croatia |70a|27|F|0|Zoja_Horvat |7001-90(0) 000004138 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Abigail_Moore |7001-89(0) 000017934 |France |70a|24|F|0|Louise_Bruneau |7001-89(0) 000027244 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Sofia_Bianchi |7001-89(0) 000074676 |Switzerland |70a|25|F|0|Elina_Ziegler |7001-89(0) 000074678 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Emma_Vonlanthen |7001-89(0) 000004171 |USA |70b|28|F|0|Zoe_Nelson |7001-88(0) 000027232 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Paola_Bruno |7001-88(0) 000027324 |Italy |70b|27|F|0|Chiara_Rossi |7001-88(0) 000031147 |Sweden |70a|26|F|0|Ebba_Eriksson |7001-88(0) 000031155 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Charlotte_Andersson |7001-88(0) 000145964 |Croatia |70a|25|F|0|Andreja_Zupancic |7001-88(0) 000004114 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Maria_Parker |7001-87(0) 000004188 |USA |70b|24|F|0|Mia_Cook |7001-87(0) 000017910 |France |70a|27|F|0|Marion_Petit |7001-87(0) 000027239 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Aurora_Bruno |7001-87(0) 000027240 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Melania_De_Luca |7001-87(0) 000027266 |Italy |70a|28|F|0|Federica_Moretti |7001-87(0) 000027271 |Italy |70a|25|F|0|Cristiana_Esposito |7001-87(0) 000031197 |Sweden |70b|26|F|0|Jessica_Bengtsson |7001-87(0) 000074653 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Sofia_Maurer |7001-87(0) 000111696 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Sarah_Ebner |7001-87(0) 000111705 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Nicole_Stoger |7001-87(0) 000111707 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Charlotte_Wagner |7001-87(0) 000146000 |Croatia |70b|25|F|0|Fata_Zupancic |7001-87(0) 000004143 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Patricia_Cook |7001-86(0) 000017905 |France |70a|22|F|0|Marion_Vasseur |7001-86(0) 000017922 |France |70a|23|F|0|Léna_Pernet |7001-86(0) 000017961 |France |70b|26|F|0|Virginie_Richard |7001-86(0) 000022760 |Germany |70a|23|F|0|Anna_Hoffmann |7001-86(0) 000022772 |Germany |70a|25|F|0|Leah_Schmidt |7001-86(0) 000027229 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Laura_Rizzo |7001-86(0) 000031153 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Alva_Larsson |7001-86(0) 000031209 |Sweden |70b|27|F|0|Charlotte_Carlsson |7001-86(0) 000074647 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Sofia_Inler |7001-86(0) 000074649 |Switzerland |70a|28|F|0|Emma_Vonlanthen |7001-86(0) 000074670 |Switzerland |70a|29|F|0|Aurora_Huggel |7001-86(0) 000081264 |Norway |70a|23|F|0|Leah_Dahl |7001-86(0) 000111704 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Wimmer |7001-86(0) 000111723 |Austria |70a|25|F|0|Kerstin_Dorn |7001-86(0) 000111778 |Austria |70b|25|F|0|Sarah_Wimmer |7001-86(0) 000004122 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Isabella_Moore |7001-85(0) 000004124 |USA |70a|25|F|0|Rachel_Williams |7001-85(0) 000017913 |France |70a|28|F|0|Inès_Bernard |7001-85(0) 000017923 |France |70a|27|F|0|Marie_Bethune |7001-85(0) 000022773 |Germany |70a|21|F|0|Sofia_Schmidt |7001-85(0) 000031140 |Sweden |70a|23|F|0|Alva_Jansson |7001-85(0) 000074662 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Anna_Ziegler |7001-85(0) 000074701 |Switzerland |70a|22|F|0|Elina_Abdi |7001-85(0) 000074707 |Switzerland |70b|25|F|0|Emma_Spycher |7001-85(0) 000111682 |Austria |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Heregger |7001-85(0) 000111691 |Austria |70a|29|F|0|Charlotte_Feiersinger |7001-85(0) 000111757 |Austria |70b|28|F|0|Lena_Wangermann |7001-85(0) 000145967 |Croatia |70a|28|F|0|Andreja_Rozman |7001-85(0) 000145993 |Croatia |70b|26|F|0|Dragica_Golob |7001-85(0) 000189866 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Tanja_Kovac |7001-85(0) 000189882 |Slovenia |70a|28|F|0|Tanja_Kos |7001-85(0) 000017890 |France |70a|29|F|0|Chloé_Baume |7001-84(0) 000017897 |France |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Bruneau |7001-84(0) 000017903 |France |70a|26|F|0|Emma_Giraud |7001-84(0) 000017944 |France |70b|23|F|0|Doriane_Barbeau |7001-84(0) 000017980 |France |70b|27|F|0|Jade_Giraud |7001-84(0) 000017989 |France |70b|28|F|0|Aline_Girard |7001-84(0) 000027231 |Italy |70a|30|F|0|Martina_Greco |7001-84(0) 000055763 |Canada |70a|28|F|0|Sara_Hall |7001-84(0) 000055790 |Canada |70a|23|F|0|Alice_Anderson |7001-84(0) 000074710 |Switzerland |70b|24|F|0|Chloe_Maurer |7001-84(0) 000074748 |Switzerland |70b|24|F|0|Ladina_Vonlanthen |7001-84(0) 000074751 |Switzerland |70b|26|F|0|Alina_Maurer |7001-84(0) 000111679 |Austria |70a|24|F|0|Laura_Wertheim |7001-84(0) 000111686 |Austria |70a|25|F|0|Nina_Peithner |7001-84(0) 000111755 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Kerstin_Binder |7001-84(0) 000111759 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Hannah_Schneider |7001-84(0) 000145968 |Croatia |70a|24|F|0|Anisa_Kralj |7001-84(0) 000189905 |Slovenia |70a|28|F|0|Dragica_Novak |7001-84(0) 000004120 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Patricia_Adams |7001-83(0) 000004127 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Jennifer_White |7001-83(0) 000004151 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Isabella_Adams |7001-83(0) 000017964 |France |70b|25|F|0|Louise_Petit |7001-83(0) 000017973 |France |70b|26|F|0|Lina_Coron |7001-83(0) 000027223 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Laura_Colombo |7001-83(0) 000027230 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Alice_Lombardi |7001-83(0) 000027241 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Federica_Rizzo |7001-83(0) 000031141 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Kristin_Petersson |7001-83(0) 000031179 |Sweden |70b|24|F|0|Marie_Jonsson |7001-83(0) 000031195 |Sweden |70b|27|F|0|Julia_Jansson |7001-83(0) 000055757 |Canada |70a|26|F|0|Alice_Johnson |7001-83(0) 000066519 |South_Korea |70a|26|F|0|Yeeun_Jin |7001-83(0) 000074697 |Switzerland |70a|25|F|0|Zoe_Maurer |7001-83(0) 000074744 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Martina_Walker |7001-83(0) 000111694 |Austria |70a|22|F|0|Julia_Koell |7001-83(0) 000111764 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Nina_Stadisch |7001-83(0) 000004116 |USA |70a|29|F|0|Ava_Garcia |7001-82(0) 000004121 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Dorothy_Price |7001-82(0) 000004123 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Emma_Johnson |7001-82(0) 000009287 |Russia |70a|26|F|0|Irina_Stolin |7001-82(0) 000017907 |France |70a|30|F|0|Alix_Landry |7001-82(0) 000017912 |France |70a|24|F|0|Nathalie_Bethune |7001-82(0) 000017926 |France |70a|25|F|0|Elodie_Bethune |7001-82(0) 000017955 |France |70b|28|F|0|Lola_Caillat |7001-82(0) 000017958 |France |70b|23|F|0|Sandrine_Barbeau |7001-82(0) 000022793 |Germany |70a|21|F|0|Caroline_Wagner |7001-82(0) 000022816 |Germany |70b|28|F|0|Leoni_Hoffmann |7001-82(0) 000027221 |Italy |70a|26|F|0|Cecilia_Mancini |7001-82(0) 000027238 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Alice_Mancini |7001-82(0) 000027252 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Melania_Rizzo |7001-82(0) 000031167 |Sweden |70a|28|F|0|Antonia_Magnusson |7001-82(0) 000074674 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Alina_Vonlanthen |7001-82(0) 000074680 |Switzerland |70a|27|F|0|Giada_Inler |7001-82(0) 000074714 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Emma_Kuhn |7001-82(0) 000081258 |Norway |70a|25|F|0|Emilie_Andersen |7001-82(0) 000081278 |Norway |70a|28|F|0|Thea_Berg |7001-82(0) 000111708 |Austria |70a|29|F|0|Hannah_Fessler |7001-82(0) 000145973 |Croatia |70a|22|F|0|Dragica_Zupan |7001-82(0) 000181941 |Liechtenstein |70a|25|F|0|Leah_Fischer |7001-82(0) 000186881 |Slovakia |70a|25|F|0|Denisa_Svoboda |7001-82(0) 000186893 |Slovakia |70a|26|F|0|Eliška_Němec |7001-82(0) 000189871 |Slovenia |70a|24|F|0|Nika_Zupancic |7001-82(0) 000189880 |Slovenia |70a|25|F|0|Anja_Zupan |7001-82(0) 000189900 |Slovenia |70a|24|F|0|Eva_Potocnik |7001-82(0) 000004119 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Madison_Smith |7001-81(0) 000004125 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Rachel_Perez |7001-81(0) 000017906 |France |70a|25|F|0|Alix_Bouthillier |7001-81(0) 000017935 |France |70a|27|F|0|Sandrine_Boutin |7001-81(0) 000017956 |France |70b|23|F|0|Alix_Moreau |7001-81(0) 000027219 |Italy |70a|28|F|0|Roberta_Ricci |7001-81(0) 000027265 |Italy |70a|29|F|0|Giulia_Greco |7001-81(0) 000031210 |Sweden |70b|28|F|0|Jessica_Svensson |7001-81(0) 000055759 |Canada |70a|24|F|0|Rosalie_Hall |7001-81(0) 000055767 |Canada |70a|24|F|0|Leah_Côté |7001-81(0) 000059728 |Poland |70b|26|F|0|Hanna_Lewandowski |7001-81(0) 000074665 |Switzerland |70a|21|F|0|Aurora_Spycher |7001-81(0) 000074669 |Switzerland |70a|29|F|0|Lara_Neumann |7001-81(0) 000081256 |Norway |70a|26|F|0|Ingvild_Johannesen |7001-81(0) 000081266 |Norway |70a|30|F|0|Caroline_Johannesen |7001-81(0) 000081280 |Norway |70a|23|F|0|Emma_Hagen |7001-81(0) 000111779 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Kerstin_Stoeckel |7001-81(0) 000181951 |Liechtenstein |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Schmidt |7001-81(0) 000189890 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Julija_Kralj |7001-81(0) 000004202 |USA |70b|28|F|0|Emma_Richardson |7001-80(0) 000017888 |France |70a|29|F|0|Emmanuelle_Hachette |7001-80(0) 000017889 |France |70a|29|F|0|Chantal_Vasseur |7001-80(0) 000017909 |France |70a|25|F|0|Sandrine_Bonnel |7001-80(0) 000022770 |Germany |70a|26|F|0|Nina_Schneider |7001-80(0) 000022771 |Germany |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Wagner |7001-80(0) 000027222 |Italy |70a|23|F|0|Paola_Rizzo |7001-80(0) 000027233 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Chiara_Gallo |7001-80(0) 000027294 |Italy |70b|25|F|0|Emma_Ferrari |7001-80(0) 000027312 |Italy |70b|26|F|0|Cristiana_Costa |7001-80(0) 000031156 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Nilla_Nilsson |7001-80(0) 000055761 |Canada |70a|28|F|0|Sarah_Bouchard |7001-80(0) 000059724 |Poland |70b|26|F|0|Justyna_Kaczmarek |7001-80(0) 000074667 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Zoe_Inler |7001-80(0) 000074673 |Switzerland |70a|30|F|0|Lea_Inler |7001-80(0) 000074689 |Switzerland |70a|26|F|0|Elisa_Abdi |7001-80(0) 000111693 |Austria |70a|28|F|0|Marie_Wilfing |7001-80(0) 000111698 |Austria |70a|31|F|0|Claudia_Dorner |7001-80(0) 000111713 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Lena_Eckhel |7001-80(0) 000111737 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Hannah_Obermoser |7001-80(0) 000145961 |Croatia |70a|24|F|0|Fata_Kos |7001-80(0) 000145965 |Croatia |70a|25|F|0|Lucija_Kovacic |7001-80(0) 000145969 |Croatia |70a|27|F|0|Lana_Bozic |7001-80(0) 000181940 |Liechtenstein |70a|27|F|0|Nina_Weber |7001-80(0) 000189865 |Slovenia |70a|30|F|0|Dragica_Zupan |7001-80(0) 000189875 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Zoja_Krajnc |7001-80(0) 000189887 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Ana_Hribar |7001-80(0) (The event rankings go all the way down to 35, so there's a lot more athletes, but I didn't want a gigantic list here in the thread. All 65 countries currently programmed into the game have athletes in the sport, provided that they have a national ski federation, which some countries do not) At any rate, that's the update. Thanks for reading...see you in a month!
  7. I didn't see the new posts on the topic- thanks so much for chiming in! It is heartening for me to see that I'm not the only person interested in this kind of sim! Now, with that in mind, my January update is pretty bare. I had a busy month between holidays, a side business I am starting, and a very large job interview my wife had, and didn't get a whole lot done. Olympics are getting ever closer, so I definitely have some work to do!
  8. I'm going to bump this topic up....we currently have 6 managers for our college soccer league over at SimNation and would like to get to 8 before we start (which will be soon). Game is free to play, and I am happy to teach anybody how to play if they are interested in joining. If you are interested, please say so here or message me- we would love to have you join us!
  9. Going to update quickly to say that....not much to add this month. There is work being done (both by myself and Bernie, another forum member here) on the summer sports rankings database, but still slow going this month. I'm hoping I will have more to update in December/January. Will let you know either way!
  10. Hi all, I am starting a college soccer league over at SimNation called Weekend Warriors College Soccer (WWCS). It's a brand-new league that will use ESMS+, a freeware soccer simulation that is pretty easy to use, and has been used successfully in online leagues for almost 2 decades. We currently have 5 managers signed up for the league, and we are looking for a few more before we get started. I would be happy to explain details of the league and answer any questions that people might have, but it's designed to be a fairly low-intensity league. If you are interested, please post in this thread over at SimNation!&p=278983#post278983 We hope to see you in the WWCS! -Jeff (SecretAgentMan)
  11. I believe in updating this thread every month, but because this is a hobby project (and not my only hobby, nor certainly not a career of mine), there are some months where I don't end up doing much. This month is one of those months- I am kind of stuck right now and need to get some progress going again. So, I'll give another update in a month, but in the meantime, if anybody has any questions about this project, feel free to ask. I would be more than happy to answer!
  12. Fun topic! I started with board games, though as a '90s kid, this was moreso a matter that it was what my Dad shared and played with me. Specifically, that meant All-Star Baseball (I saw someone else here had played that, too!), and Bowl Bound College Football (the old board game). Played a lot of sports video games as a kid and teen, and then got more into the sports sim world in college by searching online for Bowl Bowl College Football (the old board game) and stumbling across Bowl Bound College Football (the more modern Grey Dog sim game). Played in some leagues, and also played and ran a soccer league using the freeware ESMS+ software. Not a lot of time to play anymore, but I like trying to develop stuff, and I'm hoping that as my young son gets older, I can do a 3rd generation of All-Star Baseball with him.
  13. It's time for a September update, and a new development log! Not a ton of progress this month, but I thought it would be interesting to share some information on the goals I have for customizing Going for Gold Development Log 5: Adding New Sports into the Game One of my goals for this game is to make a flexible enough infrastructure that users can easily edit the game to add or change events, giving them opportunities to customize the game as they see fit. At present this is done via editing text files, though I would love to get the game to the point where users can work within the game to achieve the customization options that they would like to see. To that end, I'd like to talk you through something I've been doing recently: adding new sports into the game. As I'm preparing for next summer's Olympics, I am needing to modify my events and schedules from the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Part of the issue is that new sports have been added in, including baseball and softball, which I have been working out for demonstration purposes. At present, the system is a bit unwieldy, as I have to edit something like 15 different text files? In the process of doing that, I establish a two-digit code for each sport, and then add data for each sport, such as each country's rankings and facilities values, as well as a general "age range" for the sport that establishes the minimum age for an international-level player of that sport, a maximum age, and a "peak age" whereby most players would reach their absolute best skill level (obviously, it's an average and not a hard rule) After that, I have to put in place some event information for the specific events in that sport. (This is fairly simple for baseball and softball in particular, but other sports I have to end later, like Karate, will have different events and weight classes to deal with). As part of this process, I end up putting a decent amount of data into the text file. (As can be seen in the image file below) In the file above, I've got each of the Baseball and Softball Tournaments placed with an event code, which gets repeated twice. It's a "Y" for team event, and each team has 25 players. 6 teams qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics. There are a maximum # of teams that can qualify (again, 6), and the actual structure of the event is listed as "TBD", because I have yet to put that into the text files (because they are using an odd double-elimination format for baseball). Each country has a maximum of one team that can qualify, and a minimum of 0. Even with that little bit of information, I have a lot of customization potential- I can easily change the size or structure of the tournament, or the size of each nation's roster. After that, I also put in information into a different text file about records/standard scores, so that the program can create an accurate result for the game. (That way you won't be seeing any 35-25 sorts of scores in a baseball game) Then, I have a few more text files to add that relate to the event structure being used in the Olympics. Baseball and Softball particular will involve new structures, as they are 6-team tournaments, which is rather unusual for the Olympics. But, for many sports, there are some fairly standard structures that get used again and again and again. (For example, 12 teams in 2 groups works for Olympic Basketball and Olympic Handball, and most timed events such as swimming/track and field/skiing/etc. can use the exact same general event structure as well) I end up with new, customized sports and events that can be inserted into the game. As I said, I'm hoping that I can eventually streamline this process a bit so that anyone can easily do it, but for right now, it's at least possible. I figured I would take you under the hood a bit this month so you can see more about how I intend the game to work. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in another month with another update!