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  1. Greetings! My name is Jeff (or SecretAgentMan), and I enjoy programming sports sims. I have been working for a long time on a sim for international sports, such as the kinds we see at the upcoming Summer Games and Winter Games. So, I wanted to post that Going for Gold (2020 Edition) is now available for free Beta Trials. Want to try the game? Please click here to download: I hope you try it out! The only thing that I ask is that if you try the game, please either post here, PM me here, or e-mail me at [email protected] so that I can contact you later with a feedback survey Game Info: -Choose from 65 different countries to build up your international athletics profile and win medals at the summer/winter games! -Simulate all events with a realistic schedule for the upcoming Summer Games -Full multiplayer functionality (if you want to join an online league/sim, there is one going on now- please reach out to join!) -3 Game modes: Summer Games only (functional for 2020 edition); Winter Games only (might work; hasn't been tested recently); Career Mode (might work; hasn't been tested recently) -Real-life results are used to give a realistic sim result for most (*soon to be all) sports in-game -Should work on Windows systems (not sure about Mac- if you try it, let me know if it works!) Known Issues (v1-5, released July 22nd, 2021): -Game crashes if you try to Set Training on July 23rd (the date of the Opening Ceremony) or the Closing Ceremony -Display issue- medals not displayed for any Throwing/Jumping events in Track and Field (they ARE still being counted in the overall medal totals)
  2. Much appreciated, Chris! To anybody interested....please make sure you make a post here on this thread, so I can get you onto my e-mail list for this event!
  3. Greetings! My name is SecretAgentMan, and every time the Summer Games or Winter Games comes around, I run a sim tied to that. Given that the 2020 Summer Games in Japan start next week....well, that means it's time! This year, I am jointly running it between both SimNation and GMGames. (In the past, I've just been at SimNation) We will be using Going for Gold, a game that I am developing, as the method for simming this event. The game is still in what I would call an alpha state, though unlike in the past, I do have a functional career mode. There's also a Winter Games mode, which will be relevant in about 6 months, but for right now, we'll be using Summer Games mode. The way Summer Games mode works is that you pick one of 65 countries, each of which have different strengths/weaknesses based as best we can on real-life historical results. A world will be populated with athletes to represent each of those countries (so, not the real athletes of the 2020 Summer Games). As the head of that country's national athletics committee, you get 200 training points that you can spread amongst your athletes (with a max of 10 per athlete per event) to give them a boost and help push them towards the medal stand. Then, as the 2020 Summer Games occur in real life, we will sim along-side them. Deadline to join is Friday, July 23rd, the date of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2020 Summer Games. The alpha version of the program will start being sent out by e-mail early next week, and the sim will begin on Saturday, July 24th How do you join? Please provide the following information: Your forum handle OR a name you'd like to be called: Your e-mail address: 1st Choice of Country (see below): 2nd Choice of Country (see below): IF you have a particular connection to a country (such as being a citizen, having ancestors from that country, etc.), please also state that in your application. I will be assigning by first choice when possible, but accounting for personal connections when there is a conflict between multiple people wanting the same country. (Which may not always be obvious, since there are people from 2 different forums participating) Please allow 48 hours for your application to be processed and decisions to be made about which country you'll be given The 65 available countries are as follows: Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Croatia Cuba Czech_Republic Denmark Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Georgia Germany Great_Britain Greece Hungary Iceland Israel India Indonesia Ireland Iran Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Nepal Netherlands New_Zealand Nigeria North_Korea Norway Pakistan Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South_Africa South_Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA Zimbabwe How do you tell who will be good? Well, for some context, here are the Top 20 all-time medals lists, in real life, at the Summer Games. No. Nation Games Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 United States (USA) 27 1022 795 705 2522 2 Soviet Union (URS) 10 395 319 296 1010 3 Great Britain (GBR) 28 263 295 293 851 4 China (CHN) 10 224 167 155 546 5 France (FRA) 28 212 241 263 716 6 Italy (ITA) 27 206 178 193 577 7 Germany (GER) 16 191 194 230 615 8 Hungary (HUN) 26 175 147 169 491 9 East Germany (GDR) 5 153 129 127 409 10 Russia (RUS) 6 148 125 153 426 11 Australia (AUS) 26 147 163 187 497 12 Sweden (SWE) 27 145 170 179 494 13 Japan (JPN) 22 142 136 161 439 14 Finland (FIN) 25 101 85 117 303 15 South Korea (KOR) 17 90 87 90 267 16 Romania (ROU) 21 89 95 122 306 17 Netherlands (NED) 26 85 92 108 285 18 Cuba (CUB) 20 78 68 80 226 19 Poland (POL) 21 68 84 132 284 20 Canada (CAN) 26 64 102 136 302 And here are the Top 10 medals results from the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, and the 2012 Summer Games in England Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 United States (USA) 46 37 38 121 2 Great Britain (GBR) 27 23 17 67 3 China (CHN) 26 18 26 70 4 Russia (RUS) 19 17 20 56 5 Germany (GER) 17 10 15 42 6 Japan (JPN) 12 8 21 41 7 France (FRA) 10 18 14 42 8 South Korea (KOR) 9 3 9 21 9 Italy (ITA) 8 12 8 28 10 Australia (AUS) 8 11 10 29 Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 United States (USA) 46 28 30 104 2 China (CHN) 38 31 22 91 3 Great Britain (GBR) 29 17 19 65 4 Russia (RUS) 20 20 28 68 5 South Korea (KOR) 13 9 8 30 6 Germany (GER) 11 20 13 44 7 France (FRA) 11 11 13 35 8 Australia (AUS) 8 15 12 35 9 Italy (ITA) 8 9 11 28 10 Hungary (HUN) 8 4 6 18 I really hope you consider joining me on this journey as we sim alongside one of the world's biggest sporting events!
  4. Okay, how about a June update? The bad is that I have nothing new to show, or discuss. The good is that I have a new job, so while I spent most of this month job hunting and have a few busy months ahead, I am set up with a much better long-term situation (which bodes well for future development, in my mind) I still plan to have some sort of Olympics multiplayer game on the forums, but at this point, I may just take my 2016 version and add in this year's events and schedule. We'll see what I can come up with- watch this space for some updates as we get closer to the games!
  5. EDIT: Double Post....deleting for the sake of thread clarity.
  6. I update every month, whether the update is good, bad, or ugly. This month was ugly. To summarize things briefly: my job duties at work were changed, and changed in a way that I am not happy with, so I've needed to begin applying for new jobs. There's been about a 2-week period where all of my personal projects have gotten set completely aside while I deal with that. So, unfortunately, in a month when I needed to gear up and do more, I've fallen behind. Lot to do to get ready for the Summer Olympics, which are not far away at all. So, I will hammer away in June, and hopefully things will be better in my next update in a month's time.
  7. Rhaums, we are always looking for potential new managers! Can you DM me here with your e-mail or e-mail me at [email protected], and we can talk some more?
  8. No formal log this month. Busy month at home has meant a pretty light month for programming work. I have been pushing my way through databases for various sports, though, and continue to make progress there. Hopefully will have some more interesting stuff to come in future months (there kind of has to be....I'm running out of months before the Tokyo games!) Fun fact for the month: Want to know what the most dominant country in an individual sport is? Well, we have a new leader! Prior to now, China's Table Tennis program was the best I had found (USA basketball is 2nd)...they have been passed up by Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics, which offers up an incomprehensible level of dominance in the sport, both recently and historically. So if you didn't know....then now you know!
  9. Weekend Warriors College Soccer, part of SimNation, is one of the only simulation college soccer leagues out there. We use ESMS+, a freeware program, to sim our matches, and a custom recruiting module (also freeware) to do our offseason recruiting. We're nearing the start of our 2nd season and currently have 9 teams being managed, but we're looking for more! You would have the chance to shape your own college soccer program, and you could do it with pretty much any* team that's in the Division 1-FBS in the country. We had a great first season and we hope you'll join us for our second season. If you'd like to know more, please ask here, PM me, OR click the video (~7 min long) introducing the league. We hope you'll consider signing up! VIDEO LINK: What is the WWCS? *Except for the 9 teams that are already spoken for, of course
  10. Zach, thanks for reaching out! I'm glad you are excited! As for bowling, I will never say no to more data! It's my hope that eventually I will get the program into the kind of shape where users can add sports and such into the Olympics, so I would love to have the data in preparation for that. (Fair warning: that's probably several years out, because I don't work super fast and I'm a long way out from that!) I'll send you a message on here tomorrow or Wednesday to detail what kind of data I would need and how that would all be formatted- the help would be appreciated! (I'll probably have a couple of questions as well, since I'm only minimally aware of how bowling is set up on an international level) Thanks, Jeff
  11. Development Log 8: Continued Database Progress My March update is short, because I haven't gotten to dig in on the code as much this month. However, I have been continuing to dig in with databases, which is always an interesting experience. I tend to learn a lot about sports that I'm not very familiar with, like which nations are good at fencing, and just how random Olympic football is (really, really random- no country's one more than 3 medals on the men's side, which seems weird). Getting closer every day/week/month to a proper representation of what an Olympics SHOULD look like, and I'm hopeful that I will get to code a lot this month. (Definitely will in May, but I'm hoping my schedule clears up a bit sooner in April, too) At any rate, keep checking this space- I'll have another update at the beginning of May!
  12. Most definitely will need testers, and would appreciate the help! When we get to that point (late Spring, I'm hoping) I'll reach out here and get in touch!
  13. We are! We completed our first season in February, and are in the middle of recruiting right now. We're about 3-4 weeks away from the next season starting, so it would be a good time to get started. If you are interested, I would be happy to talk more via e-mail. Is your signature a good e-mail for me to send to?
  14. Development Log 7: Making Progress My February update is a little bit bare on details, but I am happy on progress for the month! Some highlights include: -Good research happening behind the scenes to build the sport result database up. I haven't talked about it much, but there is a massive database of results from Olympic Games, World Championships, and other world competitions from 2000-on that is being built up to provide realistic player generation and results for the game. There has been good progress on that database this month. I've also been testing the player generation and event results on the basis of the parts of the database that are already complete (Winter Sports). It isn't perfect yet- there are some problems with team events in particular, and I still need to mess with the "consistency" settings for certain sports- but I feel really happy that the results generally feel "correct", with a good amount of expected and surprise results. -Making progress towards a stable single-player release. Currently, the game is functional in "career" mode, but there are some important details missing. Namely, if your athletes grow/get better and have better results, your country's overall rating in the sport doesn't yet change. However, that is on the road to being completed, and I'm thinking that it should be done in the next couple of months. Once that is done, the database is finished, and I create a financial database that is stable (a process I haven't started yet), I should have a stable build for a single-player beta trial. My goal for this Olympics cycle has been to have my "career mode" in place before we start the Tokyo games this summer, so I'm optimistic that I will get there. I am still targeting and hoping for a beta release with functional career mode and the ability to do online leagues sometime late Spring. -So, please keep an eye out on this space! I'm hopeful to have a lot more to show off soon!
  15. Let's do a January update! Development Log 6: Fine-Tuning Athlete Creation Process I was able to get back into the swing of things this month in terms of working on Going For Gold. I spent a significant amount of time tightening and improving the player creation system. I've been working in recent months on getting data into a database to generate ranking values for countries in each sport (0-99, with 99 being the best). However, those rankings weren't translating well to actual athlete creation. The top countries often would not have the best athletes (they'd be high up, but not the best), and that was definitely a problem that needed to be fixed. I basically overhauled the process and put several fixes in place, and I'm happy to report that it's going much better. The top countries in a given sport now receive more athletes for that sport, and the athletes are more consistently of better quality, and they are closer to their "prime" age. (The way I have athlete generation setup, players are created with a "top" skill level that is then adjusted based on the player's age) I have to do some further testing on it in February to make sure that the results are relatively consistent, and then it's on to fine-tuning how those individual player rankings translate into results. It should provide for a much better-quality (and much less-random) actual simulation, so I'm pleased that I was able to progress on it. Here's an example (below) from a recent test. This particular event is a skiing event, and you can see that Austria is near the top of the rankings (as they should be). However, other top countries (USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, etc.) still have some representation near the top, while countries that are less strong in terms of skiing do still have strong athletes, but they're still clearly further down the list. It leads to a distribution that I'm happier with that than in the past (which often saw athletes from seemingly random countries near the top) 000111697 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Kerstin_Schuetzenuer |7001-97(0) 000111677 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Kerstin_Koretnaar |7001-96(0) 000111776 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Marie_Wallner |7001-95(0) 000004132 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Ava_Brown |7001-94(0) 000074656 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Milena_Abdi |7001-94(0) 000004129 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Mary_Adams |7001-93(0) 000004134 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Margaret_Diaz |7001-93(0) 000022763 |Germany |70a|25|F|0|AnnaMaria_Fischer |7001-93(0) 000111716 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Anna_Badem |7001-92(0) 000004135 |USA |70a|25|F|0|Elizabeth_Lewis |7001-91(0) 000027227 |Italy |70a|26|F|0|Chiara_Gallo |7001-91(0) 000074651 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Anna_Spycher |7001-91(0) 000111689 |Austria |70a|24|F|0|Laura_Klor |7001-91(0) 000004140 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Olivia_Martin |7001-90(0) 000027218 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Federica_Rizzo |7001-90(0) 000031137 |Sweden |70a|26|F|0|Julia_Gustafsson |7001-90(0) 000031143 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Alva_Petersson |7001-90(0) 000074664 |Switzerland |70a|27|F|0|Laura_Ziegler |7001-90(0) 000074763 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Elisa_Abdi |7001-90(0) 000111675 |Austria |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Stadisch |7001-90(0) 000111681 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Hannah_Peiper |7001-90(0) 000111734 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Kerstin_Mayer |7001-90(0) 000145972 |Croatia |70a|27|F|0|Zoja_Horvat |7001-90(0) 000004138 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Abigail_Moore |7001-89(0) 000017934 |France |70a|24|F|0|Louise_Bruneau |7001-89(0) 000027244 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Sofia_Bianchi |7001-89(0) 000074676 |Switzerland |70a|25|F|0|Elina_Ziegler |7001-89(0) 000074678 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Emma_Vonlanthen |7001-89(0) 000004171 |USA |70b|28|F|0|Zoe_Nelson |7001-88(0) 000027232 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Paola_Bruno |7001-88(0) 000027324 |Italy |70b|27|F|0|Chiara_Rossi |7001-88(0) 000031147 |Sweden |70a|26|F|0|Ebba_Eriksson |7001-88(0) 000031155 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Charlotte_Andersson |7001-88(0) 000145964 |Croatia |70a|25|F|0|Andreja_Zupancic |7001-88(0) 000004114 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Maria_Parker |7001-87(0) 000004188 |USA |70b|24|F|0|Mia_Cook |7001-87(0) 000017910 |France |70a|27|F|0|Marion_Petit |7001-87(0) 000027239 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Aurora_Bruno |7001-87(0) 000027240 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Melania_De_Luca |7001-87(0) 000027266 |Italy |70a|28|F|0|Federica_Moretti |7001-87(0) 000027271 |Italy |70a|25|F|0|Cristiana_Esposito |7001-87(0) 000031197 |Sweden |70b|26|F|0|Jessica_Bengtsson |7001-87(0) 000074653 |Switzerland |70a|23|F|0|Sofia_Maurer |7001-87(0) 000111696 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Sarah_Ebner |7001-87(0) 000111705 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Nicole_Stoger |7001-87(0) 000111707 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Charlotte_Wagner |7001-87(0) 000146000 |Croatia |70b|25|F|0|Fata_Zupancic |7001-87(0) 000004143 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Patricia_Cook |7001-86(0) 000017905 |France |70a|22|F|0|Marion_Vasseur |7001-86(0) 000017922 |France |70a|23|F|0|Léna_Pernet |7001-86(0) 000017961 |France |70b|26|F|0|Virginie_Richard |7001-86(0) 000022760 |Germany |70a|23|F|0|Anna_Hoffmann |7001-86(0) 000022772 |Germany |70a|25|F|0|Leah_Schmidt |7001-86(0) 000027229 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Laura_Rizzo |7001-86(0) 000031153 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Alva_Larsson |7001-86(0) 000031209 |Sweden |70b|27|F|0|Charlotte_Carlsson |7001-86(0) 000074647 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Sofia_Inler |7001-86(0) 000074649 |Switzerland |70a|28|F|0|Emma_Vonlanthen |7001-86(0) 000074670 |Switzerland |70a|29|F|0|Aurora_Huggel |7001-86(0) 000081264 |Norway |70a|23|F|0|Leah_Dahl |7001-86(0) 000111704 |Austria |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Wimmer |7001-86(0) 000111723 |Austria |70a|25|F|0|Kerstin_Dorn |7001-86(0) 000111778 |Austria |70b|25|F|0|Sarah_Wimmer |7001-86(0) 000004122 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Isabella_Moore |7001-85(0) 000004124 |USA |70a|25|F|0|Rachel_Williams |7001-85(0) 000017913 |France |70a|28|F|0|Inès_Bernard |7001-85(0) 000017923 |France |70a|27|F|0|Marie_Bethune |7001-85(0) 000022773 |Germany |70a|21|F|0|Sofia_Schmidt |7001-85(0) 000031140 |Sweden |70a|23|F|0|Alva_Jansson |7001-85(0) 000074662 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Anna_Ziegler |7001-85(0) 000074701 |Switzerland |70a|22|F|0|Elina_Abdi |7001-85(0) 000074707 |Switzerland |70b|25|F|0|Emma_Spycher |7001-85(0) 000111682 |Austria |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Heregger |7001-85(0) 000111691 |Austria |70a|29|F|0|Charlotte_Feiersinger |7001-85(0) 000111757 |Austria |70b|28|F|0|Lena_Wangermann |7001-85(0) 000145967 |Croatia |70a|28|F|0|Andreja_Rozman |7001-85(0) 000145993 |Croatia |70b|26|F|0|Dragica_Golob |7001-85(0) 000189866 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Tanja_Kovac |7001-85(0) 000189882 |Slovenia |70a|28|F|0|Tanja_Kos |7001-85(0) 000017890 |France |70a|29|F|0|Chloé_Baume |7001-84(0) 000017897 |France |70a|23|F|0|Marie_Bruneau |7001-84(0) 000017903 |France |70a|26|F|0|Emma_Giraud |7001-84(0) 000017944 |France |70b|23|F|0|Doriane_Barbeau |7001-84(0) 000017980 |France |70b|27|F|0|Jade_Giraud |7001-84(0) 000017989 |France |70b|28|F|0|Aline_Girard |7001-84(0) 000027231 |Italy |70a|30|F|0|Martina_Greco |7001-84(0) 000055763 |Canada |70a|28|F|0|Sara_Hall |7001-84(0) 000055790 |Canada |70a|23|F|0|Alice_Anderson |7001-84(0) 000074710 |Switzerland |70b|24|F|0|Chloe_Maurer |7001-84(0) 000074748 |Switzerland |70b|24|F|0|Ladina_Vonlanthen |7001-84(0) 000074751 |Switzerland |70b|26|F|0|Alina_Maurer |7001-84(0) 000111679 |Austria |70a|24|F|0|Laura_Wertheim |7001-84(0) 000111686 |Austria |70a|25|F|0|Nina_Peithner |7001-84(0) 000111755 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Kerstin_Binder |7001-84(0) 000111759 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Hannah_Schneider |7001-84(0) 000145968 |Croatia |70a|24|F|0|Anisa_Kralj |7001-84(0) 000189905 |Slovenia |70a|28|F|0|Dragica_Novak |7001-84(0) 000004120 |USA |70a|27|F|0|Patricia_Adams |7001-83(0) 000004127 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Jennifer_White |7001-83(0) 000004151 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Isabella_Adams |7001-83(0) 000017964 |France |70b|25|F|0|Louise_Petit |7001-83(0) 000017973 |France |70b|26|F|0|Lina_Coron |7001-83(0) 000027223 |Italy |70a|22|F|0|Laura_Colombo |7001-83(0) 000027230 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Alice_Lombardi |7001-83(0) 000027241 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Federica_Rizzo |7001-83(0) 000031141 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Kristin_Petersson |7001-83(0) 000031179 |Sweden |70b|24|F|0|Marie_Jonsson |7001-83(0) 000031195 |Sweden |70b|27|F|0|Julia_Jansson |7001-83(0) 000055757 |Canada |70a|26|F|0|Alice_Johnson |7001-83(0) 000066519 |South_Korea |70a|26|F|0|Yeeun_Jin |7001-83(0) 000074697 |Switzerland |70a|25|F|0|Zoe_Maurer |7001-83(0) 000074744 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Martina_Walker |7001-83(0) 000111694 |Austria |70a|22|F|0|Julia_Koell |7001-83(0) 000111764 |Austria |70b|26|F|0|Nina_Stadisch |7001-83(0) 000004116 |USA |70a|29|F|0|Ava_Garcia |7001-82(0) 000004121 |USA |70a|24|F|0|Dorothy_Price |7001-82(0) 000004123 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Emma_Johnson |7001-82(0) 000009287 |Russia |70a|26|F|0|Irina_Stolin |7001-82(0) 000017907 |France |70a|30|F|0|Alix_Landry |7001-82(0) 000017912 |France |70a|24|F|0|Nathalie_Bethune |7001-82(0) 000017926 |France |70a|25|F|0|Elodie_Bethune |7001-82(0) 000017955 |France |70b|28|F|0|Lola_Caillat |7001-82(0) 000017958 |France |70b|23|F|0|Sandrine_Barbeau |7001-82(0) 000022793 |Germany |70a|21|F|0|Caroline_Wagner |7001-82(0) 000022816 |Germany |70b|28|F|0|Leoni_Hoffmann |7001-82(0) 000027221 |Italy |70a|26|F|0|Cecilia_Mancini |7001-82(0) 000027238 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Alice_Mancini |7001-82(0) 000027252 |Italy |70a|27|F|0|Melania_Rizzo |7001-82(0) 000031167 |Sweden |70a|28|F|0|Antonia_Magnusson |7001-82(0) 000074674 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Alina_Vonlanthen |7001-82(0) 000074680 |Switzerland |70a|27|F|0|Giada_Inler |7001-82(0) 000074714 |Switzerland |70b|27|F|0|Emma_Kuhn |7001-82(0) 000081258 |Norway |70a|25|F|0|Emilie_Andersen |7001-82(0) 000081278 |Norway |70a|28|F|0|Thea_Berg |7001-82(0) 000111708 |Austria |70a|29|F|0|Hannah_Fessler |7001-82(0) 000145973 |Croatia |70a|22|F|0|Dragica_Zupan |7001-82(0) 000181941 |Liechtenstein |70a|25|F|0|Leah_Fischer |7001-82(0) 000186881 |Slovakia |70a|25|F|0|Denisa_Svoboda |7001-82(0) 000186893 |Slovakia |70a|26|F|0|Eliška_Němec |7001-82(0) 000189871 |Slovenia |70a|24|F|0|Nika_Zupancic |7001-82(0) 000189880 |Slovenia |70a|25|F|0|Anja_Zupan |7001-82(0) 000189900 |Slovenia |70a|24|F|0|Eva_Potocnik |7001-82(0) 000004119 |USA |70a|26|F|0|Madison_Smith |7001-81(0) 000004125 |USA |70a|28|F|0|Rachel_Perez |7001-81(0) 000017906 |France |70a|25|F|0|Alix_Bouthillier |7001-81(0) 000017935 |France |70a|27|F|0|Sandrine_Boutin |7001-81(0) 000017956 |France |70b|23|F|0|Alix_Moreau |7001-81(0) 000027219 |Italy |70a|28|F|0|Roberta_Ricci |7001-81(0) 000027265 |Italy |70a|29|F|0|Giulia_Greco |7001-81(0) 000031210 |Sweden |70b|28|F|0|Jessica_Svensson |7001-81(0) 000055759 |Canada |70a|24|F|0|Rosalie_Hall |7001-81(0) 000055767 |Canada |70a|24|F|0|Leah_Côté |7001-81(0) 000059728 |Poland |70b|26|F|0|Hanna_Lewandowski |7001-81(0) 000074665 |Switzerland |70a|21|F|0|Aurora_Spycher |7001-81(0) 000074669 |Switzerland |70a|29|F|0|Lara_Neumann |7001-81(0) 000081256 |Norway |70a|26|F|0|Ingvild_Johannesen |7001-81(0) 000081266 |Norway |70a|30|F|0|Caroline_Johannesen |7001-81(0) 000081280 |Norway |70a|23|F|0|Emma_Hagen |7001-81(0) 000111779 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Kerstin_Stoeckel |7001-81(0) 000181951 |Liechtenstein |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Schmidt |7001-81(0) 000189890 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Julija_Kralj |7001-81(0) 000004202 |USA |70b|28|F|0|Emma_Richardson |7001-80(0) 000017888 |France |70a|29|F|0|Emmanuelle_Hachette |7001-80(0) 000017889 |France |70a|29|F|0|Chantal_Vasseur |7001-80(0) 000017909 |France |70a|25|F|0|Sandrine_Bonnel |7001-80(0) 000022770 |Germany |70a|26|F|0|Nina_Schneider |7001-80(0) 000022771 |Germany |70a|26|F|0|Anna_Wagner |7001-80(0) 000027222 |Italy |70a|23|F|0|Paola_Rizzo |7001-80(0) 000027233 |Italy |70a|24|F|0|Chiara_Gallo |7001-80(0) 000027294 |Italy |70b|25|F|0|Emma_Ferrari |7001-80(0) 000027312 |Italy |70b|26|F|0|Cristiana_Costa |7001-80(0) 000031156 |Sweden |70a|25|F|0|Nilla_Nilsson |7001-80(0) 000055761 |Canada |70a|28|F|0|Sarah_Bouchard |7001-80(0) 000059724 |Poland |70b|26|F|0|Justyna_Kaczmarek |7001-80(0) 000074667 |Switzerland |70a|24|F|0|Zoe_Inler |7001-80(0) 000074673 |Switzerland |70a|30|F|0|Lea_Inler |7001-80(0) 000074689 |Switzerland |70a|26|F|0|Elisa_Abdi |7001-80(0) 000111693 |Austria |70a|28|F|0|Marie_Wilfing |7001-80(0) 000111698 |Austria |70a|31|F|0|Claudia_Dorner |7001-80(0) 000111713 |Austria |70a|27|F|0|Lena_Eckhel |7001-80(0) 000111737 |Austria |70b|27|F|0|Hannah_Obermoser |7001-80(0) 000145961 |Croatia |70a|24|F|0|Fata_Kos |7001-80(0) 000145965 |Croatia |70a|25|F|0|Lucija_Kovacic |7001-80(0) 000145969 |Croatia |70a|27|F|0|Lana_Bozic |7001-80(0) 000181940 |Liechtenstein |70a|27|F|0|Nina_Weber |7001-80(0) 000189865 |Slovenia |70a|30|F|0|Dragica_Zupan |7001-80(0) 000189875 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Zoja_Krajnc |7001-80(0) 000189887 |Slovenia |70a|27|F|0|Ana_Hribar |7001-80(0) (The event rankings go all the way down to 35, so there's a lot more athletes, but I didn't want a gigantic list here in the thread. All 65 countries currently programmed into the game have athletes in the sport, provided that they have a national ski federation, which some countries do not) At any rate, that's the update. Thanks for reading...see you in a month!