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  1. If you haven’t been following along on our basketball sim dynasty you can get caught up on our Twitch channel. While you’re there don’t forget to follow us and turn on notifications so you know when we go live. Our latest installment of our Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 dynasty saw us head into season three. Are you just catching up? We have been running a fictional dynasty on Twitch with streams every Tuesday night at 7:30PM EST. Sometimes we even sneak in the occasional extra stream here and there. That’s why notifications are important! High hopes… Armed with a new coaching staff and the third member of our big three (PF Jamar Thompson) as well as a couple of key free agent depth signings I had high hopes coming into the season. One thing I quickly realized is that things don’t always go according to plan in this basketball sim. The season started out incredibly slow with a sub .500 record for the first couple months. It was at that point I began to worry about the future. After all, our position as general manager was on rocky ground. I had completely ignored ownership’s mandate to spend less money. I also let the prior staff take the fall for the lack of playoff success in seasons one and two. With our aging star player Ernest Mouring in a contract year it appeared time to rebuild. Everyone has a run in them… Then out of nowhere an amazing hot streak in the month of January. Our Orlando Mystics were now in the playoff race. With days to go until the trade deadline and our Twitch stream viewers suggesting we blow it up a tough decision lay ahead. I did the only thing I could do. We forged ahead hoping for a miraculous finish and playoff run to save the season (and my job). Mouring, Overton and Thompson not only stepped up but led us to the sixth seed. It was the third straight playoff appearance for Orlando. The first round opponent was the resurgent Indiana Racers. Indiana quickly went from league doormat to serious contender thanks to a ton of cap space that scored the prize of the prior summer’s free agent class. In a lucky break for us he broke his elbow just prior to the playoffs so despite being the underdog we managed a 4-2 series victory and our hopes stayed alive. One down… Those hopes were short lived though as our next opponent, New York, was more than ready for us. New York’s desire to exact revenge started in free agency when they grossly overpaid our backup point guard Erik Okelley to be their new starter and they finished the job with a 4-1 stomping of us on their way to the championship. Unfortunately the day of reckoning was at hand for me after that. Ownership was not only upset with the season result but also for the fact that I had spent more than $30 million over their player budget for a second straight year. My chances were up. The walking papers served. It was a great run in Orlando but this basketball sim mirrors real life. Three straight playoff seasons didn’t outweigh the owner and his unrealistic demands. There are six other teams who let their general manager go this offseason as well and I’ve narrowed my hopes to two of the jobs. Philadelphia has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft. It is always tempting to be able to draft a star and build around him. Phoenix is my other hope. They’re coming off making the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. The Beams have a star young power forward, a center I coveted in the draft two years prior and a ton of cap space. Will I be able to land one of those jobs? Tune in to our stream on Tuesday to see! The post A Bump In The Road On Our Basketball Sim Dynasty appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
  2. Our company recently celebrated our 14th anniversary and we held an online celebration! As part of the festivities we decided to try a new venue and started on Twitch. So what happened when basketball strategy game met live stream sharing? Well, in one word, fun! We had a great time interacting with our friends and customers as we showed off Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020! We started our first ever online dynasty. When we set out to make the best basketball sim game over a decade ago we had no idea one day we would be live streaming a dynasty. Setting up the simulation… We setup a fictional league to make use of our awesome in-game team names and logos and choose the Orlando Mystics as our team. The league was built to play in the game’s “local mode” meaning we would only control the decisions of the general manager and not any coaching decisions. We found ourselves with a solid big three and not much else in terms of depth. Our roster building skills would be put to the test and with a savvy mid-season trade we landed some key role players on our way to a 50+ win season. Unfortunately our season ended quickly as a long playoff run was not in the cards in year one. The dynasty continues… Since then we have continued on with the dynasty. In fact we went through the highs and lows of another 50+ win season with little playoff success. Now we are preparing for our third season. We had an excellent free agency and the team is looking strong. Our big three are back and we have a new coaching staff. Can we finally get to the finals? You have to tune in to see! How can you join in the fun? Currently we are streaming every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM EST and looking to add more streams along the way. Make sure you give us a follow on our Twitch account and enable notifications so that you don’t ever miss out when we go live. Being a part of our streams is a great way for you to interact with the game’s developer, see the game in action, toss in some ideas for future improvements and maybe pick up some strategy tips for the deepest and most accurate basketball strategy game available today for Win-PC. If you’ve been a regular at our streams we can’t wait to see you again and if you haven’t checked us out please do so. We look forward to sharing our basketball sim experiences with you! Do you have ideas on how to make the streams better? Drop a comment below. The post A New Frontier For Our Basketball Strategy Game appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
  3. Hello Everybody, This week's release is a little different than normal, because when looking at the surface then not much changes have been made. The main thing in version 0.7.0 is the changes for ho... View the full article
  4. The award-winning TEW franchise by Adam Ryland and Grey Dog Software returns with the eighth installment, Total Extreme Wrestling 2020. TEW2020 takes all the prime cuts from its very popular predecessors and adds well over 250 brand new features and changes to give the ultimate TEW experience. More user friendly than ever before, this is the perfect version for newcomers to the series to start off with. Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 Features TEW2020 takes all the best bits from the previous games in the series and adds well over 250 brand new features and changes. These includes fan-favorite additions like the ability to play as another company’s developmental league, on-the-fly booking, a brand new realistic finance system, enhanced “fast advance” mode, and the all-new attribute system which allows wrestlers to be given tremendous depth of character. In this version, Grey Dog Software has completely taken the game apart, rewritten the underlying architecture, and then put each feature back in one-by-one, revamping and upgrading as he went along. The end result is that while you’re still going to recognize the game as being part of the TEW series, it’s effectively a much sharper, quicker, more intuitive, better quality piece of work. Here are some features in the new version: New contract structure, ticket pricing process and merchandising plans. Attendance levels are now directly impacted by the star names on a show and a much more streamlined match booking approach. Playing as child companies. This mode works in the same way as running a normal company, except that the player must deal with several extra challenges in dealing with the parent company (development workers, call workers up, fire workers, and the parent blocking certain actions). TEW2020 is going to be at a 1366×768 resolution ,which means that it’s physically wider than previous games. Feature on-the-fly booking for the first time. This means that when you’re running a show you can “drop out” of the live event and back to the booking screen whenever you like. Each event can be given an intent; this tells the game how it is being promoted to the fans and what its aim is. The four levels are Normal (like prior versions), Lesser, Tour, and Throwaway. Attributes will be making their debut in 2020. Attributes are essentially tags that can be assigned to workers to give them specific quirks or abilities. Experience for each worker has been added. Experience affects a worker’s in-ring performance; the more experienced a worker is, the better he is able to cope with problems and mistakes when they happen. This also allows workers to mitigate poor booking. Comes with a detailed editor that allows you to alter any aspect of the game world. Edit existing worlds or create your own! New feature which turns a save game directly into a new database. It’s located in the Options menu (right above the existing button to make an MDB file). The resulting database then works like any other mod – you can edit it via the main editor, use it to launch new games, etc. Feel free to talk about this story on our reddit.. The post The wait is over. Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 TEW2020 has launched. appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  5. Last year we introduced Wolverine Day and the outpouring of community support and interaction we saw was the largest we ever had experienced in a single day in our community. To surpass that was an extremely high bar set for this year and we’re happy to say that bar was BLOWN AWAY! Wolverine Day 2 blew away our expectations and we thank you, our valued community members, more than words can express. Highlights of our day included… Meeting and surpassing the 1500 follower threshold on TwitterOur very first two ever Twitch streams (with more to come for sure)Three great giveaway contests on our social media outletsTwo grand prize gift boxes given out to customersLots of new friends and customers getting to experience new gamesSo many wonderful interactions : people sharing their favorite players from their own dynasties, excitement over DDS: Pro Football 2021 screens and many, many congratulations, kind words and memories from customers both new and ones that go all the way back to the beginning of the company.We cannot express enough how amazing it was not only to see the swarm of new members to our communities but also that there have been people supporting us and playing our games here at Wolverine Studios for nearly a decade and a half. It was a fantastic way to cap off our 14th year in business and we’re really going to have to blow it out next year to surpass this year’s party. We want to congratulate our winners of our giveaways. All winners have been contacted and congratulations to Marcus Lewis, Thomas Lawley and Chace Barber on winning our free game giveaways as well as Douglas Adams and Ernest Lewis who will be receiving the big prize packs with the Wolverine Studios swag! One final thank you to everyone who purchased a game, retweeted a tweet, shared a post and showed up to watch our Twitch streams. This company is what it is because of YOU. We hope to earn your continued support and we look forward to a fabulous fifteenth year with you! GG The post Wolverine Day 2 – A Smashing Success! appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
  6. Last year’s #WolverineDay was such a success we couldn’t wait to bring it back for this year so like every other sequel this one is bigger and (we hope) better than the last one! Wolverine Studios has been in business 14 years now and one thing we know for sure is that we would not have experienced the growth and success we have without YOU, our loyal friends, customers and community members. The basis of Wolverine Day was to not just celebrate our anniversary but to celebrate the entire community and we feel this year it is even more important to do that. With all of the social distancing going on we’re really looking forward to interacting with you today! There is a LOT going on today so let’s get down to it. The first thing is that we’re having a HUGE sale. Every game is $14 today only on site. If you are missing some games from your collection or have a friend who would like our games today is THE DAY to get them. All you have to do is go to our webstore and add them to the cart – no coupons, no restrictions. You get to save 60% off the normal price on everything we sell. Today isn’t just about selling games though – we’re looking to give back too so everyone who purchases a game on our site today will automatically be entered to win a fabulous Wolverine Studios swag box. Make any purchase on site and you’re in the random drawing to win a t-shirt, sports bottle and mouse pad. That’s not the end of the giveaways today. There will be posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for you to like, share, retweet, follow and all those social actions and we will be drawing random names to win free games. Make sure you are on all of our social outlets for your chances to win. We also want you to get social with us today in a number of ways. We want to see your favorite player from your Draft Day Sports season. Pull up the player card, take a screenshot and share it and tag us on our social media outlets – we can’t wait to share everyone’s favorite players! Don’t forget the #WolverineDay in your posts too! We’ve also got a few surprises cooked up for you today so be sure to be watching our social outlets all day long for those as well as for the giveaway posts and our sharing your favorite DDS players! Thank you again for all of your support in the past 14 years. This last year has been our best ever capped off with our mentions on Forbes, Sports Illustrated and ESPN! So to those brand new to our company or the grizzled vets who have been here since day one, a HUGE THANK YOU from all of us at Wolverine Studios for an amazing 14 years and here’s to an incredible 15th with all of you! p.s. here’s one more link to the webstore – see you on our social sites today! The post It’s back! #WolverineDay2 Celebrates Our 14th Anniversary appeared first on Wolverine Studios. View the full article
  7. Hello Everybody, First we would like to thanks Shawn for all the help with the testing for this release. He has found a lot of different bugs and issues, which all should be fixed now. This also means... View the full article
  8. Version 3.1


    Sullivan's FPEdit v3.1 allows the user to edit players, create scouting reports, export all ratings via a data export utility , make global changes, import/export, and perform player trades. Editor in Full Screen Mode For those of you having trouble getting the play editor to work in full screen mode, I found a solution that is working for me, so far. Download the program called IntegerScaler, which is free, and run it. Set FBPro98 to run in windowed mode. After FBPro98 starts in windowed mode, hit alt-F11. Make sure FBPro98 is the active window. IntegerScaler will then switch it automatically to a simulated full screen mode, which is really just a scaled window. But the play editor works for me this way. Good luck. IntegerScaler can be found here: There is an OFFICIAL FB PRO 98 COMMUNITY on DISCORD here (#FBPro98):
  9. Hello Everybody, This is not a regular biweekly release but a release made since we got some reports for a couple of issues in version 0.6.2. We have decided to give it a new version number, 0.6.3, bu... View the full article
  10. I am going to be testing out a second Wild Card team in some Auto Leagues with the intent of rolling this out to all leagues soon. The two teams will play a one-game wild card game, with the winner advancing to play the #1 seed in the typical four-team format. Tie breakers remain the same (head-to-head, or in the case of more than two teams being tied, Power Ranking is used). All teams will still get the three days off after the season ends, but now the division winners will get an extra two days (one for the wild card game and one extra day after the wild card game is played). The wild card winner will get one day off before the next round. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but just haven't found the time. The increased traffic lately made me realize a few things: 1) It has become really hard for new players to compete against veterans on the site. The second wild card slot gives all teams a little something more to play for deeper into the season. 2) The team with the best record has never been given any sort of reward, but now they have the benefit of facing a non-rested team in the first round. 3) We know that lopsided divisions in Auto Leagues are fairly common. This will give teams that got hosed by division assignment a better shot at the tournament. If you're interested in following the results, the first league to experiment with this format is going to be League 503. View the full article
  11. Hello Everybody First of all a huge thank you to Chris over at for all the work he is doing for a game like this. Second of all we are happy to announce the release of version 0.6.2 where... View the full article
  12. Thirty-Two-Team Best-of-Seven Simulation Bracket to Begin on Monday; Simulations Powered by Out of the Park Baseball 21 – Available for PC & Mac; Rosters Include 185 Hall of Famers, 115 Most Valuable Players & 61 Cy Young Award Winners; Fans Can Visit and Compete in DraftKings Pools Starting Today; Live Streams of Select Simulations Available on, the MLB Network Twitch Channel & DraftKings Platforms [Press release has been produced by Major League Baseball] Major League Baseball, in conjunction with Out of the Park Baseball, today unveiled the MLB Dream Bracket presented by DraftKings, which will begin on Monday, April 20th. The MLB Dream Bracket is a 32-team best-of-seven simulation featuring all-time teams for each of the 30 current Major League franchises, as well as teams consisting of Negro Leagues Stars and 25 & Under Stars. Starting today, fans can use the DraftKings mobile app to register and compete in free-to-play pools based on the upcoming game simulations, which will be produced by Out of the Park Baseball. Game simulations will begin with eight round-of-32 matchups being played each day on Monday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 21st. Select game simulations, featuring various Game 6 and Game 7 matchups, will be available via livestream on MLB Network’s Twitch channel on Monday and Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. (ET) as well as within the DraftKings mobile app. MLB Network’s Scott Braun and Jon Morosi will provide play-by-play and analysis of the games, which will also stream across MLB Network’s social channels and The 26-man rosters for each of the teams, compiled by the beat reporters, consist of 15 hitters and 11 pitchers. For the simulation, players are rated using the average of their three best seasons on a single team. Rosters were constructed with balanced depth to specifically compete in a simulated regulation game. The full rosters for each of the 32 competing teams, which include a combined 185 Hall of Famers, 115 Most Valuable Players, 61 Cy Young Award winners and 67 Rookie of the Year Award winners, can be viewed at The 32-team bracket is split by league with teams seeded hierarchically based on World Series titles won; pennants won; Postseason appearances; and regular season winning percentage. The Negro Leagues Stars and 25 & Under Stars are No. 8 seeds in the American League and National League, respectively. For more information about the MLB Dream Bracket, please visit For more information about Out of the Park Baseball 21, please visit Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP 21). The post MLB and OOTP Baseball Unveil MLB Dream Bracket Presented by DraftKings appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  13. Hello Everybody We are now ready with the release of version 0.6.1 In this version the focus has been on optimizing the ingame stats, bug fixes and some minor updates. The optimization for the games h... View the full article
  14. It has been a while since I have blogged, but I have been wanting to comment on the recent pandemic and how it impacts this website. First off, a huge thanks to those of you who have reached out wanting to donate. Due to the crumbling economy, the ads that normally fund this website have been producing very poorly. So I want to truly thank those who have donated during this crazy time. I know that not everyone can afford to donate right now, but for those who have, I can only thank you by doing my best to keep this site going, and keeping it free. As many of you know, we’ve seen a surge of users due to the pandemic. In my twelve years running this website, I can’t remember a time when we had so many new people signing up every day. In addition, many people are creating new private leagues to fill the void of fantasy baseball. I encourage any new commissioners to reach out to veteran players and other commissioners on the boards or chat if you have questions. The Commissioner Tools are deep and complex, but it seems most of our new users are grasping it very well. Likewise, I encourage all the long-time vets of PC to check the boards a little more often and offer help to the new players. This may be the one rare time we have a large, thriving community of baseball fans on the site at once, so let’s enjoy it! Of course, I hope people who have found this site will come to love it like so many of you have and will come back to Pennant Chase once life returns to normal, but I am realistic about the fact that numbers will probably drop once MLB resumes games. We are adding a crazy amount of new auto leagues, so be prepared to have a glut of leagues (and thus the need to delete a bunch of them) once the craziness dies down. But hey, maybe this is the “new normal” and this crisis has opened everyone’s mind to how great baseball sim can be. We can dream, right? On a personal note, my life has been crazy since this started. Even though I am stuck at home like most of you, my day job has been highly demanding due to the pandemic, and I have a three-year-old stuck in the house as well. So I am doing my best to stay on top of it all. It’s exhausting, terrifying, and yet exhilarating all at the same time. The silver lining for me is having this chance to introduce so many new people to Pennant Chase. And I have not heard one negative comment, so I think the pandemic is also making all of us a little bit nicer to each other! Thank you for all the words of encouragement you’ve sent over the past few weeks. Most importantly, stay safe and stay healthy out there. Follow the rules. And of course, stay home and play more Pennant Chase!! View the full article
  15. This week GM Games was contacted by Dave Wilson, Senior Editor of ESPN. Our conversation talked about the history of sports sims, the differences between AAA sporting titles, his family and the current simulation replays of events lost. It was an honor to be considered for reference. For the organization, being at this since 2011, it is a milestone to receive the acknowledgement of the effort for sim sports lovers. It is with pleasure to share the article from ESPN for our users and hope more people find their way in to simulation sport gaming. “Sims are more about stats and strategy than they are about winning reflexes,” said Chris Valius, director of, which chronicles and reviews such games. “Sims tap into the curiosity of how teams are constructed and coached.” as per ESPN. Dave references and chronicles many of the sports simulation developers we have been including on our website for years. You will find these games under our categories either by sport or platform in our navigation menu. Unfortunately, it is an odd time for sports considering the loss of march madness, delay of major league baseball, and the postponed NBA and NHL playoff schedule. Let’s hope that we get the real thing back as soon as possible. For those indoors and are learning about these games, you will find a list of free games here to try. Please join the GM Games discord server and tell us about your favorite games or career stories. Signed, Chris, Director of The post ESPN story references General Manager (GM) Games appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article