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  1. Wolverine Studios’ first release of the 2023 line is just around the corner. It’s college season in the DDS franchise and Draft Day Sports College Football 2023 has finally arrived in First Access. College football is all about the rivalries. DDSCF23 will see if you have what it takes to beat your rivals into submission year after year? Wolverine Studios has you ready to recruit, gameplan and bring home victory to your school. Several images are not associated with the game studio. These are player created modifications and can be found in the DDSCF community. What’s new in 2023? Wording is courtesy of Wolverine Studios – One of the most important parts of college football of course is recruiting. Every season is a competition to see who can bring the most five star recruits to their program and to see who ends up being overrated and to see which teams have developed players who were not rated very highly and turned them into future pro draftees. The addition in the real world of players transferring at higher rates has changed the landscape of college football and we have made changes this season to mirror that as well in our recruiting feature. We have added more recruiting periods to be able to handle additional transfers of players, we’ve changed the system to use dollars instead of points to allow for more immersion and we have added the ability for players to decommit in some situations to truly give you a realistic experience. Big changes have also carried over to the field itself in this year’s version. We have updated the in game logic to allow defensive players to better cover movement in motion plays, we have new counter strategy options to allow you to gameplan even more specifically for your next opponent, there has been a revamp of depth chart packages, usage and weights to make things more intuitive and give you even greater control image We have worked hard to update the substitution logic giving you new choices over which players to use and when to use them when designing your packages. It all adds up to you being able to fine tune your strategy in even greater detail giving you the opportunity to truly build a team and plan that fits your vision. One of the most fun and engaging new additions to the game is the addition of the Trophy Room. Now you can look at a glance and see all of your past bowl glories as well as awards your teams have racked up over time. There’s nothing like looking back and seeing just how awesome you have been! And if that trophy case looks a little empty to you then it is all the more encouragement to get to work to start filling it. One of the most fun aspects of a simulation game like DDS: College Football 2023 is the ability to create your own game world. Our games have always thrived on having a massive amount of customizable options. One of the biggest debates in college football is the playoff system. Is a 4 team playoff enough? What would the college football universe look like if there was a 16 team playoff? You get to make that call in DDS:CF23. Maybe you miss the good old days when the playoff didn’t exist. We’ve got an option for that too! Finally, you will be able to link your league with the future Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2023 for a totally immersive game universe. Bring rookies in from DDSCF and track your college universe without ever having to leave DDSPF. Grab a copy of DDSCF23 with -10% off First Access code FIRSTDOWN right here Discuss this story with the GM Games community… The post ‘Draft Day Sports: College Football 2023’ The need to know on FirstAccess! appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  2. Gamesreviews gave a nice mention of PC within their iOS games review StreetInsider posted an article about the Basketball Olympics simulated season we ran for fun. ]] View the full article
  3. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with release 0.9.4. The release doesn't contain that many new features except for splitting of OG, OT and WR in different depth chart positions and a number of bug fi... View the full article
  4. Hello Everybody, This is the devlog for the release of version 0.9.3. The main focus in this version has been on bug fixing but we have also added some new features. Facepacks Together with our modder... View the full article
  5. Player Scramble challenge!]] View the full article
  6. Hello Everybody, After almost three months we are now ready with the release of version 0.9.2. The release contains a number of bug fixes, updates for recruiting, more stats, helping our modder with t... View the full article
  7. quick survey or drop me a line if you’re intrigued or passionate about an “ad-free” experience, and of course enjoy this reduced-ads week if you are a donor!]] View the full article
  8. Hello Everybody, We are happy to announce the release of version 0.9.1. This release contains a number of bug fixes, some further tactics options and the possibility of realignment of teams. Realignme... View the full article
  9. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with the release of our newest version. For this release we have decided to move from 0.8.x to 0.9.x since we think we have made a lot of progress. We have added pref... View the full article
  10. Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2022 is the next version of the basketball franchise that keeps growing and growing every season. Wolverine Studios listened to their community and heard the ask of making parts of the good more immersive. The free agency process and the players in the game seemed to be missing a little something. So Wolverine Studios stepped up to deliver new features and besides some really great new cosmetic changes. NOTE: The game is not licensed by the NBA or the NBA players union! Community members have put together the graphics. See below. With the additions of the “Slybelle Real World Mod (Team Logos, Names)” and the “GM Games – Pro Photo Pack (Player, Draft, Coach, Court Photos)” you’ll be playing a franchise mode full of graphics, realism and life. Mods are here: New Features Wording is courtesy of Wolverine Studios – All new personality types allow each player, coach and general manager to have unique characteristics for you to manage and for them to interact with each other in the game. Each particular personality type has its own tendencies towards the game’s ratings in loyalty, motivation, consistency, greed, winning, work ethic and demands for playing time for each player to shape players in a certain relatable fashion. USING A MOD FROM GM GAMES. Check out Alex Caruso the ‘Artist’ — Even a transparent art canvas in the background Free agency has been totally revamped with the addition of a player meeting system. Have in game meetings with free agents you are courting, get feedback from them on what they are looking for in a new team and explore the new promise system which allows you to entice free agents by making them certain guarantees about your team. Fail to live up to them though and end up with unhappy players demanding trades. A new option allows you to shop a player to the entire league and get an immediate list of teams who have interest in the player as well as other recent new features like learning about what type of build your trading partners are doing, see what their needs are, get offers on demand, and a sign and trade option to get something before your star player leaves town. Rookie scouting has been completely overhauled to give you a much more clear and useful system to scout your future stars. Assign your scouting points to specific tasks that will benefit you most in your decision making so that when draft time comes around you are armed with the details you want whether it is basic overall ratings for each player or a time consuming deep dive scouting report looking for diamonds in the rough. Grab a copy of DDSPB22 with -10% First Access code PB22FIRST right here Discuss this story with the GM Games community… The post ‘Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022’ dishes out First Access! appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  11. Global Board Content Board content is the most visible and controversial. A few things to note: I am not always able to remove content immediately. Please message me if you see something that needs to be removed. Hate speech, bullying or bigotry is not allowed. This is a private website, so free speech does not apply here. I am the only one who has the freedom to allow what I want. Nobody cares if you disagree with that, so respectfully, accept it or find a new site. I try to keep politics off as best I can. I do not discriminate based on ideology. If you perceive a bias, I am sorry about that, but again, nobody cares. This is a free site that I offer so people can have fun and talk sports, not politics. Some areas are gray. If a topic crosses sports and politics and remains civil, I usually let it go. But certain responses might get deleted if they veer into political or opinionated pieces. Please note, discussions about competing websites or products is also not allowed. Private Message & Chat Content I don't regularly monitor private messages. If someone is bothering you, please inform me. You can also block users. Anyone who bullies or harasses another user is subject to removal. Team Content It's hard to police team names and logos. I do my best to remove offensive team names and logos if people inform me. The system will automatically filter out some offensive terms. Thanks for helping keep Pennant Chase a place we can have fun and escape reality for a few hours each day!]]View the full article
  12. The Franchise Hockey Manager series returns for the 2021-22 season with plenty of new additions. OOTP Developments and Com2uS has packed many new features and improvements into it. Driven by community feedback. FHM 8 is their strongest entry yet in our longstanding NHL®-licensed PC hockey strategy series. [This press release is made courtesy of OOTP Developments] Choose one of dozens of leagues around the world and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize: FHM 8 is licensed by the NHL®, allowing you to take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the Stanley Cup®. Take control of a national team and try for international supremacy. Choose a historical game, where you can begin in any year in NHL® history right back to the beginning in 1917. Or if you’d like to create your own customized league, you can do that as well! . Release the Kraken! Draft your own version of the expansion Seattle Kraken or enter the league with their real lineup. Take control based on in-game events Alter players’ styles and tactics in response to game events. All new for Franchise Hockey Manager 8: NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM!: Build your Legacy with the new financial system, allowing you much more control over your budget and operations. NEW ON-ICE DECISIONS!: You directly influence your players’ choices on the ice! UP-TO-DATE 2021-2022 NHL® ROSTERS: The fans are back in the stands, and we have fully-updated rosters, teams, leagues, and stats for the 2021-2022 NHL® season! A LIVING, BREATHING HOCKEY WORLD!: New rumours, news stories, and new stats reveal your hockey world. IMPROVED 2D GAME MODE!: The 2D game system has undergone many changes to improve player behaviour, animation, and statistical output, and received some new graphics and aminations too! REALISTIC HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Junior, College, and European leagues in historical games have been significantly fleshed out, so young players will no longer just be free agents before they’re signed or drafted, and the Sponsorship/Affiliate system that was used by the NHL up until the 1960’s is now simulated as well. BUILD YOUTH SYSTEMS: European teams will now be able to take steps to improve the quality of the young players entering their youth systems. ADJUSTABLE TRADE DIFFICULTY: Trading difficulty can now be adjusted, allowing for easier or more difficult trade negotiations – or nearly impossible ones! MORE POSTGAME FEEDBACK! A new postgame analysis screen points out the good, the bad, and the ugly of both teams’ performances. WATCH HIGHLIGHTS: 2D Mode now has a “highlights” option that’ll allow you to view only the game’s key moments, or just the goals. NEW CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Custom games can now add tournaments that allow the participation of teams from multiple leagues, and can add new leagues after the game has started. YOUR OWN NOTEPAD: Players now have a user-editable “Notes” view that can be used to record your own notes, reminders, etc. regarding them. HOCKEY CARDS! We’ve added a new “hockey card” style for displaying player portraits on some screens. FHM 8 is big, bold, and packed with improvements – continuing to build on the foundation of our long-running hockey strategy series. Join in the conversation about FHM 8 on discord or below on Reddit.. The post The Puck Drops on Franchise Hockey Manager 8 appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article