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  1. WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 has been released, adding to the selection of football management games available. This title, developed by Winning Streak Games and published by HandyGames, offers various features for managing football clubs. Here’s what players should know about WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024. What Does WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 Offer? WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 provides a football management experience that includes managing clubs and leading them through seasons. The game features options for managing both men’s and women’s teams and allows players to either take charge of an existing club or start a new one. Key Features of WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: The game includes several features: User Interface and Technical Enhancements: The game has a menu system with tabs and customizable wing menus. In-Game Editor: Players can make real-time adjustments to club and player data. Hotseat Multiplayer: The game supports multiplayer for up to four players. AI-Generated Pictures: The game uses AI to generate over 12,000 pictures for various aspects of the game. Stadium Editor: Players have the option to customize and expand their stadiums. National Team Integration: The game includes modes for managing national teams. 3D Game Engine in WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 features a 3D game engine that allows players to influence matches with instructional shouts, aiming to add a strategic layer to the gameplay. Accessibility of WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: The game is designed to be accessible to a wide range of players, with over 100 options and difficulty settings to accommodate different skill levels. WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024 offers a variety of features for those interested in football management simulations. It provides tools and options for players to manage clubs and lead them to success in their respective leagues. The post WE ARE FOOTBALL 2024: HandyGames Newest Entry in Football Management Games appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  2. Are you eager to immerse yourself in the world of college basketball simulation? Look no further than Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024! This latest release from Wolverine Studios introduces a range of innovative features designed to enhance your simulation A.I. experience. Let’s explore the details and uncover what makes Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024 the ultimate simulation game for basketball enthusiasts. What’s New in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024? Year-End Tasks: Manage your team’s off-season activities with the new year-end tasks feature. From recruiting and scouting to staff hiring and budget planning, oversee all aspects of your program to ensure long-term success. Make strategic decisions to position your team for future championships and sustain a winning tradition. Dynamic Transfer Portal: Experience the thrill of college basketball’s transfer market with the dynamic transfer portal feature. Scout, recruit, and sign transfer players to strengthen your roster and dominate the competition. Keep a close eye on the transfer wire for potential game-changing additions to your squad. Simulation Screen: Gain insight into player performance and team dynamics with the new simulation screen. Track player statistics, analyze game simulations, and fine-tune your coaching strategies to lead your team to victory. With enhanced simulation features, every decision you make will impact the outcome of the game. Recruiting History: Keep track of your recruiting efforts and player commitments with the recruiting history feature. Review past recruiting classes, evaluate your recruiting tactics, and adjust your approach to secure the top talent for your program. Build a legacy of success through strategic recruiting decisions. Summer Camp Planning: Prepare your team for the upcoming season with the summer camp planning feature. Organize training camps, schedule practices, and develop your players’ skills to maximize their potential. With summer camp planning, you have the opportunity to mold your team into a championship contender. NXT Website Integration: Stay connected with the latest college basketball news and updates through the NXT website integration. Access real-time scores, player stats, and team rankings from around the league. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to gain a competitive edge over your rivals. Where Can I Get Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024? Ready to take on the challenge of college basketball coaching? Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024 is now available for purchase. Head over to today to secure your copy and start your journey towards coaching greatness in the world of college basketball! With its innovative features and immersive gameplay experience, Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024 promises hours of excitement, strategy, and competition for basketball fans everywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a newcomer to the genre, this latest release offers something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the action – get your copy of Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024 today and experience the thrill of college basketball coaching like never before. The post Discover What’s New in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2024! appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  3. Are you interested in exploring the features of Ultimate Hockey GM, a recently launched hockey management simulation game? Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer. What is Ultimate Hockey GM? Ultimate Hockey GM is a newly released hockey management simulation game. It allows players to take control of their own hockey franchise and make strategic decisions to lead their team to success. Key Features: Realistic Gameplay: How does Ultimate Hockey GM simulate real-life hockey management scenarios to provide a lifelike experience for players? Roster Management: What features does Ultimate Hockey GM offer for managing player rosters, including drafting, trading, and signing free agents? League Management: How does Ultimate Hockey GM incorporate league competition and playoffs into its gameplay mechanics? Scouting and Development: What options are available for scouting new talent and developing players within the game? Financial Management: How does Ultimate Hockey GM allow players to manage their team’s finances, including budgeting and revenue generation? Customization Options: What customization features does Ultimate Hockey GM offer to tailor the gaming experience to individual preferences? Supported Platforms: Ultimate Hockey GM is compatible with iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices. This allows players to access the game on mobile platforms. Conclusion: Ultimate Hockey GM offers a range of features for players interested in hockey management simulation games. With its realistic gameplay mechanics and compatibility with iOS and Android devices, it provides an accessible gaming experience for hockey enthusiasts. The post Overview of Ultimate Hockey GM: A Hockey Management Simulation appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  4. Get ready to knock it out of the park with Out of the Park Baseball 25! This latest installment in the beloved baseball simulation series is about to take you on a thrilling ride through the sport’s greatest moments and the future of player development. Developed by the wizards at Out of the Park Developments, OOTP 25 promises an immersive and pulse-pounding experience for fans of America’s favorite pastime. Buckle up, because OOTP 25 is breaking new ground with its official partnership with the Baseball Hall of Fame. For the first time ever, you can step into the shoes of baseball legends and rewrite history. From Babe Ruth’s towering home runs to Jackie Robinson’s groundbreaking debut, the Baseball Hall of Fame partnership brings the sport’s most iconic moments to life like never before. Get ready to manage your dream team of legends and etch your name in baseball history! But that’s not all. OOTP 25 is also introducing the game-changing Player Power Lab—a revolutionary feature that puts you in the driver’s seat of player development. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter training programs and hello to a whole new level of customization. With the Player Power Lab, you have the tools to sculpt your players into superstars. Want to turn that promising rookie into the next MVP? With advanced training programs, drills, and virtual reality simulations, the sky’s the limit. And let’s not forget about the drama on the diamond. With cutting-edge AI algorithms and player personality systems, every player has their own story to tell. Manage egos, motivations, and relationships to unlock their full potential. Whether you’re mentoring a rookie phenom or reigniting a veteran’s fire, the Player Power Lab adds a whole new dimension to the game. But wait, there’s more! Out of the Park Developments has listened to the fans and expanded the Minor League System. Dive deep into the world of scouting, drafting, and player development as you build the next generation of superstars. From rookie ball to the big leagues, the Minor League System puts you in control of every aspect of your team’s future success. Out of the Park Baseball 25 is a home run for fans of the sport. With its partnership with the Baseball Hall of Fame, cutting-edge Player Power Lab, and expanded Minor League System, OOTP 25 delivers an immersive and exhilarating experience that will keep you coming back for more. So grab your glove, lace up your cleats, and get ready to write your own chapter in baseball history with OOTP 25! The post Baseball Legends Unite, OOTP 25’s Hall of Fame Hookup & Player Power Lab appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games. View the full article
  5. donated over the years, and I’m forever grateful, but as many of you know, ads cover over 90% of the expenses. Pennant Chase is not a blog, it’s far more complicated and hence has more expenses than a typical website. On this site, there is a game being simulated every second of every day! That comes with a cost, so does sending emails, so does marketing so we can keep getting new users to fill leagues. And I don’t take any personal salary from the site, so all my time is essentially minimally compensated. I appreciate your understanding, and I promise there is still lots of cool stuff to come once we get the train back on the track. TLDR; We are losing a major ad partner I will need to focus on finding a new partner or new revenue and pause any work on new features The site is not shutting down I will still fix issues or glitches so please keep sending them Be prepared to see some new ads or experiments over the next couple months I remain committed to not making ads too burdensome or distracting Thanks again, and as always reach out to me with any questions or concerns.]]View the full article
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I co-ordinate General Manager Games (the sports manager game database). It's been a pleasure working with Slybelle to get the mods that bring that NBA immersion. I have an update for this season on recent photography for players, draft picks, and of course all decent NBA players into free agency. We are taking a different format this season to get our pack. You must run a command to get the hidden URL from our discord server at GM Games. The installer is also an exe file and you'll know it's safe. This is all we ask for the number of hours put in, no asks for donations or money, and 2 minutes of your time and for free. Where to get Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2024? (PC): What's Not Included: - SLYBELLE's ESSENTIAL DDSPB24 NBA MOD of Team Names, Logos, G-League Teams, Jerseys. You need to use that in conjunction with this mod for full performance. You will find that here - Jerseys now and new courts are not in this pack What photography IS Included: - ALL NBA PLAYERS, images with 2023 Portraits - STAFF, Coaches, Owners images with 2021-3 Photography from around the web How to Install: 1) To Download and access the mod, GM Games is hosting the file. We ask that you have a username at the GM Games Discord Server. The installer is also an .exe file and you'll know it's safe. This is all we ask for the number of hours put in, no asks for donations or money. TO JOIN DISCORD CHAT SERVER URL: 2) Pass our bot check on Discord Chat Server. Join our chat room/channel named #mods Then send command !pb24pics and you will be messaged by Dyno Bot with the private link to download. 3) Extract the file to a folder or to your downloads folder 4) Extract the ZIP if you are STEAM or Non Steam! 5) Run the DDSPB24 GM Games Pro Photo Pack.exe file (allow this with security warnings, as it is the auto-installer) 6) Select the path where you installed the game. 7) Reload your existing save and the images will pull up without having to start a new save!
  7. Hello Everybody, We are releasing our latest version a little earlier than expected. This is mostly due to fixing a number of bugs mainly on saving of games and in prestige mode. These bugs should be... View the full article
  8. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with another test version of the game, where the main focus has been on bug fixing and changing a lot on prestige mode: Fixed bug with TV games if playing a minor tea... View the full article
  9. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with another test version of the game, where the main focus has been on bug fixing and some optimizations: Fixed a visual bug on trophy room view Implemented stats vi... View the full article
  10. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with the fourth test version of the game, where the main focus has been on bug fixing and implementing loading and saving of games: Fixed issue with two head coaches... View the full article
  11. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with the third test version of the game. The game is still missing loading and saving but we have implemented and fixed a number of things: Fixed issue with playoff a... View the full article
  12. Hello Everybody, We are now ready with the second test version of the game. The game is still missing loading and saving but we will implement that before the final release. For this version we have i... View the full article
  13. donation tiers!) As the economy has struggled, so has ad rates. Pennantchase is different from other sites on the Internet, because it has large data requirements and is chugging and churning 24 hours a day, simulating almost 4,000 games every single day. (That’s like two full MLB seasons being run every single day.) It’s not like a blog that costs pennies to host and run. You’ll notice I’m testing out a video banner - the idea here is to ideally reduce the total number of ads served while potentially lifting revenue a bit. The video banner really isn’t all that more intrusive than other ad banners (and in some ways less so). The videos are muted and don’t refresh like the banners do. In some cases the video might swoop down to the lower corner on desktop, but it should be pretty out of the way for most screen sizes. On mobile the video would remain where it is. If videos can out-perform other ads, it would allow me to render fewer ads overall, which would be ideal. As always, let me know if there are issues, and thanks to all of you who do what you can to help keep the website viable!]] View the full article