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    • Awards for Boston College National Coach of the Year: Frederick Aura ACC Coach of the Year: Frederick Aura ACC 2nd Team All-Conference: Leonard Meliet
    • Just posting for my two post requirement for mods, idk how it supports anything other than garbage like this on forums
    • And lastly, we focus on the final division in the Western Conference as well as the weakest division in the 2KFL: PACIFIC DIVISION Los Angeles Express¬†- The defending 2KFL Bowl champions return mostly everyone, with the exception of rookie¬†QB Brad Smith¬†who will start over 2005 2KFL Bowl MVP¬†QB Charlie Batch¬†(3679 yards and 31 TDs).¬† This move is very controversial and will be scrutinized all season long, but the coach felt the rookie's skillset better matches the offensive philosophy as of now.¬† I always thought if it aint broke, dont fix it, but I could be wrong.¬† The rookie QB will still have plenty of firepower at his disposal as HB Clinton Portis (973 yards and 5 TDs) and the best offensive line in the game, led by¬†C Olin Kreutz¬†and¬†G Benji Olson.¬† Defensively, the Express are strong and have added DE Rob Ninkovich, CB Jonathan Joseph and S Donte Whitner to the mix which should continue their excellence. Oakland Invaders¬†- The Invaders struggled last season (5-9) and it might not get much better this season despite drafting¬†QB Jay Cutler, who should be a beast from the very start. His weapons will need to be upgraded in subsequent drafts, but having the QB in place solves a lot of problems.¬† On defense,¬†DE Robert Mathis¬†is their best player, but again, the talent is just not there to compete with Los Angeles. Denver Gold¬†- Their front office really just rearranged the chairs on the Titanic-like team.¬† Their long time starter¬†QB Shaun King¬†(who only started 7 games last season due to an injury) is back and besides bringing in new offensive linemen, nothing real of note was changed, much to the chagrin of the Gold fanbase especially since they passed on can't miss QB prospect QB Jay Cutler¬†in the draft.¬† The fanbase sure loved that move (heh) and will be be doubly excited to see Cutler play their team in the division for years to come (double heh).¬† The hope is a full season of¬†King¬†along with an upgraded offensive line will be enough to improve the offense this year.¬† Their defense is very experienced, but a potential superstar may emerge this season in 2nd year¬†DT Jay Ratliff,¬†who was unblockable during¬†training camp.¬† We will see how he plays. Arizona Wranglers¬†- The Wranglers were awful last season (2-12) and made the strange decision to stick with 11 year¬†QB Ryan Leaf¬†and choosing rookie¬†WR Brandon Marshall¬†over rookie¬†QB Jay Cutler.¬† Though Leaf is a passable QB (he started 6 games last season due to injury) ad Marshall will be a great receiver, it is curious to have the top pick in the draft and pass on a can't miss QB prospect.¬† This move will be debated for years to come since Cutler is in the Wranglers' division.¬† It will be interesting to see how badly Cutler slices the Wranglers up throughput the years.¬† On defense, their core is strong¬†(DT Kris Jenkins, DE Terrell Suggs and LB Bart Scott), but will need to play better if the offense does not improve.
    • We now head over to the Western Conference and start with the: MIDWEST DIVISION Michigan Panthers¬†- The Panthers have been one of the most consistent teams from year to year and last year was no different finishing 9-5 behind a great year from a dynamic three headed monster consisting of¬†QB Michael Vick¬†(3482 yards and 33 TDs),¬†HB Shaun Alexander¬†(942 yards and 16 TDs) and the best wide receiver taken in the 2005 draft¬†WR Roddy White¬†(1350 yards and 15 TDs).¬†¬†QB Michael Vick¬†has been implicated in some serious legal issues (evidently concerning some dogs), so luckily, Michigan was able to select QB Vince Young¬†in the 2006 draft to be their starting quarterback. Defensively, Michigan is still led by 7 year¬†DE Jevon Kearse¬†and 6th year¬†DT Booger McFarland.¬† The last couple of years, Michigan has drafted some really good linebackers such as¬†LB Jonathan Vilma,¬†LB Channing Crowder,¬†and¬†LB Shawn Merriman, so this will be a strength of the defense. San Antonio Gunslingers¬†- Another surprising upstart team that finished 8-6 last season behind the stellar play of then rookie¬†QB Alex Smith¬†(2807 yards and 21 TDs), then rookie¬†HB Darren Sproles¬†(1161 yards and 9 TDs) and 3 year¬†WR Reggie Wayne¬†(1010 yards and 12 TDs).¬† This year, the team hopes to build on that success while also solidifying their offensive line with the addition of rookie¬†T Jerome Clary.¬† On defense, San Antonio will start (3) rookie linebackers in their 3-4 defense (LB A.J. Hawk,¬†¬†LB Jamar Williams¬†and¬†¬†LB Anthony Schlegel) so there may be a learning curve to start the season, but I expect this defense to be very tough. Oklahoma Outlaws¬†- Another brand new team that had a great year, finishing 8-6, the Outlaws picked up 3rd year¬†QB Drew Brees¬†in the expansion draft and he played amazingly last season (4252 yards and 39 TDs).¬† Sadly,¬†Brees¬†decided to retire as he did not want to be in football any longer and decided to get into broadcasting instead.¬†¬†QB Matt Cassel, who was the backup last season, will start this year and he will lean heavily on 2005 Rookie of the Year¬†HB Ronnie Brown¬†(1266 yards and 15 TDs) and free agent pick ups 8th year (and future Hall of Famer)¬†WR Randy Moss¬†and 12th year¬†WR Hines Ward.¬† Pro Bowl¬†TE Emanuel Donlon¬†(840 yards, 9 TDs and 19.1 yards per catch) will also do his part to ease the new QB into his position.¬† On defense, the Outlaws are extremely you as none of their starters have more than 4 years experience, but they played very well last season and there is no reason why they shouldn't this year. Chicago Blitz¬†- Chicago finished last season with an 8-6 record as well, being led by QB Eli Manning¬†(3762 yards and 33 TDs), HB Robert Edwards¬†(986 yards and 6 TDs) and WR Donald Driver¬†(1244 yards and 14 TDs).¬†¬†QB Eli Manning¬†got hurt in a freak surfing accident over the offseason and will be out for the beginning of the year, so 6th year¬†QB Joe Hamilton¬†will step in for him.¬† The Blitz defense is lead by¬†DT Tommie Harris¬†and¬†DE Jovan Haye, and let me tell you, those two are menaces in the trenches.¬† The Blitz will be starting (2) rookie cornerbacks this season (CB Tim Jennings¬†and¬†CB Jarrad Page), so there will be some bumps in the road early in the season. Houston Gamblers¬†- Their first year in the league did not go as well as other teams (the finished 6-8), but they have some promising players on offense such as¬†QB Ryan Fitzpatrick¬†(3000 yards and 17 TDs),¬†HB Travis Henry¬†(636 yards and 5 TDs), and WR Chris Henry¬†(925 yards and 5 TDs).¬† This team has a very young defense as have most of the expansion teams, but they are hoping¬†¬†DE Jaren Allen becomes a player for them on the edge.
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