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  1. That can be changed by editing the different XML files
  2. twitchteegue

    XML Files

    Hi, You can also edit the xml files in notepad but I uses XML Copy Editor to edit the files
  3. You can find them here You have a button saying Download this file
  4. At the moment I am trying to update parts of the mod each time there is a new version of the game out.
  5. We will update the roster for the next season as soon as the developer changes the game to start next season
  6. Thanks You can donate when purchasing the game on
  7. You can fire coordinators from mid January to end of June. You just need to change in the settings, so you are handling the coach movements
  8. It is updated around once a month but we hope to be able to make a larger update some time this spring (after the draft) with updates for each players, bowls etc.
  9. You need to unzip the downloaded file, and place it in Data\Divisions-folder so you have Standard, FCS and FBS folders in there
  10. We don't have a full roster update. The current one "only" contains around 150 players
  11. Thank you so very much for the great feedback, and we will take a deeper look at it when we have finished the current version (beginning of next week). We like the wall of text since we really enjoy to get as much feedback as possible, so we know where and what to fix/look at I am only the modder of the game, but I am handling the CT Football Manager forum this weekend
  12. We will first add players for 2021 recruiting class after the current season