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  1. Am I right for assuming then that recruiting MLB/OLB is a waste until the next version?
  2. Well, my laptop is a piece of shit, so there's that, lol If you want to be kind to our European neighbors I can have a list of ALL Europeans to you quickly
  3. 1920x1080 - standard setting Alexander Paaske is a TE at Eastern Michigan, Mathias Staalsøe OL from Maine, Frederik Fabricius OL from Indiana State - if you want to get D2 we have Thomas Ashworth at Charleston (with a Norwegian QB, and a former OL from Charleston played for both the Triangle Razorbacks and Odense Swans). If JuCo gets implemented David Mac will join the Fullerton Hornets in CCCAA If the modder can do it, I know Magnus Møller would be happy if got jersey #56
  4. You can save under settings and also enable autosave Weights are off for sure
  5. I have a few notes and things I wonder about after returning to the game When a player declares for the draft, how do I talk to him about staying? Option doesn't show up on screen Is Special Teams broken? Seems like most drives start deep into enemy territory which leads to crazy stats.. I had 220 passing yards and passing TD's There's something wrong with the layout. A lot of boxes overlap, e.g the setting button covers the date, the punish/redshirt player buttons are blocked by the skill box During games the play by play box needs to be bigger, it's really hard to track games How do I handle coaching staff? Seems like it's there, but I can't do anything with it I love how skills will de-/increase dramatically for some players in the offseason, had a 78 wr transfer in, by the start of the season he was 98 and a beast. Allows players to emerge out of nowhere or be one year wonders. I would love something like a monthly progress report on my players. The terminology in recruiting is a bit off. Enrolled means they have started school, looks like it's used as committed should be Love Magnus Møller being in the game, if you need a list for other danes in college to show national pride let me know There needs to be more recruits in the game, 247 has 20 5-stars and more than 200 4-stars in 2022 alone. My senior class right now has 7 5-stars and 30 4-stars I'd love a weekly recap of the games being played in my inbox, it's under league news, but not send to me.
  6. I can get to the start of the game with no problem, but once I have signed with a team I get stuck with no apparent way of advancing the game. There's also an issue with the text getting cut off and ending off screen. I tried different screen ratios when not in full screen mode, which didn't do anything
  7. Im like 95% sure that playoffs = bowl game. I made the Alamo Bowl as TCU and everybody was happy
  8. I'm really missing a compoud score of relevant skills When I do the Depth Chart I get a summary of their skills, but I'd rather have a compound score similar to Madden or other sports games or a rating similar to newer gens of FM. Another thing that is absolutely critical for me to get is "Back" button so when I look at a player I can return to my entire roster instead of navigating through the panels More transparency on recruiting, I have three options for players, how do they impact his interest? All players seem to be high or excellent in interest already Lastly, pleasepleaseplease change TCU from Dallas to Fort Worth