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  1. Baltic Sports Exclusive! For immediate release: Herbert Vasiljevs, said to be a favorite of GM Wilson, has been released from his contract with immediate effect. Vasiljevs, a veteran of the German DEL, was brought in to Wilson's team to add vital experience amongst the younger Latvian players. However at 37, and currently out for an expected 9 months, Wilson felt it wasn't worth it. It is believed the released has cost Riga around $350k
  2. Update! So October ends. Not a bad month I don't think. We sit 12th in the Western Conference with a 9-10-4 record. The board tell me again that they are pleased so far, October month I went 6-2-3. Herberts Vasiljevs has just gotten injured for 9 months!! and with his age 37, I might just have to let him go Tellqvist, my back up Swedish goalie who my coaching staff hated, well they wavier'd him and AK Bars picked him up. I don't really mind as he wasn't being used but still, I didnt know they'd done that til it popped up
  3. Update! We near the end of October and the biggest game in the Riga diary comes up: at SKA St Petersburg win 4-1 - A full house in Putins captial! Paul Szczechura, the hero of Riga with another big game! Looks like he's found his level and home! Other news Patrick Geering (SWISS) 23 year old D man from ZSC Lions in the Swiss NLA joins CSKA Moscow for $2.1m cash on a 1 year $900k deal. He looks ace. My scout picked him up right after too. Dinamo Minsk Head Coach Alexander Andriyevsky has just been warned - according to the media - that his job will be up if he doesn't improve. Minsk currently sit bottom of the Western Conference with a 7-14-0 record.
  4. More news on SKA St Petersburg SKA sell Kevin Dallman to Dynamo Moscow for another $2.2m and bring in ex NHLer Scott Nichol on a 2 year deal at $1.4m. SKA currently have the biggest KHL payroll at $36m and still have $20m left for Free agent signings!
  5. Update! It just HAD TO HAPPEN... Roman Vasiljevs, Neftekhimiks newest star signing from the VHL - has the game of his life in his debut against me! 3 point game and 1st star to take them over me. at Neftekhimik loss 5-4 Other news Andrei Kuteikin moves to Salavat Yulayev UFA from SKA St Petersburg for $2.2m cash on a 1 year entry level deal at $745k. Interestingly SKA seem to be making a lot of money from these cash trades. They have got Kovalchuk on a $10m deal so this might be why? Or just shrewd business! Steve Sullivan - NHL veteran signs with AK Bars on a 2 year deal at $2.7m Pavel Kubina signs with Torpedo Nizhniy Novgorod on a 2 year deal at $2.1m
  6. Update! Only 3 games into October but a big win at home: vs Salavat Yulayev UFA 7-2 - Paul Szczechura with a 4 point game. 3 G 1 A Transactions Maris Jucers (LATVIA) 26 year old, not really known Goalie. Had to sign and put me over $1m over budget on Free agents. I now wish for now more goalie injuries please. Roman Vasiljevs (RUS) 23 year old Forward out of the VHL (aka Russian AHL) signs with Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk on a 1 year $620k deal! from Dynamo Balashikha He's obviously quite happy about that.
  7. Transactions Kaspars Daugavins - contract offered - Signed 2 year deal at $480k Other news Owner just told me he's happy so far and looks forward to a successful future for Riga Edgas Masalskis - my newly signed goalie to replace my injured starter.. is injured for 2 months! and no money left to sign a replacement. Will have to finally start Tellqvist and only Tellqvist... Tony Martensson signs with Dinamo Minsk from SKA St Petersburg for $2.2m cash on a $830k 1 year deal.
  8. I'm not too sure what my first ever manage sim game would have been. I think it would be... Championship manager. I remember vividly playing Championship manager 01/02 - as mentioned, this is a very dangerous game, as you will not want to stop playing it, ever! I don't get too drawn into many games. World of Warcraft, supposedly people die playing this game? I can't play it more then about a week at a time, and now, I don't ever play it. But I can list the games I have been totally addicted to and have stole large portions of my life: NHL 94 (still does in 2014!) Extreme Warfare Revenge 4.2 (Wrestling Sim) Championship Manager 01/02 Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 - the single greatest manager sim ever made. I have played this game for too many hours. Giants Killers - a soccer sim on the old Dreamcast console was really, really good! Football Manager 2008 - the best FM game there is! My story however isn't 'how I started playing' but it's a story nonetheless! Out of the Park Baseball 8. I'd known about OOTP but never really bothered. I loved VR Baseball 97 on the PSX and I always had MLB games, NFL games, NHL games etc. They were shown on TV here in England so it was interesting to see a different style of sport then what we are used too. However, I always would load up OOTP 8, click around and imagine that, yes its a great game, if you can understand it! I had the Football manager UI layout burnt into my brain and I couldn't get used to OOTP. After some months I finally loaded it up and thought, no, I am going to learn this game once and for all. So I sat and read and clicked and read. I had wikipedia open to learn the baseball ratings and slowly I managed to understand who was who, and what screens did what. From there I've bought ever OOTP (just got 15 today!) and It even motivated me to go and play baseball for my local team 'Oldham North Stars'.
  9. Nice read Brandon! The new OOTP really is a step up on the previous version - no idea how that was possible but Markus managed it! I LOVE THIS! - Might in fact be too time consuming for anyone who wants outside life. Seriously.
  10. update! So we end September on a high, albeit it, 10,000 km away in Vladivostok! at Admiral Vladivostok win 5-1 - Vitalijs Pavlovs stealing the show, although Paul Szczechura wasn't far behind! Still playing for his extension! Transactions Edgars Masalskis - 2 year deal at $120k. My main Czech Goalie decided to go get injured for 3 weeks so Masalskis was intended as backup, although my staff seem to hate Tellqvist! So he's now starting. Other news Georgi Berdyukov - sign from SKA St. Petersburg to Spartak Moscow for $2.2m cash. Pretty big amount from Spartak. Adding to the stockpile of cash that St Petersburg have. Wade Redden - signs with HC Lev Prague on a 2 year deal at $1.1m So this seems us end September with a 3-7-1 9pts record and standing bottom of the Western Conference. We did however take down CSKA and Dynamo Moscow. Leaders Goals - Marcel Hossa with 4 Assists - Old Dog Rodrigo Lavins with 7 Points - Paul Szczehura with 10
  11. Update! RIGA BEAT THE MEN FROM MOSCOW! at CSKA Moscow win 2-1 -a bit of a foreign affair. Paul Szczechura getting both goals and 1st star. vs Dynamo Moscow win 3-0 - Poor showing attendace wise at just 7,878 but a good win against one of the best teams! Martins Karums, the traitor of Riga gets some PIM minutes for the Blue men of Moscow. Paul Szczechura is on his way to get the first contract extension of the season. Other news Jamie Langenbrunner signs with Sibir Novosibirsk on a 2 year deal at $3.1m
  12. Update! First 3 games are played: vs Dinamo Minsk loss 6-5 at Medvescak Zagreb loss 8-2 at Spartak Moscow loss 2-1 - not happy with this one. Spartak are usually weak. My assistant is playing my backup goalie as starter. He has marginally better stats so I'll leave him in for now. Contracts Sandis Ozolins - Offered new 1 year deal at $800k (on $500k now) refused! Wants to "test the market" at 42 next season... He could be planning a trip to the UK maybe? Kyle Wellwood (CAN) - scouted. Obviously would be useful for my team. However my budget only is allowed me to offer $300k he wants 3 years and $800k so he won't come. Other news Darcy Hordichuk signs with Dinamo Minsk on a 1 year deal at $2.6m Filip Kuba signs with Severstal Cherepovets on a 2 year deal at $2.4m Kent Huskins signs with Admiral Vladivostok on a 2 year deal at $1m Doug Janik signs with HC Slovan Bratislava on a 1 year deal at $1.4m Next Game vs CSKA Moscow! Big game in the Riga diary!
  13. Dinamo Riga's very own song. Performed by Latvian artist Dzelzs Vilks
  14. Spurred on by the start of the Gagarin Cup Finals (although lacking Riga, we did have a great season this time round!) And also motivated by some of the other Dynasty reports going on, I decided to try one too. TIKAI RIGA! TIKAI DINAMO! Wilson signs as Riga GM/Head Coach - Out of nowhere, the unknown English GM has been picked up by Riga for the upcoming season! Speaking no Latvian/Russian but English, Cantonese, some bad French and worse German, the board seem to think they've found their man. To note: Wilson has visited Riga at least, taking in a KHL game against Atlant Moscow back in 2010 - Latvian Hockey News! Team Riga's team is pretty 'average KHL'. They managed a good game against the Phoenix Coyotes some years back and have finished mid table every single season! They don't like to throw around the Russian gas money that is funding them, but that might change with me at the helm (I once got Liverpool into almost $1bln debt on Football Manager) Budget $9m - 25th in KHL Defense Sandis Ozolins - WHO ELSE. The legendary 8, the man himself! 41 years old and still regularly tops most ice time in the KHL. Captain and leader! Rodrigo Lavins - Another old dog of the old game! 39 years old. Not Ozolins stats wise but worthy of my AI Assistants putting him on line 1 pairing with Ozo where I'll leave him - for now. Matt Robinson (CAN) - Soild Dman. Physical and can pass. Will likely move up and replace Lavins Forwards Paul Szczechura (CAN) - 92 NHL games behind him. Average all over. Not a bad thing! Marcel Hossa (SLOVAK) - Excellent puck skills. Again average stats overwise Herbert Vasiljevs (LATVIA) - Played in Germany for so long I think he is now German? At 37 another old dog (My preference) 50 or so NHL games in his day and above average offensive stats. Transactions F Herbert Vasiljevs (from Krefeld Penguins DEL for $200,000 cash) 1 year deal at $395k Other news Miroslav Satan signs with Atlant Region - 2 year deal at $4.8m
  15. I'm taking a guess the majority of the forum is North American based, therefore you might not have heard or know what Handball is so much... But if any of you have had the pleasure... Of finding and trying Heimspiel Handball Manager 2008 I'd love to hear the experience? I wanted this game for years, honestly, years! I love handball! I finally managed to buy it off Amazon Germany - I can read German to a very bad level but with a dictionary I thought what the hell, I'll battle on... However once the game was installed, it was a different story. I was surprised to see it had my team, the one I went to train with ,on the game, with full logo, team photo and everything! The game has a few versions under it, so I thought the 2008 (the latest and last it seems to be released) would be somewhat playable. I'd rate it overall about 2/10 but as I say I'd love to know if anybody else has ever tried it.