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  2. I'm just here so I don't get fined.
  3. DDSCB20 is one of my favorite sports sims. Not even a huge college bb fan but really enjoy this game and looking forward to '21. Wolverine has come a long way.
  4. Would sure like to see Arlie revive this game. It has aged extremely well but an update would be awesome.
  5. Me too But at least I'll introduce myself, although nobody cares I'm 49ers fan and from Brazil That's it
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  7. After week 8, NFL WR Antonio Brown will be eligible to return following his suspension. Personally don't think he will help any team that signs him as there are far more superior receivers in the league who far overshadow him(Michael Thomas(WR)-Saints & DJ Metcalf(WR)-Seahawks) but anyone think he will help? so far the Seahawks are reportedly in the talks or signing him, but like last 2 times, AB hasn't had much success with teams, following the departure from the Steelers to the raiders and the patriots.
  8. I've always been a huge fan in Sport Simulation games. From playing Simulations on the phones to computer i have never found the perfect one, but Wolverine Studios offer probably the best Simulation games out there. From College Sports to Golf & NBA or NFL.
  9. Coach Frederick Aura A year ago while during the middle of a road trip for one of our basketball games, Adrian Brown (who was our starting PG the past two seasons and is now our Graduate Assistant Coach) was the victim of racial profiling by the police. After the hiring of an excellent civil rights attorney, he was advised that his complaint was hopelessly roadblocked since members of that police department banded together to establish reports and provide testimony that would be extremely difficult to prove that had been fabricated. Adrian decided to forego further fruitless effort with respect to that case. Instead early last summer he got actively involved with Achievement Mentoring Program (AMP) in their efforts to work with minority students in high school to improve self-worth and positive attitudes for academic success and preparation for college. Adrian has now become a leader in the local AMP group. He has recruited several of our players as well as other Towson students to be involved with the mentoring program. He’s also gotten me involved in working with small groups of minority youth. I'm pleased that even in some small way I'm able to support Adrian's efforts. Janeka, my wife, has also been able to get a couple on-going medical support internships established at the hospital where she works. I’m really proud of Adrian’s efforts and how he is helping minority youth through what often are difficult years for them. I can see the positive results he has already helped create with high school students with whom he has worked. His leadership within the program has resulted in the local AMP program becoming much more successful and being able to help a larger group of high school students. It’s exciting that he took a negative occurrence in his life and turned it into positive activities that are helping others.
  10. Go for it dude, it's definitely making up some gaps in the market and it's not expensive.
  11. Just signed up for the forum to land these mods. Started playing yesterday and really enjoyed it. Been looking for something like this for ages.
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