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    Paul T


    It doesn't get much more even than that, so that is not the issue. I've seen teams play 40% line 1 and 50% first pair D with no problems. My splits are very similar to yours. When players get tired I'll usually adjust special teams as needed.
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    New features Chat (BETA) We're trying out a new chat with both public and private channels. With no second account needed we hope that more managers will participate in the in game communication so we can ease trade discussions, build team rivalries and really make the game worlds come alive. So what about Discord? We have no plans on removing our channels on Discord. We believe there is room for both chats. This new chat is to down the road replace the old PM-messaging system, mainly to make other managers more approachable to discuss trades and similar. The chat is available through the big chat icon found at the bottom right of your screen on every page. You can also start a discussion with another manager from his or hers team page, team dropdown or directly from the trade window. This new chat is currently in a BETA-stage and we're interested in your opinion for future development. So don't hesitate to send us feedback! More information regarding the chat can also be found in the help files. Bug fixes and improvements Removed transfer restrictions* for new users during free trial Report cheating is now only available for subscribing members. *The transfer restrictions during free trial (previously called restricted trial) has now been removed. Those restrictions was implemented to prevent cheaters abusing the game with multiple free accounts. But they also prevented new users from getting a good first impression of the game not being able to try out the full game experience. That's why transfers are now allowed during free trial. However, if a user is receiving suspicions of cheating during the free trial the transfer restrictions will, once again, come into force.
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    What an interesting write-up -- it already has me hooked. I am really looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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    Season 7 Chat

    Then New Hartford Whalers are proud to announce the teams new collection of home-away-alt jerseys! Be sure to order yours today!!
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    Okay, I found a few more boxing titles. The reviews are a bit mixed on some of these but I figured I would at least mention them. World Boxing Manager (PC/Mac) https://store.steampowered.com/app/563750/World_Boxing_Manager/ World Championship Boxing Manager (PC) - a classic game port https://store.steampowered.com/app/1254860/World_Championship_Boxing_Manager/ Punch Club (PC/Mac) - more of an RPG/Strategy game https://store.steampowered.com/app/394310/Punch_Club/ Title Bout Championship Boxing (PC/Mac/Linux/Android) - outdated but still has a small community of people playing it http://www.titleboutboxing.com/cgi-bin/page?home World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 (PC) - I know it's MMA not boxing, but I still have to mention it because of how detailed, in-depth and realistic it is. I've played hundreds of hours on it, mostly thanks to such a fantastic community with superb modding. http://greydogsoftware.com/wmma-5/ If I track any more titles down worth mentioning, I'll let you know.
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    They are both good games but I am looking for a PC game. Eboxing promoter is good but is online only, I wish there was an offline version. Thanks for the reply Chris.
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    Version '98 (PC)


    DISCORD Community for FB Pro 98! https://discord.gg/832cUXx Patched to 1.08 for Windows 10 PC and 64 bit (Tested and Works for Windows 10! with 1.08) FBPro98 1) Mount file FPSFB_98 2) Run the SETUP.EXE file from the mounted ISO CD drive and install game 3) Copy and overwrite all contents from our FbPro98 folder in this zip file to where you installed the game 4) Run our HIKE.EXE that has been copied over Go to utilities you will see version 1.08 Overview The FB Pro 98 version did have a completely revamped user interface that was a significant improvement over prior years. Actual NFL player photos were introduced in the '98 version. In addition, arcade play was now available to play via multiplayer over the Internet. Audio play-by-play was also added, although it was considered lackluster. Non-NFL stadiums and cities were now available as well and a more precise weather system was also included in the new release. Teams could also create and customize their own schedules. The '98 version also had significant improvements in Internet multiplayer play in regards to stability and match making.
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    This game and the mod look brilliant! Looking forward to checking it out.
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    This game looks unbelievable from what I have seen. The presentation, the control you have, I may have to cop
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    Notable Retirements - Cage

    Notable Retire Season 5 - Manuel Wyss - Defenseman A team is only as strong as its weakest link. The big contracts, the scoring titles, and stars of the game often go to the household name stars, but it's the players battling it out on the front lines lower on the depth chart that make or break a team's true success. Manuel Wyss was always in the trenches shoring up his teammates' weakest links. In only five short GHL seasons, he played on five different teams, often going unnoticed on each change in scenery, but always over performing above his expectations. Beginning in Season 1, Wyss began with the Lake Viking Bulldogs. To say it was a tumultuous start to a new league and new team would be an understatement. At 30 years old and a rating of 83ovr, Wyss found himself in a top 4 roll with the Bulldogs. After an 8-12 start, the Bulldogs continued to juggling their lineup, going through 10 D-men on the roster during that first year. Wyss found himself a casualty of that slow start and was traded to Enigma Rage in a swap that included Mario Vuillermet and Rowan Talbot-Gervais (step-brother to Ricky Gervais). Wyss was able to solidify a roster spot, getting 19 pts (8-11) for the remaining 60 games of the season and a 7th place playoff spot. After netting a goal in a hard fought 3-2 series loss to the West Chicago Hawks, Rage's season was over and so would be Wyss's time with the team. At the start of Season 2, after being waived unceremoniously by Rage, the Lightning Bolts picked him up for a two year stint as the team underwent the transition to the Miami Angels. Teaming up with the goalie George Mercredi, Wyss continued to show his ability to outshine some of his teammates as he scored 33 pts (15-18) in a strong depth role. However, once again Wyss found himself on the losing end of a first round playoff loss after going down three games to two in the five game series. The transition to Miami Angels for the team was not successful and Wyss only found himself starting 48 games and by far his worst year of his career. Following Season 3, at the start of Season 4 perennial under performers Eldred Elite picked Wyss up on a no frills one-year, $1.5 million contract. It was a chance for Wyss to prove he belonged in the GHL and Elite to garner some defenseman depth. Starting the season in the AAHL, Wyss made the best use of his opportunity and had 34 pts (17-17) in 49 games before being called up to the top six of Elite and finished the season with 13 pts in 24 games and a 0 +/- rating and a Corsi of 51.7%, all which caught the attention of Elite management of his ability to be a clutch performer in a depth role. With Wyss in his role on the the 3rd line D corps, Elite crawled up the standings to finish strongly in fifth place. Unfortunately, both for Wyss and the Elite, the playoffs ended almost as quickly as they had started and were swept out by the eventual Western Conference champion Victoria Regals. Now at the age of 35, Wyss resigned with Eldred Elite to try and continue both teams late season 4 success at a very paltry $1,147,000 for another year of service. Wyss continued to make the most of his time on the ice putting up a career tying 33 pts (12-21) in 80 games and a +8 with averaging only 14 mins a game, his lowest total ice time of his career. After a strong season both for Wyss and Elite, the storybook season came to an end during game five against the West Chicago Hawks in the conference semi-finals. Wyss played strong for the club putting up four points (1-3) in nine games in limited action as the #6 d-man. Following the season, Wyss was offered another one-year contract by Elite and all indications were that he would return as a strong veteran to help transition the defensemen corps to the new guard that will lead the team over the next 5-10 seasons. Unfortunately, facing age 36 and the current health crisis facing the world, he decided he would now take some time to spend with his family and go out on a high note with his season with Elite. Some champions never get rings, but will always be remembered by the fans and fellow players for what they bring to the rink each and every day. Manuel Wyss finished his career after five GHL seasons with 310 games, 50 goals, 75 assists, and a takeaway to giveaway ratio of 85/8.
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    Sim Season

    Could you add an option to sim the season, or even multiple seasons?
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    Paul T

    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Third of the season update: 1) Rafael Bolduc - 89 OVR Forward ... most GHL goals. Bolduc has 13 goals and is currently 6 goals back of the leaders (Whitely and Breton, 19). Probably not possible to catch them as they are playing lights out, but a Top 5 finish in goals for Bolduc would be a success. Bolduc now at 31 goals, currently tied for 5th, and 5 back of Elie-Breton. Still eyeing that top 5 finish, hoping for top 2. 2) Kvido Zluky - 86 OVR Defenseman ... most GHL Points by a defenseman. Zluky currently has 17 points. Leader has 24. I expect a late season surge. Although he will have to catch his own teammate first, Nickerson, who has 22. Zluky has 43 points. The leader has 54. This one is slowly slipping away. He is currently 3rd in +/- and the pair of Zluky-Nickerson is Corsi 60 and PDO 70. Can't ask for much more. 3a) Henri Pohl - 83 OVR Goalie ... I want this guy to win Vezina. Given his low endurance and the fact that my team wins might be lower than usual, I don't think that is possible. Instead, I am going to try and get him 50-55 starts with the goal of GHL's best save percentage. Abort! Abort! I folded on this one early and I'm not happy about it. But Pohl shouldn't have been as bad as he was. Oh well. Time to move on. 3b) I will play the hot hand in goal and Pohl will be given a long leash to keep the starting job. In the event George Mercredi earns the starting job from Pohl, the same goal applies. This guy has been a dud as well. A couple of games ago he blew a 4-0 lead halfway through the second. High expectations for a pair of Heroic veterans did not work out. 4) Svend Clausen - 82 OVR Forward ... most GHL Points and/or Goals by a rookie. Another dud. Clausen has 1 point in 10 games and has spent most of the season in the AAHL. My goals for the less skilled players were a bit unreasonable. Lesson learned. 4 points in 20 games. All assists. Hopefully he bounces back next season with a more consistent role. 5) Jeremie Cline - 97 OVR Center ... best GHL +/-. Cline is sitting at +18. Leader is +24. This can change in a blink. Cline is a +38. The leader is +46. This one is still in reach, although there are 2 other Stealheads, Nickerson and Zluky, sitting at +40. 6) Any single player on the Stealheads to record a Gordie Howe Hattrick. If accomplished, that player will earn a $2M roster bonus. Not yet, but hopeful. Still nothing. Very disappointing.
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    What's up everyone, I used to do Let's Plays on Youtube a few years ago. What with all the Coronavirus stuff going on I have a ton of time to do little side projects now. I was thinking of starting a series with CT Football, but what games would you be most likely to watch a Let's Play of?
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    Season 5 Individual Goals

    What defines a "rookie"? Are we going with simply someone with ZERO GHL games before? Just curious and like that as a new end of year category, but pity the person trying to determine it. Eldred Elite, as always, has very lofty goals this year! Listed in order of importance: 1. Win a playoff series, preferably against those bastards Prairie Stars/Regals! 2. Assuming last year is no fluke and my goalie Glandon is truly entering his prime, have him lead the league in Shutouts. He came close last year with 8. 3. Have S1 first round draft pick (#24) William Obeng prove he belongs to be a starter this season. He's getting a go as 3rd Line center to see if he can improve that line's role after a horrible S4. 4. Go deep into the playoffs as several players could be eyeing retirement homes after this season. If this team can't replicate last year's success, look for the rebuild to start early!
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    Season 5 Individual Goals

    Looks like you and I are going to be competing in some of these, Paul. Looking forward to it. Also aiming quite high, but some of these have precedent. I invested heavily in Schuppan and Lux, who are both rookies, and Schuppan my starting G, so very interested to see what happens. Plus, with Putin and Stalin motivating my team to perform like only they can, there is no telling how far I can go. 1) Elouan Scott - (94 F): Ovechkin + Gretzky trophies (Goals, Points*), Most shots* *current holder 2) Simon-Delorme - (92 D): Most Points by a Defenceman, Highest +/- 3) Henry Lux - (86 F (rookie)): Most Rookie Points 4) D Sharshin, D Nazarov, F Patrushev, C Stalin, C Putin 100 combined points by Russian players 4a) At least 1 goal scored + assisted by ONLY Russian players 5) Sagiv Schuppan - (87 G (rookie)): 40 wins 6) Roger Muller - (92 C): FINALLY HIT GODDAMN 50 POINTS Team Objective: Score 300 goals, win 45 games
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    The Ramblers Honor the Number of Retired Forward Mackenzie "Mac" Wagers before the game against the Becancour Kingsmen, Howie Mazurek was presented with the Number 8 sweater by Mac Wagers, to show the significance of the Number to be worn. Mac Wagers was touched by the gesture and gave a speech: "I gave a lot of my Career for the Ramblers organization, I retired after last season. I'm honored to give my number to Howie Mazurek, a future star with the Ramblers and hopefully for many years to come will carry my number as a Rambler for many years." Wagers played 265 games in GHL, While scoring 39 goals and adding 53 Assists, while those numbers aren't spectacular his defensive ability and spirit won him the Admiration of Teammates, Coaches, and Fans alike. In the SHL he Played 240 games, scoring 51 goals and adding 69 assists. He was a staple on the Ramblers Penalty Kill, while adding great corner work and grit to the team. Coach Donaldson said of Wagers, "Mac was an important part of the team while he only topped off at 21 goals in a season, he brought a lot more to the team in terms of Defensive ability, fighting spirit, and toughness. Mac now is coaching the New Haven Pegasus, but he will never be as good as I was during the past 3 seasons, because he won't be able to look down his bench and shout, 'Mac get out there!' I'll miss his penalty killing ability. Howie better wear his number with humility because he is wearing the Number of one of the finest players I've ever coached and he better live up to it!" Mazurek was given number 8 in training camp by Wagers, this ceremony was a public showing of it, and putting Wagers' number in the Rafters. The Ramblers have made it a practice not to retire numbers except in the case of career Ending Injuries. The Ramblers won the game 4-1, veteran Goalie Dylan Deraspe Stopped 25 out of 26 shots, to lead the Ramblers to Victory.
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    After the trade deadline all contract offers are in terms of the following season (example: sign a player not on your roster and they won't report until day 1 of the following season). Then if you are situated in a top 2 seed in your conference after day 87, in terms of contract negotiations you are now considered the level of the league you are promoting to. I'm not fully visualizing your situation in my head, so sorry if that doesn't clear it up. But that is how it has always been as a promoting team after day 87, going back to the old version. When I was promoting to the GHL I had a bunch of players that would not resign on SHL contracts, so I had to ensure that I had guaranteed promotion at the end of the season and had to wait until after day 87 to negotiate their extensions.
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    I've been playing and really enjoying http://www.derbymanager.com/ for the past few months, and it's weird to see it's not more popular. It's a completely free - as in, there's literally nothing you could possibly spend money on - online football (soccer) manager with depth comparable to the early Championship Manager games. It's still changing a lot, as the dev is very active trying out different ideas, but it's very playable with good match engine and training system. There's one match a day and each season is played during a calendar month. You start off by taking over any (fictional) team in the bottom division and work your way up or hop around different leagues. I'm not connected to the dev in any way, but there's a good if small community on Discord, and it's easily one of the best online managers I've played. It just needs more players as currently it's more of a solo experience with most social activity is going on in Discord. I've played for quite a few seasons now, so ask away if you have any questions about the game!
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    Paul T

    NHL discussion

    A hockey page that I follow on facebook posted these for every division. The Atlantic had the two teams that have updated their logo the most. I had to start laughing because when I saw Toronto, I immediately thought of Deadwing!
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    Add a Response

    Definitely like those suggestions. I've had Slivovice, and I definitely know the experience of having too much of it. Been a while since I've had either though, so may have to hop back on that bandwagon haha
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    GHL playoff matchups

    Prairie Stars vs. Hawks is becoming a true rivalry. We have faced in the same situation in S1, but both teams were not so dominant in the previous series, especially Hawks after 2 exhausting 3-2 wins were simply tired to take out the best team in the league, considering talent. This is going to be nail-bitter, I hope. I know i'm capable of blanking Prairie Stars, but they start home and are incredibly strong. At least I hope there will be SC champion from West for once :-P
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    Release of 0.5.4

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    It's a massive new User Interface upgrade. Some like it, some don't. Great thing about Wolverine Studios is they always offer a demo that can be downloaded on their website. I like it better then 20 but I still don't like it as well as PB21 or even CB20.
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    When does the Real Team Mod get update to current season?
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    Thanks for the work here, this is incredible.
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    Thanks for all the work
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    DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Appreciate you! Thanks so much.
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    S9 Buzzer national teams

    Getting to the top 8 of the world rankings, next up is La Nati or the Eisgenossen. By overall ratings they have the best player of the world, Defender Sven Keller, and his possible pairing, Hodel looks neat too..They have 4 defenders rated 90 or higher, for a 8th seed its very impressive! However they don't have this kind of depth at the other positions: only one 90 rated attacker looks a bit thin against better teams, but who knows how can the others contribute. Their best goalie is 85, which is also a so-so, but he is heroic, and also he is a rare sight, right handed (was his hero Jonas Hiller? ) I quickly checked, Denmark, and Slovenia have 2 right handed goalies in the squad, and the 3rd string Italian keeper is strange too. Their problem can be that they have quite a lot of Nervous Nellies. But they have quite good prospects, like Baumann and Zollinger And at the end some fun facts about them. Their captain, Wyss just got relegated from SHL, and he is assigned to the affiliate despite being 85 OVR.. and their backup keeper plays in the home league.
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    So regardless of if I win the upcoming relegation playoffs, I'm wiping the team. Everyone is up for grabs except Kosir, Kaila, Vaslik, and Willman. Looking for good prospects and draft picks
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    Cards are too easy. Jets is the biggest project.
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    CFB best stories

    Hi everyone! What are the best colleges to start a dynasty? I thought it is a good idea to share some ideas so we can have some inspiration to begin
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    DDS Pro Football 21 Questions

    I'll try posting here instead of making a new thread. I really like Front Office Football, will I enjoy this game? Just looking for something with abit more to look at while I play!
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    Best Lefty of All Time?

    Randy Johnson if the gameplay physics were from MLB The Show or something modern Most early baseball games I played throughout the 90s & 2000s when he was in his prime couldn't really convey his skill accurately, compared to a pitcher like Kershaw or Pedro Martinez who have a large variety of pitches instead of 2 completely unhittable ones. Depending on the game engine RJ could get lit up pretty easily (doubly so if they get his velocity wrong)
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    New Here

    Created an account so I could download the Data File for the real Teams and Logos lol. Roll Tide
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    I came here to try CT Football Manager. I'll let you guys know what I think!
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    My thoughts on endurance

    No. You couldn't say the same about my view regarding your side of the argument. In the past Anders said that there was no boost to newly promoted teams. I'm inclined to believe him since he did put the code of the game together as well as had no beneficial reason to lie about it. Your view also has no supporting evidence in game either. It is based strictly off of assumption. My argument actually has some in game evidence backing it no matter if you give it any credibility or not. Some in game evidence is more substantial than an assumption that there is a hidden buff in the code for specific teams. You are trying to make the question team confidence when it isn't about team confidence. It was about confidence on the whole. Both team and individual confidence matters. You are trying to force an argument that isn't true by redirecting the discussion. Don't try to force words in my mouth either. He only played 3 players with low confidence. Now look at the players in question, where they played and how they played. Jason, 1st line in a defensive Dman role, likely on a stay at home line and had a good game with a 75 rating but not an impact player in the game and was a +0 for the game. Low team and player confidence doesn't eliminate the possibility that a player can have a good game. Sutter, 3rd line winger playing as a sniper and likely not playing on an offensively focused line. Possibly a poor role choice and had a bad game. The other winger on the line also had a bad game but the center on the line had a great game. The line, on the whole, had little impact on the game though. Dupej, 4th line winger in a power forward role. Had an ok game and his line didn't have much of an impact either. Of his players that didn't have built up confidence only one had a good game. Just like you. The difference is you went 1 out of 4 with a few of those players that didn't play well playing in key positions in the lineup. He went 1 of 3 playing well with the 1 being in a key position in the lineup. You were playing with greater risk with more players in key roles still building confidence than he was. The lack of built up confidence either way means a greater chance for a bad game. Either confidence not being built up doesn't guarantee a bad game nor does it eliminate the chance of a good game. It simply opens up the possibility of results to a wider spectrum. Hence how low confidence takes the randomness that you already get and makes it go wild with results earlier in the season. What happened in your game was a proverbial perfect storm. You opened the door enough for the possibility of that happening with risky decision making and you got bit for it. Had you not made such risky decision making in terms of your lineup set up or even not made the trades at all you would have likely trounced the team like you did in the first game the two teams played. Do you really not realize that your team's 3-0-0-5 record since you made the first trade is, in large part, due to those trades and the resulting impact of having players with low confidence in key positions in the lineup despite your team on the whole having rather high confidence? Your teams performance has been very up and down with Haulk, in a key position in the lineup, struggling with consistency since the trade for him when the player you had before and traded for Haulk was doing very well. I don't doubt that Haulk will eventually settle in but until then his lack of built up confidence is going to be a negative impact to your team. Let us also not overlook the fact that that is actually a solid GHL team skills wise that beat you. No, not great by any stretch but still solid. There are teams above that team in the standings doing more with less talent. The manager is going a good job in general. They just aren't doing as good a job optimizing the lineup and utilizing the players that they have as they could be. Finally, may I introduce Occam's razor. When two theories exist trying to explain the same thing the one that is more likely accurate is the one with the fewest assumptions. My theory is based on the fact that a lack of built up confidence, either team or player, has an observable negative impact and a significant one early in the season when no teams have any built up confidence. This can be reliably and repeatedly tested in game easily. Your theory is the assumption that there is a hidden code in the game that provides a boost to new teams in the GHL. This is an assumption that cannot be reliably proven in game.
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    NFL Football

    Brees is a better QB than Brady, simple
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    Paul you devious fellow. I had only ever looked at the transfers contract screen. That said, I am stubborn in my conviction that a player's movement on the terms of their current contract should not be limited. . .
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    [SOLVED] Draft Preference

    There as been a problem with the Draft Preference tool. Whenever i try to move players up and down, they move 2 spaces at a time. Also, i cannot save my Draft Preference. I always get an error report. This as been going on since the last update or so. Please fix this up, since it happens on both my PC laptop and a Mac.
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    Can a simple toggle be implemented that stops automatic goaltender swaps in games? There have been numerous situations where I have been unable to give my starter rest for one game because he continually keeps getting pulled in. This has now happened three games in a row most recently, losing me 9 points. I, and presumably most other managers, would rather take one blowout and get back on track than getting stuck in this cycle or have to obtain a third goaltender for rotation.
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    Wick Schozen

    Scouting Expected Finish

    Does anyone know when exactly a scouting assignment is completed? Under the status of the assignment it has expected finish but does that mean that the scouting assignment can run beyond when it was expected to be completed?
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    Could you check the log file (CTFM.log) so I can see what is wrong? I am using the patch myself without issues
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    Player personalitites

    Quick question. Do personality traits affect player's ability to attain chemistry with line mates?
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    A FICTIONAL HISTORY OF FOOTBALL I am not sure how long I will keep this dynasty going as I am sure there will be some fixes I will want to take advantage of in future beta releases forcing me to restart it but I am really enjoying seeing how things are unfolding in my college league so I felt I wanted to start a dynasty report to document it. I have done similar writings with the same style for baseball with OOTP in which my primary focus is on the history of the game over a longer period. I will follow a similar format here although I have not made too many attempts at a football dynasty in the past. I always like to build a history before I dive into things so in this one I quick simmed my college league from 1915 to 1945 (1920-45 for the NFL) to build up a history for my league. I then slow things down a bit in 1946 with the plan to look at things in a little more detail by focusing on a key recruit or two at the time and following their career through the college ranks and hopefully in to the pro game which I am also simming in the same manner. My college league will have 82 teams set up in conference alignments from the early 1970s. I capped it at 82 teams primarily because I like to run a smaller pro league and prefer to have a few less rookies entering the draft each year but also because it made creating schedules for my 82 team college league a little easier than if there were another 40 or so teams. The college league will not evolve, it will always remain with the same alignment due to game restrictions. My pro league will evolve somewhat close to what the real-life NFL did (but not exact). I am going with a 12 team league to start in 1920 and, while all but Green Bay, will move at some point, the same 12 team format will continue until we get to the AFL and expansion as we enter the 1960s. To begin this dynasty here is a look at the early days (pre-1946) in both the college ranks and the NFL
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    That is our grand idea is to basically make the full spectrum of sports with both College Football/Basketball and possibly do American Football as well as Pro Basketball down the line. But it's a good start for what we have now If you or anybody you know though would like to help out with the game we would be more than glad to bring em on board.
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    Paul T

    Cage trash talk

    The Stealheads are skidding and tumbling into the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season. Congrats to whichever team gets to face this ball-less team in round 1 and good luck in round 2
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    Paul T

    Advanced stats help

    1) I elaborated on this in my response to Deadwing's post. I doubt there's much manager's can fix - other than attempting to find a goalie who isn't impacted much by slumps. But again, there's more factors than just your goalie having a streak of bad games. Other team's players could be on good streaks, the player could just be having a down season, team could be in a slump overall, maybe it's not even your goalie, but a defender or two causing it. But I've seen it happen to almost every team. 2) Agree on this. And it was me who previously mentioned it, although I don't think WI has that much impact overall. There is only 1 team in the GHL East with Heroic WI and they are pushing relegation. I think we're all in the same boat here. From what I understand, you need a combination of Heroic players, not many Nervous ones, a few Arrogant and Cocky players and players with high reputation. But in the end, a players actual skill means much more. 3) Agree. Oddly enough, the only team that my team underestimated almost all season is yours. I'm not sure it's something that can be adjusted for. Probably more something that is just noted after losses. 4) This one seems to be random as well. I get it 4-5 times per season. I don't really pay much attention to the assistant comments anymore as I feel there's a lot of stuff that doesn't matter all that much.
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    Paul T

    Player profiles [DONE]

    Only question here is regarding Big Games. What is considered a "big moment"? Playoff games?... games toward end of season?... games against top teams?... 3rd period?... figure it out for myself?...
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    Wick Schozen

    Warman Aussies (Buzzer)

    Aussies Training Camp Day 1 Report Season 3 for the Warman Aussies official commenced on day 4. In the Aussies first game of training camp they skated away to a 4-1 win against Valleyview Big Ducks. This was their fans first look at the new franchise. Sporting a roster that has only one player, Ricky Danielsson a prospect at the time, remaining after Wick Schozen acquired the team. “We are happy with how todays game went.” Schozen told reporters after the game. “These three days in camp will allow us to find the right combinations around our line up. This is where the players start to build chemistry and find their footing on the team. For the kids this game was the first time they’ve had to compete against men. This season will be a good introduction to the professional game for them before they start playing on some more meaningful ice." Nine of the thirteen prospects taken in the season 2 draft made their debut in an Aussies uniform against the Big Ducks. Goaltender Robin Guilmaine was stellar in his camp debut, stopping 33 of 34 shots. How much he is leaned on this season will be of particular interest for fans. Veteran goalie Lennard Fransson, 39 years old, is speculated to be retiring after this season. Guilmaine will have this season to try and develop into a GHL caliber starter or else someone will be brought in above him on the depth chart to mind the net. Leading the way for the Aussies today was the formation of the MBZ line. Centered by Nael Broadhurst with Aaron Mallard and Gotfrids Ziemelis on the wings. The MBZ line combined for 8 shots on net, over 20% of the Aussies shots on goal. Leading to Mallard scoring the game winner assisted by Broadhurst. “Keep pushing that 'MBZ' tag. We’ve got that all trademarked and will be releasing merchandise soon. The SHL is going to be a bit of a financial sink hole for us. Right now the only thing keeping us afloat is the revenue from my bar. This line of 18 year olds together is poised to torch the SHL this season. It’s not out of the question that they could all find themselves in the leagues top 20 scorers, maybe even one of them setting pace for the SHL." This first game also provided a showcase of the Aussies foursome of 18 year olds that will hold down the teams top 4 of their defensive core. Listing three defenseman taken inside the top 20 picks in the GHL first round with Adolfo Kapp taken high in the second round. Together this group is an imposing foundation for the Aussies to establish their blue line upon. With majority of the Aussies core listed on entry level deals, GM Wick Schozen was able to surround his young core with big ticket free agents. Under $3M is allocated to their abundance of high octane rookies. With the remaining cap space, Schozen was able to fill out the Aussies forward depth with elite veterans. While some come at a price higher than market rate, the cap space allowed Schozen to sign everyone to one year deals, so not to infringe on later roster construction. “Look some of these guys were chasing their final big ticket pay day. But we’re dangling a championship in front of them. For a lot of them it was pretty simple, get $4.5M over three years and play in the minors for a GHL team or take $2M for one season and travel into every away game like Germany arriving in Poland in the 1940s. And for those that took those GHL deals just know that if you have a child that breaks into professional hockey I’m going to ruin them. I’ll trade for extra picks, draft their rights and destroy their career trajectory. Those we can’t draft we’ll wait until they’re signed longterm, trade for them and they can enjoy the remainder of their contract in the press box. I’m talking to you Mark Dallaire, put little Bobby in soccer because he has no future in this sport outside of the Ukrainian league." Day 1 of training camp concluded with the announcement that 19 year old defenseman Theo Carruth and 21 year old forward Market Mc-Phail were told to leave their gear and report down the hall to the Big Ducks dressing room. They had been traded to acquire the rights to Iisakki Mäntylä who Schozen said he intends to sign to an entry level deal by the end of the day. “We hopped for a one for one swap. Similar players, just trying to sure up the left handed dominance in our defensive core. Big Ducks decided to push their chest a bit so they squeezed us for a prospect. I don’t like getting big dicked in my own arena, I’ll remember this. But we’re happy to get Mäntylä. He’s going to need some time in the minors but ideally he’ll be with us late in the season.” The Aussies face the Big Ducks again on day 6 for their final day of camp. This evening they’ll be taking on the Stockton Vortex to finish off day 2.
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