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    DDSPB22 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    An essential mod for Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022
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    Introductions @ CTFM

    Hi im new to CTFM , im new to the draft day series and hope to have fun here and there .
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    Totally here for the downloads

    I'm a terrible person, I know, but... You might hear from me again???... But probably not. Thanks, though!
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started in 2005 with Eidos Championship Manager 5, I guess. Later moved on to Football Manager and never missed an iteration ever since. Damn, time flies so fast.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Let me start.. I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here at GM Games. I am really curious to know about how you found out about playing these types of games. We've had several blog entries from our feature contributors telling us their story about how they got started playing sim sports. History: I don't consider myself someone with a great memory lol but here is how I think it all got started and how it evolved. For a long time I have always been fascinated with the statistics in sports. Being a fan, playing sports my whole life, I was always interested in box scores. My grandparents would always have a daily paper and I would grab the sports section and be really interested in reading the box scores that tell a little bit of a story of how the game went. From then on I knew stats and sports, athlete performance had a lasting effect on me. But it evolved further to wondering why teams won, why teams lost, and understand the aspects of a manager or franchise. I think it all started on NES. I owned a copy of Baseball Simulator and my friends in the neighbourhood and I just played the crap out of Baseball Stars. I think my mom at one point had a 40 dollar late charge with Blockbuster on a copy of Baseball Stars being a few weeks late. Man did I ever love that game from the team building perspective, money, salary caps etc. Later on Baseball Simulator was pretty fun, but I think I ended up playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 on SNES more, minus the dumbass magic part of that game lol. Baseball was my sport growing up but I loved all sports and my background being Lithuanian, I have been bred to love Basketball. Along the journey at blockbuster I rented my first copy of Tecmo Super Bowl. I would play out full seasons with my friend during sleepovers and we would almost get a whole season done from early afternoon till about 3-4 am. Losing in the playoffs with eyes barely open was an empty feeling when it was all over, lol! But was simulating it ever fun as well. Stats were realistic, player personnel moves had significance etc. Loved this game. I found some joy in basketball from copies of NCAA Basketball (which didn't simulate well but played well), and played a lot of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. Tons of fun and loved my mid-range jumpers from the elbows (which normally was a low percentage shot) but loved seeing Michael Jordan hitting those while growing up. From a hockey perspective my first simulation game was Wayne Gretzky Hockey, which I believe was way ahead of its time. As time progressed Baseball Mogul showed up on the scene. It instantly was a hit to me, it took what I wanted these games to become to the level where it made me feel wrapped up in this world. I helped run a league named BMIL that lasted for years until we switched to OOTP .. I have been a user on the OOTP forums since 2002 and I have an interesting private message with Markus from 2002 that makes me smile to this day. As the modern games came out I pretty much played about everything. Countless hours of Championship Manager (CM) even though I wasn't a huge European Football / Soccer fan but the game was just THAT good. Eastside Hockey Manager was developing and the games got more sophisticated. I still firmly believe this genre made some of the most addictive games ever made. If you really believe and are intrigued with a great simulator algorithm and AI world, these games will keep you playing through all hours of the night. "Just sim one more day".. Hey, share with us your story. I would love to hear it personally. I helped create this site so these games, the developers get the attention they deserve, but also, we get a chance to mold the games with the dev's in our desired fantasy world's. What's your story??
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    Version '98 (PC)


    DISCORD Community for FB Pro 98! https://discord.gg/832cUXx Patched to 1.08 for Windows 10 PC and 64 bit (Tested and Works for Windows 10! with 1.08) FBPro98 1) Mount file FPSFB_98 2) Run the SETUP.EXE file from the mounted ISO CD drive and install game 3) Copy and overwrite all contents from our FbPro98 folder in this zip file to where you installed the game 4) Run our HIKE.EXE that has been copied over Go to utilities you will see version 1.08 Overview The FB Pro 98 version did have a completely revamped user interface that was a significant improvement over prior years. Actual NFL player photos were introduced in the '98 version. In addition, arcade play was now available to play via multiplayer over the Internet. Audio play-by-play was also added, although it was considered lackluster. Non-NFL stadiums and cities were now available as well and a more precise weather system was also included in the new release. Teams could also create and customize their own schedules. The '98 version also had significant improvements in Internet multiplayer play in regards to stability and match making.
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    I enjoy watching these videos. Thanks a lot!
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    Ready For Prime Time? (DDSCB22)

    great to be here!
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    DDS Pro Basketball 22 Questions

    Wish there was an Historical pic pack
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    Version 01/02


    Freeware for Windows PC Overview Championship Manager Season 01/02 edition. Sports Interactive left publisher Eidos for greener pastures at Sega. Championship Manager became Football Manager. CM01/02 there was never even a 2D match engine - let alone the fancy 3D one introduced in FM 2009 - to augment the game's iconic text commentary. Champ Man 01/02 is frozen in time, a shrine to an approach to football management games that since went the way of the dodo - where realism takes a backseat to simplicity and fun. But it's also one of the most up-to-date and well-supported football titles around today. Installation Instructions The download contains a '.iso' file. You will need to install either a virtual drive on to your computer to 'mount' the .iso file or you may burn the file onto a blank CD or DVD.
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    This dynasty report is being continued in the Wolverine Studios forums (in the Dynasty Reports > College Basketball Dynasty Reports forum).
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    Ready For Prime Time? (DDSCB22)

    This dynasty report is being continued in the Wolverine Studios forums (in the Dynasty Reports > College Basketball Dynasty Reports forum).
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    Hi everyone! My name is Patrick and I'm from Lithuania. I really enjoyed basketball gm and now I bought DDSPB2021 so hooray! I can't wait to try this one out, but I really want it to be as immersive as possible so I'm looking to download the real world update and the picture pack which is why I'm here! So best of luck to you all who play this game and hope you're doing great!
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    Just found out about the game and looks great needs way more attention.
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    Baseball gm games

    OOTP is the greatest franchise on the market. In my opinion, no other baseball game compares.
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    Favorite Player of All Time

    Darrell Green
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    IMO Football manager series is currently the best GM game. OOTP 22 was not bad too
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    oh btw, its was on ehm 1.14
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    Hey all, not a mod per se here, but the foundation for one that should work for any Pro Football Sim. I did a touch of roster work for the since cancelled OOTP/FOF joint and after that failed, I decided to accumulate all the data all the data needed to mod a game that doesn't really exist. Enclosed in the files on my site are the vitals and stats for players in the NFL, CFL, AAF, XFL, USFL, UFL, WLAF and its successor, NFL Europe from the years 1981-2021. The data is organized in a series of spreadsheets and designed to be easily manipulated into conforming with whatever mod format might be needed. The dream is for a multi-league historically compatible day-by-day sim, like old style EastSide Hockey Manager. Anyway, here it is. More detail for the files are on the site. https://wudusmods.godaddysites.com/flotsam-project
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    Looking for strat-o-matic players have C & D of all 4 sports and only the baseball pc version.
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    ct football manager real teams mod

    Thanks for the help
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    Draft Day Sports Football 2022 Questions

    DDSB22 is my first version. I bought it yearsteday and i am really excited about tis one...
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    Great videos! I’m a rookie to this game so this is a really good introduction.
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    DDSPB22 GM Games Pro Photo Pack

    Looking forward to try this! Your work looks great!
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    Even more followup. Started the game over, this time not ignoring underclassmen recruits. Got the #5 class with the following strategies: February: Make 30 or so offers for each class year for excellent/high interest recruits immediately. You wouldn't be allowed to sign all 30, but some of them will choose other schools and it will work itself out. Don't use any recruiting points yet, you've got way to many recruits offered to do that. You'll get a couple recruits that sign right away, and a couple more that sign with someone else right away. Keep making offers to excellent/high interest recruits to stay at the 25 per year cap, it'll give you a warning once you go over. April: Now start using recruiting points and calling your recruits. The ones that had a favorite school in mind are out of the system now. Use 1-2 phone call topics and see how they respond. (I notice some recruits say they want to start right away but there's no option to mention that in the phone call. Maybe they look at your roster depth?). Switch to 1 topic after you find out what they're looking for, keep calling them every few weeks throughout the season. Sorting the recruiting board by interest helps. Keep making offers to keep your recruits at 25 a year. June: Make offers for the prospect camp. Limit seems to be 17 players? At this point you'll probably find you have to dip into medium interest recruits to keep your offers at 25. Keep offering. July: Prospect camp. Give it a day or so and then call all the players who liked your camp. The ones that didn't like your camp are probably a lost cause. August - November: Call your highest-interest recruits every 2-3 weeks, 1 topic per call. You want to have a bunch of points left for visiting recruits. Keep offering to keep your recruits at 25 a year. December: College contact period. Go visit the best recruits left on your list. December: Early signing period. This is the point most of your 25-a-year offers are going to disappear. Don't bother refilling it at this point, just check and see if any new recruits suddenly gained interest in your school after all the signings. Day before National Signing Day: Use all of the rest of your recruiting points. Visit as many players as you can afford to, and call the rest. Make walk-on offers to 2 or 1 stars who still don't have a team if you need to. Things I don't use: recruits visiting the school. It just takes to long to pay off for the expense - I would hate using 60 recruiting points on some player in April, to visit my school in September, only to have him sign somewhere else in the meantime. Pics, year 1 recruiting class, year 2 recruiting as of June.
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    Playing Sports Management Games

    I mostly like building the rosters and letting the AI coach manage the games.
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    Favorite sports sim?

    Defenitely Fottball Manager for me,but i am getting intop DDSP22 atm Dont know if racing sims are part of this sim games topic,but i am big fan of iRacing and ACC to
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    How to download?

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    Thanks for the video. I love these types of games, and I always wanted a basketball one as I was addicted to OOTP, but I never found a game like this for my favorite sport
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    Just started watching. Started playing this week. I'll be following along. Thanks for posting.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Baseball Simulator 1.000 on my NES was probably my start too! I would grab a notebook and write down the stats after each month so that I could read them when I wasn't on my console...
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    Hello Fellow Arm Chair GMs

    Posting to say hello as i join this community. Big football franchise mode player. Have been playing old school Gen 6 (PS2) Madden for my franchise fix until I found both PFS-2022 and DDSPF22 and am enjoying both.
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    In game editor

    Would it be possible to extend the use of the editor, so that we can edit players & coaches in-game? For example, when I play through a season and get a new recruitment class, I would like to be able to edit their names/attributes so that there's no duplicate names or so that there's more realistic names to that particular school. Editing attributes/skills would take this game really far because it would allow users to make each season personal and unique. Thanks guys! Love from Louisiana!
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    When it says updated September 29th, I assume that's 2021 right?
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    USFL 2K | FBPro98

    It has been quite a while since I updated this thread, so let me bring you up to date: - I am now using XEG Football to simulate the 2006 2KFL season which will be the 7th season I have simulated (2004 was finished in FBPro98; the 2005 season was actually simmed in Draft Day Sport 2021) - Before the 2005 season, the 2KFL expanded to 18 teams (Memphis Showboats, Pittsburgh Maulers, Houston Gamblers, San Antonio Gunslingers, Oklahoma Outlaws and Jacksonville Bulls). The Pittsburgh Maulers were the lucky team to win the number one pick and selected QB Aaron Rodgers. Some other notable rookies chosen in the 2005 draft were QB Ryan Fitzpatrick going to the Houston Gamblers, QB Alex Smith going to the San Antonio Gunslingers and DE DeMarcus Ware going to the Boston Breakers and CB Pacman Jones going to the Washington Federals who seem to love stacking their secondary with front-line elite prospects in the draft. - The Washington Federals ended up winning the 2004 2KFL Bowl defeating the Chicago Blitz. The 2004 League MVP was Tampa Bay QB Marc Bulger. The Defensive Player of the Year was Philadelphia Stars CB Damon Moore. The Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year were Birmingham Stallions WR Wes Welker and Washington Federals S Sean Taylor. - The Los Angeles Express defeated Tom Brady (who also won 2005 League MVP award) and the Philadelphia Stars to win the 2005 2KFL Bowl. The Defensive Player of the Year was Michigan Panthers S Earl Little. The Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year were Oklahoma Outlaws HB Ronnie Brown and Washington Federals CB Chris Harris. As an aside, I will be providing weekly update recapping each game with interesting things that happened during the game The 2006 2KFL Draft took place a couple of weeks and the results are below: ROUND 1 ARI WR Brandon Marshall DEN G Chris Chester OAK QB Jay Cutler TBY LB Chris Greenway BOS WR Marques Colston HOU LB D'Qwell Jackson BIR DE Mario Williams OKL LB DeMeco Ryans SAT LB A.J. Hawk MIC C Nick Mangold PIT LB Stephen Tulloch WAS LB Rocky McIntosh CHI LB Thomas Howard JAX DT Haloti Ngata NWJ WR Greg Jennings MEM WR Santonio Holmes PHI DE Tamba Hali LAX DE Rob Ninkovich ROUND 2 ARI LB James Anderson DEN WR Delanie Walker OAK WR Jason Avant TBY HB Maurice Jones-Drew BOS LB Ernie Sims HOU S Antoine Bethea BIR DT Kyle Williams OKL LB Omar Gaither SAT DE Elvis Dumervil MIC QB Vince Young PIT LB Clint Ingram WAS LB Tim Dobbins CHI CB Tim Jennings JAX DT Domata Peko NWJ G Zach Strief MEM QB Tarvaris Jackson PHI LB Keith Ellison LAX S Donte Whitner As you can see, this draft was extremely Linebacker heavy, which was needed because the league had a TON of Linebackers retire. The next few post will go by division with team info
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    Editing XML - Conference Size

    I should have added, this issue was experienced when modifying the FBS/FCS mod files. I just retried with the Standard fileset and had no issue with any of my attempts to drop a conference below 12, increase a conference above 12, create a new conference, and create a new team. I think I'll work from that as a base, and work through the names and logos myself. I gotta say, this is the first time I've found a game that looks like it can accommodate my weird desires to bend/realign/reorganize CFB from the ground up. I am in love with how open ended this seems, given my dive into these files. Thank you for your work on the project!
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    Awesome rebuild, love it! Much respect
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    Ideas for features

    I have only just started playing this game but its really enjoyable. When you get a touchdown I would love to see a graphic of a ref signalling for a TD.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started with the Strat O Matic board game & eventually Tony La Russa Baseball followed by every edition of Front Page Sports Baseball & Football. I picked it up with the OOTP baseball series & have purchased every one, every year. Still a huge soft spot for the FPS games.
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    CT Football manager is awesome!

    so happy i found this game, lovin it so far!
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    CT Football manager is awesome!

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    Playbook Tips

    Here is an Urban Meyer playbook from when he was at Utah, you could adopt some of these plays. There are lots of playbooks out there, just do a search for them and copy what you like.
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    Feedback & Reviews

    I downloaded it today, really enjoying it so far. It could use a lot more explaining on how to do things and how to start out with your team. I went hogwild hoping I could start signing recruits and after I had made phone calls and sent out lit to my targets, there were no points left for visits. Kids were signing with other teams left and right and all I could do was have my team practice. I spent some time with the play editor too which is nice, but the stock plays leave a lot to be desired. None of the pass plays had any of the offensive linemen set to pass block. You have to click save after each update to a play or else the whole layout of the play is gone. Defensively, the plays have all your personnel listed but no orders for the defensive players, so you've got to go through each player and tell them to blitz, or play zone, or whatever. I did like being able to schedule future opponents.
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    The veto trade was much better that the one that got CHarlotte after that.
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    WIZARDS REVEAL HALLORAN AS NEW GENERAL MANAGER The Washington Wizards has decided on terminating Thomas Sheppard's contract after their playoff exit, and went with signing 52 year-old Robert Halloran, former college and high school head coach with 14 years of experience. Halloran also worked as a front office executive in several other NBA teams, such as the Boston Celtics. On Tuesday, Ted Leonsis released a statement to The Washington Post in which he shared the plan to take his time in forming the franchise’s new leadership team. Halloran, according to a source from inside the club, was highly sought after due to his preference of player development and long term planning. Halloran served as the Celtics’ Senior Director of Team Services and Player Relations before his arrival in Washington. With Boston, he oversaw all internal and external communications functions and scouted international, high school, collegiate and minor league talent. He has also organized the Wizards’ training camp and preseason schedules, overseen the athletic training, strength training, video, technology and equipment areas for the team and directed in-arena renovations to areas including the Wizards’ locker room, players’ lounge, family lounge and front offices. CURRENT WIZARDS STAFF: According to sources within the club, Halloran is tending to give head coach Scott Brooks a chance to impress him before going and making changes to the front office of the wizards.
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    Loved the FrontPage Sports Franchise. Trying figure out how to download the 98 version.