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    Whos here from KOT4Q? --- [Note from the Website] "Game is called Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball 2021 or DDSPF21 for short" COME TO THE DISCORD CHANNEL FOR GAME TALK .. #DRAFT-DAY-SPORTS https://discord.gg/qrx2r85
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    Season 6 GHL Awards

    Congratulations to everyone on yet another fantastic season! I am making a judgement call on a couple of the awards, but generally, there was clear consensus, and as usual, discussions AND ADDITIONAL TROPHIES are welcome. You know the drill. GOLDEN CUP CHAMPION: CEDAR RAPIDS MINUTEMEN (Richard Armour) Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP): Viteszlav Predajna (Minutemen) - 13 points - (14GP - 5G/8A/+1) GHL East Champion: BIG DELTA STEALHEADS (Paul T) GHL West Champion: ENIGMA RAGE (Wendel Clark) Manager of the Year: Richard Armour (Minutemen) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) / JEREMIE CLINE (Stealheads) - 84 points OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) - 40 goals GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) PATRICK GORNELL (Red Tide) - 54 assists VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender) ZACH WOODLEY (Eastern Outlaws) ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman) GUSTAVS KUNDZINS (Bodmin Bangers) NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman) PIERROT RIDDLE (Victoria Lions) ORR - Points leader among defencemen NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D-men [BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration, removing +/- for more fairness SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward) RICHARDS AUNINS (Battlin Bears) Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA] Hits and +/- also relevant. LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player) JOESPH RACKLEY (Enigma Rage) Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM] HART TROPHY (League MVP) ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) CALDER TROPHY (Best Rookie) DANICK GRAHAM (Marietta Sand Storm) GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD (Most Giveaways) COLE ADAMSON (Eastern Outlaws) ROID RAGE TROPHY CECIL BRANCO (Shebandowan Natives) (Most Hits + PIM + MP) LATE-BLOOMER AWARD BRENDAN ROWLETT (Enigma Rage)
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    Unable to play friendly games

    yes, that's what happened to me on the other end when I tried to accept your offer
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    Introductions @ CTFM

    I'm also new to CT FM! I would also like if any more veteran players gave some tips or information i have no idea what I'm doing
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Let me start.. I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here at GM Games. I am really curious to know about how you found out about playing these types of games. We've had several blog entries from our feature contributors telling us their story about how they got started playing sim sports. History: I don't consider myself someone with a great memory lol but here is how I think it all got started and how it evolved. For a long time I have always been fascinated with the statistics in sports. Being a fan, playing sports my whole life, I was always interested in box scores. My grandparents would always have a daily paper and I would grab the sports section and be really interested in reading the box scores that tell a little bit of a story of how the game went. From then on I knew stats and sports, athlete performance had a lasting effect on me. But it evolved further to wondering why teams won, why teams lost, and understand the aspects of a manager or franchise. I think it all started on NES. I owned a copy of Baseball Simulator and my friends in the neighbourhood and I just played the crap out of Baseball Stars. I think my mom at one point had a 40 dollar late charge with Blockbuster on a copy of Baseball Stars being a few weeks late. Man did I ever love that game from the team building perspective, money, salary caps etc. Later on Baseball Simulator was pretty fun, but I think I ended up playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 on SNES more, minus the dumbass magic part of that game lol. Baseball was my sport growing up but I loved all sports and my background being Lithuanian, I have been bred to love Basketball. Along the journey at blockbuster I rented my first copy of Tecmo Super Bowl. I would play out full seasons with my friend during sleepovers and we would almost get a whole season done from early afternoon till about 3-4 am. Losing in the playoffs with eyes barely open was an empty feeling when it was all over, lol! But was simulating it ever fun as well. Stats were realistic, player personnel moves had significance etc. Loved this game. I found some joy in basketball from copies of NCAA Basketball (which didn't simulate well but played well), and played a lot of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. Tons of fun and loved my mid-range jumpers from the elbows (which normally was a low percentage shot) but loved seeing Michael Jordan hitting those while growing up. From a hockey perspective my first simulation game was Wayne Gretzky Hockey, which I believe was way ahead of its time. As time progressed Baseball Mogul showed up on the scene. It instantly was a hit to me, it took what I wanted these games to become to the level where it made me feel wrapped up in this world. I helped run a league named BMIL that lasted for years until we switched to OOTP .. I have been a user on the OOTP forums since 2002 and I have an interesting private message with Markus from 2002 that makes me smile to this day. As the modern games came out I pretty much played about everything. Countless hours of Championship Manager (CM) even though I wasn't a huge European Football / Soccer fan but the game was just THAT good. Eastside Hockey Manager was developing and the games got more sophisticated. I still firmly believe this genre made some of the most addictive games ever made. If you really believe and are intrigued with a great simulator algorithm and AI world, these games will keep you playing through all hours of the night. "Just sim one more day".. Hey, share with us your story. I would love to hear it personally. I helped create this site so these games, the developers get the attention they deserve, but also, we get a chance to mold the games with the dev's in our desired fantasy world's. What's your story??
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    Playing Sports Management Games

    I mostly like building the rosters and letting the AI coach manage the games.
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    Favorite sports sim?

    Defenitely Fottball Manager for me,but i am getting intop DDSP22 atm Dont know if racing sims are part of this sim games topic,but i am big fan of iRacing and ACC to
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    How to download on here?

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    Just started watching. Started playing this week. I'll be following along. Thanks for posting.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Baseball Simulator 1.000 on my NES was probably my start too! I would grab a notebook and write down the stats after each month so that I could read them when I wasn't on my console...
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    When it says updated September 29th, I assume that's 2021 right?
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    Editing XML - Conference Size

    I should have added, this issue was experienced when modifying the FBS/FCS mod files. I just retried with the Standard fileset and had no issue with any of my attempts to drop a conference below 12, increase a conference above 12, create a new conference, and create a new team. I think I'll work from that as a base, and work through the names and logos myself. I gotta say, this is the first time I've found a game that looks like it can accommodate my weird desires to bend/realign/reorganize CFB from the ground up. I am in love with how open ended this seems, given my dive into these files. Thank you for your work on the project!
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    "EP1 The Opening .... Can CoachFury Rebuild the Charlotte Hornets using LaMelo Ball as the key piece towards playoff glory?"
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    I started with the Strat O Matic board game & eventually Tony La Russa Baseball followed by every edition of Front Page Sports Baseball & Football. I picked it up with the OOTP baseball series & have purchased every one, every year. Still a huge soft spot for the FPS games.
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    WIZARDS REVEAL HALLORAN AS NEW GENERAL MANAGER The Washington Wizards has decided on terminating Thomas Sheppard's contract after their playoff exit, and went with signing 52 year-old Robert Halloran, former college and high school head coach with 14 years of experience. Halloran also worked as a front office executive in several other NBA teams, such as the Boston Celtics. On Tuesday, Ted Leonsis released a statement to The Washington Post in which he shared the plan to take his time in forming the franchise’s new leadership team. Halloran, according to a source from inside the club, was highly sought after due to his preference of player development and long term planning. Halloran served as the Celtics’ Senior Director of Team Services and Player Relations before his arrival in Washington. With Boston, he oversaw all internal and external communications functions and scouted international, high school, collegiate and minor league talent. He has also organized the Wizards’ training camp and preseason schedules, overseen the athletic training, strength training, video, technology and equipment areas for the team and directed in-arena renovations to areas including the Wizards’ locker room, players’ lounge, family lounge and front offices. CURRENT WIZARDS STAFF: According to sources within the club, Halloran is tending to give head coach Scott Brooks a chance to impress him before going and making changes to the front office of the wizards.
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    DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions

    Hi everyone, brand new here. Just bought DDS pro Basketball 21. Any tips on how to get started as I've never played any of these games before? Thanks
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    Hah yeah, I definitely like how my fellow Russians look like Russians.
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    NBA Live 95 was one of my first sports games, beside a couple of classic (german) football/soccer management games, that are still fun to play (at times). For NBA Live 96 - that I asked to get for christmas - me and my brothers were searching our parent's house to find it prior to christmas eve. And we did - and we actually were playing the game a couple of times (secretly) and put it back, just to receive it back on christmas day.
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    DDS Pro Football 21 Questions

    I like it. Not as in depth as some management games but its fun for what it is.
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    also draft day college basketball is good
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    hey fellow GM games fans, i just got activated here. first i was only registering here trying to "steal" the DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack as Im planning to getting into that game. but hey why not share some stuff with other GM games enthusiasts. i was a bit ticked off not receiving the confirmation mail directly. but then i contacted the admin and he reacted hella first. but i could tell hes a really chill dude from watching his streams on YT before which got me in those draft day sports games in the first place. i was always looking for a decent basketball GM game. played a bunch of other GM or GM styled games before, like football manager (probably sunk the most hours into that game, besides some RTS games), total extreme wrestling (rerunning the monday night wars after the montreal screwjob), nba 2k GM mode, pro cycling manager (also running historic database telekom vs us postal and shit) and rite now those draft day sports games. im from germany. i support the following professional sport teams: 1. FC Cologne (the billy-goats my local association football club, still hope they wont descend, that missing crowd support really sucks for them), bora-hansgrohe (professional cycling team) and basically dallas ball sport teams. dirk brought me there and being exposed to the coverage there i slowly got into americas team the boys for the NFL aswell (dont bash me for that, haha). so my plan is trying to build a dynasty around luka magic (have u seen his 3 point buzzer beater floater vs the grizzlies? like dafuq) with the mavs in DDSPB21. so yeah thats my first post basically. so one more to go before i can download lol. but ima take it slow. not trying to spam or anything. thanks for letting me in greetings franz_kremer (named after founder of 1. FC Cologne, who phrased the famous quote: tradition only has a sense, if the willpower for even higher deeds is there; when he founded the club basically merging two clubs from cologne, he was asking do you want to become meister (champion) with me. and they basically did it. in that times they were known as the real madrid of the west also the first german professional soccer team with kit sponsors so he was ahead of his time. nevertheless i really dig that american sports teams dont really have kit sponsors or just little ones now in the nba)
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    DDSPF/DDSCF Link Up Question

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    Series is great! Just starting my own franchise.
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    Thanks for the reply. I like the game but its a bit buggy. Maybe its time to charge people to use it. For example I notice the special teams plays are gone if I edit the play book. Also the game hasn't been transferring my practice schemes to new recruits. When I add the schemes to their routine the game will crash. It would be worth paying $15 or $20 if the game didnt have these bugs. Great game, thanks for building it.
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    How to download on here?

    3 years and still going strong what a topic
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    Sports star you want to meet

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, i want to drink beer with him
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    How I started.. Playing Sports Sims

    Championship Manager was incredible. I've played countless hours. FM probably still is, but I got less and less invested in Football (Soccer) over the years.
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    Gotta get that mod dawg
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    Apparently I signed up 4 years ago.

    Took a while to finally introduce myself.
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    FEDORA (using DDSCB2020)

    Jan. 9, 2024: Elon Phoenix (7-6, 2-0) @ Towson Tigers (11-2, 1-1) Gloria Spann, mother of freshman PG/SG Jon Spann Elon’s freshman SF Charles Barnes has been one of the brightest new stars in the CAA. He’s averaging 10.8 ppg and has scored in double figures in 8 of the Phoenix’ 13 games. He’s been the CAA Freshman Player of the Week 4 times already. If my son, Jon, were starting and getting as much playing time, people would understand that he really is the best freshman in the CAA. It’s nearly a 4 hour drive from Buckingham, VA where we live to Towson, so my husband and I can’t get to all of Jon’s home games. The Tigers shooting sucked early in the game and 3 of their players (C Donny Flint, SF Wayne Burrough, and C Donyell Porter) picked up 2 quick fouls. In contrast the Phoenix shot well and lept ahead 20-10 after 9 minutes of play. But Towson rallied and came back in the last 5 minutes of the half to take a 36-34 lead when the buzzer sounded. Jon scored just 2 points but played well. SF Wayne Burrough was the Tigers top scorer with 8 points. Charles Barnes was better than I thought, scoring 15 points for the Phoenix. Towson held onto a small lead the entire 2nd half but never was able to pull away and create a comfortable lead. But the Tigers did enough to win by a final score of 80-73. Jon scored just 3 points, but also had 3 assists and 2 steals. PG Shaun White scored 22, SG Dominick Collins put in 15 points plus had 8 rebounds, C Donny Flint had 13 points, 5 assists and 9 rebounds, and SF Wayne Burrough added 10 points. SF Charles Barnes scored 23 points for Elon. Hmm...so OK, he's pretty good. The win moved Towson into a 5-way tie for 2nd place, one game behind 3-0 Hofstra.
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    No, think they will be a bust in the playoffs. Lakers would brush them aside easily provided AD and LeBron stay healthy.
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    How to download on here?

    The mods on here will change DDS PF 2021 for me completely. Appreciate it!
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    Indoor Football Manager

    Rigafan, Can you email me the .ifm for that league? I'd like to debug it. Also, let me know your GM password in the email. [email protected]
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    How to download on here?

    Great downloads here
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    Evaluating Walk-ons In the first couple of weeks of July a number of walk-ons will arrive. These are additional team members outside the recruitment process. Their general skill seems to be related to team's overall reputation, prestige and/or coaching levels (or possibly a combination of some or all). The players fall across all years, from freshmen to 5-year seniors. On an automatic pop up screen you have to chose to offer any of these new players scholarships or make them preferred walk-ons (there is a maximum number of scholarships that can be given at any one time (85). You can also choose to change these for an existing players. I haven't found these changes to make a huge amount of difference at this stage, although from a role-playing perspective I tend to give my highest rated players in a position a scholarship and strip scholarships from any player falling to a 1 star rating or two or more stars below my best in that position. (In the example below I gave all 4 star walks on a Full Scholarship). For ease of evaluation, I sorted this sheet by clicking on the position so I could see the depth (and highest rated players at each position more easily). Once you have made any required changes click on Done in the top-right corner. If walk-ons fill some of the gaps you were previously recruiting for, you may wish to withdraw offers from undecided recruits you have made offers to. For example in the unlikely event a 5* Freshman Fullback turned up early July, I might decide to withdraw any offers I had made for other Fullbacks through the recruitment process, so I could focus on other priorities, or invest in more Seniors.
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    Tom Black

    How to download on here?

    Hope this enables me to download the files
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    Real Team Mod 2020 season

    If i had to do all this work myself I wouldn't know where to begin. Thank you guys!
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    Somebody has been watch Queens Gambit on Netflix!
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    Which EHM is better?

    EHM 07 is the best version that was released. I own them all and I enjoy them in this order... EHM 07 > EHM 04 (First one called NHL Eastside) > EHM 05 > EHM (steam version) People recommending the new Franchise Hockey Manager but I would disagree, the game is now up to version 7 and is still very rough around the edges and is a very different product to EHM. If you only care about up date NHL game play then sure go buy Franchise hockey 7 otherwise stick with EHM 07 if you have it!
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    DDS Pro Football 21 Questions

    Thanks for the info on the logo packs and for the hard work getting them set up.
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    DDSPF21 "EP4: Cincinnati Bengals Rebuild"
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    How to download on here?

    This is a great site. Looking forward to it.
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    Add your manager signature

    has to be https not http, I fixed it for you
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    This has become my favorite website

    I agree, great stuff
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    NFL Football

    i agree ahahah
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    NFL Football

    The Hoodie made Brady who he is.
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    I will check out the first game(s) and then see how it goes. I don't have high hopes because of how fickle football fans are, these leagues never last long due to lack of interest after initial hype. Hope it sticks though.