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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to write a quick post showcasing this app I am working on... It is a basketball management game, I wanted to focus a lot on customization (create/edit players, create/edit teams, edit draft classes edit sliders, etc) but you can essentially play out full seasons with draft, free agency(or recruiting if you set it to college mode in the sliders), trades, coaching adjustments file saves etc. I am constantly working on it and can push over the air updates whenever so it is constantly getting updates and new features! Here is a video showcasing some of the app It is currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store if anyone is interested I would love to hear feedback, any issues or suggestions can easily be addressed with the ability to push over the air updates.. I also have just released On Paper Sports Hockey '20 if you would like to check that out heres a video showcasing that as well Thanks! would love to hear feedback!