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  1. Demo? But it is very easy to install the real teams
  2. I found the issue and it has been fixed for the next release
  3. It seems like something is making the game crash when you enter the home page, but the page is still loaded.... Could you please check if you have new content in a file called ctfm.log in the game folder?
  4. Thanks and if you look at the attributes for a player, then you might noticed that some of them are written in bold. This means that the attributes is "important" for that position.
  5. I hope that you find it not as filled with bugs as you think
  6. I am not sure what you mean with this?
  7. Hi, we have added it the todo list, so it will hopefully be a part of the next release
  8. We have added to the todo list, and then we might see if it is possible to implement in a good way
  9. CTGames

    Save Game Bug

    That location is something which tells us where in the code the issue is. Would it be possible for you to sent the two files for the saved game to [email protected]?
  10. Could you please try to sent me your xml files on [email protected] then I can take a look at why it is crashing because in theory it should be possible?
  11. Hi We are now ready with release of version 0.8.14 with the main focus of implementing some help views and an editor. The newest version can be downloaded at https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/298465/release-0814 If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CTGames6 Please use our forum for any feedback: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/ or on discord: https://discord.com/invite/BFeYXsT Best Regards
  12. You mean an editor so you are able to create your own "mods" or do you mean to edit the players you got ingame on the teams?
  13. In the next version some of the screens will have help texts, which shows what to do on that screen
  14. CTGames


    Do you mean when clicking save a scheme or delete scheme, because then I will try to test that?
  15. CTGames


    Will you please check if you have a log file (ctfm.log) in the game folder?