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  1. At the moment it is possible in prestige mode to progress as head coach from the lower division (FCS) to the highest level (FBS) if you have installed the modpack.
  2. A simulation game for the college football
  3. I think we will take a look at that
  4. CTGames

    Practice crash

    Some other users have reported the same, but we can't recreate it. We will take a look at it and hope we have more success now
  5. CTGames

    starting game

    Did it work before using the real teams mod? Else please try to run the game as administrator. If it worked before please attach a screen of how your data\divisions-folder looks like
  6. It is because the LB position hasn't been removed from the game, which it is for the next release. And you are right that in the current version the MLB/OLB wouldn't get much game time
  7. Strange that it doesn't work with that screen setting but we will take a look at it. I will also ask our modder to include those danes into the game
  8. CTGames

    Backup QB

    In the Tactics view under your Depth Chart you are actually able to set if the QB should be subbed on blow outs
  9. For Past Box Scores you should be able to see it under Division->Scores where you have a button for Box Score
  10. Hi Dave Thanks a lot for you taking the time to help us with this feedback Some of the things we already have on our todo list like Half Sacks and fixing player weights. Regarding the White jerseys then it is possible to change the jerseys on the game settings view - so is that what you were looking for? For the spellings and wording it is most likely because English isn't our main language, so if you have anything please let us know and we will fix/update it The rest of the issues have been added to the todo list and we have started on some of the tasks, which will be us busy for a long period But again if you have anything further just let us know and we will look at it BR
  11. Btw. what is your screen resolution? The best fit for the game is 1536 x 864 or higher
  12. Hi, thanks for all your inputs. Regarding handling of coaches you need to deselect that your assistance handles that in the settings menu. We will take a look at the screen resolution issues as well as the issue with special teams. Please sent me all the danish players because then I will ask our modder to include them in the next mod pack We have tried to optimize the number of recruits and also tried to implement a weekly recap report.
  13. Thanks a lot for the inputs and we will start to look at them as soon as we have finished our current tasks. We will try to implement a new way of handling the coordinators
  14. The screen you have sent should help us fixing the issue, so we will look into that right away