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  1. What do you mean with an update since the data was last updated a month ago?
  2. Have you remember to unzip the file first and do you have .NET framework in the latest version installed on your PC?
  3. We are currently creating a whole new version of the game, where this fix will be a part of. Games saved in the old game wouldn't work in the new version
  4. You need to have two posts, so now you should be able to download it
  5. CTGames

    Real Team?

    It can be downloaded here: https://forums.gmgames.org/files/file/59-real-teams-and-bowls-for-ct-football-manager-by-twitchteegue Be aware that it hasn't been updated in the past 5 months
  6. It is only possible through upgrades
  7. Good to hear but we know there are still some issues with loading/saving of a game, which we will try to fix
  8. We are currently on a break from developing the game, but we will try to take a look at this when we are back. So thanks a lot for the inputs
  9. You are the first one saying that so could you attach a screen of your "divisions" folder?
  10. CTGames

    Release of 0.9.4

    I think you are thinking of another game since this isn't on Steam
  11. Hi We are happy to finally announce the release of version 0.9.4. This release contains a number of bug fixes and splitting of a number of positions. The newest version can be downloaded at https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase Check out the newest devlog here: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/372570/release-094 If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CTGames6 Please use our forum for any feedback: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/ or on discord: https://discord.com/invite/BFeYXsT Best Regards
  12. The crash in #2 is actually only happening when playing with the standard teams. It is because of missing the bowl logos. That is fixed for next release
  13. Thanks for all the input which we will try to fix/look at right away
  14. You need to make two posts in the forum, and then you can download it from here:
  15. It needs to look like this (without the FCS2 folder):