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    CTGames reacted to medical3072 in Adding Class to Depth Chart Screen   
    I'd like to see players' class (Fr., So., etc.) added as part of their description window in the depth chart. It'd be nice as a quick way to see how many starters are seniors and need to be replaced by subsequent recruiting classes.
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    CTGames reacted to MTorp90 in Ideas for features   
    I'm really missing a compoud score of relevant skills
    When I do the Depth Chart I get a summary of their skills, but I'd rather have a compound score similar to Madden or other sports games or a rating similar to newer gens of FM.

    Another thing that is absolutely critical for me to get is "Back" button so when I look at a player I can return to my entire roster instead of navigating through the panels

    More transparency on recruiting, I have three options for players, how do they impact his interest? All players seem to be high or excellent in interest already

    Lastly, pleasepleaseplease change TCU from Dallas to Fort Worth
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    CTGames reacted to JonnyG21 in Feedback & Reviews   
    Just downloaded, really excited by the game. Hoping to be able to provide any helpful feedback
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    CTGames reacted to jack805td1 in Feedback & Reviews   
    Please keep up the great work. At some point adding a playbook editor I think would open up the appeal of the game to a lot of potential users.
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    CTGames reacted to Piecesof8 in Feedback & Reviews   
    I just got this game, and I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts when I've logged some hours! Looking forward to it!
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Playbook editor   
    We will and it should be possible to both edit the playbook for a team, and also add new plays and formations. Most likely it will be a part of one of the next couple of releases
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    CTGames reacted to EvoTwists in Release of 0.5.4   
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Release of 0.5.4   
    Hi   We are happy to announce the release of CT Football Manager Version 0.5.4.   In this version the main focus has been on bug fixing, GUI updates and penalties   The newest version can be downloaded at https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase The newest devlog can be found here: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/116125/biweekly-release-054 If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CTGames6   We hope you will enjoy the game   Best Regards The DevTeam
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    CTGames reacted to Robmeister89 in Indoor Football Manager   
    Small update for those interested:
    Simulation engine is almost done with a few exceptions. (Note: It was already pretty close but needed a few tweaks.) 
    1. I still need to implement strategies, currently the game chooses based on down and distance as well as field position.
    2. I need to implement saving results and stats to the database.
    Once I complete those (this is a slow process for me as previously mentioned due to time constraints) I might be ready for an alpha version for consumers to try it out. Much of the game is not completed but if results can be generated and saved at least I'll be ready to let people do testing.
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    CTGames reacted to historybeast in Team Reputation   
    One thing that I would like to be able to see is somebody work on making an algorithm for the implementation of teams reputation because something that we should get put into the game would be to have teams show accuracy with how they are represented from one school to the next.
    For example, there needs to be some math formula to find out how somebody can take the stats from players as well as combined overall offensive and defensive numbers to create Ohio State at like at 90 overall versus somebody like Texas State that is 67. 
    So if somebody wants to get on top of that, it would be great.
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    CTGames reacted to Chris in Read this first   
    Hello and welcome to the bug section.
    Here you can post any apparent bugs you find in the game and they shall be taken a look upon by the developer.
    Few things to note before posting your bug report:
    Always use the search function before posting a new bug to see if there is already a topic opened about it
    Please state your bug in the following form:
    Describe the bug:
            Also include screenshots if possible.
    Once you have submitted your post, wait for developer's reply. After the reply a moderator will change the title of your post with a correct prefix:
    [WIP] = Work in progress (The cause of the bug is known and will be fixed with a future update)
    [BUI] = The bug is under investigation (The cause of the bug is not known and will be taken closer look into)
    [SOLVED] = The bug is fixed
    [NA] = No action (The issue is not a bug or can not be reproduced. The topic will remain open for another week for additional comments before being moved, locked or deleted)

    Once the bug is solved, the thread will be left open for a week, until the moderators will close it down and it will be moved to Solved Bugs sub forum.
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    CTGames reacted to Zeppelin462 in Release of 0.5.2   
    Great stuff guys, keep it up! Just donated and downloaded the update! Now we just need to get this on Kirk Herbstreit's radar ;)
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    CTGames reacted to Robmeister89 in Indoor Football Manager   
    As I already stated, I have done almost nothing on my game recently.. I hurt my back at the start of September, my college term started at that time as well, I then got sick with the flu... but just yesterday I finally implemented something I have been wanting to implement for a very long time.. the league calendar... its going to operate similarly to OOTPD games in that you will simulate one real-life day at a time (with the option to simulate multiple days of course).
    Please note for this particular screenshot, Pembroke Pines has two teams, what you're seeing on the schedule is not an error. The teams are randomly generated currently so its possible for teams to have the same city (albeit its rare but its possible).
    Here's the first version of that calendar showing off the league's games for the month:

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    CTGames reacted to historybeast in Copyright Rules?   
    I mean, I can totally get a pack together but I just would need to know where to place it. 
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    CTGames reacted to Chris in Copyright Rules?   
    Right here, http://forums.gmgames.org/files/category/12-mods-graphics-players/
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Customizing names?   
    The bowls and conferences are in xml files so if you edit them, then you can change the names.
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    CTGames reacted to Clout in Auto-set depth chart!   
    Thank you! I look forward to the next update.
    Keep up the good work! You have something special.
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    CTGames reacted to SetonHallPirate in Ideas for features   
    One thing that is desperately needed is a way to auto-set depth charts. Otherwise setting your depth charts properly is a royal pain.
    Also, just a note, partial scholarships do not exist in FBS college football. FBS football is a head-count sport, meaning that a penny in athletically-related financial aid counts as a full ride.
    Otherwise, VERY promising-looking game.
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Release of 0.4.3   
    We are happy to announce the release of CT Football Manager Version 0.4.3.
    In this version we have mostly focused on optimizing the screen when simulating a game and changes to the logos and teams due to some potential legal issues.
    The newest version can be downloaded at https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/purchase
    The newest devlog can be found here: https://ct-games.itch.io/ct-football-manager/devlog/101622/biweekly-release-043
    If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CTGames6
    Enjoy the game
    The DevTeam
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in Indoor Football Manager   
    Just noticed this thread and I must say that it really starts to look like something :-) Keep up the great work
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    CTGames got a reaction from Robmeister89 in Indoor Football Manager   
    Just noticed this thread and I must say that it really starts to look like something :-) Keep up the great work
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    CTGames reacted to stattosoftware in Feedback & Reviews   
    I'm the programmer of Australian Football Coach (the Aussie Rules GM game), saw your game was free, and decided to try it out. (Will purchase the next version.)

    I want to start out by commending you on your work on the game - for what it is so far it's very well done. I really appreciate the customisation as well.

    - Minimise clicks! I want to be able to suspend a player from the message screen as opposed to having to remember what they did. I also want to be able to warn a player instead of suspend them. I also want to be able to kick someone off the team for say a DUI. I don't like having to go to the team screen, remember who the player was, find the player on the roster, and then suspend them.

    - Minimise clicks! There's a lot that can be improved with regards to recruiting, the basic model is good, but a "recruiting budget" and "scholarship limits" are really important. The best games I've played with a recruiting element were The College Years and that college basketball mobile game, where you had to continually invest to get players to come to your school, including calling them or visiting them. I'd like to be able to do that without any additional dialog boxes.

    - Along those lines, I don't know if you get emailed recruiting rankings at the end of each year, but recruiting rankings would be neat, especially if you could tie a "get a top 100 recruiting class" or "get a top 10 recruiting class" into the coaching expectations

    - I generally like the game screen, but things move a little bit too quickly for me, and I like a fast-moving sports sim. Again, I'd minimise clicks by removing the drop-down menu for each play. Can you make each play a button with a diagram of what the play does?

    - I thought the game had soft-frozen when I played my first game, as I thought "simulate game" on the game screen meant the entire game would be simulated as opposed to starting the game.

    - If I choose to play out the game, a "sim to quarter" button would be nice in case I want to speed things up.

    - Part of things moving a little bit too quickly - I scored a touchdown and had no idea what had happened, since the PAT was performed automatically (no 2pt conversions?). A touchdown cutscreen would be nice, along with a clear indication of a turnover, and a more clear indication a first down has been achieved. Also, an incomplete pass does not show up on "last plays".

    - Everything that just happened on the last play should be displayed to you. You just get say "54 yard returning" but you don't know who returned it. You don't know what defense the opposition played, either, you have to look up top for the down and distance and time. What would also be nice is allowing your coaches to sub in players if you decide to call the game, and end-of-quarter/end-of-game clock management options such as "call timeout after play" or "spike ball after play", "tell players to get out of bounds", "run the full play clock (after run/completed pass)" as options.

    - I'd like it if the game stops when you receive a message instead of having to do "next day" or "next game" and automatically takes you to the message screen.

    - More stats on the game screen! You get touchdowns and yards, but not attempts, completion pctage, or interceptions. I'd like to see overall team statistics and a drive log.

    - I know you can edit the XML files, but I'd also really appreciate an in-game editor, even just for team names.

    - This is less optimal, but I'd love to create a college football world where I would be able to either create my own playoff, or go back to the BCS days and only have 1 play 2. In terms of playoffs, the way I do it is by creating specific games, and then seeding specific games with specific teams (IE team #1 plays in this game), and then have those games have winners and losers ids with the id of the game that the winner participates in and the loser participates in (there's a double chance in Aussie Rules, so the loser games are important, and allow you to create some very creative playoff structures.) If the game hasn't been completely scheduled by the time it's ready to play, if one team is scheduled it gets a bye to the winning game.

    - Could you put the dates of the games on the bowl games screen?

    - You have first & 10 even if the goal line is less than 10 yards away. Also, on some offensive penalties, the down and distance do not update.

    - I think the scoring summary should be ordered descending in time (most recent plays first, or at least have the option to do so) and include the score at the time the score occurred.

    - The end of the game updates to "Quarter 5"

    - There's an official logo in the game I would be very wary about using. I would also be more careful with some school names - go with Palo Alto, South Bend, Los Angeles, Westwood, Waco

    - Wyoming shot up to first in the rankings after winning the "Week 0" game and then were out of the rankings entirely the next week. Also, a "previous ranking" would be nice to show on the rankings email screen. Probably easiest just to skip the very first week of rankings than to fix things, but the rankings are a bit too variable. You could also have "power rankings" and then a fixed ranking where it's really hard to move down if you win (reputation + preseason squad skill)

    - The AI had a long clock draining 4th quarter drive down three touchdowns - simple AI which runs the ball with a lead or passes the ball when behind to save the clock would be neat (even better would be tying this in with different AI coaching philosophies.)

    - It's really slow to load and to move between days - perhaps include a loading bar so I know it hasn't crashed.

    - For whatever reason I can't play the game windowed, and it doesn't appear in the task bar when I alt-tab.

    Lots there, but great work so far. Looking forward to the next version. I've also made a couple plays, will upload them for you if you'd like.
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    CTGames reacted to CoachSR in [WIP] Save/Load functionality error   
    Hi guys, first off LOVE THE GAME... 
    I have shared the link to the game in my Facebook groups..
    I take it that currently we are unable to save games ? Every-time i have tried the game closes down on me and when i return there is no sign of the saved game..
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    CTGames got a reaction from Chris in [WIP] Save/Load functionality error   
    It seems like we have an issue where we forgot to save all data correct. We will fix this so it should work in next release (end of this week)
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    CTGames reacted to Diesel in Feedback & Reviews   
    I have spent maybe an hour looking around the game, and I love it so far. I do have some suggestions for little details, I will add more as I continue to play.
    1. I selected a Texas team and I noticed that there was 1 player from a texas highschool, the rest of the roster was from out of state. Not very realistic, but hey, I understand the roster was probably randomly created, and in the future I will just have to recruit in state, because we all know when it comes to high school football, Texas is king!
    2. I am not a programmer, I want to learn, but I am sure there is a way you can make specific weights and jersey numbers for each position because I am sorry, but I have never seen a QB with the number 68 and weighing 297 pounds, and I have never seen a Center that weights 225 pounds or a 6-8 315 pound running back OMG!!!! at least not in D1 football. Offensive linemen can't have #26 jersey!! If you are able to do this, I can give you a breakdown of jersey numbers for specific positions.
    3. similar to weight and jersey numbers... Normally the heavier a player is, their strength,speed etc...  should also match.. for instance.. my 6-8 315 pound running back shouldn't have a 93 speed (TOO FAST) 88 running power is understandable, but a 13 strength!!! NO... first of all 6-8 315 pounds 88 running power, 93 speed, he is going to be a freak, so he should be strong as hell, or not in D1 football. I understand this is still in beginning stages, and don't get me wrong, I love the game so far, but lets get it more realistic, because I am going to make my team a power team, big Oline, I want a big physical running back that I can switch with a more speedy shift running back, I want a QB that can scramble, etc... we have to be able to recruit the kind of players we want.