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  1. So I updated the Game and its working much better. I was apparently using an older version. It will save things like profiles and team edits now. The only thing that doesn't save is the settings. For example, if I wanted to change the background color to orange, I'd have to reset the color every time I launch the game because it does not save. Other than that, the game appears to be running smoothly now.
  2. I have recently started playing this game and none of the things I do ever saves. I do not understand why the game refuses to save anything. whether it be team edits or settings switches. Every time I download this game. I have to restart from Square one.
  3. I just found out about these games today. A lot of my old PS2 and PS3 era equipment keeps breaking and I figured this is a good alternative. I hope the games are as fun as they look on paper. So far so good.