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  1. Alpha 7.0 has been published.. some new html reports and a few other minor adjustments No uninstall necessary, just install version and it'll overwrite old game files.
  2. Alpha 6.1 hotfix has been applied.. fixing a bug that 6.0 created:
  3. Alpha 6.0 has launched with some pretty nice new features... Game records (season and career coming soon!) as well as a new HTML output for those of you that want to display some league data on your website. If you don't have a website, you can still export the html reports are click to view them in your browser. They will function as if they would if they were on a website. Please note, the html reports are very basic right now. They will get more data later, but for now it includes a placeholder index, standings page, games list with viewable box scores that features all the same data as the game. I will be adding team pages at some point for sure. You can download the latest version (no uninstall/install required this time) here:
  4. So alpha 5.3 actually broke the QB depth chart... having said that, alpha 5.4 is out and it adds some new flair:
  5. Alpha 5.3 has been published: This version addresses some injury issues, training aspects as well as tweaks to the game's engine among a few other things.
  6. Alpha 5.2 has been published: This version addresses an issue with importing team files (for multiplayer) and adds a new schedule screen. You may be required to uninstall the previous version of IFM prior to installing this one.
  7. Update: I had to publish a 5.1 because some where getting an "already newer version installed" notice.. this one also gets that notice (not sure why) so if you get that notice just uninstall whatever version you currently have and then install alpha 5.1.
  8. Alpha version 5.1 has been published:
  9. Alpha Version 4.9 has been published. This is an online multiplayer update. If you're playing solo there is no need to update your game. You're not missing anything.
  10. Sounds good. I'll do more work on the cpu roster management over time and hopefully have a fix for this eventually. Cpu roster management needs quite a bit of work.. Salary cap management, injury management, training players, etc.. In the mean time, as commissioner, you have full control over their rosters. I did design the teams, yes. Most of those logos were altered by me as well.
  11. Rigafan, Can you email me the .ifm for that league? I'd like to debug it. Also, let me know your GM password in the email. [email protected]
  12. Alpha Version 4.8 has been published. Sorry for all the updates the last two days, gotta get bugs squashed though lol
  13. Rigafan, Thanks for reporting this! I found the issue and I am working to resolve it. I am planning another update today to fix an issue with the Draft screen UI. I will be sure to include the fix for this as well.
  14. Hotfix Alpha 4.7 has been published: