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  1. Be sure to head over to our channel on the GM Games Discord for some new screenshots! I've moved IFM into alpha version 0.0.2 with the player stats about 90-95% completed and shared some never before seen screenshots. I'm hoping to start working towards v0.0.3 this weekend which will be focused on offseason ai. Following the offseason ai release, I will open it up to a full alpha testing with the general public (I am currently doing a small internal alpha testing).
  2. Thanks! I've shared more screen shots and updates on the GM Games discord as well!
  3. Could you not advertise on my league's post for another league? Thanks
  4. Just wanted to post a little update... It's been slow going with this during current college term (which ends tomorrow). But, during this term I discovered my UI is too large for lower resolutions. So I've revamped the UI with two different resolutions (the smaller of the two fits 1366 x 768). In hoping to get some more time with the game soon so I can finish the game engine and push this out to more people for alpha testing. Side note: I re-uploaded those screenshots. Not sure how I deleted them lol
  5. Small update for those interested: Simulation engine is almost done with a few exceptions. (Note: It was already pretty close but needed a few tweaks.) 1. I still need to implement strategies, currently the game chooses based on down and distance as well as field position. 2. I need to implement saving results and stats to the database. Once I complete those (this is a slow process for me as previously mentioned due to time constraints) I might be ready for an alpha version for consumers to try it out. Much of the game is not completed but if results can be generated and saved at least I'll be ready to let people do testing.
  6. Unfortunate, because the simulation engine is far from finished I'm not ready to push this game into the hands of consumers. But thank you for your interest! Please keep an eye out for more information. Also, once again I have not had much time with this game over the last month and a half but I did implement create-a-player and downloading a league file from a URL. I don't have official screen shots of those but I might get them on here soon.
  7. As I already stated, I have done almost nothing on my game recently.. I hurt my back at the start of September, my college term started at that time as well, I then got sick with the flu... but just yesterday I finally implemented something I have been wanting to implement for a very long time.. the league calendar... its going to operate similarly to OOTPD games in that you will simulate one real-life day at a time (with the option to simulate multiple days of course). Please note for this particular screenshot, Pembroke Pines has two teams, what you're seeing on the schedule is not an error. The teams are randomly generated currently so its possible for teams to have the same city (albeit its rare but its possible). Here's the first version of that calendar showing off the league's games for the month:
  8. Just to give a little idea of how slow this process is for me as a solo developer... I haven't touched my game in two weeks unfortunately. I'm a full time student and employee. My 'free time' is extremely limited.
  9. To be true? I can assure you it is not
  10. The current plan is too have customizable playoffs, yes. That will go into the create league screen above when it's coded in.
  11. I just wanted to share some screen shots from a game I'm working on in my very limited free time. I don't plan on having regular updates (like the two games on the forums below) but I have been wanting to show off these screens for a while. This is very early alpha version ( and all screens are subject to change. Please note the Ram logo is a default logo for testing purposes. The plan is to have over 80 pre-defined teams with unique logos and names. However, everything is customizable.
  12. Yeah, its rough going at this alone but I don't plan on quitting on my game, no matter how long it takes to finish. I'm almost 100% sure you guys will finish yours before I finish mine LOL