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  1. Just pushed a hotfix for version
  2. Just published the update. Its not as large as 0.0.4 but it was a necessary one!
  3. Absolutely huge update just posted to Please, please, please be sure to read the Devlog provided:
  4. Oh geez, here we go again... I made a big mistake in 3.7 alpha where I had the game moving backwards to test something! I forgot to remove it!!! Well, its gone now and 3.8 is published. Also, with 3.8 I now include an installer instead of a zip file. Just run the installer to get the game files on your computer.
  5. If you downloaded in the last hour please go back and download once more. I had to push out a hotfix 3.7 version because of a bug where the adjust roster button was disabled when it shouldn't have been.
  6. Just released a big update with alpha v3.6! Be sure to checkout the devlog and download here:
  7. Pushed a hotfix alpha 3.5 version; there was a game crashing bug on the player search screen. Be sure to download the new files here:
  8. Alpha version 3.4 is available for download. You can find the change log here:
  9. That is the main screen. Can you see the menu bar at the top? Click on the first from the left labeled Menu with a down caret symbol. That brings up the lower menu for which you use to create new leagues, open leagues, continue last saved, etc, etc. If you cannot see that menu, what resolution do you have on your monitor? There is a minimum 1366x768 resolution (I need to note that in the page).
  10. Got a lot of work in today, thanks to everyone who submitted bugs! Here's the last one for today; version 3.3 alpha is up:
  11. A hotfix has been published to
  12. New Version available on
  13. IFM is officially available for alpha testing. You can download for free (or donate) at the link below:
  14. Be sure to head over to our channel on the GM Games Discord for some new screenshots! I've moved IFM into alpha version 0.0.2 with the player stats about 90-95% completed and shared some never before seen screenshots. I'm hoping to start working towards v0.0.3 this weekend which will be focused on offseason ai. Following the offseason ai release, I will open it up to a full alpha testing with the general public (I am currently doing a small internal alpha testing).