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  1. So it turns out I needed to do another update for online leagues to work again, but I also added some more stuff including fixing a bug that prevent new leagues from being created.. be sure to read the full change log and download here:
  2. Heads up everyone.. if you use IFM to run an online league, you will need to download the latest alpha version (33.0) in order to continue playing your league since I broke the upload process in alpha version 32.0.. You can download it here: If you only play offline you don't have to download version 0.0.33, unless you want to... it only affects online leagues.
  3. Hey, look at that.. an update for IFM once again... Be sure to go check it out! Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I just pushed another update to IFM. This one has a few bug fixes and some general optimizations. You can check out the dev log and download the new version here:
  5. Looks like I haven't posted here in a bit.. there's a new version out:
  6. There has been a few releases since I last posted, but here's the link to 0.0.25 You can read change logs for alpha 23 and 24 from that page, too.
  7. I really gotta stop breaking things... here's another version with yet another fix for something I broke lol
  8. Had to push another fix for game results not saving...
  9. Alpha version 20.0 has been published
  10. Just pushed version 0.0.19... check it out here:
  11. If you haven't downloaded 0.0.16 yet be sure to download 0.0.17 instead. I added some analytics to help me track down bugs and crashes more easily.
  12. I highly recommend backing up leagues prior to installing and playing this version. I did a lot of code refactoring over the last few months and kinda forced it when someone reported a bug that needed to be fixed. I am pretty sure its stable, but back up league files to be safe.
  13. Another update... enabled auto training for cpu teams and did some refactoring to optimize some pages, including a big optimization on the team stats page.
  14. Alpha 14.0 fixes a crash and a bug with the new league files...
  15. New version is out... Read this post!