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    Chris reacted to TR202 in Favorite sports sim?   
    Football Manager by miles, but the DDS games are developing really nicely these days. The latest college bball game was excellent. 
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    Chris reacted to Loffen in Favorite sports sim?   
    FM21 is great tbh
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    Chris reacted to Havencheese in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    The original Football Manager from 1982, I started playing it on my Commodore 64 around 1990. Then Championship Manager the original on my Amiga around 1992, played a few versions until they rebadged it Football Manager (different to the Commodore one) on PC.
    Since then I've played EHM and FHM as a big hockey fan, OOTP Baseball which introduced me to the joys of baseball, Starters Orders and now DDSPB 21 I'm trying my hand at. There have been some Aussie Rules attempts but I'd love to see a really good AFL one someday.
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    Chris reacted to XGN_patton in Guide   
    It's pretty tough to get the hang of things when you get started, especially the training, recruting etc. A tutorial would be very helpful.
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    Chris reacted to SecretAgentMan in 2020 Summer Games Sim- Sign-Up Thread   
    Greetings! My name is SecretAgentMan, and every time the Summer Games or Winter Games comes around, I run a sim tied to that. Given that the 2020 Summer Games in Japan start next week....well, that means it's time! This year, I am jointly running it between both SimNation and GMGames. (In the past, I've just been at SimNation)
    We will be using Going for Gold, a game that I am developing, as the method for simming this event. The game is still in what I would call an alpha state, though unlike in the past, I do have a functional career mode. There's also a Winter Games mode, which will be relevant in about 6 months, but for right now, we'll be using Summer Games mode.
    The way Summer Games mode works is that you pick one of 65 countries, each of which have different strengths/weaknesses based as best we can on real-life historical results. A world will be populated with athletes to represent each of those countries (so, not the real athletes of the 2020 Summer Games). As the head of that country's national athletics committee, you get 200 training points that you can spread amongst your athletes (with a max of 10 per athlete per event) to give them a boost and help push them towards the medal stand. Then, as the 2020 Summer Games occur in real life, we will sim along-side them.
    Deadline to join is Friday, July 23rd, the date of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2020 Summer Games. The alpha version of the program will start being sent out by e-mail early next week, and the sim will begin on Saturday, July 24th
    How do you join? Please provide the following information:
    Your forum handle OR a name you'd like to be called:
    Your e-mail address:
    1st Choice of Country (see below):
    2nd Choice of Country (see below):
    IF you have a particular connection to a country (such as being a citizen, having ancestors from that country, etc.), please also state that in your application. I will be assigning by first choice when possible, but accounting for personal connections when there is a conflict between multiple people wanting the same country. (Which may not always be obvious, since there are people from 2 different forums participating)
    Please allow 48 hours for your application to be processed and decisions to be made about which country you'll be given
    The 65 available countries are as follows:
    Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Croatia Cuba Czech_Republic Denmark Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Georgia Germany Great_Britain Greece Hungary Iceland Israel India Indonesia Ireland Iran Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Nepal Netherlands New_Zealand Nigeria North_Korea Norway Pakistan Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South_Africa South_Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA Zimbabwe How do you tell who will be good? Well, for some context, here are the Top 20 all-time medals lists, in real life, at the Summer Games.
    No.    Nation                          Games    Gold  Silver  Bronze   Total
    1     United States (USA)            27    1022    795    705    2522
    2     Soviet Union (URS)             10      395     319    296    1010
    3     Great Britain (GBR)             28      263     295    293      851
    4     China (CHN)                        10      224     167    155      546
    5     France (FRA)                       28      212     241    263      716
    6     Italy (ITA)                             27      206     178    193      577
    7     Germany (GER)                   16      191     194    230      615
    8     Hungary (HUN)                   26      175     147    169      491
    9     East Germany (GDR)            5      153     129    127      409
    10     Russia (RUS)                       6      148     125    153      426
    11     Australia (AUS)                 26      147     163    187      497
    12     Sweden (SWE)                  27      145     170    179      494
    13     Japan (JPN)                      22      142     136    161      439
    14     Finland (FIN)                     25      101       85    117      303
    15     South Korea (KOR)           17       90        87      90      267
    16     Romania (ROU)                 21       89       95    122      306
    17     Netherlands (NED)           26       85       92    108      285
    18     Cuba (CUB)                        20       78       68      80      226
    19     Poland (POL)                     21       68       84    132      284
    20     Canada (CAN)                   26       64     102    136      302
    And here are the Top 10 medals results from the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, and the 2012 Summer Games in England
    Rank       Nation                   Gold    Silver    Bronze    Total
    1     United States (USA)       46       37          38          121
    2     Great Britain (GBR)        27        23         17            67
    3     China (CHN)                   26        18         26            70
    4     Russia (RUS)                  19        17         20            56
    5     Germany (GER)              17        10         15            42
    6     Japan (JPN)                   12          8         21            41
    7     France (FRA)                  10        18         14            42
    8     South Korea (KOR)          9          3           9             21
    9     Italy (ITA)                          8        12           8             28
    10     Australia (AUS)             8         11        10              29
    Rank        Nation                   Gold    Silver    Bronze    Total
    1     United States (USA)        46       28          30          104
    2     China (CHN)                     38       31         22             91
    3     Great Britain (GBR)         29       17         19             65
    4     Russia (RUS)                   20        20         28             68
    5     South Korea (KOR)         13         9            8              30
    6     Germany (GER)               11       20          13             44
    7     France (FRA)                   11        11         13             35
    8     Australia (AUS)                 8        15         12             35
    9     Italy (ITA)                           8          9          11            28
    10     Hungary (HUN)               8         4             6            18
    I really hope you consider joining me on this journey as we sim alongside one of the world's biggest sporting events!
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    Chris reacted to Lasoli97 in DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions   
    So you guys like the game?
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    Chris reacted to palitongo in DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions   
    Hi im new on this site and want to download the mod , thank u for your work
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    Chris reacted to tod1122 in Buzz City | A Charlotte Hornets Dynasty (DDS:PB21)   
    Absolutely love this dynasty and after reading this I think I might need to put the breaks on trying to fix my Washington Wizards and instead see if I can bring my (complete lack of) talents to Charlotte and turn the team that was once referred to as "Pro Basketball's Crying Jordan" into an actual respectable organization.
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    Chris reacted to trojan in Detailed GM Games to Recommend?   
    Draft Day Sports Pro Football or Basketball are really well put together in my view
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    Chris reacted to CaptBruce in Detailed GM Games to Recommend?   
    Just downloaded Draft Day Sports Pro demo and decided to buy it after 30 mins of tooling around.
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    Chris reacted to CaptBruce in Detailed GM Games to Recommend?   
    I have also played Front Office games (last 4 versions) and enjoyed them, but wanted to give something else a try.
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    Chris reacted to Reid417 in Detailed GM Games to Recommend?   
    Besides Pro Football 2021 and Pro Basketball 2021 my other favourites are Eastside Hockey Manager, the Out of the Park Baseball series, Fire Pro Wrestling, Total Extreme Wrestling, Front Office Football, Franchise Hockey Manager, Tennis Elbow Manager 2, Motor Sport Manager and my ALL time favourite, the Football Manager series (played every addition from 2013 - 2021) 
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    Chris reacted to ght789 in Wrestling Sim?   
    Not sure how deep this will be, but AEW is coming out with their GM game -
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    Chris reacted to joyapa in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I had to have spent legitimately like 400 hours on my first OOTP save, been hooked ever since. I like the creativity text sims allow you when it comes to editing and customizing teams. Console sports games don't have that luxury most of the time.
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    Chris reacted to alexnoob in Favorite sports sim?   
    I spent far too much time on Championship Manager 01/02 although I don't really like watching soccer at all...
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    Chris reacted to JoeyMallat in DDSPB21 🏀 | 📺: "LaMelo Ball Rebuild" Charlotte Hornets | Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021   
    Very nice series, just started watching it and bought the game myself! Looking forward to what's next
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    Chris reacted to besofly in DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions   
    I think the ability to use the CB draft from the game and be able to see all of that from the new PB game is cool
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    Chris reacted to drummerJ99 in Rise of the Buccos | A Pittsburgh Pirates Dynasty (OOTPGO)   
    With OOTP GO being released this week, I figured I needed to make a dynasty on it. Think I'll keep up to date and have more fun with it then OOTP on desktop, as if I'm home I'm normally playing The Show and not OOTP. With my local AAA Indy Indians being triple A affiliate of the Pirates, decided to start a dynasty with Pittsburgh.
    (PITTSBURGH, PA) --- With the change in weather, it's time for another season in the MLB. The Pirates who haven't made the playoffs since 2015 and has only made the playoffs 3 times since 1992, announced changes the hiring of a new GM. Fans haven't had much to cheer about for a long time in Pittsburgh, management is hoping that changes soon.
    Starting Rotation:

    The Pirates will be lead by 24 year old Mitch Keller. Keller only played 5 games last season for the Pirates, going 1-1 with a 2.93 ERA. In 2019 he started 19 games in AAA Indianapolis, accumulating a 7-5 record with a 7-5 record.

    The player to watch could be 21 year old Luis Oviedo. The question will be whether the young kid can make the leap straight to the majors, has not played higher then A ball before this season.

    The fielders will be lead by 24 year old third baseman, Ke'Bryan Hayes. The outfield could be the weak link for the Pirates.
    The Buccos start the season with 6 games vs the Chicago Cubs (3 away, 3 at home), with a 3 game series at the Cincinnati Reds in between the 6 Cubs games.
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    Chris reacted to drummerJ99 in Brooklyn   
    Brooklyn has a baseball team?
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    Chris reacted to Around The World Sports in Who wins ROTY?   
    Inject Peyton Pritchard into my veins, he's got my vote and my loyalty!
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    Chris reacted to ukSUNSfan in DDS Pro Basketball 21 Questions   
    Hi everyone, brand new here. Just bought DDS pro Basketball 21. Any tips on how to get started as I've never played any of these games before? Thanks
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    Chris reacted to tsmoha in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    NBA Live 95 was one of my first sports games, beside a couple of classic (german) football/soccer management games, that are still fun to play (at times). For NBA Live 96 - that I asked to get for christmas - me and my brothers were searching our parent's house to find it prior to christmas eve. And we did - and we actually were playing the game a couple of times (secretly) and put it back, just to receive it back on christmas day.
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    Chris reacted to knickknack in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Started with Fast Break Basketball 2001