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    Chris reacted to GM Games in [Wolverine Studios] The Global Community of Text-Based Sports Sims   
    Tim Moungey
    Wolverine Studios Community Manager
    One of the most underrated aspects of the gaming world – whether console or PC – are the communities that spring up around a particular product. This is even more so the case in the Internet age, where ease of low-cost digital communication has coincided with the rise of English as the primary global language to make the establishment of and connection between playerbases a simple prospect.
    So it is that in my decades now of playing text-based sports sims that I’ve found literal lifelong friends – from places like Ireland, England, Spain, Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Germany, and many more countries too numerous to list here. And of course, all across the continental United States and stretching out to Hawaii and Alaska.
    Primarily this occurs through multiplayer leagues – many of which run for literal years in real-life terms. And even when a league finally disbands, the creation of new ones finds many of the same people migrating from league to league – or, frequently – participating in multiple MP leagues at the same time. Chats spring up in Facebook Messenger groups or in other conversation mediums such as Slack, where the discussion becomes a mix of the game, the league, and off-topic/real life topics. Over time, this forges friendships – something that can be difficult in our adult years, as numerous research studies have demonstrated.
    The friendships forged from these leagues can sometimes have far-reaching effects. Just to give one example, when I was looking for another job a few years ago, one of my European friends from a Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball league looped me in to a Creative Writer position at his company – a mobile game developer. I actually made it as far as the final round, where I finished second to someone who already had experience working with that type of development. While I didn’t get the job, it was still an opportunity I never would have had access to otherwise.
    You might counter that the MP community is small, the bulk of text-sim players are those who play solo. This is true. But even the solo player base creates opportunities for community. See Paradox’s AAR forums, where players write stories about their games, our own Dynasty section, etc. It’s a display of creativity and imagination that draws people in, makes them want to read and stay around. (And in some cases, even purchase games because the story has hooked them in – something I’ve accomplished with more stories than I’ll ever know).
    Though the MP base is small, and the overall sports text-sim market a niche within the video game industry (save for perhaps Football Manager, which enjoys the advantage of a lengthy history and showcasing the world’s most popular sport), that makes creating community and forging connections all the easier. And in a way, it’s fitting – just as the sports text-sim market is comparatively small, so too are the number of developers. Many of them are independent, solo projects programmed on a part-time basis until they secure a stable enough revenue stream to quit their day job and work on the games full-time.
    Thus, ask Gary if he knows X or Y text-sim developer and he’ll almost certainly say, “Yes.” This developer community, despite technically being competitors in a business sense, frequently converse with one another, and many have met in real life. So rather than cut-throat as many industries are, there’s a spirit of cooperation and supporting one another – sometimes leading to business partnerships as developers come together under an umbrella. Such is the case with Gary and Brooks and Shaun in the PureSim days (who I hope will make a return to baseball at some point).
    This developer community also frequently supports and encourages novice developers to grow the industry and bring in fresh talent and voices. Gary, as many of you know, began with .400 Software Studios, with Total Pro Basketball and Total College Basketball as a self-taught developer. Even me, your Community Manager, has dusty design documents from the beginnings of projects lying around (an Olympics-style text-sports sim, a basketball player RPG that would synergize with the Draft Day Sports basketball engine, even a traditional RPG that would be a Wolverine Studios genre first if it ever came to fruition).
    But it isn’t just on the development side that sports text sims benefit from community. Professional licensing is expensive – a cost far beyond the reach of most independent developers. For legal reasons, team names and logos are fictionalized by default. With a modding community, who willingly volunteer their time, energy, and skill, real-world databases are created. These user mods greatly assist in the immersion factor of the game for players, who are used to the real world and sometimes don’t desire to immerse themselves in a fictional universe.
    Finally, and this is one of the most recent developments in the sports text sim community, are streams and shares of video gameplay. Historically, game streaming has been the province of action-oriented games – leading to the rise of esports leagues (now considered a professional sport by many people). Text-based sports simulations typically haven’t received the streaming treatment. But that’s changing. We’re seeing more and more players streaming and creating “Let’s Play” video dynasties, and they’re attracting attention.
    We’ve even started doing this ourselves by way of creating streaming developer diaries in the last week or so. They’ve been favorably received, giving us another avenue and opportunity to communicate directly with our players and gain their feedback on things such as proposed changes and feature wishlists. It’s a much more immediate, intimate experience that allows for faster compilation of player opinions, rather than just the old way of re-reading the forums and emails and compiling data that way (Note: We still use those methods, too. It allows us a more complete picture of what players want and think).
    As you can see, the community involved in the sports text sim world, smaller than other genres though it may be, is not a single, monolithic entity. Rather, it’s a broad, literally globally-spanning phenomenon that involves numerous strands. Whether it’s the multiplayer leagues, the solo player dynasties, the tight-knight developer and modding groups, or the newly arrived streams, there’s plenty of ways to get involved in the rich, vibrant community of our genre. To take your first steps, why not visit our forums or download one of our free demos?
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    Chris reacted to Naekfor in v2.4.0   
    love the update, major props/credit
    im not sure, but it seemed talking a player down to a minor league contract  and a different role cost be a decent chunk of change but i elected to be safe, and it is almost assuredly for the best to make storing players/mega teams have to pay a bit more at least to get players happily into lesser roles (not that i am a mega team)
    getting ahead in the bug game, player role on goalies profiles might be a problem (i have too many, was looking to get ahead on whiners)
    edit: prospect designation. do we get any more info? will they expect more than minor league in the next contract? some call ups? "go figure it out" ?
    edit2: "Scouting report now reveals the hidden trait Player consistency" i assume this will not apply retroactively to existing but already ran scouting reports?
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    Chris reacted to Ryana16 in Sports Management games   
    Big fan of OOTP and FHM and was wondering what recommendations people have for other games? Looking more at football and basketball(college or pro), but if there are other good sim games I'm open for recommendations
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    Chris reacted to dewman25 in Please recommend a NBA/Basketball game   
    I would try wolverine sports pro basketball.  I have been playing it for a couple years and love the detail and ability to modify the gaming setup to get different challenges.  It has a demo version that allows you to play the current season as a way to get used to the functionality.
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    Chris reacted to tydollasign35 in What do you like most about CT FM?   
    I downloaded it to see what the game is like. I was always a big fan of the recruiting aspect of the EA games. I am hoping that it is a bit of a challenge to turn around a little school like Kansas. RCJH!
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    Chris reacted to VirginiaJay23 in Any free hockey manager games?   
    Hockey League Manager 20 on Android if you're a mobile gamer
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    Chris reacted to FatZion in DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save   
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    Chris reacted to JohnGoose in DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save   
    Trying the same setup, wish me luck!
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    Chris reacted to PointGuard in FEDORA (using DDSCB2020)   
    Frederick Aura
    Today is Janeka’s last day of self-quarantining.  About damned time!  Playing Mom and Dad the past two weeks has been hell.  I think the kids were unhappy about not having her with them and also saw an opportunity to take advantage of the situation whenever they could.  And they're getting older and wanting to be more independent which leads to differences in opinion between them and me.  My response to their efforts was occasionally over blown which made things worse.
    Even though she is in the same house and we talk through the door, I’ve missed her a lot.
    I’ve told Janeka to spend as much time as she can with the kids the entire week after she gets “freed”.  I’m then planning to take her on a surprise weekend…just the two of us.  I’ve got my parents coming to our house then to take care of the kids.
    Then a few weeks later, the whole family will go on a great vacation to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.
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    Chris reacted to BombaSquad in DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save   
    This looks super cool. Cant wait to see what you do with it
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    Chris reacted to tyotochi in DDSCB2020: A Journeyman Style Save   
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    Chris reacted to RonM in A Decade of the Silver and Black fbpro98   
    A bit of a delay as some of our league owners dealt with personal issues the past few weeks.
    The Raiders lost at Denver 22-20, snapping their playoff-qualifying run as San Diego wrapped up the AFC West with a bruising 44-12 victory over the Chiefs.
    The Chargers win the AFC West with a 10-6 record, the Broncos clinch a wildcard with a 10-6 Record, and the Raiders will head home and look at several issues in the offseason.
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    Chris reacted to Rageous in New Here   
    Created an account so I could download the Data File for the real Teams and Logos lol. 
    Roll Tide
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    Chris reacted to carrjc715 in FB Pro 98 Discord! Official Community   
    Front page sports Football pro in my opinion is the best football sim of all time. It's nice to know that others feel the same, and are keeping it alive. So glad i stumbled upon this forum after a search for the game.
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    Chris reacted to [email protected] in football GM   
    I love with there doing with football GM a game made by dumbmatter but theres alot of injury's anyone notice that 
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    Chris reacted to X1x1x1 in New to GM Sim Games   
    Big into baseball and football games.
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    Chris reacted to Creed_Boboddy in Missing sports and I'm tired of console games.....   
    Hoping to give these sims a try!  
    Thanks for the add!
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    Chris got a reaction from Truck_Turner in Football GM Let's Play Franchise Story - Boston Massacre - TheRealGWood - FBGM   
    Football GM Let's Play Franchise Story "Boston Massacre | Episode 1: Fantasy Draft" 
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    Chris reacted to Storm in Hi Everyone New to the Forum   
    Hi. Big GM game fan from Ohio.
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    Chris reacted to Yorick in New to GM Sim Games   
    I agree! Really fun
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    Chris reacted to GreatDudebino in Toronto Blue Jays Season Sim with Minor League Focus | OOTP 21 Baseball | Jay Blue   
    Great series so far! Making me want to document my own progress in the game!
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    Chris reacted to Becanes in New to GM Sim Games   
    Football manager is probably the best sim sports game out there.
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    Chris reacted to cgietl95 in Hi everybody   
    Im a fan of the OOTP and hockey franchise games and gotten into the college sims and really like the conversion mods for those games it makes life a little more bearable in a world without NCAA Football and  NCAA basketball games.