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    Chris reacted to zeropp1975 in "First Look and New Features" of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2023️ 🏀 w/ Chris   
    Look Great and looking forward to this
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    Chris reacted to mjonny591175 in Totally here for the downloads   
    Joining for downloads, but like all the info here, I'll be back
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    Chris reacted to mcgriffi in Totally here for the downloads   
    Excited to be a part of the community fellas.  Been lurking a long time and need the downloads!
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    Chris reacted to aarons3542 in DDSCF23 🏈 B1G Dreams w/ University of Illinois | Aaron Shelan's Simulation Stories   
    Glad I could help.  I need to resurrect this when I have some time for sure!
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    Chris reacted to aarons3542 in "First Look and New Features" of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2023️ 🏀 w/ Chris   
    I am really hoping that their football game catches up to basketball.  The basketball games are so good!
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    Chris reacted to clamel in OOTP gone too far   
    Playing OOTP mostly in historical saves I got really pissed with the last version OOT23.
    They scratched the Cleveland Indians name even for old times. The correct logos of course can still be changed over the years, but having Cleveland Guardians pop up in 1980s or even earlier is just damn sick.
    This issue with trying to omit certain names and statues in US has gone insane IMHO. Are Americans really trying to change history or just trying to delete it to what they nowadays think should be the correct moral ground. That could end very very bad in the end. Who puts down the rules on this ??  Dangerous road to travel when omitting history and then finally forget it, only to then be ready to repeat it.
    This is games and shouldn't be in this problem. I wonder if they at OOTP might scratch the Negro Leagues next and having those players play real MLB before Jackie Robinson. How could they then celebrate his first year in baseball.  History is what it is, just deal with it.
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    Chris reacted to jonf in Has anyone heard of any excellent football simulations?   
    Front Office Football was good, I used to play that for years. 
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    Chris reacted to DinkyDug in Has anyone heard of any excellent football simulations?   
    New college football dynasty game coming out this winter I just saw it on steam looks quite decent tbh.
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    Chris reacted to opi99 in Feedback & Reviews   
    I realy like the game so far. It looks a bit like Draft Day Sports, which isnt bad. I would recommend you to follow the game on twitter. Every new version and development is shown there.
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    Chris reacted to jaytuomi in DDSCF23 🏈 B1G Dreams w/ University of Illinois | Aaron Shelan's Simulation Stories   
    Love the content, Chris! This series has definitely helped my understanding of the game. Great first bowl win at Fenway!
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    Chris reacted to rasp30024 in Retro Football League Kick off (Draft Day Pro Sports Football 23)   
    Ever wanted to be a part of history? Lead your beloved franchise to a better outcome or simply want to manage and coach Hall of Fame legends, then the Retro Football League is the place for you!
    Using the DDSPF23 engine the league has been launched today, so there is no better time to join!
    What is so unique about the RFL?
    - Historical teams and rosters starting in 1976
    - Historical legends of the era
    - Historical draft classes based on a proprietary draft development tool
    - Historical league structure, salary cap, and team restrictions.
    Other important information:
    - two sims per week: Tuesday & Saturdays (offseason is different)
    - 58-man rosters 
    - 18 player practice squads
    - custom playbooks, but no custom plays
    - you must own a copy of DDSPF23 to join
    How do I sign up?
    - visit our discord channel
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    Chris reacted to Larencia in Revolutionizing Hockey 360 Degrees a time - Redroofs Revolution Story in the Buzzer   
    Redroofs, that small, unincorporated community outside of Vancouver, decided to put their money into a hockey rink. For kids, mostly, but some grownups in the area thought, why not play some actual Lower Iron Hockey League -hockey there at the same time? That might even cover some of the costs for the pee-wee-hockey, argued one local man, with a thick accent.
    So, Revolution was born, with it's million pee-wee -hockey teams, ready to conquer the Lower Iron Hockey League and fight for the coveted spot in the glorious Iron Hockey League!
    Manager was needed, and there was only one candidate shuffled to the team from the local unemployment office. Some Finnish hustler, who claimed to have some pretty successful history with the sport, having lead another local team out of LIHL all the way to BHL once in his prime, until some connections with the local sports guessing businessmen were revealed and the man mysteriously vanished before the team's first BHL season begun.
    Organization and local community only saw the numbers, and the numbers were good.
    So, The Manager starts to assess the damage already done by the fact that the team had no manager to begin the season. First press conference began...
    "I have now assessed the team. Core group is okay, but we have some problems in the center, wings, defense and between the pipes. Other than that, we are poised to make some noise in the league."
    The Manager emphasized the fact how no player in the roster was safe and there was going to be massive switch-ups in the lineup.
    "All players are very much on the table. I appreciate the draft picks the most, so, managers, keep 'em trade offers coming."
    However, even the local paper did not bother to show up to press conference, so The Manager had to print out this message on the office printer and stick it to the front door of the Blue Ribbon Memorial Rink, just to get the message out.
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    Chris reacted to TigerWoodsLibido in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Once Madden turned to shit I decided it was time to find sim games that were more fun.
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    Chris reacted to mundzin in Indoor Football Manager   
    thanks for new update
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    Chris reacted to Robmeister89 in Indoor Football Manager   
    Looks like I haven't posted here in a bit.. there's a new version out:
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    Chris reacted to clokespe000 in Buying a system/game as a kid...   
    I use to mow lawns
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    Chris reacted to BGfromKC in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Was already a huge sports fan as a kid, but man... Getting my first taste of editing players, keeping stats with league leaders, lineups, attributes, schedule, etc. with Baseball Stars it was a wrap for me.

    Then I got hit with Tecmo SUPER Bowl. Are you kidding me? The Chiefs "Nigerian Nightmare" Christian Okoye bulldozing MF's up and down the field truck sticking before there was ever a stick to truck with. Finishing the season and rushing for like 12,000 yards with 200 touchdowns. Derrick Thomas with around 100 sacks each year. 🤣 😂 🤣

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    Chris reacted to d3jan in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I have always preferred these type of games vs shooter games. I can’t sit still long enough to play that.
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    Chris reacted to SlickRick in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    My brother and I started playing stratomatic about the same time we were playing Atari 2600. We even made up a card and dice game to create our own data driven NBA game with cards for the players and teams we likes (inspired by our Dad who said make up a game when we were bored on a rainy day)  
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    Chris reacted to geester10912 in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Fm 2008 over 10000 hours
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    Chris reacted to mikimilane in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    im playing a lot of sports manager games like: football manager, pro basketball manager, handball manager, some ootp games, tennis elbow manager, franchise hockey manager... but my first manager game was probably pro cycling manager 11, 12 maybe.
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    Chris got a reaction from marcdepord in PCF Basketball manager 2022? :)   
    I'm going to reach out to them and try to get another copy of PCF2021 so we can at least store it
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    Chris reacted to SoniyaJonas in How do I change system settings to allow downloads on my Mac?   
    View app security settings on your Mac

    In System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General. Click on the padlock and enter your password to make changes. Select the App Store under the header "Allow apps to download from" .