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    Chris reacted to slovick in OOTP23 Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱 with Aaron Shelan   
    Hope you are well. Keep playin' away
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    Chris reacted to FPSF_FAN77 in FB Pro 98 & Discord Official Community   
    So Great to see this game is still going strong!
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    Chris reacted to ggyoun0 in Ready For Prime Time? (DDSCB22)   
    This is a massive universe.  Well done with it so far.
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    Chris reacted to BillDozer7753 in "First Look and New Features" of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022️ 🏀 w/ Chris   
    I agree. I recently started playing the Pro game after playing the College game was a few years. I have been coach and GM of the Wizards for 7 seasons and learn new things about the game every season.
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    Chris reacted to ArdaySnacc in "First Look and New Features" of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2022️ 🏀 w/ Chris   
    Just found out about the game and looks great needs way more attention.
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    Chris reacted to FR3DJUNK in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I actually was never big into sports. Like at all. Getting an Xbox and game pass changed that a bit though. I tried madden 22, nba 2k22, mlb the show 22 and fifa 21. I enjoyed those games, but it was their franchise modes more than the actual gameplay (I mess up to much for fast pace action to be enjoyable). I ended up looking for games that were exclusively management and now I'm here. Still need to pick teams to follow for real though...
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    Chris reacted to subtlesagacity in Baseball gm games   
    OOTP is the greatest franchise on the market. In my opinion, no other baseball game compares.
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    Chris got a reaction from Jmaine46 in Draft Day Sports Football 2022 Questions   
    You did it. You posted twice. Just go download the mod you want in downloads now after.
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    Chris reacted to tossmeson in CT Football manager is awesome!   
    Its just to goated love it 
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    Chris reacted to EatonForHeisman in CT Football manager is awesome!   
    Awesome project so far, excited to see where it goes next!
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    Chris reacted to john1974 in Inside The Paint (Fast Break Basketball League)   
    We have been running since 2004 using Fast Break Basketball. You do not need the game to play as we do everything on our forums with random draft classes from different eras.  We are currently heading into preseason of season 4 of our restart with a few openings.  If interested, please check us out at Home | Inside The Paint Basketball Sim League (TM) (
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    Chris reacted to paulskln in Introductions @ CTFM   
    Hi im new to CTFM , im new to the draft day series and hope to have fun here and there .
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    Chris reacted to [email protected] in Detailed GM Games to Recommend?   
    IMO Football manager series is currently the best GM game. OOTP 22 was not bad too
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    Chris reacted to FelippeRW in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I started with Elifoot, then CM and FM was the natural evolution
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    Chris reacted to Xtreme3094 in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    mmmm. for fun like 15y ago, i was gm, then climb til commish
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    Chris reacted to Xtreme3094 in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    oh btw, its was on ehm 1.14
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    Chris reacted to fear in [Video] DDS:PB22 Let's Play: Detroit Pistons Rebuild   
    good luck i'm watching all your videos
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    Chris reacted to agathosdaimon in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Hi!  this is a good topic to reply to - i have only gotten into sport sims more recently. i have alway sbeen into strategy games, but sports games and sport in general never interested me so much until i started collecting old DOS games and the EA NHL hockey and Dino Dini's Goal got me interested more adn more in sport - but then to get NFL Pro League Football from Microsports really made me come to enjoy sports sims far more - they are strategy games after all too, and i really like the Pro League Baseball series too
    I have been looking or Maximum Football 2.0 on the matrix games forum but then saw Puresim baseball mentioned there and that has led me here
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    Chris reacted to thatasiian in NFL Beginner guide   
    I found this link ( from the SI website for the Bucs (I am not a Bucs fan), but it should get the job done. 
    However, if you wish to dive deeper, the NFL Football Ops has a nice website also:
    Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Chris reacted to tomservo in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I played some Football game I can't remember on my old Commodore 64, but I go all the way back to the original John Madden Football. Ah those were the days on my 80X86 PC with 1MB RAM and 20MB hard drive trying to get the himem.sys configured so it could use all 1,024 KB of my PC's memory and load the game. I've also played Front Page Sports Pro, NFL Fever (when on PC), Monday Night Football, Playmaker, and Coaches Club. I've soured on Madden as most people have lately but it's been my dream to have a fully customizable PC football title, right down to uniform design, custom teams, league structures, uploading uniforms and other custom graphics. Who the heck needs an NFL license anymore, really? We've shown with these games that the mod community can handle the NFL part well enough. Lately though I've gotten into going back to the classic Madden PS2 era (Madden 2002 - 2012) and I can have hours of fun on that without even playing an actual game.
    The NHL series I've also been into on a lesser extent. I go all the way back to NHL 2002 with that one. And some basketball games. I was into the NBA 2k series but haven't played basketball on PC or console, or even watched it in decades.
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    Chris reacted to Zwan in Hi!   
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've played games like Out of the Park Baseball and Football Manager for years. Thanks for the site and keeping all of these style games organized!
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    Chris reacted to TheMarslMcFly in DDS Pro Basketball 22 Questions   
    I just bought this Game for the first time ever after already loving Football Manager for years. I hope it all goes smooth!
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    Chris reacted to Colly in Draft Day Sports Football 2022 Questions   
    I originally purchased 22.  Did not like the "dark mode" so refunded it.
    Bought CF21, enjoyed it so bought PF21 but then refunded it and bought PF22 again (it was on sale).  It's incrementally better but honestly not much to write about.  I'm still not convinced by the dark mode UI and that was one of the major changes but it is a solid game nonetheless.  Apparently the player personality traits are supposed to be a major influence on team building but frankly it does not appear fully fleshed out.
    Anyone unsure about which version should checkout some of the GMGames YT videos on both versions.
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    Chris reacted to bryanh19 in SFL   
    The Simulated Football League is a FBPro98 League that uses VPNFL profiles and we conduct drafts using all pro football platforms.  We have an open team.  Check us out...