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    Chris reacted to PointGuard in SAME FEDORA-NEW CROWN? (DDSCB21)   
    Jan. 25, 2026: #16 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish (14-6, 4-5) vs Boston College Eagles (11-7, 4-4) at Silvio O. Conte Forum, Chestnut Hill, MA
    Barney Bradley, BC fan:
    This game was close in the early going with multiple lead changes. But in the latter stages of the first half, BC caught fire, hitting most all their shots from all over the court.  By the end of the first 20 minutes, the Eagles sported a 46-35 lead and Notre Dame seemed in shock.  The only problem for BC was that starting C Jason Caldwell had 3 fouls against him.
    Then in the second half the Eagles shifted from a hot offense to a daunting defense which kept the Fighting Irish unable to really fight back and unable to mount a challenge.  BC took Notre Dame to the cleaners and scored a resounding 78-61 victory.  The Eagles outshot the Irish 58% to 37% and totally dominated the boards 36-18.
    Guard Samuel King came off the bench to lead all scorers with 16 points.  C Jason Caldwell scored 12 before fouling out.  PG Willis Lofton and SG James Lilly both added 11 points.  PF Marius Witt and SF/PF Marvin Reese combined to grab a total of 17 rebounds.
    It sure was great seeing the Eagles take down Notre Dame so convincingly.  We Eagles’ fan are not used to that.
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    Chris reacted to junqueirarx in [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild   
    Nice! I'm watching, bro!
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    Chris reacted to junqueirarx in [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild   
    And great rosters, to be honest.
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    Chris reacted to R1zzo23 in [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild   
    Episode 2: First ~Month of the Season
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    Chris reacted to R1zzo23 in [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild   
    Episode 1: GM Intro & Roster Review
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    Chris reacted to miami_fan in DDSCB21 🏀 | Cards' Let's Play Journeyman Stream   
    These are so good. I subscribed to the YouTube channel.
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    Chris reacted to Skram2748 in New to GM Sim Games   
    I feel as if OOTP is the most in-depth. Take it as you will. If you feel like diving straight in, go for it. However, I think that DDS games are easiest.
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    Chris reacted to testtestinger in New to GM Sim Games   
    Draft Day Sports is a great series
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    Chris reacted to marccochadora in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Fifa 98 was my first Sports Game I remember. I'm from germany so Fifa and Soccer was the most important Sport/sgame. After I watched Football the first time, I started playing Madden 15 I think.
    But the Manager-Mode there is very bad, and I started to get into College Football as well. This was how i stumbled across CTFM and I'm looking forward to play!
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    Chris reacted to Robmeister89 in Any chance Wolverine Studios Does a Hockey Game   
    Definitely think hockey will be my next game... IFM is coming along nicely.. Should be able to reuse most of the UI and just make it a hockey game on the backend. But yeah, hockey is definitely a huge gap in the sim world right now... 
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    Chris reacted to VernalBloodshine in favorite player?   
    Jonas Valunciunas (Grizzlies fan here)
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    Chris reacted to geraldtw3 in DDSPB21 🏀 | Phoenix Suns 04/05 "Rise" 🔥 | Let's Play Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021   
    More and more convinced to purchase this game!
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    Chris reacted to nitro766 in DDSCB21 🏀 | Cards' Let's Play Journeyman Stream   
    love this thx
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    Chris reacted to Scotty6Arms in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I first played some old as dirt soccer and hockey manager games in the early 90s - can`t even remember the names as I am obviously even older... 🤣 They were simple as hell but really fun. I kept playing the FIFA Manager Series over the years and was always looking for some more obscure stuff until I stumbled across greydog software, who really did some nice stuff outside of the mainstream gaming market. I come back to sports management games quite regularily because its a relaxing way to play and rage quits occur... well... not that frequently. 😁
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    Chris reacted to GamePlanHockey in Important! Please read.   
    As some of you might have heard I'm making some changes with subscriptions and payments. As of the beginning of this year Game Plan Hockey Manager is no longer part of Shaka Productions and I have moved the game back to my personal ownership. Those of you that currently have active subscriptions may also have noticed that you haven't been charged for the last couple of months, this is all intentional. I needed to pause payments since we have detached the company behind the game.
    So what now? I will reopen my page on Patreon and ask for your support to keep the game going. All current subscriptions have been canceled and those of you who still want the Premium plan must sign up on Patreon and back the game with at least $1.99 / month. Each month new coupon codes granting one month of access will be published on Patreon. Hopefully this can be automated in the future but until then you need to manually get the coupon code every month, shortcut is available in the game. Your move to Patreon must be done within the next 10 days not to lose your current Premium status. Depending on when your current subscription period ends this timeframe may be longer, check your account from your manager page.
    I hope to see as many of you as possible on Patreon and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    But I also have some good news! I've just released update v2.6.0! This update contains bug fixes and improvements but also a brand new feature for a national teams championship! Check out the release notes for more information regarding this release!
    Anders Granberg
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    Chris reacted to SecretAgentMan in WWCS (College Soccer) looking for managers for a new season   
    Weekend Warriors College Soccer, part of SimNation, is one of the only simulation college soccer leagues out there. We use ESMS+, a freeware program, to sim our matches, and a custom recruiting module (also freeware) to do our offseason recruiting. We're nearing the start of our 2nd season and currently have 9 teams being managed, but we're looking for more! You would have the chance to shape your own college soccer program, and you could do it with pretty much any* team that's in the Division 1-FBS in the country. We had a great first season and we hope you'll join us for our second season. If you'd like to know more, please ask here, PM me, OR click the video (~7 min long) introducing the league. We hope you'll consider signing up!
    VIDEO LINK: What is the WWCS?
    *Except for the 9 teams that are already spoken for, of course
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    Chris reacted to Truck_Turner in [XEG Football] - Welcome to the Table Top Football League (TTFL)   
    Utilizing the very creative team creation tool located within XEG Football (which uses season stats to populate positional attributes), I converted a 10 team league I created with the Flash Football table top game into the TTFL utilizing the XEG Football engine for game play.  The game is free and located at  Though XEG Football does not have the capability for season play yet, the game does have a very nice feature where you input the prior season stats for the teams and the game automatically ages the players, improving some or declining others based on their stats and years experience.  Utilizing Excel and the exportable CSV files the game generates, you can easily track weekly, seasonal, career stats, while letting the game engine play out the game (and the game designer provides very copious notes showing you what is underneath the hood for the engine and how the play results are determined).  Simply put, this game is tailor made for those looking to replay old NFL, College, USFL, etc seasons.  Build your rosters, input your team player stats and away you go.
    My league has 10 Teams:
    Eastern Division - Madison (WI) Pandas, Newark (DE) Bees, Norfolk (VA) Swans, Orlando (FL) Warthogs, Rochester (NY) Cockatiels
    Western Division - Albuquerque (NM) Gazelles, Aurora (CO) Coyotes, Eugene (OR) Frogs, San Jose (CA) Mandrills, Wichita (KS) Cheetahs
    The league plays a 9 game schedule and the top 2 teams from each division make the playoffs.  I have currently completed Week one of schedule with the following results 
    Newark Bees 27 @ 34 Aurora Coyotes Albuquerque Gazelles 17 @ 21 Rochester Cockatiels Orlando Warthogs 35 @ 28 Eugene Frogs Norfolk Swans 9 @ 48 Wichita Cheetahs San Jose Mandrills 45 @ 49 Madison Pandas  
    The next few posts will give a broad overview of the teams.
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    Chris reacted to Truck_Turner in [XEG Football] - Welcome to the Table Top Football League (TTFL)   
    Here are some screeshots from the developer's website:







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    Chris reacted to WarmWetOs in New Here Looking for possible baseball leagues   
    I have experience playing OOTP, APBA and Strat-o-Matic but not familiar with the other games. Be interested to join a casual league if one is available. 
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    Chris reacted to franz_kremer in hey fellow GM games fans this is my introduction :D   
    hey fellow GM games fans, 
    i just got activated here. first i was only registering here trying to "steal" the DDSPB21 GM Games Pro Photo Pack as Im planning to getting into that game. but hey why not share some stuff with other GM games enthusiasts. 
    i was a bit ticked off not receiving the confirmation mail directly. but then i contacted the admin and he reacted hella first. but i could tell hes a really chill dude from watching his streams on YT before which got me in those draft day sports games in the first place. 
    i was always looking for a decent basketball GM game. played a bunch of other GM or GM styled games before, like football manager (probably sunk the most hours into that game, besides some RTS games), total extreme wrestling (rerunning the monday night wars after the montreal screwjob), nba 2k GM mode, pro cycling manager (also running historic database telekom vs us postal and shit) and rite now those draft day sports games.
    im from germany. i support the following professional sport teams: 1. FC Cologne (the billy-goats my local association football club, still hope they wont descend, that missing crowd support really sucks for them), bora-hansgrohe (professional cycling team) and basically dallas ball sport teams. dirk brought me there and being exposed to the coverage there i slowly got into americas team the boys for the NFL aswell (dont bash me for that, haha). 
    so my plan is trying to build a dynasty around luka magic (have u seen his 3 point buzzer beater floater vs the grizzlies? like dafuq) with the mavs in DDSPB21. 
    so yeah thats my first post basically. so one more to go before i can download lol. 
    but ima take it slow. not trying to spam or anything. 
    thanks for letting me in
    greetings franz_kremer (named after founder of 1. FC Cologne, who phrased the famous quote: tradition only has a sense, if the willpower for even higher deeds is there; when he founded the club basically merging two clubs from cologne, he was asking do you want to become meister (champion) with me. and they basically did it. in that times they were known as the real madrid of the west also the first german professional soccer team with kit sponsors so he was ahead of his time. nevertheless i really dig that american sports teams dont really have kit sponsors or just little ones now in the nba)
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    Chris reacted to Kurioz23 in Buzz City | A Charlotte Hornets Dynasty (DDS:PB21)   
    Good work!
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    Chris reacted to Robmeister89 in Indoor Football Manager   
    Alpha 7.0 has been published.. some new html reports and a few other minor adjustments
    No uninstall necessary, just install version and it'll overwrite old game files. 
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    Chris reacted to igorvieirazzzzzzzzzzz in Vasco da Gama   
    all my family supports vasco da gama, and we been demoted for the fourth time in less then 10 years, this is nothing expresive by the handicap for your team in fm but with the roster that been demoted and won my state championship, brazilian cup, brazilian league and secondary continental tournment