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    Chris reacted to cerlinw in Real Team Mod 2020 season   
    Excited to use this mod, I've been playing without real teams and this will really help the experience.
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    Chris reacted to Truck_Turner in USFL 2K | FBPro98   
    It has been quite a while since I updated this thread, so let me bring you up to date:
    - I am now using XEG Football to simulate the 2006 2KFL season which will be the 7th season I have simulated (2004 was finished in FBPro98; the 2005 season was actually simmed in Draft Day Sport 2021)
    - Before the 2005 season, the 2KFL expanded to 18 teams (Memphis Showboats, Pittsburgh Maulers, Houston Gamblers, San Antonio Gunslingers, Oklahoma Outlaws and Jacksonville Bulls).  The Pittsburgh Maulers were the lucky team to win the number one pick and selected QB Aaron Rodgers.  Some other notable rookies chosen in the 2005 draft were QB Ryan Fitzpatrick  going to the Houston Gamblers, QB Alex Smith going to the San Antonio Gunslingers and DE DeMarcus Ware going to the Boston Breakers and CB Pacman Jones going to the Washington Federals who seem to love stacking their secondary with front-line elite prospects in the draft.
    - The Washington Federals ended up winning the 2004 2KFL Bowl defeating the Chicago Blitz.  The 2004 League MVP was Tampa Bay QB Marc Bulger.  The Defensive Player of the Year was Philadelphia Stars CB Damon Moore.  The Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year were Birmingham Stallions WR Wes Welker and Washington Federals S Sean Taylor.
    - The Los Angeles Express defeated Tom Brady (who also won 2005 League MVP award) and the Philadelphia Stars to win the 2005 2KFL Bowl.  The Defensive Player of the Year was Michigan Panthers S Earl Little.  The Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year were Oklahoma Outlaws HB Ronnie Brown and Washington Federals CB Chris Harris.  
    As an aside, I will be providing weekly update recapping each game with interesting things that happened during the game
    The 2006 2KFL Draft took place a couple of weeks and the results are below:
    ROUND 1 ARI WR Brandon Marshall DEN G Chris Chester OAK QB Jay Cutler TBY LB Chris Greenway BOS WR Marques Colston HOU LB D'Qwell Jackson BIR DE Mario Williams OKL LB DeMeco Ryans SAT LB A.J. Hawk MIC C Nick Mangold PIT LB Stephen Tulloch WAS LB Rocky McIntosh CHI LB Thomas Howard JAX DT Haloti Ngata NWJ WR Greg Jennings MEM WR Santonio Holmes PHI DE Tamba Hali LAX DE Rob Ninkovich ROUND 2 ARI LB James Anderson DEN WR Delanie Walker OAK WR Jason Avant TBY HB Maurice Jones-Drew BOS LB Ernie Sims HOU S Antoine Bethea BIR DT Kyle Williams OKL LB Omar Gaither SAT DE Elvis Dumervil MIC QB Vince Young PIT LB Clint Ingram WAS LB Tim Dobbins CHI CB Tim Jennings JAX DT Domata Peko NWJ G Zach Strief MEM QB Tarvaris Jackson PHI LB Keith Ellison LAX S Donte Whitner As you can see, this draft was extremely Linebacker heavy, which was needed because the league had a TON of Linebackers retire.  The next few post will go by division with team info
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    Chris reacted to bene33 in Draft Day Sports Football 2022 Questions   
    DDSF22 is my first version. I bought it today and i am really excited about tis one...
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    Chris reacted to CHEEZBEATS in SAME FEDORA-NEW CROWN? (DDSCB21)   
    cool game
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    Chris reacted to Hey_123 in Windowed Mode   
    Hi there, I remember playing an older version of CT Football Manager in windowed mode. I can't seem to find a way to get it into windowed mode in the newest  version. Is this possible? If not, it would be great if the developers  could add it back into the game.
    Thank you.
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    Chris reacted to CTGames in Windowed Mode   
    Hi, we have added it the todo list, so it will hopefully be a part of the next release
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    Chris reacted to PPT21 in [Video] DDS:PB21 Let's Play: Houston Rockets Rebuild   
    I just started DDS, it’s interesting to see your gameplay. Keep up the good work mate !
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    Chris reacted to Jackh09 in Favorite sports sim?   
    Been playing football (soccer) management games since premier manager 98 on ps1. All time fave is the FM series though which all started with a free demo for CM that came with some cereal in like 2000.
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    Chris reacted to busta in DDSPF21 🏈| Let's Play Franchise Twitch Rebuild | Cincinnati Bengals 🐅   
    Cool videos, keep up the great work
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    Chris got a reaction from busta in DDSPF21 🏈| Let's Play Franchise Twitch Rebuild | Cincinnati Bengals 🐅   
    New Channel Let's Play 📺 | Cards1125 NFL Franchise Story 🏈
    DDSPF21 "EP1: Cincinnati Bengals Rebuild" 🐅
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    Chris reacted to Gaming_Fanatic_39 in Any Boxing sim?   
    Hi guys,
    regarding browser-based simulation games for boxing I have found those ones here:
    - Online Boxing Manager (
    - Web Boxing League (
    - eBoxingPromoter (
    I am currently testing Online Boxing Manager and eBoxingPromoter... any experiences with those?
    Can anyone recommend further games from the genre that are freely available online?
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    Chris reacted to [email protected] in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Only just found out about this game - NFL fan from the UK. I've been looking for a management sim for ages!!
    Can't wait to get started with Cleveland
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    Chris reacted to BReal in OOTP22 Colorado Rockies Rebuild 🗻with Aaron Shelan   
    Awesome rebuild, love it! Much respect
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    Chris reacted to CTGames in Guide/Tutorial   
    In the next version some of the screens will have help texts, which shows what to do on that screen
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    Chris reacted to GM Games in [GM Games] It’s here! FirstAccess for DDS: Pro Football 2022 launches September 10th   
    A new season of NFL football is upon us and with that comes the FirstAccess of Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2022 (DDSPF22).
    Let’s share with you some of the core elements of the game and what’s new in this years experience?
    New Dark User Interface
    DDS:PF22 brings a brand new look giving the user an incredibly beautiful and easy-to-navigate football sim interface while being designed for long play sessions.

    Player Detail
    Social types, multiple player traits, player mentoring options and player storylines give players a true life quality. You’ll feel like you’re managing real athletes – not just looking at numbers on a screen!
    Personality Traits
    Financial System
    New improvements to the financial system lets you tailor contract values to positions for an even more realistic financial game world.

    What’s New in DDSPF22 ?
    Customization options have improved even more! Edit more details on coaches, hall of fame configuration options, overall rating options, multiple playoff options, a new 17 game schedule and new data export capabilities for you to analyze data your own way. The game engine has received multiple improvements as well. New play design options allow for motion and play action plays; revamped depth options allow for designation of third down backs; a total revamp of the penalty system allows you to take control over accepting penalties in 2D play, as well as AI improvements for penalties and 4th down logic. Link your league with Draft Day Sports: College Football for a totally immersive game universe. Bring rookies in from DDS:CF and track your college universe without ever having to leave DDS:PF. Use coupon code PF22FIRST at checkout and you will save 10% when you pre-order. This offer is only good during the pre-order stage so get your copy today!
    Leave a comment about DDSPF22 on our sub-reddit..
    The post It’s here! FirstAccess for DDS: Pro Football 2022 launches September 10th appeared first on GM Games - Sports General Manager Video Games.
    View the full article
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    Chris reacted to FedFan91 in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I began with Out of the Park Baseball around version 4 or 5 I think.  I don't remember how I found it but the idea of GMing always intrigued me. I have been playing it off and on since then.  I have also been heavily in Franchise Hockey Manager since its beginning.  It wasn't unit recently I heard about Draft Day Sports and their Pro and College Football games.  Now I am learning those.
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    Chris reacted to CTGames in CT Football manager is awesome!   
    In the next release there will be some in game help
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    Chris reacted to Mauimudd in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I started with the Strat O Matic board game & eventually Tony La Russa Baseball followed by every edition of Front Page Sports Baseball & Football. I picked it up with the OOTP baseball series & have purchased every one, every year. Still a huge soft spot for the FPS games. 
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    Chris reacted to drcraigphd in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    My very first GM-style game was Micro League Baseball for the C64.  Granted, you didn't really have GM functions, but this was the first realistic sports simulation I played.  After that, it was Front Page Sports Football and Baseball, High Heat Baseball, and now OOTP and Football Manager.  Sports GM games have ALWAYS been my favorite and more enduring interest among PC games.
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    Chris got a reaction from SojuWarrior in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    Let me start..

    I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here at GM Games. I am really curious to know about how you found out about playing these types of games. We've had several blog entries from our feature contributors telling us their story about how they got started playing sim sports.


    I don't consider myself someone with a great memory lol but here is how I think it all got started and how it evolved. For a long time I have always been fascinated with the statistics in sports. Being a fan, playing sports my whole life, I was always interested in box scores. My grandparents would always have a daily paper and I would grab the sports section and be really interested in reading the box scores that tell a little bit of a story of how the game went. From then on I knew stats and sports, athlete performance had a lasting effect on me.

    But it evolved further to wondering why teams won, why teams lost, and understand the aspects of a manager or franchise.

    I think it all started on NES. I owned a copy of Baseball Simulator and my friends in the neighbourhood and I just played the crap out of Baseball Stars. I think my mom at one point had a 40 dollar late charge with Blockbuster on a copy of Baseball Stars being a few weeks late. Man did I ever love that game from the team building perspective, money, salary caps etc.

    Later on Baseball Simulator was pretty fun, but I think I ended up playing Baseball Simulator 1.000 on SNES more, minus the dumbass magic part of that game lol.

    Baseball was my sport growing up but I loved all sports and my background being Lithuanian, I have been bred to love Basketball. Along the journey at blockbuster I rented my first copy of Tecmo Super Bowl. I would play out full seasons with my friend during sleepovers and we would almost get a whole season done from early afternoon till about 3-4 am. Losing in the playoffs with eyes barely open was an empty feeling when it was all over, lol! But was simulating it ever fun as well. Stats were realistic, player personnel moves had significance etc. Loved this game.

    I found some joy in basketball from copies of NCAA Basketball (which didn't simulate well but played well), and played a lot of Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. Tons of fun and loved my mid-range jumpers from the elbows (which normally was a low percentage shot) but loved seeing Michael Jordan hitting those while growing up.

    From a hockey perspective my first simulation game was Wayne Gretzky Hockey, which I believe was way ahead of its time. As time progressed Baseball Mogul showed up on the scene. It instantly was a hit to me, it took what I wanted these games to become to the level where it made me feel wrapped up in this world. I helped run a league named BMIL that lasted for years until we switched to OOTP .. I have been a user on the OOTP forums since 2002 and I have an interesting private message with Markus from 2002 that makes me smile to this day.

    As the modern games came out I pretty much played about everything. Countless hours of Championship Manager (CM) even though I wasn't a huge European Football / Soccer fan but the game was just THAT good. Eastside Hockey Manager was developing and the games got more sophisticated.

    I still firmly believe this genre made some of the most addictive games ever made. If you really believe and are intrigued with a great simulator algorithm and AI world, these games will keep you playing through all hours of the night. "Just sim one more day"..

    Hey, share with us your story. I would love to hear it personally. I helped create this site so these games, the developers get the attention they deserve, but also, we get a chance to mold the games with the dev's in our desired fantasy world's.

    What's your story??
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    Chris reacted to Moncho in How to download on here?   
    Amazing website!! today start my pro basketball history!!Hyped
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    Chris reacted to Moncho in Favorite sports sim?   
    Football manager and tennis manager. 2021 of course👌
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    Chris reacted to Coach Glendale in Favorite sports sim?   
    Football Manager ofc
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    Chris reacted to ManilaIce in [DDS:PB21] The Wizards of D.C. | A Washington Wizards Franchise   
    First thing I'd do is get rid of that bum Scotty Brooks lol
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    Chris reacted to Zrnkichi in Basketball GM 🏀 WHAT IF? 📺 Chris Paul CP3 went to the Lakers?   
    The veto trade was much better that the one that got CHarlotte after that.