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    Chris reacted to Jaystar2022 in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I started playing GM games in the mid to late eighties. I got my first computer at nine which was a Spectrum +3. With it came a floppy disk with a game called Soccer Boss.

    You took charge of a club in either Division 2, 3 or 4 and had to win promotion to Division 1 (Now the premier league). Me and best best friend spent hours on this game unable to win promotion to the top division, no matter what we did we always seemed to start the season really well and then loss a lot of game at the end to miss out on promotion. Then by some grace of god I managed to finish 3rd in the league and was promoted. The next two seasons we won Division 1 as easy as pie and won two FA Cups...Great times and it started me down the road of manager games.
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    Chris reacted to CyrusPalmer in Mac running Windows games   
    Hey there! I feel you – playing games across different platforms can be a bit tricky sometimes. It's awesome that you found a way to run Windows games on your Mac. I did something similar a while back, and it's been a game-changer (literally!). By the way, have you considered getting a cheap Windows key? It's a great way to make sure you're all set up properly without breaking the bank.
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    Chris reacted to th333 in Real Team Mod 2021 season   
    posting for my two posts
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    Chris reacted to Scumacher in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    With friends about 10 years ago
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    Chris reacted to pstairs in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    I started with Microleague baseball on the Commodore 64.
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    Chris reacted to stickmangaming88 in NCAA College Baseball   
    I was thinking the exact same thing wish there was a good mod for OOTP
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    Chris reacted to alicejenny in NCAA College Baseball   
    Wish there was a good OOTP mod, was exactly what I was thinking.
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    Chris reacted to l8fx in Who do you think is going to win the NBA Championship?   
    You about to be right
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    Chris reacted to AEN007 in All-American College Football '95   
    Greetings (again), Earthlings 🗺

    I recently acquired All-American CollegeFootball '95 (old DOS game)
    ~ which came with numerous/various years for each/every Team ... (≈90 teams)

    A half a dozen AACF95 teams came with generic names/colors etc
    The stats seem to be correct stats for the teams "they are supposed to be" ...
    So, I now just wanna figure out how to edit/change the team colors/logos ...
    I am (now/atm) in need of some "Tech-Help" ...

    What I "need"/want is someone to help me with some "Hex-Editing" ... (of the "compiled" files) ...
    I have (so far) "figured out" (implementing a Search&Replace with NotePad++)
    how to "hex edit" some team details, however, not (yet?) Team colors/logos ...
    ANY "techie" Hex-Edit "geeks" "out there" !?
    I would be willing to "negotiate$" how to "make it worth your while" ~
    just help me "figure out" how to go about editing/changing the (compiled) Team Colors/Logos; then I'll "do IT" ...
    Seems to me that the Team Stats/Data (90 teams @ ≈5 years for each Team) could/would be valuable ...
    for use with NCAA sims !
    HELP, please !!!

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    Chris reacted to hoosiergoody in Front Page Sports Football Pro 98   
    I am also new to the forums and i owned this game years ago.  Looking forward to playing it again!
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    Chris got a reaction from KansasCityShawn in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 23 Questions   
    If the player is terrible, I don't bother. I use it if there is a log jam at a position and I know it's going to anger the current starter. Give them one more season as to not cause conflict.
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    Chris reacted to KansasCityShawn in How I started.. Playing Sports Sims   
    The end of December 2022 is when I took a chance on the genre for the first time. Frustrated with the state of the video game industry, I was looking for something new to play during the Steam winter sale. I noticed OOTP 23 was $10 and bought it. 160 hours later I didn't regret my decision. I started looking for other games in the genre. I wanted to try games in every sport I could find. My new obsession right now is DDS:CB 2023 which I've already put 175 hours into.

    Other games I own and plan on playing in the future
    OOTP 24 - Looking forward to the updated features
    DDS: PB 2023 - Want to build a combined universe between CB & PB
    Eastside Hockey Manager - picked up for $2. Even though it's older wanted to see what it offered.
    Motorsport Manager - Got it on sale and interested in the idea of running a race team.
    Football Manager 2023 - Not a fan of the sport but still wanted to see what it offered.
    FHM9 - Liked OOTP, figured I would give it a shot.
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    Chris reacted to timisone in Hi fellow GMS   
    How are you? I love this website and discord. I lately have become a GM nut. I been playing Head Coach 09 and F1 Manager 22, with a little of oopt 17. I love the management games where I can see what I built in action on the field or the racetrack! Hope to get to know you all!
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    Chris reacted to zemongoose in Has anyone heard of any excellent football simulations?   
    This is my first Football Sim since FOF7. I'm also a veteran Strat-o-Matic baseball player, though the software leaves something to be desired.
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    Chris reacted to th98 in [Video] DDS:PB22 Let's Play: Detroit Pistons Rebuild   
    Love the content
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    Chris reacted to salsendardo in How to download?   
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    Chris reacted to Gaz2022 in Hello   
    Hi all love the youtube channel and american sports
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    Chris reacted to Lightthebeam in DDSCF23 🏈 B1G Dreams w/ University of Illinois | Aaron Shelan's Simulation Stories   
    This series made me jump into this! Really helps to learn the game
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    Chris reacted to nbbm in NBBM Yet another basketball management game   
    I am a huge basketball fan and also java developer. So I decided to create my own basketball management game. Something FM like. Of course much more limitated :).
    Game is not finished yet but is playable.
    If anyone would like to test it visit page.
    Game is simple so the only requirement is java 11 or above.
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    Chris reacted to carolean in NBBM Yet another basketball management game   
    I will check this out thanks! 
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    Chris reacted to zeropp1975 in "First Look and New Features" of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2023️ 🏀 w/ Chris   
    Look Great and looking forward to this
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    Chris reacted to mjonny591175 in Totally here for the downloads   
    Joining for downloads, but like all the info here, I'll be back
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    Chris reacted to mcgriffi in Totally here for the downloads   
    Excited to be a part of the community fellas.  Been lurking a long time and need the downloads!
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    Chris reacted to aarons3542 in DDSCF23 🏈 B1G Dreams w/ University of Illinois | Aaron Shelan's Simulation Stories   
    Glad I could help.  I need to resurrect this when I have some time for sure!