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  1. New CBGM Media "Live Sim: The NBGM, The Pro NBA Draft (S23)" w/ Chris
  2. there are editors and you can add photos to the directories
  3. you can but will take some work on your part, best to go here and talk to some people about it
  4. "S7 E1: Offseason & Opener" Colorado Rockies Rebuild
  5. "Live 2D Sim: The Championship Final (Georgetown vs Oregon)" w/ Chris
  6. "Live 2D Sim: The Final Four (#1 Georgetown vs #1 Baylor) (#2 Oregon vs #1 Ohio State)" w/ Chris
  7. "S6 E4: Trade Deadline" Colorado Rockies Rebuild
  8. we've never once done a thing with our database of contacts or mailing lists in 10 years. This is to prevent leeching our bandwidth and growing a sports sim community, of which has always been in dire need.
  9. "Live 2D Sim: Conf Tourney Finals (ACC, Big 12, Big East, Pac-12)" w/ Chris
  10. I think maybe it's half a season? I don't remember but you can still mod it and try it out as if it were full
  11. "S6 E2: Opener & April" Colorado Rockies Rebuild
  12. yeah I'm a huge fan and we run a 139 active member league at , but we'll keep this thread for pro basketball