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  1. Build your stable, develop your fighters, manage your gym trainers, make the right fights, guide your fighters to the world titles. * TITLES - Over 100 world and regional title belts - fully customisable world and regional titles. Make your own alphabet soup of world titles. * UNIQUE AND VAST GAME UNIVERSE 1000s of unique fighters in every game world. Boxing Manager creates a unique, complex and highly realistic boxing game world and simulation. * DEVELOP YOUR FIGHTERS use your skill to identify and develop the best prospects. Choose how to develop a fighter’s career and plot their route to the Hall of Fame * MATCH MAKER - Plot the careers of all of the fighters in your stable as your have total control over opponents. * FIGHTS - Take your seat and follow every fight in the game with BM’s detailed fight commentary and statistical breakdowns. * TACTICS - Influence the outcome of fights with clear simple corner instructions. * GYMS - hire trainers, set the training for your stable, upgrade the gyms. * FREQUENT GAME UPDATES game updates. We update fast and frequently based on our player and community feedback. Boxing Manager never stops developing. * COMMUNITY - A fantastic game community for both newcomers and game experts. --- To see the full details, head to:
  2. Running a baseball team requires you to make tough decisions. Should you re-sign a veteran player, or leave cap space open to sign a free agent? Should you draft a raw player who could be a star, or someone who can contribute right away? Should you trade away next season's draft pick for a player who can help you win now, or stockpile assets for the future? Should you raise ticket prices and annoy your fans, or can you cut part of your budget instead? Make the right choices and you can build a dynasty. But make the wrong choices and you'll get fired! ZenGM Baseball is 100% free and unlimited. No virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay to win. You can create as many leagues as you want and play as many seasons as you want, all without even creating an account. --- To see the full profile, head to:
  3. Put on the suit of a tennis coach and manager of a tennis academy. Immerse yourself in the most realistic tennis simulation, both on and off the court. Beat the odds and take control! From the junior circuit to the professional circuit, access over 2,000 tournaments. Among the 5,000 players present, find the talents that will lead your academy to glory. Financial stability, contract negotiation, structural investments... Be clever in your management, reach your short and long term goals, and impress your board of directors. Surround yourself with the best staff (coaches, technical, physical, tactical and mental trainers, etc.) and design the training program that best suits your players' abilities, their expectations and your style! Perfect your speech in press conferences and show your board of directors, as well as your players, that you are the right man/woman for the job. Thanks to the 3D engine, immerse yourself in the heart of the match and coach your player in real time! Are you more of a serve and volley player or a baseline filer? Exuberant or totally passive? Take control, impose your style and guide your player to the top. --- To see the full profile, head to
  4. "EP21: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  5. There have been in the past but its difficult because there isn't a pack let's say per season, so you could have the same player looking like in the wrong era
  6. It says right in the download of file description
  7. I'm going to reach out to them and try to get another copy of PCF2021 so we can at least store it
  8. "EP19: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  9. Hi Jack you are best to ask this on the Wolverine Studios company website but often the draft classes need to be made be someone as part of the community. You would be looking in their mods forum but if none of there, it wouldn't be anywhere else. Thanks
  10. mmm yea I think autosim is? see here
  11. "EP17: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  12. "EP15: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  13. "EP11: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  14. I think they'll take Chet. Hoping he's some sort of unicorn and will put on weight.
  15. "EP9: PT Drops Stream" Destiny in the Desert w/ Arizona Diamondbacks 🪱
  16. "Live Reveal. The CBGM S27 Recruiting Bonanza | Top 125 Players" w/ Chris