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  1. Firstly, we released a small video of iOOTP 2011 on youTube: YouTube - iOOTP Baseball for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Enjoy, and if you like the game and have a chance to post it somewhere, just do it. For the 1.1.0 update: The update was sent to Apple last Monday. So it should be available early next week. It contains: - Game Center support - In-App purchase of more historical seasons - a Trade Block - more player info during matches - Ini-Draft for all 3 game modes (so you can start with the 2011 roster and draft your own team) - bug fixes
  2. As I wrote: A few years before I joined OOTP Developments to work on iOOTP I wrote my own baseball text-sim game. After I finished it, I (or better we, as I had help from a friend) realized, that we would never ever catch up to OOTP and nobody would care about another baseball sim game. So we decided to change direction and turn to hockey. We both had season tickets for our local DEL Team at that time and no actual hockey text-sim game existed. It was way beyond concept phase, most screens already were coded and even some AI was present (we used a lot of stuff from the baseball project). When I joined OOTP Developments last year, I had to drop out off the project but my friend continued to work on it. As far as I know (and based on the last screenshots I saw) he did a lot of work with graphics and gave the game a nice new look. Without knowing all details at the moment (way to much work with iOOTP in the last few month) I would say the game is maybe in Alpha status, so you can load up a game, navigate around most screens, most feature are available in a basic way and you can sim games. I know the Game Engine is a little rough around the edges as I wrote and never finished it and I'm pretty sure he did no work with it. The problem with such a project is always the content, especially roster (and in hockey you have a lot more leagues then in baseball) and stuff like news/pbp texts. You need people with a passion who would love to contribute to such a project. Unfortunately you don't have a player database like the Lahman database for baseball.
  3. Hi guys, My name is Sebastian, I life in Hamburg, Germany and I work for OOTP Developments on the new mobile version iOOTP BAseball 2011. My history with playing text-sim games goes way back to some German football (soccer for you Americans) manager games (like Anstoss, Bundesliga Manager). Then I found Football Manager from SI Games (back then it was Championship Manager) and was in heaven. I played the free EHM game and wanted to start an online league but then discovered OOTP 3 and founded the German Baseball League in 2001. When Markus joined SI Games I decided to program my own baseball manager game, which was finished after a few years and still can be found on the net somewhere. But it was just to hard to get something going with a blockbuster as OOTP already available, so I stopped my work on Perfect Game. The last game I worked on before joining OOTP Developments was a hockey manager, which used a lot of stuff from the baseball game. A friend of mine still works on it, maybe I should ask him how it comes along.