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My name is Chris and I am the of Director of General Manager (GM) Games. I have been following sports simulator algorithms from my childhood. It initially started out by pressing simulate on 'Baseball Simulator 1.000' and having excessive rental fees on games like 'Baseball Stars' on NES. It evolved in to playing countless seasons of Tecmo Super Bowl without even playing a snap. Wayne Gretzky Hockey on PC/Mac allowed for the first 2D game-play to be watched in conjunction with being a GM. As time progressed, Baseball Mogul, and the original OOTP grew and the CM series of Soccer games took everything to the next level. With that in mind, it has been my mission statement to find those with the same passion for this genre and share the incredible intelligent accomplishments of those making these algorithms for the pleasure of our amusement. 
I want to help all the indie developers and bring the immersion and realism of these games to the next level.