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  1. Yeah, I usually workout more in the winter opposed to summer. I'm so busy come summer.
  2. Baylor and Texas is a pretty good game.
  3. Nice job picking up the win man. This is looking good. Assaidi played nice.
  4. Nice! I'll have to check it out for sure. Sounds fun.
  5. Whether you want to post your workout routine or talk to other guys about working out, this is the place to do it. I workout about five days a week normally, anybody else?
  6. Good game going on between the Pacers and Bucks.
  7. Pacers got another win tonight, looking good at 9-9 and winning the division.
  8. Talk about the current NFL games being played.
  9. I might try it out eventually, going to try a free one for Android for now though. It's some free Football Manager game, if I start to like Simulation games a lot, I'll probably pick up the version you suggested.
  10. Pacers with ANOTHER close win last night, by 5. Every game has been fun to watch. Playing the Warriors tonight.
  11. Cool. I might pick it up. Even if you're not that into soccer, is it still worth playing?
  12. San Fran would win the Super Bowl this year, and Tebow would be in Denver. What if Kurt Warner makes a comeback to the NFL?
  13. NBA Players of the Month: LeBron James, Kevin Durant NBA Standings - Updated: Dec 4, 2012ATLANTICWLGBDIVCONFCeltics106--2-08-6Knicks1070.53-08-3Nets1070.50-26-476ers6104.01-23-6Raptors6104.01-33-7CENTRALWLGBDIVCONFPacers172--6-010-0Bulls1154.50-22-2Cavaliers699.00-15-5Bucks6109.51-15-7Pistons31413.00-31-8SOUTHEASTWLGBDIVCONFHeat142--3-111-2Magic727.04-36-7Bobcats6118.52-14-5Hawks5108.50-32-9Wizards5108.501-23-6EAST PLAYOFF RACEWLGBDIVCONFPacers172--6-010-0Heat1421.53-111-2Bulls1154.50-22-2Celtics1065.52-08-6Nets1076.00-26-4Knicks1076.03-08-3Magic798.54-36-7Cavaliers699.00-15-576ers6109.51-23-6Bucks6109.51-15-7Raptors6109.51-33-7Bobcats61110.02-14-5Hawks 51010.00-32-9Wizards51010.01-23-6Pistons31413.00-31-8NORTHWESTWLGBDIVCONFTimberwolves97--0-05-5Trail Blazers980.52-14-4Nuggets781.51-34-6Thunder7113.02-15-7Jazz6113.51-14-6PACIFICWLGBDIVCONFLakers124--3-19-4Clippers983.51-06-3Warriors994.01-16-6Kings8105.01-25-8Suns6116.50-24-6SOUTHWESTWLGBDIVCONFSpurs125--2-18-4Mavericks1260.53-19-3Hornets794.51-13-7Rockets695.01-15-5Grizzlies695.00-23-6WEST PLAYOFF RACEWLGBDIVCONFLakers124--3-19-4Spurs1250.52-18-4Mavericks1261.03-19-3Timberwolves973.00-05-5Clippers983.51-06-3Trail Blazers983.52-14-4Warriors994.01-16-6Nuggets784.51-34-6Kings8105.01-25-8Hornets795.01-13-7Grizzlies695.50-23-6Rockets695.51-15-5Thunder7116.02-15-7Jazz6116.51-14-6Suns6116.50-24-6 NBA League Leaders - Updated: Dec 4, 2012Points Per GamePPGRebounds Per GameRPG1. LeBron James32.61. Kevin Love11.02. K. Durant30.92. T. Duncan10.93. C. Anthony29.43. J. Noah10.94. M. Ellis28.44. B. Griffin10.85. A. Stoudemire26.45. D. Howard10.6Assists Per GameAPGSteals Per GameSPG1. J. Kidd10.01. G. Hill2.92. M. Conley8.62. R. Rondo2.73. S. Nash8.43. C. Paul2.64. J. Holiday8.44. K. Walker2.45. R. Rondo8.25. D.J. Augustin2.2Blocks Per GameBPGField Goal %FG%1. D. Howard2.21. R. Hibbert.6262. S. Ibaka2.12. D. DeRozan.5733. B. Lopez2.03. J.J. Hickson.5614. D. Jordan2.04. K. Durant.5595. A. Drummond1.95. L. James.559Three Point %3P%Free Throw %FT%1. J. Smith.5831. S. Brown1.002. J. Dudley.5812. C. Billups.9513. K. Korver.5793. S. Curry.9384. N. Smith.5794. R. Jackson.9305. L. Odom.5485. A. Morrow.929 2012-2013 NBA All-Star Game RostersEastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceHead Coach: N/AHead Coach: N/APosStartersPosStartersPGD. Rose (686047 votes)PGC. Paul (761355 votes)SGD. Wade (642078 votes)SGK. Bryant (761355 votes)SFL. James (957897 votes)SFK. Durant (937214 votes)PFA. Stoudemire (667025 votes)PFD. Nowitzki (704801 votes)CA. Bynum (341476 votes)CD. Howard (601153 votes)PosReservesPosReservesPGR. Rondo (508704 votes)PGR. Westbrook (594198 votes)SGM. Ellis (494013 votes)SGC. Billups (377419 votes)SFC. Anthony (724966 votes)SFA. Iguodala (399794 votes)PFC. Bosh (499352 votes)PFK. Love (593793 votes)CB. Lopez (301955 votes)CT. Duncan (450898 votes) Indiana Pacers Stats - 2012-13PlayerGPMINPPGRPGAPGSPGBPGTPGFPGD. Granger1934. Hibbert1331. George1929. West1929.512. Green1918.711. Hill1930.810. Augustin1919. Hansbrough1921. Stephenson179. Johnson35. Mahinmi1910. Young147. Plumlee188. Pendergraph43. Ross - Has Not Played
  14. Hey Chris, can you take away the post characters limit, at least in the dynasties section? My post had like 170,000 characters or something because it had 5 boxscores. So if you can make it like 200,000 that'd help.
  15. AP IND-- The Indiana Pacers decided to add some size to their roster, and doing so pushed their roster number to the league-max 15. Indiana called up 6'11 PF John Ross from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants on Saturday. Ross has been averaging around 30 PPG and 12 RPG this season in the D-League, and the Pacers think he is worthy of being on their team. He signed a one year, league minimum $473,000 contract. At 6'11, he will be the tallest power forward currently on their team. Head coach Frank Vogel said this about the young prospect: "We feel like he can fit in here, and maybe get on the floor every now and then. For now, he will be filling a reserve spot along with Orlando Johnson and Jeff Pendergraph, but injuries do happen, and we need to be prepared. If one of our big men goes down like Roy did, especially in the Playoffs, we will be able to back him up. Our scouts are happy with him, and think he has some potential to be a decent NBA player, so we're taking a flier on him. There have been many good players out of the D-League, such as Jeremy Lin, Dahntay Jones, Marcin Gortat, Ramon Sessions, and more. The Pacers are hoping they have picked up a young stud that can produce at a decent rate.