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  1. Cubs send: 3B Pablo Sandoval 50% retention Cleveland sends: SP Anthony Klumpp (AAA) Thanks for the deal, Ayden! I can't tell if I fleeced you, you fleeced me, or if this is exactly an even deal. Time will tell. Pablo is better than people think he is and will lead you to a title, at the same time paving the way for Yordan Alvarez and Jake Burger to play fuuuuuull time. Thanks Ayden, CLE to confirm.
  2. Cubs send: SS Jose Iglesias (MLB) Mariners send: RP Ricardo Galvan (Rookie) The Cubs are too far behind the Big 3 of the NL Central and have decided to sell off their best player according to WAR not named Ed Harris or Madison Bumgarner. Jose Iglesias finishes his 150-PA stint with the Cubs with a .345/.373/.507 triple-slash and 1.7 WAR. In exchange, another young arm joins the organization in Galvan. It's a trade of the Justins. Thanks Kaiser, Seattle to confirm.
  3. Cubs send: OF Arturo Gomez (MLB) OF Kevin Hunter (MLB) 3B Kenny Gentry (AA-Tennessee) Red Sox send: SP Sidney English (AAA-Pawtucket) There are a few moving parts in this deal, and most of them are underperforming what I believe Brett and I think are their true talent level. Kevin Hunter was a Rule 5 pickup a few seasons back, someone I have envisioned as a fourth outfielder, but I'm a bit stacked in the outfield at the moment with AAA depth and was available in the right deal. Arturo Gomez is better than his 5 OPS+ dictates, but this waiver claim from the Braves turns into a salary dump back to Boston. The best piece going back to the Red Sox is Kenny Gentry. Gentry is a good prospect, but lots of his success on his resume comes at the waaay lower levels of the minors, and there's no gurantee that will translate. I know folks have asked about Gentry before and I've balked, but since we are on Slack and I can't go back and see who those people were and try and upsell him that way, I take what is in front of me because life is short, and why not? In exchange for that rambling mess, I get Sidney English - a pitching prospect who is on the cusp of putting it together, someone who has previously been highly coveted, and although he is underperforming, could be of use soon. That is what happened and in this moment I am happy with it. Thanks Brett; Boston to confirm.
  4. Cubs accept. Chris Roach is a bit of a steep price to pay, but we feel as though Ben Revere's defense may be the secret sauce we need to get to the next level. This moves Ed Harris to RF, where he'll be even better, and Revere is so freaking good I feel as though he's going to cover Eloy/Yordan's poor defense in left. We get retention so we can maybe get one more free agent if needed, but all in all I think this is a better gamble than spending $30M on Travis Jankowski. Thanks Anthony!
  5. Cubs confirm. We've brought in rotation reinforcements in the offseason and have some younger prospects coming to the forefront. We feel less confident about our bullpen in 2021, and Powers has a track record of major league success over the past few years that should play up well. Jose Fierro was initially a member of the White Sox organization, coming over in the Matt Clark deal of 2017. We are pleased to send him home. Thanks Hodges.
  6. Cubs send: 3B Casey Schmitt (Rookie-Mesa) Diamondbacks send: RP Tyler Green (AAA-Reno) Our bullpen is mostly full at the moment, but we think Green could provide some great competition in Spring Training. We wish recently drafted 3B Casey the best! Thanks Kimberly, ARZ to confirm.
  7. Cubs send: 1B Bill Lowe (MLB) Yankees send: RP Danny William (MLB) LF Chase Davis (Rookie) Bill Lowe has been a solid contributor for us for three seasons, but similar to Candon Myles, we are looking to switch over to the new guard. William will hopefully help us improve the bullpen as our owner requests, and Davis is a solid prospect to help balance things. Thanks Rhett, NYY to confirm.
  8. Cubs send: RP Kenneth Giles (MLB) Red Sox send: 2B Fabian Weiz (AAA) We truly believe Giles can be an effective reliever, but we've given him enough shots and for our own sanity need to move on. Fabian is a great defensive middle infielder with an option left, he'll be a great backup for us in the future. Thanks Brett, BOS to confirm.
  9. Cubs send: OF Candon Myles (MLB) Giants send: OF Eloy Jimenez (MLB) Candon Myles has been a great player for us for many years after grabbing him in the Rule 5 draft (probably our best Rule 5 pick ever), but I believe it's time to move on, and Eloy is a nice replacement perhaps a bit better fit with my timeline. We wish Myles the best in the Bay Area (you'll love the CA weather, my friend), and welcome Jimenez to the Cubs (the last real-life Cubs prospect I truly was attached to). Fun stuff all around. Thanks Ryan, SF to confirm.
  10. cubs send 1B alexander Marquez AAA orioles send 1B anthony rizzo mlb 100% retained welcome home rizzo!
  11. Cubs send: RP Julio Teheran (MLB) -- 100% retained by Cubs Rangers send: RP Simon Castro (MLB) SP Kelly Koch (A+) RP Sam Bordner (A+) The reliever trade train continues. We are excited to cash in some of those chips for a some minor league help.
  12. Cubs send: RP Al Alburquerque Mariners send: SS Gonzalo Garza We have been acquiring sooo many minor league outfielders lately, and many of our best players are in the outfield, so it's time to reinforce the infield depth a little bit. Al Al is a veteran depth price to pay for that. Thanks Kaiser, SEA to confirm.
  13. Cubs send: RP Steve Graham (AAA) Yankees send: RF Raul Dominguez (A+) Graham has been a longtime favorite of ours, but it's time to move on. In exchange, we acquire a patient hitter who is still years from the Rule 5 draft. The rebuild continues. Thanks Rhett, NYY to confirm.
  14. Cubs send: RP Casey Mulligan (MLB) RF Juan Costello (AA) Dodgers send: SP Julio Urias (AAA) Casey Mulligan is a good player, but as the old saying goes, a 30+ year old RP won't get the 2020 Chicago Cubs any closer to the playoffs. We package him with Juan Costello, an outfield prospect who we really like but don't quite love for a young starting pitching prospect in Urias. Thank you to Sam for getting the Cubs involved in this year's Trade Deadline. LAD to confirm.