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  1. Cubs send: 3B Maximo Gonzalez (A+) White Sox send: CL Jack Hartman (A+) Cubs we’re doing some trimming and decided they preferred a hard-throwing reliever who performed well despite lackluster control we hope to develop. Thanks Greg - White Sox to confirm.
  2. Cubs send: SP Kyle Brosnan (A-) SP Andre Pallante (A) SP Noah Murdock (A) SS Tim McMahon (R) White Sox send: CL Orlando Garcia (MLB) OF Byron Buxton (MLB) INF Billy Hamilton (AAA) The Cubs do not feel confident in free agency for the first offseason in forever, and we are happy to check a number of boxes on the major league team (which we believe has good pieces) in an effort to compete, cashing in a few chips, of course. Good luck on the South Side, Kyle. Thanks for the deal - Greg to confirm.
  3. Wild Card Round Best of Three: Blue Jays Mariners Braves Rockies LDS Best of Five: Angels Blue Jays Braves Rockies LCS Best of Seven: Blue Jays Braves World Series Best of Seven Braves
  4. Cubs send: C Jonathan Lucroy (2022 salary 100% retained) Rockies send: 3B Dave Horn (R-Grand Junction) Lucroy is not part of our future plans, and although Horn is not going to hit the top of any prospect rankings, he's a nice little lottery ticket that allows us to play our younger catcher instead. Thanks Carsen, COL to confirm.
  5. Cubs accept. Lucroy is on the block and we might need a new catcher soon. Perhaps Stryker can be that.
  6. Cubs send: RP Tyler Green (MLB, 100% retained) Mariners send: RP Don Adams (MLB) CF Daniel Franklin (A- Everett) Green is struggling a bit, and unwilling to discuss a contract extension with me. As the Cubs shift to 2023, we get a similarly-struggling, 2-years-younger bounceback candidate in Don Adams, plus an upgrade to our Single-A first baseman. We believe Daniel Franklin will have a chance to prove himself with everyday at-bats in the Cubs system. Thanks Seattle, Kaiser to confirm.
  7. Thanks, Jim. OUR FIRST TRADE!!!! GET HYPEDDDD!! Luna is not in our 2023 plans, and although we were hoping to make a slightly bigger splash with this sell, Leach is a quality add at a low acquisition cost for us. Cubs accept.
  8. Cubs send: P Taijuan Walker (MLB) - 100% retention White Sox send: LF Tyler Hill (AA) - 24 year old batter on minimum contract Walker is not part of our 2023 plans but Hill could be. Glad to know the Crosstown trade pipeline isn’t dead even after Hodges departs. Thanks Greg, White Sox to confirm.
  9. EDIT: I screwed up the last name. Sorry
  10. Phillies send: CF Greg T. Jones (A- Williamsport) Cubs send: SP Elijah Manning (MLB) The Cubs have too many majors-quality SP and only 5 (or 6) slots, so we elect to offload one of them for an interesting middle infield / center field prospect with a bit more length in team control. Thanks Jerry - PHI to confirm.
  11. Yankees send: SS Rafael Luna (60% retention) SP Marcos Galindo (AAA Scranton) Cubs send: SS Starlin Castro 1B Preston Roths (AAA Iowa) Roths is a nice young player at just 24 years old, coming off a .869 OPS season at AAA. But his defense leaves something to be desired for an NL team and is a better fit in the thumping Yankees lineup. In exchange, we get an interesting pitcher, and Rafael Luna, who joins our Spring Training shortstop tryouts along with the recently acquired Tomas Arteaga. And with that, we bid farewell to our beloved Starlin Castro once again. Starlin - you're a great ballplayer who will do well in New York. But with Gavin Lux's emergence, your status as a stopgap had to come to an end. We love you. Thanks Rhett; NYY to confirm.
  12. Cubs send: 2B Shaun Keppinger (MLB) SS Anthony Volpe (A- Eugene) RP Will Stanley (R Mesa) Orioles send: MI Tomas Arteaga (MLB) Cubs have been searching for a shortstop all offseason (and even before then, since the Aurelio Rivera signing didn't work out). At worst, we think Arteaga can handle the position defensively. At best, he also gets on base a bit, and the pieces we give up aren't anything crazy awesome although to Drew's credit they are intriguing. Thanks Baltimore, Drew to confirm.
  13. Cubs accept. Although I’m excited for Jake Burger’s first full season, I am always a bit scared of injury or sophomore slump, and Pablo helps cover those bases at an above average clip. As Anthony said, Diaz is the real prize here - he finally put it together after literal years of up and down performance. I hope he keeps it up for you! The rest are decent depth pieces we were willing to part with. Parker leaves because our bullpen is crowded. Rhodes is more suited for an AL team. And Moreno is a great defender, but a bit far off for me to be terribly invested. Thanks, Anthony!
  14. Cubs send: SP Richard Dean (MLB) SS Aurelio Rivera (MLB) White Sox send: RF Sam Wicks (R-Great Falls) Richard Dean is the kind of pitcher we like - some interesting pitches, some length, and a lot of control. But as the Cubs were putting together our tentative majors rotation next year, Dean was the odd man out. (Apparently we have too many starters we think are above average.) For giving up a pitcher like Dean, we get a lottery ticket to help feed my gambling hobby, and unload a modest contract off our books of a free agent signing who just didn’t work out… giving us the space to make *another* signing in the near future that may or may not work out itself. And so, the cycle continues. Maybe. Thanks as always Hodges, White Sox to confirm.
  15. Cubs send: 1B/RP Brendon McKay (MLB) Pirates send: C Jerry Caine (AAA) Cubs have been searching for some high minors catching depth to fill an organizational void. Our two-way experiment with McKay failed, so we are happy returning him back to Pittsburgh for a decent catcher. Thanks Greg, PIT to confirm.