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  1. Cubs accept. We were looking on the free agent market for some relief help, but our lack of budget room led us to the trade market. Some solid depth is coming back to the Cubs in this deal for a second baseman who is a long shot. Thanks Mitch.
  2. Got my password! This is copy/pasted purely for history's sake... Cubs agree to this deal, we just are unable to reset our password right now for some reason. This can wait until I figure out the reset but if @matteise wants to copy/paste this there for me, feel free. The Cubs think they may be decent this year, and are looking for a final outfield piece to join the puzzle of Candon Myles (stud) and Ed Harris (stud-plus). Kevin Hunter, our recent Rule 5 acquisition, might be that guy. Gose plays even better defense and might be that guy too, who knows? Erik Hooper is the worst prospect that Mitch was interested in, so we send him along. "Meat" has been marinating in the low minors for too long and we don't believe he'll be able to make the next step, so we part with him easily. Cubs make their first trade since June 9th. Thanks Mitch for helping me get back in the game! Confirmed.
  3. Cubs send: SS CJ Abrams (R-Mesa) Twins send: SP Richard Mann (AA-Chattanooga) We need more pitching in the pipeline and Mann is a solid lefty doing fine at AA. Thanks Twins, Rocky to confirm.
  4. For the first time ever, we are willing to listen and discuss a potential deal for C Jose Felix. He recently requested a trade to a contender. We are not sure if we are going to grant his request yet as we still believe he is valuable to the rebuild, but we are kicking off a possible sweepstakes. Seeking a big, legitimate return to usher along the rebuild. Let me know if you are interested, I will add you to the negotiation list and we can exchange some names. Fun facts about Jose Felix: He's the best defensive catcher in the league. 80 grade at the C positive, 80 grade at catcher ability and 70 grade at catcher arm.Two-time Gold Glove winner.He's a captain with literally the best case scenario for all personality traits. That's high Leadership, Loyalty, Work Ethic, and Intelligence, with low Greed.He makes less than $1.5M per year and is locked up until either his 35th or 37th birthday, depending on the vesting options. He is literally designed to age into the perfect backup catcher role.Great contact bat who is a lock for somewhere in the range of a .285 to .315 batting average.Again, no guarantee he moves, but perhaps we can talk about it.
  5. Cubs send: SS Javier Baez (AAA) 100% salary retained Twins send: RP David Cortez (AA) C Tomas Anaya (AA) SP Walter Hoffman (A+) We still think Baez is a decent player and we were possibly too aggressive bringing him up from AA to MLB when he first re-joined Chicago. Our initial plan was to send him to AAA to figure some things out and bring him back up when he was raking, but we decided to give Yosuke Sasaki and Julian Garcia full-time at-bats and Rocky came together with a competitive offer. Good luck Javy. MIN to confirm.
  6. Thanks for the deal Mitch. Cubs approve. We are not looking to add a lot, had some cash, and decided to turn it into prospects. Crocker excites us more than Vaughn but we will see what both can do.
  7. Cubs send: SP Will Smith (AAA-Iowa) Mariners send: RP Chris Weatherfo (A-Clinton) One thing we forgot with our Rule 5 picks last night - their place on the MLB roster sends a few other pitchers to the AAA rotation, which is now overcrowded. Conversely, Kaiser’s AAA rotation is not as crowded. We shed some salary and pick up another player similar to the guy we got from the Reds... little control, but good K numbers last year. Thanks again Kaiser. SEA to confirm.
  8. Cubs send: RP Pete Levitt (MLB) Reds send: RP Rich Beasley (Daytona-High A) Following the Rule 5 draft and MadBum signing we needed to clear one more 40 man spot. Levitt has long been on our trade block. Beasley is the opposite of a typical Cubs trade target in that his control sucks, but his strikeout numbers were among the best in the Reds system so we will give it a shot. Thanks Scott - CIN Ari confirm.
  9. Cubs send: SP Jonathan Pettibone (MLB) Mariners send: RP Bob Horton (Everett-Low A) After adding Madison Bumgarner, the Cubs needed to cut a pitcher. We'd rather continue to roll the dice with our 2017 and 2018 Rule 5 pitchers than employ Pettibone. Thanks for the easy deal, again, Kaiser! SEA to confirm.
  10. Cubs send: SP Scott Alexander (MLB) C Juan Apodaca (AAA-Iowa) C Kyle Higashioka (A-South Bend) C Michael Lane (A-Myrtle Beach) C Gabriel Lino (AA-Tennessee) SP Billy Miller (R-Mesa) Mariners send: SP Nathan Armstrong (A-Everett) 3B Maximo Gonzalez (R-Peoria) 1B Pedro Lopez (should be promoted to R-Peoria) Saturday morning boredom at it's best! We think Alexander actually does have a bit of value, as does Armstrong despite his lack of results since starting pro ball. Kaiser needed some catching depth, so we send that his way as well for a few lottery tickets offered by Seattle. We also threw in a surprise future LOOGY in Billy Miller as a thank you. A little lagniappe for ya, Kaiser. Thanks for the deal, SEA to confirm.
  11. Cubs send: 2B Jonathan Villar (MLB) SP Adam Conley (MLB) Blue Jays send: 1B Culley Davis (R-Bluefield) SP Patrick Morris (R-Dunedin) SP Augusto Sanchez (R-Dunedin) Cubs are trying to get rid of some of their MLB/AAAA/AAA pieces to make way for young guys on the major league roster. Service time be damned, we are no longer interested in placeholders like Villar and just want to let the kids play. We give up two decent players for 3 rookie ballers. The rebuild continues. Thanks Mitch, Blue Jays to confirm.
  12. RP Pete Levitt - this dude has made a career of mid- and sub-3.00 ERAs. last year was a blip. RF John Andreoli - good platoon partner in the corner OF LF Felix Marte - bat is well-rounded C Jim Monk - solid 2018 campaign in which he batted over .300 SP Nick Tropeano - durable starter with a good pitch mix SP Jesse Darrah - 28 year old starter
  13. Not sure if we missed the cutoff, but in case we still have time: Orioles send: RP Alex Ramirez (AAA Norfolk, claimed by Chicago) Cubs send: SP John Jenkins (R-Mesa) SP Johnny Bechtel (R-Mesa) While we just recently drafted both SPs, our hopes for their long-term futures aren't great, and Ramirez looks interesting. Thanks Andy, BAL to confirm.
  14. Cubs send: LF Eric Thames (not on 40 man roster, DFA limbo) Cardinals send: 3B Andrew Arevalo (A-Peoria) A simple rebuilding move. Thanks Ryan, STL to confirm.
  15. Cubs send: SP Henderson Alvarez (MLB) Indians send: SS Luis De La Rosa (A-Lake County) Alvarez, a former 20 game winner who performed well in a brief MLB stint in 2017, was brought in as a flip candidate. He performed moderately, and ultimately was not a big enough deadline name to garner a large return. We add a mid-twenties infielder who is years away from Rule 5 eligibility and pave the way for another starter to get MLB time. Ultimately a win as Alvarez wants $4M+ in free agency. Thanks as always Ayden, CLE to confirm.