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    reedjohnson reacted to BrandaRays in Tampa/Chicago Cubs Deal   
    Cubs send: RF Carlos Moncrief (AA Tennessee)SP Ronald Manning (S A Boise)3B Bill LA (A Daytona)CF Claudio Melendez (A Daytona)SP Brady Rodgers (A Peoria)RP Daniel TillmanRP Jason Wiley (A Daytona)CF Cesar Rosa (S A Boise) Rays send: SP David Price (ACT-Tampa) I was looking for a way to revamp the franchise, and I think this move will do that for Tampa. Every team in the MLBP was given a chance to bid on Price and I feel this was the best package I received after several days of negotiating. I had some good offers, but I feel this one was one that could not be matched. Best of luck to the Cubbies!