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  1. Well...... Okay, so I've been high on Schultz for awhile. Actually, I was unhappy when he was dealt to Oakland in the first place; had I known he was available, I'd have simply worked to acquire him from KC. Regardless, I've been steadfast in trying to acquire him. I think he plays well in Philly, and so, I'm delighted to have him. Roxa....well, he's back. He's back because Odubel Herrera happens. If anyone wants him, come get him. I never really wanted to part with Roxa in the first place...well, here's hoping he can perform in his second stint in Philly. I bet he's thrilled to be back. The guys we gave up...I'm not a fan of parting with Kevin Jones, but with Bobby McDonald becoming a monster in the minors, he's kind of expendable. The other guys don't really factor into my long-range plans. I still don't know what this team is, but they seem to want to compete. The offense is broken, and this won't entirely fix it...but it may make it less broken. Thanks to Jason for the quick negotations (done before I can head off to hoops!).
  2. With the team floundering, and the analytics saying we're already exceeding expectations, I might as well look to move people. So, I will listen to offers on anyone. The following will be quite difficult to part with: SP Sean Gilmartin SP Chance Magana SP Carson Palmer C Logan Moore Anyone else is fair game. All I ask is that, due to my schedule difficulty (though I will be around this evening, 5.16), you send me offers or tell me the parameter of players available in such deals. Please give me a starting point; that's all I ask. I'm best on Slack or at [email protected] -John
  3. Hi, Philly confirms the deal. We need versatility on both offense and defense. Both of these players do just that. And they might hit, too...something we desperately need. We give up two players we like, but that's the cost of progress. Field wasn't going to stay long-term, not with whatshisface at first base right now. And Higginbotham wasn't quite the guy our scouts hoped after he healed from injury. He's still solid, but he stopped factoring into our longer-range plan. We hope they contribute to Kansas City's magical season!
  4. We approve. Need the depth, and getting a pitcher who should play well in our system, with years of club control, is very important. My organization is high on Jenkins. Castro is a valuable upgrade, and Valle gives us depth we need behind the plate. It isn't flashy, but it makes our overall team better. And we need that. The earlier, the better. I know Brooks is likely the best player in the deal...but that's not absolute. And I'm in a spot where we need current versus potential. Thank you to Mitch for the easy discussion and completion of the deal.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a 2B, SS, 3B, or a LF. I'm willing to pay...Pedro Magana or Carson Fulmer could be had, depending on the quality of player(s) involved. The same goes for Thomas Field or Ryobe Kamida. Please send me a note on Slack, but know that I am not the quickest to respond these days. I'll do what I can, though.
  6. I would like to know what the adjustments would be for CBP, before I make a decision.
  7. Philky confirms, with an explanation coming later.
  8. Philly confirms. Will explain later. At work.
  9. Philly confirms. Explian later. At work.
  10. Well, this looks lopsided. I imagine Joe will be ripping the Phillies apart tomorrow morning. So, here's where it is...I needed to make a move, one way or another. This group has been good, maybe better than expected...the thing holding them back the most is me. We lack offense. We lack right-handed bats. Now we have two. As far as what we're giving up, Nicholas had become a hot commodity recently...but I have Will Chambers and Emilio Martinez, who are essentially him now. I really like Serrano, but I have Ibarra just about ready to come up, and otherwise have a good pen that will hopefully remain good for awhile. Komatsu fell out of favor and wasn't going to see the parent club. Kim was our third-ranked prospect, but he's too all-or-nothing for my taste. Carlson could turn into something, but Hatfield is just a guy to our scouts. It's telling that, in our organization, he isn't among the top pitching prospects. This didn't take long, which was nice. I still probably paid too much for the risk, but the risk was necessary with where this franchise is. Thanks, Ayden. I hope those guys work out for you.
  11. We made this deal because of two things: 1) Our infield needs more depth. 2) Our bullpen needs more depth. Lynn is a good player, and we may have undersold him. But he was erratic far more than he was brilliant (though I imagine, at the Jake, he'll be crackerjack). Gillaspie is a solid hitter and can play both sides of the diamond. We need that. And Creath can be a solid 7th/8th inning arm for us, which we really need. Our bullpen has been a sore spot for us all year. Also, with Brandon Beachy joining us, we'd have six starters. I can turn one player into two necessities filled. This line of thinking won out.
  12. The Phillies send: SP Lance Lynn RP Kenneth Giles (AA) The Indians send: 3B Conor Gillaspie RP Brandon Creath OF Andruw Jones (AAA)
  13. So, I wasn't looking to move James. At all. CF is a difficult position to fill in this league. And then the opportunity for Beachy came up. And Lawrie. Bad seasons happen, and they're having them. They also have fantastic contracts, and regardless of how much we have in the coffers, this team is going to get kinda expensive coming up. We love James, and Gray...but we have sufficient cover in CF, and Gray couldn't crack our rotation, and certainly wouldn't with Beachy here. I thought it was appropriate to send him somewhere where he could get run...but only if it made sense for us. To get two players like Beachy and Lawrie...well, that made sense. Getting Morrison is a bonus, as I like to collect bullpen arms. It took me days to come to terms with this. But once the Baltimore deal went through, and another deal I made was done, this finally won me over. I think it's a win-win for all.
  14. We needed an outfielder, one who could play multiple spots. This might be the first move in a series of them. But Sappelt is a valuable player to have with a team who seemingly wants to contend. So, we had to make the deal. We have young infielders, and it doesn't appear Dirkroeger was going to crack that (though I really like him). Whitehurst, a solid-but-unspectacular prospect for us, could fare better in the AL.
  15. This was a tough trade to make. There were reasons to keep Heyward, the big one being that he's a former MVP who is 25. However, there were reasons to move him: He's had two significant injuries in the past two years. He has lost the vast majority of his speed. The makeup of the team. There are 46 lefties on this team. The presence of Newenhuis. The absence of a true CF, which is a commodity in this league. The added value in the deal, primarily defense and bullpen depth. In the end, the positives for my ball club outweighed the.negative of losing Heyward. The outfield defense is much better, as is the infield. There are now several things that we can do, based on the opponent. We are a much better team, overall, by doing this deal. And that's what you want at the end of the day. This is our second big trade with Minnesota. We hope they will enjoy Gary and Jason. We will like what we end up with. It is the necessity of doing business.