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  1. my sub expired today. not renewing. best of luck to all you guys. as for the bug, i noticed if you make 1 move, save, make another move, save... taking that approach seemed to work, but who knows, right?
  2. Oh wonderful! Get promoted, resign my best player for another season, and then he retires. At the ripe old age of 31??
  3. Well if you are the lord of overtime, i'm the lord of showing up for big games but choking to computer teams lol. Whalers goalie Thorsten Franciel, all 5'5 of him, is having a great season so far. Unfortunately my back up has been terrible. Time to make a call downstairs and bring up this newly-acquired rookie net minder Alexei O-Bourne and see what he has to offer...
  4. No love ferda Whale huh? Bulletin board material. Keep it coming. Great game last night against the Ducks. A little surprised by the outcome to be honest. Seems the loss had a lasting effect as the Ducks dropped their next, game doubling their loss total.
  5. Then New Hartford Whalers are proud to announce the teams new collection of home-away-alt jerseys! Be sure to order yours today!!
  6. Season 12 playoffs are underway and season 13 is coming up quick. I picked up a BHL team at the beginning of season 12, made a few adjustments and won the west! now i'm headed to the GHL for the 1st time so we'll see how that goes.
  7. The Big Ducks will have their hands full tonight (i know, ducks don't have hands but work with me here) when the #2 New Hartford Whalers come to town! Containing Tage Thomsen will be the top priority if the Whale are to emerge victorious.
  8. The puck has dropped and the season's underway! The SHL is looking stacked, i don't really like my Whalers chances but we escaped game 1 with a shootout victory over a much better team so anything is possible. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. My Whalers narrowly avoided relegation from the SHL after finishing 12th in the west. I took over mid season so it will be nice to get a full off season under the belt.
  10. Aside from that statement being just borderline ignorant, it also takes away from what the Titans were able to accomplish. Would you like a list of all the other QB's who have went into that stadium in the post season and went home a loser?
  11. Winter Classic... Let's Go Preds!!!!! That is all.
  12. Sorry bout the big time injury. My guys are desperate to impress the new GM i guess lol. Happiest of New Years to all!!!
  13. We are the New Hartford Whalers in the SHL. Trying to set my signature up but it's trickier than i remember.
  14. Hello everyone! i got the free 90 day email so i jumped back in. Didn't really want to leave but making the monthly payment just got to be too big of a hassle. living in the USA, i would have to alert my bank before each payment came out (alot of hassle for a $2 payment). i went out of town for a couple of weeks and that was that. Anywho's it's good to be back. Lets get after it!
  15. Wow I can’t believe someone is actually playing the “I just logged in to find out we have to pay to play“ card. It’s been a pretty hot topic for about nine months now and management has sent out several messages to keep us in the loop every step of the way. I hate to see anyone go but best of luck finding another good hockey game for free. Maybe try .... wait, it shut down because ownership couldn’t afford to put time/money into the game. But best of luck tho I’m sure there’s one out there.