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  1. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed or not, but currently it is taking upwards of 8 days to complete scouting reports.
  2. I've brought this up a couple times now. Most recently in October '19, to no avail
  3. Paul you devious fellow. I had only ever looked at the transfers contract screen. That said, I am stubborn in my conviction that a player's movement on the terms of their current contract should not be limited. . .
  4. Well no, as his current contract is a two way contract. Thus while on the current contract there should be no limitations outside of the current clauses that he is restricted to. If he were traded to an SHL team with a one way GHL contract signed and that team was not in a position to promote then his contract extension would just be voided at the conclusion of the season and he would join the free agent pool as if he didn't sign it. In regards to terminating the contract, after the player has agreed to the extension the contract cannot be cancelled. It is only when the deal has been offered but not yet accepted that it can.
  5. Been getting a "this can't be good" error page for a while now while trying to complete a deal. Figured out today that i think it is because a player in the deal has a GHL one way contract extension signed and the deal is sending him to the SHL. Outside of that everything else in the deal is completely normal so I think this may be a bug from when trading contract extensions was fixed.
  6. After the trade deadline all contract offers are in terms of the following season (example: sign a player not on your roster and they won't report until day 1 of the following season). Then if you are situated in a top 2 seed in your conference after day 87, in terms of contract negotiations you are now considered the level of the league you are promoting to. I'm not fully visualizing your situation in my head, so sorry if that doesn't clear it up. But that is how it has always been as a promoting team after day 87, going back to the old version. When I was promoting to the GHL I had a bunch of players that would not resign on SHL contracts, so I had to ensure that I had guaranteed promotion at the end of the season and had to wait until after day 87 to negotiate their extensions.
  7. Genius! I've had to resort to putting an affiliate goaltender as my backup in games that I crucially need my started to have the night off. A simple toggle would be far more convenient.
  8. Does anyone know when exactly a scouting assignment is completed? Under the status of the assignment it has expected finish but does that mean that the scouting assignment can run beyond when it was expected to be completed?
  9. With player roles, line pairings and line focus I find a lot of it is just trial and error in seeking out what works. Sometimes certain players work well together that you would not normally expect. My top defensive pairing on my GHL team is a 92 overall stay-at-home defenseman paired with a 84 overall offensive defenseman. Together they have 75 and 76 performance rating and the 84 overall offensive defenseman has 24 points in 35 games (23 of which at even strength). It's just about finding what players complement each other to work best as a line. I have their defensive pairing set to dynamic.
  10. Prospect Goaltender Charles-E.D-Champagne is on the trade block. 19 years old, 84 overall. Looking for a GHL 1st round pick in return Wick
  11. Well hopefully it doesn't come to you leaving the game. I'm sure there is a way for it to be sorted so you aren't screwed over by these circumstances.
  12. Giggled a little bit seeing your display picture in relation to your post. That's a tough break. I reckon probably the best thing for you situation would be to either use him this season to help your promotion effort if you're outside of the GHL and then at the end of the season offer him a contract with the added cap flexibility after it adjusts to your promotion. Otherwise you'll have to flip him to try and recoup the assets you gave up for him.
  13. It's really positive to see that the SHL in Buzzer is really active this season. Hoping the GHL can follow suit a bit. Good luck this season guys! Wick
  14. I love this game so I don't want to rag on it too much. But it seems a little baffling that one of the key pillars of the allure of this game is supposed to be "love for stats" as stated on the home page and yet we don't have league player stats for the playoffs! On top of that, something I have previously brought up, if you look at the team history page not a single manager can decipher where a team finished in the playoffs based on the current description of where they finished in the playoffs. While implementing a player statistics page for playoffs may be a large amount of work to include surely just changing the phrasing of "playoff 2" or "playoff 3" to "round one exit", "round two exit", "lost in GHL Cup finals" would not be that hard to adjust. That being said, still love the amazing achievement Anders has done with creating this game. I just feel like some of the smaller things are getting overlooked in favour of larger projects that are continually pushed back because of the scale of work required to complete them.
  15. If a player has already signed a contract extension and they are traded does that extension stay in effect or is it cancelled?