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  1. Pittsboro Plastic Attack belatedly trying out a new Trade Block format and Spamming it too many places
  2. PLAYER FROM TO Z. Brun (F) Natives (SHL) Plastic Attack (GHL) N. Bacquet-Lamontagne (C) Plastic Attack (GHL) Natives (SHL) M. Houde-Desruisseaux (C) Plastic Attack (GHL) Natives (SHL) K. Swarts (C) Plastic Attack (GHL) Natives (SHL) S. Dille (D) Plastic Attack (GHL) Natives (SHL) Just putting this trade here saying if it looks funny it is. that player is a place holder for natives shl 2nd next season with hopes of a promotion and ghl second. unless I pester him enough and add in enough other players he gives me his first. also for anyone else out there, i am hunting promotion ghl firsts next season (5)
  3. S4 Pittsboro Plastic Attack Trade Block: A few players possibly GHL worthy, almost all can be moved down to SHL Needs: Better/younger players. Less players. A bit of cap wiggle room (wtf, i just promoted) . Draft Picks always preferred.
  4. the pittsboro plastic attack are shopping the 4th overall pick, they would especially like to move up into the top 3 if possible
  5. am i getting my wires crossed of is this mildly notable?
  6. not directly trades, but stupid waivers question these were supposed to close day 3, it is day 5... wasnt it the day it closes they go poof and other people get them? i mean it does my team no harm, but the one keeps getting more claims and it might hurt someone who put a claim in on time... or is it going today and its just 2 days after the closing day of when they were first claimed? that... doesnt seem right and i think i am confusing myself
  7. all 1 way contracts are up for trade. there isn't a lot. an 87 goalie, and 87 center, and an 88 defender (not the rookie).. then its like and 83 defender next i think i am pretty tapped out of two way contracts so there isnt much left to offer a silver team. looking for picks or two way contracts of at least 2 seasons. i would like to package them together for a first but that seems a stretch. seconds might be more realistic on the flip side, my picks I can trade away (the pittsboro ones, probably not the others) If someone wants to shower me with players and give me (likely false) hope of staying up in gold, feel free to offer
  8. Naekfor

    Season 2 General Chat

    random notes I just went to convert my draft ratings, i started with searching formulas to replace "New 1" with "New 2" (reading a different page for the new year) it replaced over 9,700 instances... I am thinking this is going to take awhile and i am horribly inefficient Also I don't think its an option, but the Pittsboro Plastic Attack are now unofficially known as the (ecofriendly?) Trash
  9. Naekfor

    Season 2 General Chat

    uhh. not everyone, but on that point... I GOT A POINT! I GOT A POINT! I GOT A POINT!
  10. Naekfor

    Season 2 General Chat

    okay i am probably very wrong here, but there is an off chane that trade locks might not matter as much as i thought, they don't act the same as untouchables
  11. Naekfor

    Season 2 General Chat

    so as a heads up, anyone looking in transactions might see me having traded the same players, multiple times, to different teams, for no one in return... yeah i was curious about trading for untouchable players and didnt know what if anything would make them go through. so... yeah... sorry and my bad for any confusion
  12. market might be rough, people desperate to compete with a lot of cap space overspending
  13. ditto, but probably not as talented as his roster. I dont expect or want the GHL vets though, looking for ideally youngish or picks and willing to package. I mean, if you have a good player on a 2 way deal for 3 or more seasons, i mean ill take him, i just dont expect it.
  14. FA is really thin, as gold youre probably worse off, i just kind of threw money at whoever is left. It isnt ideal, but at the same time, all worlds are now past the 6th, so its something they probably feel they have time to work on before it really comes into play again. yes it kind of sucks, but i think more everyday issues might have the priority. hell i might be too tight on cap to even take the players now. I gambled that that might be the way to go and it backfired, but going through and moving player by player might be timeconsuming, let alone if there was something funky going on with the rejections. and right now i dont have cap space, so would they have to go player by player asking me who i want? making sure i move players to aahl to fit them under cap? have them letting me go over cap isnt fair either. At least i am blanking on a perfect solution. why i joked about just blaming the players agents for messing up paperwork. At the time i thought i could fit them because i would be assigning some of my signings to aahl and have signed others since, but to try to resolve this on a case by case basis seems a major headache. i dont think they can necessarily say that all certain pending contracts go into effect now, and if they did there would be cap hell everywhere. i suspect they just decided to take the time they have and try to fix it for next season.. though i was a tad surprised no one tried signing players from europe or whatever in any of the testing to have run into this also since youre screwed, can i have your players? a lot of silver seems to have those cheap cheap gold hand me downs, so if you think youre in trouble? (not serious, doubt youre screwed)