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  1. I'm not done with the game, I've just been busy with life. Honestly I've been checking about once a week so Im not sure why I was booted. Myabe its because I havent checked my fast team in so long that I got booted from both worlds. I should add, I'm a little bit peeved I didn't have time to make deadline deals and also I'm glad my team wasn't immediately raided.
  2. I should also mention that I am not getting a message for every game played.
  3. I just noticed this bug on my LIHL team, but I am not being sent a message for players that I sign, I am also not being sent a message when the players decline my contract and sign with another team.
  4. This isn't so much my problem, but another teams problem. In attack, the Glenmont Jaguars have earned a promotion through the playoffs but have not yet switched their LIHL picks to IHL picks. Considering the GHL and SHL draft rounds have already come and gone, it seems like a bug has prevented the switch otherwise the pick switch seems super delayed.
  5. You get extremely lucky. I think players in the LIHL are supposed to be around 60 overall. 70 is more of a BHL player overall.
  6. Lmao, I guess you got to beat me for not putting in your jersey.
  7. I disagree, it's a different system here an does not need to perfectly replicate NHL rules. Here, when a guy is given a 1-way deal he is being guaranteed his full salary and top-team play time. However, if he is doing horribly, or to expensive for a team he can be placed on waivers for others so that he may continue with others with his negotiated deal. Or else if your waiver slots are full, you can buy him out whenever. Also, if 1-way deal just had to wait out waivers for a couple days and then be able to get sent down, it would also enable hoarding of better players which has been an issue in the past. Waivers are there to give you an out to 3 horrible contracts at a time. Whether you signed those deals yourself, or else a previous manager, it opens up salary so that you aren't locked and forced to control a bad team for a number of seasons.
  8. I had to cut the love somewhere
  9. Even on the scheduling page would be nice. Maybe highlight the day with a different color in all scheduling pages and just before listing the games, have it say Trade deadline.
  10. MattBerserkers

    Top Jerseys

    The post that had to come eventually... I just wanna mention give a shoutout my favorite jersey designs in each league in no particular order and then also mention some notable designs I thought were missing that extra something. If I don't mention you, your jersey probably sucks. (Just kidding, I just do not want to mention dozens of jerseys as it would take forever.) GHL: Yonker Wolverines: it's clean, good color scheme and logo matches Blenheim Pirates: The jersey really gives me old jersey vibes. Deferiet Leopards: Colors match nicely and I am really getting a Bruins feeling off this design. Mississauga Stealheads: it's clean, good color scheme and logo matches notable mentions: Kegashka Prairie Stars, Scandinavia Steelers, Brass Castle Berserkers, Cedar Rapids Minutemen, Netherhill Nightmares, SHL: Crabtree Defenders: Super clean and super simple, I like it. Benacour Patriots: Idk what to say, it just kept the grabbed the attention of my eyes. Rocky Mountain House Owls: The logo slides into the design as well as butter. Louisbourg Lions: It's not often you see a team with a brownish colour scheme, but you nailed it. Queenston Kingsmen: It's simple, it's clean and I like it. Noteable: Zenda Destroyers, Englewood sabercats, Mundare Salt Dogs, East Newark Giant Strikers, Canuck Red Dragons, Pittsboro Plastic Attack, Adrian Alley Cats BHL: Summertown Six Pack: It's clean and the colors go well together. Cape Girardeau: This jersey really give me an major junior vibe, they've got some of my favorite jersey designs. Noteable: Athabaska Articwolves, Rayne Sea Warriors CHL: (Trying to limit myself to my favourites, this league was hard, probably because it is not yet full of human managers) Dustine White Devils: For a busier logo, you've still managed to keep the design as a whole super clean. Noteable: Okauchee Lake (AI), Courville Barons (AI), Macamik Marauders IHL: Altona Bald Eagles: I can't say that I've see many turquoise-ish color schemes, but you've rocked the design. Chest Springs Ghosts: While I'm not a fan of that type of logo, you've managed to work weave it into your jersey design very well. Shebandowan Natives: I'm not sure what to say other than I really like the design. Noteable: North Haven T-Wolves, Coulter Wildfire, Butte City Battlers Clements Badgers LIHL: Fillmore Hill Cats: I thought about putting this into my natable category, however your design had me staring at it a while and I decided that was worth a bump to my favourites category. Super uncommon color scheme, but it works nicely and really pulls your eyes. Ripon Scorpions: Jersey looks super nice and clean with an uncommon color scheme. My only complaint is that in my opinion, the name doesn't fit with the logo... Chattanooga Golden Tigers: Colours all fit as smooth as butter. Noteable: Manila Pacific, Cave Springs Corsairs, Gravenhurst Hounds, Dudleyville Lancers, Rogersville Disaster, Constantine Wild Cats,
  11. Honestly I'd prefer 40 just because I like growing weak youngsters as well as having 1 or 2 backup guys in cawe of injury.
  12. I've got 2 suggestions that I hope can be added into that 20 day trade lock rule. 1) Entry level players do not have the restriction. They were allowed to be traded as prospects before having signed any deal, it just makes sense to me that they don't have the restriction handed to them as soon as they finally sign a deal. 2) This one only applies to mid-season free agent signings. The restriction would essentially be that any free agent signing (preferably entry level contracts excluded) after day 6 would be unable to be assigned to the minors for 20 days. If we go back to the start of Dangles, its big problem was that 1 team was essentially able to sign nearly every free agent with a snowball effect at less than most managers were offering. This was possible for 2 reasons; reputation and the minors. Coming back to when the new updated worlds were released, everybody was given an equal reputation to prevent an unfair advantage to the older managers as well as the managers that played fast worlds over slow worlds. And that worked all fine and dandy as it was mostly best offer gets the player with a little bit of random luck. However, the snowball effect is still possible. Now that the seasons have all begun, the team reputations are shifting up and down to reflect how well teams are doing. The reputation thing itself isn't a bad idea; my issue starts with the fact that I've noticed good free agents popping up and then are snagged by better teams with better offers than some worse off teams made. To me, this is still acceptable since a free agent probably wants to go a more successful team than a team looking towards relegation. Where I really develop a problem with the system is when these rare free agents appear and better teams snag them up and then immediately get assigned to the minors. If a team plays him, fine, I have no issue, but if the player is immediately assigned its basically telling me a manager is being super greedy and signing players just so that other teams cannot sign new free agents and improve themselves. This is rather unfair for managers less fortunate at the start of the season. It also enables the snowball effect to continually exist as managers are able to assign players for a fraction of their cost and then once again make more offers for the limited number of free agents that appear mid season. My reasoning for the 20 day mid-season free agent assignment restriction is that it prevents teams for going after every new free agent solely in an effort to prevent other teams from getting them and essentially abusing the minor system. If a team actually wants to play the player, then the restriction wouldn't really affect the manager as he/she can still do so. I suggest that this happens for only mid-season signings since there is a lot of free agent movement during the preseason and sometimes managers get 2 out of 2 free agents they aimed for while only expecting to possibly get 1. It also makes sense from a players perspective. If a strong free agent can expect to be paid millions, why would he go with a team that's going to immediately assign him to the minors and then only make a few hundred thousand. Yes 1-way/2-way deal exist, but I don't think good players sign 2-way deals expecting to be immediately sent down.
  13. The odd 70+ guy has is willing to sign to the LIHL, but its rare and you have to be both extremely diligent and have perseverance. The other way is to grow a young guy with potential to the 70's, although I don't know how well this works anymore since development was altered. It also shouldn't be possible yet as we are all in new worlds. Also I think this pretty much only works for young guys generated into free agency whom have higher potential than their current ability, any other prospects would have been noticeable before the draft. But the easiest and most likely way is to trade.