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  1. This respond is my like my OPINION OMG thats what I wanted to say
  2. I would like that tobias or the others moderators respond to my sugestion I try to deal with my mom That is what really happen Me : Mom if I do the washing, the dishes and the sweeper one week each month, could you give me two dollars for gphm? My mom : haha I will never spend money on virtual game that bring anything into the real world Me : bruh but it will give me experience if I want to become a real hockey manager My mom : ( she continue her things without responding me )...
  3. yeah but they are very afraid to put cradit or debit information on internet
  4. Hi I just want to comment about the subscription. I think that the subscription idea is very good but me I am only 15 years old so I can't really pay the money for the subscription and I have already ask to my parents to pay for the All Star manager but they refuse. They don't want to spend money on video game. I really don't make this comment to ask for a free subscrption but Tobias and the moderators, you should give a reward to those that win for example 5 or 10 free hockey league championship to give them a life free subsrciption. It would be a good way for those who don't want or just can't put the money in it despite your REALLY REALLY BIG AND GOOD WORK on this game to have a subscription. SO manager will need to show there inflatuation to get this BIG rward by being very active and you will give a goal to free league manager. Becuase if you make a free hockey league with nothing at the end I am sure that you will loose a lot of human manager. So in conclusion you should give managers who win FHL series and who are very active at free life subscription.
  5. Please help !!! CHEATER IN BHL DANGLES I am sure that SHELLY WHITE the manager of the MONTMORENCY EAGLES is cheating ! she take the WINTERSVILLE WIZARDS and she send her 1st and 2nd round pick and a lot of player for average player !!! please ban her she is ruin the game and I just left my team in LUMBER because there is TOOOOOO MANY CHEATERS IN LUMBER and I came in Dangles to go away of cheaters but it is the same Fuc**** things in dangles I AM ALMOST AT THE POINT TO LEAVE GPHM
  6. I'm just posting this here in case managers want to discuss trades for the upcoming season. This is an opportunity to list players/picks that you are willing to trade away, and what you're looking for in return. Feel free to "advertise" your players by including some desirable features about them that other managers may find interesting. Cheers, and good luck to everyone heading into S15!
  7. In game world Lumber a very very very suspicious trade just happen at day 27 of season 45. Bob Dylan the manager of the Jolly Hogs made a trade with Altona Legends ( a CPU manager ) He sent : Alexander Blochin, Center, 29 Years Old, 75 OVERALL Paulo Gatti, Forward, 18 Years Old, 65 OVERALL BHL level 1st round pick BHL level 2nd round pick He received : Ilyas Parthenais, Center, 26 Years Old, 74 OVERALL WTF...!!! I THINK HE PLAN TO CHANGE TEAM NEXT YEARS SO HE SEND EVERY GOOD PLAYERS THAT HE HAVE ON IS TEAM TO ALTONA TO GET THEM BACK WITH HIS NEW TEAM !!! Please report Bob Dylan another cheater that ruins GPHM
  8. Hi I am currently the manager of the Hale Coyotes in BHL and I have a lot of difficulty to get some trade so if you are interess by sending me a trade it would be very appreciated. thx