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  1. My goodness no. That was a horrible attempt at bringing a sports sim to consoles. That is easily one of if not the worst sports sim ever.
  2. My favorite sports sim right now is PC Replay Baseball. Love that you can switch to other games going on that day and manage or watch them. I also like how simple it is to add mods as the game basically does it itself. Could some things be better? Yes but honestly can't complain with what I get now. It is enough to definitely keep me playing.
  3. With all that has happened to the NFL why would you even want to watch it? The clear dirty refs in the game and if you don't think it is there ask the Saints. Also how about the Cheatriots doing their SpyGate yet another time. There are so many reasons to not watch the NFL and I stopped it entirely last season and for much of the previous season. I am done with the NFL .. other than playing sim games where no money goes to the NFL for what I am playing and yes that is possible.
  4. If you are looking for games with a financial side to thinks this is not what you are looking for but let me say Dave Koch Sports games are awesome. If you just want to manage a team or teams without the headaches of all money related things in sports this is for you. This here video is a start of showing you what the latest game is about. Now is the game expensive? Compared to other companies that do the same thing this company is far cheaper and has more sales and options in regards to buying things. Now if you are not a thrifty shopper it can end up costing you boat loads so well watch for sales and at times they hand out free seasons and teams. Also certain packages come with seasons. Also note that with these games there is a very good community that helps you get addons for the game (player pic and stadium pics). The site is monitored by the company and it is very easy to use and navigate through. A link to the site is on the main page of the Dave Koch Sports site. FInally with these games ... You own them. There are no keys to enter and other DRM or a need to be connected to the internet to play them.
  5. I think the easiest game to learn about baseball from that won't cost you much would be APBA for PC. There aren't many control to it and the base game only costs $20 US. It definitely will give you a simple taste of what baseball is all about. Now though they still do not sell it digitally and so you have to have cd-rom / dvd drive to play it. Finally also if you look hard enough there are many free games on the internet to try.
  6. People there is also the option of doing retro builds and installing OSes that MS no longer supports. It is not expensive to put a good retro pc together. Like I said in another post watch Phils Computer Lab on YouTube and you will find some interesting things. I know I am going to be putting the final touches on a few retro builds in 2020 and look forward to playing classics like you mentioned OP.
  7. What you need to do is what I am doing and that is putting together pc retro builds. You can get parts cheap and a good channel to watch on YouTube related to this is Phils Computer Lab. Look over his videos and you will find some interesting stuff. I have loads of older games I want to fire up and I will once I get more retro parts and get a full pc finally built again.
  8. Now if only we could get more harness racing games of this quality. I have one that is quite fun that is action oriented and I think it was maybe the first Horse Racing Manager. Anyway you could actually drive your horses around the track in the sulky and for me that was almost living the dream. I have always wanted to be a driver but just hasn't happened for various reasons despite having certain family in the business.
  9. It can get expensive but Dave Koch Sports has one but it is minus all the financial stuff and me being older I am used to them not having that and personally I would like to leave that sort of stuff to real life. Another option is Draft Day Pro Sports Football from Wolverine Studios. It has the financial stuff but you can set it to where it does not get in your way of having fun. Now with this one though you don't truly own your game whereas with Dave Koch Sports games you do as what you download requires no special key / registration to use it. Finally there is Second and Ten V10 and from what I can tell of it well if you can get it going it should be loads of fun. I would recommend you do your research like anybody else should and with the Wolverine Studios game there is a demo to try out. Also with Second and Ten V10 I am not sure if there is a demo but with like all these games check out YouTube to see various people playing them.
  10. For me it all start with MicroLeague Baseball on the C64. I didn't have anything but the base game but I have so many fond memories of players and teams from a time when life was kicking me in the arse. This game helped me forget about life for awhile. Now when I play baseball sims I gravitate right away to the teams I remembered playing as much as 35 years ago. Also it is not long ago that I played a version of MicroLeague Baseball as on the net there are browser based versions you can play. Finally in regards to the stat side of things I used to have this grey binder from my dad's workplace and it had all my written box scores and standings and whatever in it. Unfortunately I did not keep this stuff. Anyway that was my first taste of sim baseball and I am glad in recent years I have gotten back into sim sports through various companies. It is relaxing and a replacement for pro sports leagues in real life that have gone to hell and I no longer follow.
  11. Oh my goodness there is someone else out there that played this too. Absolutely awesome game!
  12. and I am an addict when it comes to sports sims. I collected video games and related items whether they are for consoles or pc. My other interests are harness racing and thoroughbred racing and wish I could get into the business somehow one day. I am currently 47 years old and have two grown children who I admire for fighting so hard in life at various times in their lives. Life has not been easy for them or me. Since grade 8 I have suffered with social anxiety issues and it really has limited the work I can do and thus I am on ODSP. I am once married and also have an ex-fiancee and beyond that though no real relationships before that. I do not drive unfortunately but hope to one day get my license so I can put one more safe driver on the roads in my area. In regards education I am not edumacated and still haven't gotten my grade 10 but want to get it just like Ricky. Trailer Park Boys reference btw and yes one of my favorite shows for years and I still watch clips of it on YouTube. Hmmmm .. guess I could say more but i won't.
  13. You are lucky to be playing that right now. I have many older games that need installing from floppy and cd drives and paired with older OSes and despite getting into retro pc building I haven't gotten far enough along with it to do what you are doing. I loved the Front Page Sports games and various others. Enjoy! Oh and I will follow along here too. : )
  14. Yeah I am interested to hear what you are going to do Oleg.
  15. Are you running this on emulation? Are you running it with the real OS recommended? Anyway my recommendation is to build a dos box ... older pc ... as I find after watching certain old school gamers on YouTube I am reminded that the best experience you get is on a pc from the time or around the time the game came out. Now I will give the game a try in the future after downloading it from here if I can and see if I can help you but really what I want to do is play my boxed copy on a 1998 pc. If you want to watch a good channel on old school gaming watch Phil's Computer Lab on YouTube.