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  1. MarkZ

    Reject Reject

    I was offered a trade today. When I scrolled to the bottom it said Reject in red, and it said Reject in the green button. I used the green button and It went to an error page. The trade went through. but it seems a bit odd.
  2. Looks like my board is trying to sabotage my Trades! Trade offer vetoed! Season 7, day 8 THE TRADE OFFER HAS BEEN VETOED Your assistant informs you that Goldville Knights's board has vetoed the trade offer that would have sent Daren Claes and Miguel Ferdinand to Wyoming Bricklayers in exchange for Hassan Levreault
  3. Wow... I missed that! Thank You! I appreciate your help.
  4. Test #2 now I have nothing again. something seems to be changing the code when I save it to source. Could I be going to the wrong area? I go to settings then signature. I click on source and then save. Is this the correct procedure?
  5. <iframe src='' width='100%' frameborder='0'></iframe> test#1
  6. When I insert the code for my signature ( <iframe src=โ€™โ€™ width=โ€™100%โ€™ frameborder=โ€™0โ€™ ></iframe>) it gets corrupted after it is saved. Can anyone help me with this? This is what it changes to after saving to source..<p> <iframe frameborder="0" src="" width="100%"></iframe> </p> then nothing shows as a signature.
  7. MarkZ

    Next game

    No it was a scheduled regular season game.
  8. MarkZ

    Next game

    Goldville Knights- I am playing my first game in the BHL. Under my next game It shows me playing Bakersville Browns ( LIHL ) Probably just a typo, but I thought you should know this.
  9. MarkZ


    Her is some information about my players. My players get taken out if they show they are (blue) tired. my fair play tactic is Normal. The goalie who was injured is the one who has better endurance, and gets tired less than my other . I check to see if any of them were injury prone. The players averaged 1 injury each this season. Training is set at medium for all players To much ice time. I am not sure... the defense is 35 , 35 and 30. lines 1&2 are at 30% 3 is 25% 4th line is 15% One of my last 3 games the opponent used hard play for his tactic. The game my goalie went down I could not figure out the tactic . My guess is that this was a random issue like Paul T said. I appreciate all your feedback.
  10. It seem to me the wording does not match up with the game play. I am disappointed in this. I wish it would be removed. It's misleading.
  11. I want to claim a player off waivers . He is in a league that is lower than my league. Will his One way clause continue since he would now be in a higher league? The player I want is in the IHL and if I get him off waivers he would join my CHL team.
  12. I am having issues with the waivers also!
  13. MarkZ

    Season 2 General Chat

    The assisant report seems to be backwards . Good work is reported as bad. Bad play is reported as good.
  14. I get this error 500 when i try and see a trade offer i made 4 days ago with Burnside.
  15. So ...I am guessing that this is a because of my promotion to the new league. I thought that the one way would have stayed on their contract.