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  1. Ha! Well the Human GM May offer you EIGHT 40 year old losers for your top 18 year old prospect...
  2. It would be nice to have the Computer GMs actually offer something in a trade that matches your transfer needs. For instance: I only have prospects up as my trade needs but I keep getting offers for really old guys that have bad contracts and are declining faster than a plane in a nose dive. I’m asking for prospects to circumvent some cap issues but am getting offers that put me in the red further. This also makes those offers pointless.
  3. Veterans often times carry some benefit (at least I feel they do). While I don’t have many on my young, lower tier teams, I tried to have vets on my squad here and there. Anyone know for sure if vets do add an experience level?
  4. EXXEO

    Buzzer Trade Talk

    Pretty much all players under a 66 OVR are up for sale. Looking to cut salary so entry level contracts or picks are ideal. Shoot me an offer if you feel so inclined
  5. EXXEO

    Season 2 General Chat

    Gotta love when your team has a splendid home game where your team outshoots the opponent double what they did, you smash them into the boards with 12 more hits, have puck posession 55+% of the game (and 56% of it was in the offensive zone!), and the opposite team turns the puck over 19 times...only to find that you absolutely got wrecked on the scorecard! Entire team hands in Green/Blue performances and both goalies score below 47...the opponent only spent 20% of their puck possession in the offensive zone! I spoke with the Assistant afterwards and he only said that the team lost momentum due to Icing calls and that our Captains didn’t prepare our team well enough. Good thing that Home Ice advantage took both my goalies to the “next level”...
  6. I don’t usually have a ton of long term ones. I could imagine that derailed your first season pretty badly though.
  7. After looking at this on paper it makes me ask - does anyone else have this many injuries?
  8. Figured it would be comical tracking down how many injuries happen in the Seasons...only tracking Major Team happenings, not minors. Articwolves (Season 3) IHL ... Day 40: Carl-Yan Billy-St-Louis out for 3 days with UBI Day 43: Ladislav Gerhart out for 7 days with UBI Day 44: Mattias Soderbaum out for 5 days with LBI Day 46: Patric Karatas out for 5 days with concussion Day 56: Herman Bailey out Day to Day with LBI Day 56: Linus Engdahl out for 32 days with LBI Day 58: Tyko Sodegren out Day to Day with LBI Day 58: Eloi Hoare out for 5 days with LBI Day 63: Tage Aulin will be out for 6 days with LBI Day 64: Simon Muckle will be out Day to Day with LBI Day 65: Carl-Yan Billy-St-Louis out Day to Day with Concussion Day 66: Herman Bailey will be out for 5 days with UBI Day 70: Alexim Medley will be out for 3 days with Concussion ——— Black Flag (Season 2) LIHL ... Day 16: Sergey Kurarkin out for 6 days with UBI Day 17: Jalmar Penttila out for 5 days with LBI Day 17: Donal Kohn our Day to Day with UBI Day 19: Ethan Edwards out Day to Day with LBI Day 22: Austin Ringler out Day to Day with Concussion Day 24: Patric Sandstrom out for 3 days with LBI Day 31: Jalmar Penttila out Day to Day with Concussion Day 31: Braden Max out Day to Day with LBI Day 31: Kyler Cassin out Day to Day with UBI Day 32: Lubomir Gabri our 3 days with Concussion Day 32: Pravoslav Doppler out Day to Day with LBI
  9. EXXEO

    Season 2 General Chat

    5 injuries in two days - can’t catch a break - it’s non stop for both teams.
  10. Hmm - maybe I’m just getting unlucky - I train most my top 3 lines on Medium and when they get to Blue Fit I turn them to easy training. Once they hit Blue Tired, I take them off of PP/PK to reduce ice time. Bummer.
  11. Here’s another question: My Defenseman that I just put on IR had a 57 Endurance rating and I ran him on my top line and Top PP. I made a move to acquire another Defenseman en lieu of the injury. This new Defenseman has a 80+ Endurance rating but seems to be struggling more with the Top Line, Top PP requirements than the guy with significantly lower Endurance. How does that work?
  12. I’ve posted many things in the questions section under “Team Confidence” - check it out
  13. To be thorough - checking off Buzzer Team Confidence: ### Confidence The confidence value is affected by in game results: how well your team is playing: we are in 2nd (with 23 games or so to go) - I’d say that’s at least Good adapting to your chosen tactics: Greens across the board and focuses but also on individual performances/mistakes: The team usually is in blue or green for individual performances - all contracts are “happy”. It might be a good idea to make sure that your style of play actual fits your player’s ratings: while it may be difficult to do in lower leagues, I’ve done my best to focus my players around the particular styles.
  14. How does endurance in youth decline(21-24 years old)? Both my Buzzer Goalies (who are playing regular games and training well) are decreasing in Endurance. Shouldn’t that naturally be increasing as they are playing regular games? Take Eli Mercer for instance: he is my starting goalie for the North Haven “Articwolves” and since he was 18 he has gone from an endurance level of 50 to decreasing again this season to a 47. He is only 22 and has played 50+ Games since being on my squad. Can anyone explain that? Also, @rainsilent: you said you never had issues with injuries? How have you not? I have guys++ step on the ice and pull hamstrings!** **As an update to that: I just brought my second line Center off of IR and now I’m sending my backup Goalie to the IR. Earlier in the week I sent my top Defenseman to the IR as he was out for the season with a 32 game injury! ++ I can’t make this stuff up - I sent my goalie to the IR and called up a Goalie to cover. The first game he plays in, he gets hurt. When will the madness stop?!