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  1. Game World: cage League: IHL Team Name: Wernecke Dynamos Describe the bug: My player Ortega holds the record for most points by a rookie. He made 127 points in the LIHL. Until now (gameday 78) he reached 122 points in the IHL as a rookie and this is shown as new record for most points by a rookie under team records. Are points in higher leagues more valuable than in lower ones or is this a bug?
  2. Gardener


    The second: main roster and farm clubs. You can see your current number of players on the "Team Info" site (Roster count).
  3. Hi, I just reduced the number of players in my roster to the new allowed maximum of 30 players. Now, I wanted to extend a contract of a player who is already part of my team. But I get the message: The same with other players of my roster. World: Cage Team: Wernecke Dynamos League: LIHL
  4. Thanks for the answer. It's pretty cheap but too expensive when I include and prioritise all of my expenses.
  5. Hi, I just want to ask, where I can find the announced Free Hockey League ( Have I overlooked it? Greets Gardener
  6. Hey together, Zac got promoted in the playoffs against my team. We both went up to the IHL last year. I am outraged! Good luck, Zac! So, there are a few active players in the IHL: Eric - Queenston Wolverines Drew - Delson Black Bears DSMM - Minnesota City Muskies Mark - Goldfield Giants and more? I am not very happy with my start. I was on holiday and missed some free agents. I am still searching for two defenders and a center. The draft was good. With my first pick I got the desired center. With the second pick I got at least the forward I expected. The third pick is usually superfluous.
  7. Gardener

    IHL Tradeblock

    Here is my tradeblock: Forwards Chase Lincourt - 30yrs - 71ovr - 1 year 82k - Playmaker / Sniper / GrinderGianni Marchandé - 28yrs - 66ovr - 1 year 9k - EnforcerJason Garnett - 29yrs - 65ovr - 3 years 11k - GrinderCoty Simon - 31yrs - 65ovr - 1 year 9k - Grinder / SniperDmitry Permyakov - 20yrs - 63ovr - 1 year 12k - PowerforwardCenters Demetrius Lobato - 23yrs - 67ovr - 4 years 26k - Playmaker / PowerforwardEugeny Loginov 28yrs - 67ovr - 5 years 18k - GrinderMaxim Drozd - 26yrs - 63ovr - 3 years 8k - Playmaker / TwoWayBenjamin Tapio - 22yrs - 59ovr - 5 years 6k - Playmaker / SniperDefenders Ben Clark - 24yrs - 69ovr - 1 year 20k - StayAtHome / TwoWayDaren Centers - 22yrs - 63ovr - 2 years 9k - StayAtHome / TwoWayAlparslan Yavuz Onuk - 27yrs - 59ovr - 1 year 16k - StayAtHomeGoalies Vítězslav Futas - 23 yrs - 67ovr - 3 years 8kMarcus Chabot - 25yrs - 69ovr - 1 year 15,5k
  8. Where can I find my messages sent? Can I only see it if the other manager replies? If so, I suggest an inbox and outbox.
  9. I support this! And I miss the stats for each player in each game of the season. I don't want to click to every single game to collect them.
  10. What happens if I've set the first player of my draft preferences on 1st round pick, the second on 2nd round pick and the first player was picked by another team before my 1st round pick? Will take the computer my second player in the 1st round or select the computer the third player of my preferences with option "any pick"?
  11. Hello, I found my way to this beautiful Hockey Manager in January, but I have only been playing for a few days. I am from Germany and manage the Goldfield Giants in LIHL.
  12. Hi everyone, here is my current trade block: - / - You can find my tradeblock here (IHL Tradeblock).