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    Gardener got a reaction from MarkZ in Unable to extend contracts after release 2.6.2   
    I just reduced the number of players in my roster to the new allowed maximum of 30 players.
    Now, I wanted to extend a contract of a player who is already part of my team. But I get the message:
    The same with other players of my roster.
    World: Cage
    Team: Wernecke Dynamos
    League: LIHL
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    Gardener reacted to Arukas in Trade Offer Abuse by Fang   
    Whenever I get sent a lopsided trade offer and I reject it, I'll usually send a follow-up PM (in a nice manner) to the other user explaining exactly why I rejected it, whether it be not wanting to give up that particular prospect or draft pick, not wanting to take on a higher salary, etc. Generally speaking the other person will be following the trade formula, but they may or may not be trying to abuse it, or they might think it's a fair trade. I guess I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but that's why I will PM them to try to get their thoughts on it, or maybe if it seems they want a particular player I'll try to make a counter offer.
    I would say it turns into abuse when they keep sending similar trades over and over. Sometimes bad trades are just bad trades, but there's no need to get too worked up over it. If I send a follow-up PM, I most likely get one in return saying "Yeah I was just trying to dump salary" or "I was just wanting to shop this player around", and then it ends there. I would suggest maybe if it happens again to take time to send a PM explaining why the trade doesn't work for you, since there are new users that get cycled in and don't know the system too well yet. I think most users want to make fair trades and have a good GM rep.
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    Gardener got a reaction from Jack Reacher in Introduce yourself   
    Hello, I found my way to this beautiful Hockey Manager in January, but I have only been playing for a few days.
    I am from Germany and manage the Goldfield Giants in LIHL.
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    Gardener got a reaction from Jack Reacher in Draft Preferences   
    What happens if I've set the first player of my draft preferences on 1st round pick, the second on 2nd round pick and the first player was picked by another team before my 1st round pick? Will take the computer my second player in the 1st round or select the computer the third player of my preferences with option "any pick"?
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    Gardener reacted to koekefix in Promotion and Draft Picks   
    This is how it works:
    (Info is from Anders)