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  1. GamePlanHockey


    New features Player roster and role demands. Players will now evaluate and react to their assigned role and given ice-time. A player will present their demands/expectations of player role and roster status when negotiating contracts. In addition to salary, contract length and clauses you must now also offer the player which role and roster status you have in mind for him. The player will take the offered role into consideration when considering the contract offer. If a player is given another role or less ice-time than his contract suggests he can become unhappy which will impact his game performance, team culture and prevent a future contract extension with the team. The player profile will also influence how strongly the player may react. Since no player has a contracted role assignment at this time, players will evaluate their role and ice-time based on expectations alone. Their happiness reactions will therefore be less severe than if they actually had a contracted role. To see what role and roster status the player expects or has contracted you can visit the player page and select Player role from the action menu. You will also see a report from your assistant with the player's last 10 days game participation. Rookie status Young players are now given a rookie status when entering a new league. To be considered a rookie, a player must not have played in more than 25 games (15 for goalies) in the same or higher league level for any preceding seasons. Only players 25 years of age or younger are considered a rookie. The rookie status is displayed on the player's page transfer tab under the league reputation section. You will also see an asterisk on the player stats for seasons where the player was considered a rookie. Top 5 rookies in the league are displayed on the league home page. Bug fixes and improvements Reduced the number of simulation locks Greed is now a visible trait on player profile and no longer part of the scouting report Scouting report now reveals the hidden trait Player consistency Improved lineup repair in case of injuries or unavailable players Adjustment of demands regarding one-way/two-way contracts Adjustment on player development/regression if players are on either streaks and slumps Own and shortlisted players are now highlighted in tables and listings Manager name is now linked and clickable in chat Sign up form protected by reCaptcha v3 Fixed bug where untouchable players potentially could be included in a trade offer Fixed bug for duplicate pending contract offers
  2. Thanks for the report and the info regarding the season switch. Will check this out. Question, the error message is displayed when trying to save your changes? Or when loading the editor?
  3. Never meant to ignore this. Just had a hard time reproducing the issue and thought it was something that only happen on rare occasions. I will take a closer look at this. Is it the very first view of the manager page that takes that long time to load? Or when switching tabs to the history tab?
  4. GamePlanHockey


    New features Chat (BETA) We're trying out a new chat with both public and private channels. With no second account needed we hope that more managers will participate in the in game communication so we can ease trade discussions, build team rivalries and really make the game worlds come alive. So what about Discord? We have no plans on removing our channels on Discord. We believe there is room for both chats. This new chat is to down the road replace the old PM-messaging system, mainly to make other managers more approachable to discuss trades and similar. The chat is available through the big chat icon found at the bottom right of your screen on every page. You can also start a discussion with another manager from his or hers team page, team dropdown or directly from the trade window. This new chat is currently in a BETA-stage and we're interested in your opinion for future development. So don't hesitate to send us feedback! More information regarding the chat can also be found in the help files. Bug fixes and improvements Removed transfer restrictions* for new users during free trial Report cheating is now only available for subscribing members. *The transfer restrictions during free trial (previously called restricted trial) has now been removed. Those restrictions was implemented to prevent cheaters abusing the game with multiple free accounts. But they also prevented new users from getting a good first impression of the game not being able to try out the full game experience. That's why transfers are now allowed during free trial. However, if a user is receiving suspicions of cheating during the free trial the transfer restrictions will, once again, come into force.
  5. An attempt to fix this overtime issue has now been released with the v2.2.3 update. Please let me know if you still encounter this issue after this update.
  6. Players with pending one way contracts is not supposed to be included in trades down the league levels. This has now been fixed in the v2.2.3 update
  7. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Fixed bug on scouting Fixed bug where wrong player nationality was displayed on non comp team Fixed bug where pending 1w contract could be included in trades down the levels Attempt to fix bug (not confirmed) where overtime was occasionally ended before a goal was scored Fixed responsive layout for playoff bracket Various layout fixes on league page Various layout fixes on trade offer Various layout and date fixes on subscription info view Adjustment of game engine. Increase scoring
  8. Thanks for reminding me. I will have a look at this as soon as possible. Extended lineup with overtime and shootout assignments are planned for upcoming releases.
  9. Thanks for the report. This kind of problem normally sorts itself out since it can take a while for all pages to sync with the update. Also try to log out and then back in. If you still have this problem please let me know.
  10. I hear you, had the exact same problem today
  11. Yes I totally agree, this is something I've been wanting to improve for a long time now. The main reason for these simulation lock downs is to make the game more stable. I will try to improve this to some extent for the upcoming release. Regarding tactics and lineup for different games, this is a good idea and extended tactics is a feature that is planned for upcoming releases this year.
  12. I thought I 'd owe you all a quick update on what's been going on lately. The last month has been crazy and I've been falling behind with almost everything, this game included. I have in the last couple of weeks started both a new job and a small renovation of the house. And with everything else that's going on in the world right now I have not been able to put in that many hours on the game lately. So please accept my apologies for the lack of updates and not responding to questions and emails lately. I will do my best to catch up as soon as possible. But today I finally managed to make an update fixing the current bugs with scouting reports and draft preferences. I have started working on the v2.3.0 update. I will share some more thoughts regarding this update soon. Thanks again for your patience!
  13. The draft preference bug has been fixed with the v2.2.2 update. I will keep an eye on the simulating issue.
  14. This problem should now be fixed with the v2.2.2 update Please accept my apologies for not responding and fixing this sooner.