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  1. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Fixed bug where scouting reports finished too fast Adjustment of board veto Adjustment on computer trading AI Automatically display career guide for unemployed users when logging in Now possible to opt-in for ads for premium users. (Edit from manager settings).
  2. GamePlanHockey


    New features Premium and free plan We're now introducing a forever free plan to Game Plan Hockey Manager! This free plan will have some limitations to it that can be lifted by signing up for a Premium plan. This means that there are two different plans playing this game; Free and Premium. Limited trials are removed. All current subscriptions will automatically be changed to a Premium plan and same terms of payment and subscription will apply. Any special offer subscription $1.99 will still be honored. See our pricing page for complete plan coverage and what limitations that apply. Bug fixes and improvements Reworked computer trading AI. Reworked player trade values (less excellent trade values). Reworked player reputation. Relative within league (less superstars in leagues). Improved assistant's advice when receiving a trade offer. Board veto. A trade can now be rejected by the board if ruled bad enough. Players on their first year of contract can no longer be put on waivers. Team player records are now available from team page's history tab Affiliate team may once again be customised (premium only) Jersey preview when changing player number An opponent's player contracted role is now available by scouting Update of start new career guide. One click start. Adjustment on endurance loss during games. Injuries will now heal extra between seasons. Any pending trade offer made by a human manager is automatically canceled if the manager resigns Goalie performance is now available from dropdown goalie cards. Now possible to load archived chat messages Fixed bug where affiliate team did not move up or down when team promoted or relegated Fixed bug where regular season performance was shown on playoff stats Fixed bug where an offered extension did not cancel/reject when the player was released. Various performance updates Various layout fixes
  3. Bug should now be fixed. Seemed to only affect goalies.
  4. You need to have room for his salary both this and the next season if the player is contracted over the next season too.
  5. Thanks. Have you tried to offer a little more than he demands? Still not accepting?
  6. Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I'll have a look at this.
  7. Thanks for the report. Did you offer the demanded role as well?
  8. Anyone interested in turning their team story into a guest blog series on the main site? Just let me know and we’ll set things up.
  9. Must have missed this for pending contracts. Only visual bug, will fix this asap. Thanks for the report.
  10. Update: Player happiness and team cultures will catch up and update within the next hours.
  11. From the v2.4.1 release and forward it's no longer possible to send PMs the old way (it was a horrible design ). Hopefully this will solve this issue. However all old PMs will still be available until they expires (90 day limit).
  12. The simulation lockdowns has been decreased in the v2.4.0 release