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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I will have a look at this as soon as possible. Extended lineup with overtime and shootout assignments are planned for upcoming releases.
  2. Thanks for the report. This kind of problem normally sorts itself out since it can take a while for all pages to sync with the update. Also try to log out and then back in. If you still have this problem please let me know.
  3. I hear you, had the exact same problem today
  4. Yes I totally agree, this is something I've been wanting to improve for a long time now. The main reason for these simulation lock downs is to make the game more stable. I will try to improve this to some extent for the upcoming release. Regarding tactics and lineup for different games, this is a good idea and extended tactics is a feature that is planned for upcoming releases this year.
  5. I thought I 'd owe you all a quick update on what's been going on lately. The last month has been crazy and I've been falling behind with almost everything, this game included. I have in the last couple of weeks started both a new job and a small renovation of the house. And with everything else that's going on in the world right now I have not been able to put in that many hours on the game lately. So please accept my apologies for the lack of updates and not responding to questions and emails lately. I will do my best to catch up as soon as possible. But today I finally managed to make an update fixing the current bugs with scouting reports and draft preferences. I have started working on the v2.3.0 update. I will share some more thoughts regarding this update soon. Thanks again for your patience!
  6. The draft preference bug has been fixed with the v2.2.2 update. I will keep an eye on the simulating issue.
  7. This problem should now be fixed with the v2.2.2 update Please accept my apologies for not responding and fixing this sooner.
  8. An update (v.2.2.2) was released today that should fix this problem.
  9. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Fix bug where scouting reports could not be created Fix bug where saving draft preferences did not work or could not be sorted properly
  10. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Bug fixes for Scouting Improved filter for unrealistic targets on transfer page Added Discord widget as chat on manager page Fixed latest update from game world forums on manager page Favicon update
  11. Yeah, sorry, forgot to post here as well. A couple of bugs have been fixed, but there's still one bug causing the dialog on Transfer page to crash if the scouting request list is empty. Posted a message in game about this. Working on a fix.
  12. GamePlanHockey


    New features Scouting Browse previous seasons Friendly games during playoffs Coupon code support (Pre-released in December) Start career wizard (Pre-released in December) Scouting By scouting a player you can reveal hints of the players' talent, future development, get tactical insights and other information that's normally hidden. You can use this function to learn more about your own players, finding the best tactic for your roster, finding the best transfer target or scouting the prospect list for the upcoming youth draft. More information and how this works can be found in the help files. Browse previous seasons It's now possible to browse stats, standings and more from previous seasons. A season dropdown is available in selected views in the following pages/views: League page: Standings, Team stats, Playoff, Schedule and Player stats. Team page: Schedule and Player stats. Transfer page: Transactions, Youth draft and Prospect rankings. Friendly games during playoffs For teams not participating in the playoffs it's now possible to arrange friendly games. Bug fixes and improvements Computer teams will not always accept friendly game invites Improved AI on computer trading Fixed bug where waived players could be included in trade offers Fixed bug where pending contracts was not transfered in trade
  13. This would improve the free agency for sure! I will add this to the future backlog. It's coming real soon. The new scouting feature is actually finished and I'm making some additional bug fixes and improvements. Couldn't make the release as promised in January but expect this in the beginning of February.
  14. Happy new year and thanks to everyone who played this game and made 2019 to such a great and eventful year! Let’s do our best to make 2020 another great year. We’re currently planning a new release in January including a cool new scouting feature. So thanks again and stay tuned for more info next year!
  15. Sorry for the late reply. The fix provided with the last release will only prevent this from happening in the future, it will not automatically revert any trade caused by this bug. I need more details regarding the trade you're referring to (if you have already provided these details, please remind me again), please send an email to [email protected] I can't promise anything but we will have a look and see what we can do.