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  1. All release notes can from now on be found at the blog:
  2. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements League player stats all time records. Available from season selector on league page and player stats tab. Extended filters on league player stats. Now possible to view top 20, 50 or 100 and filter by position. Now allowed to deviate from roster limits during offseason (before and after regular season). Allow penalty free release of players when promoting before season end (promotion contracts excluded) Fixed bug where auto signed players could not be released without penalty Adjustments on board vetoes (less interference). Adjustment on player contract offer evaluation (including decreased impact of team reputation).
  3. GamePlanHockey


    New features Min and max roster size Now introducing a min and max roster size. A team must have at least 20 and as most 30 players on its roster, that's a full dressed team plus half an affiliate roster. If these limits are not met no further transactions can be made until the roster limit is met. All players contracted by the team plus any players not already on the team but with a pending contract or contract offer will count against the roster limit. Also note that waived player will not count against the roster limit. The roster count is displayed on the team info section of the team page and also visible when composing a trade offer. Teams already above the limit may release players without a penalty down to the maximum limit. Bug fixes and improvements Nationality filter on player search. It's now possible to search players by nationality. Adjustment of player weights. Fixed an issue where players lost weight as they got older. As a result the player weight algoritm has been rewritten and all player weights had to be updated. So check your roster for any changes. Adjustment of player fatigue. Decreased endurance loss on players with low or medium ice-time. Increased endurance loss on goalies playing consecutive games. Player contract details now displays the valid league level. It's now possible to release a player on the last year of his contract once the regular season ended without any penalty. The board may now oppose to a release of a player. Fixed bug with WHC promotion and relegation Fixed bug with WHC playoff bracket Fixed bug where the board rejected player contract even if the same as player demand Fixed UI bug on player reputation Various typo fixes
  4. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Game World Admins. There are now 2-3 game world admins available in each game world. The admins will investigate cheating suspicions and have the right to revert transactions and suspend or ban users. If you need to get in touch with an admin check the in game chat user list. Admins in your current game world has "(ADMIN)" written after their name. Reworked endurance/fatigue during games for both players and goalies New players will no longer be spawned into the free agent list. Instead, a few un-drafted players may appear in European leagues in the beginning of each season. Adjustment of player retirement for lower leagues and overall levels Adjustment of player salary demands Fixed bug where entry level contracts could not be offered Fixed bug where the board rejected too high salary offers even if the offer was the minimum league salary
  5. Added shortly after the release Every team must now dress 18 players and 2 goalies for each game
  6. Yes that is correct. A new coupon code is made available every month in the post sections of my Patreon page.
  7. Also, the terms of subscription have been updated. Please read
  8. There are links provided in the game from the Account menu found on your manager page. Click on any of buttons "Go premium" or "Coupon code". But here's the link: Yes there will be a grace period for inputting coupon codes, check your account from the manager page to see when your current period expires. If you forget to renew before the current period expires there will be a very obvious banner telling you to renew. You can't miss it Then you have approx another week before being downgraded to the free plan. I will try to see how this can be automated in the future but until then you'll need to revisit the Patreon page to activate a new coupon code. And as mentioned, links are provided from the account menu.
  9. GamePlanHockey


    New features National teams championship At the end of each season there will be a national teams championship; World Hockey Championship (WHC). The championship contains 16 nations and is divided into two groups based on ranking; Group A and B. The top four teams advances to a playoff; Quarter finals, Semi finals and Final (played best of 1 game). The last nation of each group is relegated and will be replaced with winner from WHC B. This lower championship is currently not visible or accessible. At the end of the championship all teams will receive a ranking score depending on their final position. National teams will make their roster selections based from all available players except those who currently participate in the ongoing GHL playoffs. That means that players from teams that advanced to the GHL conference finals will not be accessible to play in the WHC. All teams, standings and schedule can be found from the World page and the National teams tab. Important days to keep track of: Day 87 - This season's WHC will be announced Day 97 - National teams will make their roster selections Day 99-108 - Championship games are played. Also, with this new feature we're introducing UK based players. So why not take a closer look at the UK team during the WHC to see if there are any new gems worth signing! Moving subscriptions to Patreon With this release subscriptions will be moved to Patreon. That means that any current subscriptions has been canceled. See this post for more information. Bug fixes and improvements New tactic option available for switching goalies during games. Introducing a minimum salary for league at the same level as entry level contracts. Board may now interfere and reject contract offers if offering too high salaries based on player demand and current salary cap status. Increased endurance loss for players playing too many executive shifts during games. Every team must now dress 18 players and 2 goalies for each game Players will be evaluate expected ice-time based on offered role before accepting offer. Minor adjustments of player interest for signing with teams based on league, reputation and nationality. Non league teams will be more active on the free agent market at the mid and end of the season. Player who promote with their current contract will discard their contracted role in the new league. Fixed bug where trade offers couldn't be accepted and was ruled as unbalanced even if they were not. Fixed bug where draft preference players priorities could become unsync.
  10. As some of you might have heard I'm making some changes with subscriptions and payments. As of the beginning of this year Game Plan Hockey Manager is no longer part of Shaka Productions and I have moved the game back to my personal ownership. Those of you that currently have active subscriptions may also have noticed that you haven't been charged for the last couple of months, this is all intentional. I needed to pause payments since we have detached the company behind the game. So what now? I will reopen my page on Patreon and ask for your support to keep the game going. All current subscriptions have been canceled and those of you who still want the Premium plan must sign up on Patreon and back the game with at least $1.99 / month. Each month new coupon codes granting one month of access will be published on Patreon. Hopefully this can be automated in the future but until then you need to manually get the coupon code every month, shortcut is available in the game. Your move to Patreon must be done within the next 10 days not to lose your current Premium status. Depending on when your current subscription period ends this timeframe may be longer, check your account from your manager page. I hope to see as many of you as possible on Patreon and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. But I also have some good news! I've just released update v2.6.0! This update contains bug fixes and improvements but also a brand new feature for a national teams championship! Check out the release notes for more information regarding this release! Sincerely Anders Granberg
  11. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Fixed bug where scouting reports finished too fast Adjustment of board veto Adjustment on computer trading AI Automatically display career guide for unemployed users when logging in Now possible to opt-in for ads for premium users. (Edit from manager settings).
  12. GamePlanHockey


    New features Premium and free plan We're now introducing a forever free plan to Game Plan Hockey Manager! This free plan will have some limitations to it that can be lifted by signing up for a Premium plan. This means that there are two different plans playing this game; Free and Premium. Limited trials are removed. All current subscriptions will automatically be changed to a Premium plan and same terms of payment and subscription will apply. Any special offer subscription $1.99 will still be honored. See our pricing page for complete plan coverage and what limitations that apply. Bug fixes and improvements Reworked computer trading AI. Reworked player trade values (less excellent trade values). Reworked player reputation. Relative within league (less superstars in leagues). Improved assistant's advice when receiving a trade offer. Board veto. A trade can now be rejected by the board if ruled bad enough. Players on their first year of contract can no longer be put on waivers. Team player records are now available from team page's history tab Affiliate team may once again be customised (premium only) Jersey preview when changing player number An opponent's player contracted role is now available by scouting Update of start new career guide. One click start. Adjustment on endurance loss during games. Injuries will now heal extra between seasons. Any pending trade offer made by a human manager is automatically canceled if the manager resigns Goalie performance is now available from dropdown goalie cards. Now possible to load archived chat messages Fixed bug where affiliate team did not move up or down when team promoted or relegated Fixed bug where regular season performance was shown on playoff stats Fixed bug where an offered extension did not cancel/reject when the player was released. Various performance updates Various layout fixes
  13. Bug should now be fixed. Seemed to only affect goalies.
  14. You need to have room for his salary both this and the next season if the player is contracted over the next season too.
  15. Thanks. Have you tried to offer a little more than he demands? Still not accepting?