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  1. GamePlanHockey


    Bug fixes and improvements Bug fixes for Scouting Improved filter for unrealistic targets on transfer page Added Discord widget as chat on manager page Fixed latest update from game world forums on manager page Favicon update
  2. Yeah, sorry, forgot to post here as well. A couple of bugs have been fixed, but there's still one bug causing the dialog on Transfer page to crash if the scouting request list is empty. Posted a message in game about this. Working on a fix.
  3. GamePlanHockey


    New features Scouting Browse previous seasons Friendly games during playoffs Coupon code support (Pre-released in December) Start career wizard (Pre-released in December) Scouting By scouting a player you can reveal hints of the players' talent, future development, get tactical insights and other information that's normally hidden. You can use this function to learn more about your own players, finding the best tactic for your roster, finding the best transfer target or scouting the prospect list for the upcoming youth draft. More information and how this works can be found in the help files. Browse previous seasons It's now possible to browse stats, standings and more from previous seasons. A season dropdown is available in selected views in the following pages/views: League page: Standings, Team stats, Playoff, Schedule and Player stats. Team page: Schedule and Player stats. Transfer page: Transactions, Youth draft and Prospect rankings. Friendly games during playoffs For teams not participating in the playoffs it's now possible to arrange friendly games. Bug fixes and improvements Computer teams will not always accept friendly game invites Improved AI on computer trading Fixed bug where waived players could be included in trade offers Fixed bug where pending contracts was not transfered in trade
  4. This would improve the free agency for sure! I will add this to the future backlog. It's coming real soon. The new scouting feature is actually finished and I'm making some additional bug fixes and improvements. Couldn't make the release as promised in January but expect this in the beginning of February.
  5. Happy new year and thanks to everyone who played this game and made 2019 to such a great and eventful year! Let’s do our best to make 2020 another great year. We’re currently planning a new release in January including a cool new scouting feature. So thanks again and stay tuned for more info next year!
  6. Sorry for the late reply. The fix provided with the last release will only prevent this from happening in the future, it will not automatically revert any trade caused by this bug. I need more details regarding the trade you're referring to (if you have already provided these details, please remind me again), please send an email to [email protected] I can't promise anything but we will have a look and see what we can do.
  7. See my latest post in Current road map for info regarding upcoming releases Yes, I will try to add this as soon as possible
  8. Here's a few lines about what we're currently working on. For the next upcoming release we will have two focus areas. First, we will add a few features that will help new users getting familiar with the game and some features to help the marketing of the game. Secondly we will continue to add more micro management features such as any of detailed training schedules, scouting, individual tactics/lineup assignments. And we're still planning on introducing league awards, all star game assignments, national teams as soon as possible. We will also try to improve the possibility to communicate with other managers and overall improve the online presence in the game. For a releases a little further down the road I can reveal that I've begun a rough draft (still on the sketch board) on how to implement player/manager interactions and player relations. And viewable/live games is still a relevant feature for the future.
  9. All help files section in this forum have been updated with the latest texts now included in the game.
  10. Updated October 28, 2019 ## Shortlist The shortlist is a list of players that you have an extra interest in or that you want to keep track of. You will be notified in your manager inbox for any event regarding the players in the shortlist. For example it can be wise to shortlist a free agent that you might want to sign later. If another team offers a contract to the player you will be notified and have the possibility to take action before it's too late. The shortlist is also used when scouting and selecting prospects in the yearly youth draft. See youth draft section for more information. To shortlist a player you can either use the action menu on the player's page or by using the button found on the player card that is shown when you click a player link.
  11. Updated October 28, 2019 ## Player form The player form, confidence and health, will influence the player's game performance and affect his game play. So it's wise to keep a close eye on your players' form. ### ConfidenceThe player's confidence will impact the player's game performance. At the beginning of each season the confidence value will be impacted by how the player finished the previous season but at the same time somewhat equal for all players. The confidence value will not improve or deteriorate instantly so have patience and monitor the value during the season. Pre season games is a great way to boost players' confidence and give them a jump start getting ready for a new season. Player confidence is mainly impacted by the player's performance during games. Every action the player is involved in during the game may impact the confidence. Also, achievements such as being named star of the game will boost the confidence. Player confidence ranks (from worst to best): Anxious, Uncomfortable, Ok, Good, Perfect ### HealthThe player health status will impact the player's game performance. If given too much ice-time or in combination with too hard training the player's health will start to deteriorate. The player's endurance rating will impact how much effort the player can handle before being fatigued. Fatigued players are at greater risk of being injured. Player health ranks: Injured, Exhausted, Tired, Fit ## Player happiness{{player happiness}}Unhappy players won't perform as well as happy players. The player happiness will also impact the player's development and when the player decide to retire from professional hockey. What that will affect the player's happiness will vary depending on the player's psychological profile. Things that may affect the player are, but not limited too: game performance, affiliate assignments, contract situation, club and career situation and interest from other teams. The player happiness ranks (from worst to best): Miserable, Unhappy, Frustrated, Concerned, Happy
  12. Updated October 28, 2019 ## Manager career All users have the possibility to have two simultaneous careers in two different game worlds. Managing two teams in the same game world is not allowed and may lead to the user being banned. ### Taking over a teamWhen a user takes over a team he or she will be assigned an already existing team within the game world that is not occupied by another user. The new user will then have the possibility to customise team name, mascot and colours. But all history of the team will be kept. Just like the move of a franchise in the NHL. New users may as best be assigned a team att CHL level. That means that BHL, SHL and GHL level is only available through in game promotion or by gaining enough reputation to qualify for a job in that league level. See the manager reputation section for more info. ### Start new careerTo start a new career, use the action menu on your manager page and choose the career option. Choose one of the empty spots and click the button start new career. You will then have the option to choose which game world and which league level where to start the new career. A team will then be proposed and you'll get the possibility to customise both team colors, mascot, city and name. To switch between careers use the same option from the action menu and click on the select button next to your team. Also note that your manager reputation will decide which league levels that are available to you. ### Resign from teamTo end a career click to manage your career from the action menu and select the resign button. You will need to confirm the action before finalising the action. Once confirmed the action can not be undone.
  13. Updated October 28, 2019 ## Games Each game produces a detailed game report including box score, player stats, play-by-play events and an assistant's report with valuable insights on how your players performed. ### Game previewBefore each game you can access a preview with important stats from both teams including your assistant's report about the opponent. To access these previews simply click on the preview links from the game schedule found on either of the team and league pages. You'll also find a preview link from the next game panel found on the home tab on team pages. ### Game resultsAfter each game you can access a game report with all the stats from the game including a very detailed assistant's report. To access these game reports click on the game result links found in team and league schedules and on the last game panel found on the home tab on team pages. The game report includes the following: #### Box scoreThe box score contain all stats from the game including the three stars of the game. #### Player statsThe player stats are highly detailed and also contain the players' game performance value. #### Play-by-playIn the play-by-play you get a view of how things went down shift by shift during the game. The events' timestamp is given in whole 30 seconds. ### Assistant's reportsBefore each game you can access an assistant's preview report that will reveal some insights on your opponent's style of play. Approx 30 minutes after each game you can access an assistant's game report from the action menu of the game page. This report will give you valuable insights on your team's and player's performances. ## Friendly gamesFriendly games are available on pre season and is a great way to try out your tactics and lineup. To create a friendly game simply visit the team page of the opponent you want to challenge. Choose "Friendly game" in the action menu and select an available day for the game. Note that you must wait for user managed teams to accept your invitation while computer controlled teams will confirm the game immediately.