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  1. I know it's not an olympic sport but I could really help with bowling because it's been pushed for to be one since bowling has been around aswell as if you want more help on the database! I'm so excited for this game.
  2. Honestly if anyone is like an indy developer I'd be happy to work with them on giving them ideas for a college baseball game etc I can't develop I've tried before but I have a few ideas I think could do well in a college baseball game
  3. Is there any management game for college baseball? I feel like that's an untapped market.
  4. I didn't even notice there's one in development good on them!
  5. I have no clue if this would be a good idea or not but y'all know like London 2012 games that sega made? What if someone made a game where you were the head of a countries Olympics committee and you can run that country to try to make them an Olympic powerhouse.
  6. Who else came here from the homie KOT4Q
  7. I have been finding some good gm games like basketball gm from this site!