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  2. Longtime member here, coming back. Excited to see what the game has become since I've taken a break. With regards to why theres a fee: running servers and spending lots of time on this game is not cheap. Plus, if the game blows up, more time and money can be spent on making it better. $2 a month really isnt that much. $24 a year is less than spending on Franchise Hockey Manager/Eastside. Plus, where else can you play online vs Friends? Can't promise I'll be here forever, but I owe it to Anders to see the release. This game has come so far!
  3. I was excited about the new release. As one of the longest tenured members here, I can say it’s been a pleasure to watch the game grow. Definitely. But charging all people to play the game is going to drive WAY more people away than draw people in. In my opinion (and I don’t know the finances) there has to be a better way to do this (I have no problem with Ad revenue and all star accounts) Personally, (and maybe I’m not as into it as others or I just get bored easily) it’s not worth it to pay for a game that frankly, there isn’t much to do daily besides change Goalies or decline trades for your best players. Maybe if the simulation was faster (back to three hours) or create private worlds where a commissioner can manually simulate idk. Maybe this sounds harsh? Idk. Anders knows I’ve been incredibly loyal to this game for literally years (4 years? Idk). I love some of the new features though. Just some criticism -CCRenegades
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  5. Meh, that essentially locks some teams...if we’re concerned about value just increase what the AI what’s for value. That’s an entire feature taken away. Or have the computer make more logical decisions on who to put on their will not trade list. Taking it away completely is kind of weird
  6. In the Game World screen it says there are no managers for each league when you are looking at GHL,SHL,BHL,IHL,LIHL screen
  7. I found what happened, apparently my AAHL team is playing in the RUHL2. Shouldnt be
  8. My affiliates team names were auto assigned which is dissapointing but understandable Affiliates names are reversed in the team screen. ie. What should be Corpus Christi Chernomorits is Chernomorits Corpus Christi
  9. As someone who just joined back (after being in lumber for multiple seasons),I took the last remaining GHL team in Lumber. Looking at other teams rosters, there is no way I will ever be able to build my team up to their level (especially considering my team was pillaged through trades). And anyone coming up from the SHL will also have a hard time. Teams are far too established in the GHL right now and the same teams win every year. It would definitely be nice to see a new world and have everyone start from scratch. (Also, if this happens, I'd hate to see someone join late, only to have their CPU team they got assigned to have traded away their best players. So maybe a trade lock for a few days to start?) -Renegades
  10. 90 ovr stud 22 yr old goalie avail for trade