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  1. Hi everyone, As you might have already noticed, the website is down. This is due to major power shortages in the whole city where the hosting is based. This might take a while to recover. If there's more news, I'll post it here and on Discord. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. I'm watching the forum once in a while but didn't check my team for 3 weeks. I won't continue playing. Too much changes that killed it for me and rarely some trade activity. Good luck!
  3. Strange game indeed. But I didn't expect anything less.
  4. Agreed on the Petterson signing. Although I believe they still can use a top 4 D. Letang and Schulz are injury prone players and the 3rd pair is a joke. So even if everyone is healthy the D can use an upgrade. Even if that D costs 5-7 million but is an upgrade to our current 3rd pair, which is not that difficult, it would be an even trade salary wise. Or almost even
  5. It's quiet in the NHL, usually means something huge will happen. So many RFA's and UFA's left. Hope my Pens will still do something. We need some help at D. Maybe JJ + Rust for a top 4D?
  6. koekefix

    Season 2 General Chat

    Urgh, didn't have time to analyze my entire team today, so default lineups (D at forward position, etc...). Lost SO in my first game back
  7. Off-topic: I'm curious about your tabs, 'how to be productive'? On a different on-topic note: Yes, endurance is probably the skill with the lowest impact. For goalies it has a bigger impact but it might need some tweaking to spice things up.
  8. Haha, epic. Tadros was a beast. Had the record for most fighting as well.
  9. Metro looks very dangerous for now
  10. I'm done as well. It's been a nice ride so far. I've lost interest the last 2 seasons. Its probably because the new game was announced way too early and it didn't matter anymore with the current team. We would lose everything and activity was decreasing week after week. Thanks to Anders, Glawing and the community. Best of luck.
  11. koekefix

    Season 17

    Still here, not that active as before but still alive.
  12. Thanks Anders and Glawing. Amazing work as always. I already like the logo and colours. UI is looking nice. Keep up the good work!