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  1. 100% agreed. Has been a problem for too long. I’ll take a 6 mouths all-star account if this is done.
  2. Hi everyone, I was looking for a challenge and took over the Valkyries to see if I could break the curse. I did and would appreciate if no one take over the new team (Coza Del whatever,1st in SHL). Thanks. Nicolas Senet
  3. To Jusatin: You seem pretty proud of yourself. You make a link between "Nicolas Senet" and "Camille Senay". You must be a genius. Please tell us who killed JFK? Who build the pyramids? What is the meaning of life? How can I join the Jusatin church? Poor Jusatin. I quit the game because it got too easy for me after the latest updates. I guess that's where you would write something about my trades, which would only show how you know little about this game (for how long have you been stuck in SHL?). So, because I have very little to learn about this game anymore and that I just don't see the point of winning over and over again, you won't have to use your precious mind to look what account I'm using anymore and can try to just get this game. You still have a lot of work to achieve that. Nicolas Senet
  4. I see very little action on the forum about this world and would like to know if people enjoy this world. I would like to read your comments.
  5. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    Just want to point out I tried to solve this issue out of the fuorum but it isn't the "Jusatin way" To Jusatin: I'm deeply sorry and from now on I'll will start everyone off my post with a "Hi I'm Nicolas Senet and I have been reported by my fellow managers from the past". I really didn't understand that I should warn other manager that their mind may get corrupted by every tip or explanation I'm giving so everyone can enjoy this game. I'll behave better from now on. Thanks for bringing this topic to the next level. You are actually the inspiration about my topic to create an open-trade world. You are a great inspiration to me. Again, great job on being a moderator on this forum. Don't bother reporting me. This was my final post on this forum. Anyone that want a tip or a hint can PM me or send me a message. Nicolas Senet
  6. To HuerjaHerra: I'll do my best to speak your language. Sorry if my scatological vocabulary isn't as rich as yours. The idea is to bring all the "pieces of shit" together so your pure mind doesn't get corrupted by twisted and diry-minded manager that would like to enjoy this game too. What do think? To Jusatin: Great job on being a moderator on this forum. Keep up your good work! Nicolas Senet
  7. I should have seen this one coming but I think there is better places on this forum to argue about what is or not an abuse. This topic is about if creating such a world could help to bypass this problem and if players are interested. The trading system has improved a lot and it's a lot harder to trade with computer so I hardly can see how computer teams could be rip off so easily from now. I do agree that draft picks are and will always be a problem but it's still pretty hard to trade and can't have consequences for more than one season. This may be the price that have to be paid by players who would be interested to play on this kind of world.
  8. What is considered as an abuse have been a problem for a long time and is actually ruining the fun on both sides. Anders is trying to improve the trading system but it takes some time and lot of work. Self management of the cheating report system isn't working on both sides, too slow for some, too subjective for others. It seems like there is two incompatible ways to see how this game should be played and no matter what changes are done, I don't think we will ever all agree on what is a fair or an unfair trade. So how about a new world where this trading problem wouldn't be a concern? I have dream. A world where managers tagged with a devil on their forehead because of a history of suspensions could play freely. A world that could become a reference in other worlds ("If you want to play like that, build your team in Nosferatu world."). A world where there is no abuse, because abuse has no meaning in it. A world where sinners can feel like home. I have a dream. OK, a little humor never hurts, or shouldn't at least. This is a game after all. The main idea remains: why not? Please refrain comments like " you should play in a different game if that's what you want" because I don't think this game can afford to loose more players because of fights that could be solve in a easy way and that could make everyone happy. It wouldn't have to be a lot different from the game we have known so far (no multiple team in a world, same trading system, same system, same except ...) just without any use for a report system, except in obvious multiple teams by the same manager. With an ungentlemanly rule. The fact that you want or not be part of this kind of world isn't that relevant, the idea is simply: could this kind of world can make this game more fun for everyone? I think so. Slow speed would be my choice since it seems to be the most popular choice but it could be debated. But that's too really to choose. What do you think? Nicolas Senet
  9. Since players happiness has changed lately, it's hazardous to give an answer to your question but I have a serious doubt it does because it's easy to put a player on and off the trade block (would make it hard for the system to deal with permanent changes). Not impossible but probably not. Nicolas Senet
  10. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    To Kummo: Again, Anders is the best person to give you an answer about this but ... I had the same experience a little while ago so I'm not really sure if there has been any changes since. The value of a player (green, blue, yellow) can change a little between the time you make your offer and the time the offer is accepted (for example: your player gets a +1 in stats). When you do lots of trades, chances are this happens once a while and that it adds up to lead to an automatic lock. There is no way you can know exactly where you are in this automatic lock process and I'm not sure it would be a good idea to have such a system. When you do lots of trades, you have to keep in mind that this may happen and be careful about it.
  11. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    To Kummo: I might be wrong but could it be because of too many unbalanced trades (yellow-orange window on the bottom of the trading offer, no accusation here)? There is an automatic lock if you do too many of those kind of trade and has nothing to do with cheating reports. Write to Anders to be sure.
  12. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    I'm the new manager of the Collegeville Rhinos. I just want to point out that Koekefix and I have found an agreement so my team gets back last year second draft pick. Even if he didn't had to, Koekefix have been more than fair regarding this event and clearly have this world and community at heart. I hope we can put this behind us and all enjoy this great game altogether. Nicolas Senet To Koekefix: Thanks. I would have posted our PM but I never got how to do it. I think this post should do it but feel free to PM if you get any problem regarding this trade.
  13. Nicolas Senet

    Trader S8

    Collegeville Rhinos: Pretty much everyone is available except for Canela, Trotta, Reed, Yu and Widmer (and who knows, if the offer is right). I'm looking for prospects and draft picks (lower salary cap). Have a good season. Nicolas Senet
  14. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    Using the salary cap isn't a bad idea, since it also have an influence on free agents. Abuse seems to be often the result of a trade involving many players of lower value for a greater player. Nothing new about that but solving this problem would solve many cases of abuse. The other main source of abuse are the draft pick, especially the ones in GHL and promoted SHL pick. Those shouldn't be available for trade from a computer team. I agreed there may be easier ways than a major chance in the game system. Nicolas Senet
  15. Nicolas Senet

    Biscuit Abuse

    What seems to be the main problem with abusive trades is that the manager may benefit from an abusive trade for seasons, so what is a 2 day suspension (if the manager gets suspended) for seasons with an all-star player? So the main problem is that there is no system now to reverse an abusive trade. Anders doesn't want to deal with that and I think we can understand it would put him in a difficult situation and would be to much management. So, how we deal with that? The voting system seems to be a good idea and the trading status (team info) may not be used to his full potential. Here's an idea. Why isn't it a buffer time in which a trade could be reversed if there is many disapproved votes? 2 games? 5 games? Whatever. The trade is done and completed but, using a similar system than the one that leads to being suspended, the trade can be reversed. And to prevent doing abusive trades over and over again, the trading status may change trading option of an "abusive manager" so it becomes more and more restrictive. I know it isn't perfect and similar systems have ended to being a major problem in other simulation games, but we will have to make a choice eventually between having a voting system, that can lead to some abuse, and a automatic system, that can lead to some abuse too. I do trust managers more that a automatic system, but that's just me. I did a quick try in Mitts lately. Computer trading seems to be a lot more difficult. That should be a major improvement toward this problem. Nicolas Senet