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  1. I got him after you. He stayed with me untill kiovola was 100% ready. He had 10 Shutouts. A personel record for him. He will be missed. Glad he retired before losing skill.
  2. Pingu

    S14 General Chat

    Nice one Kim. To bad we had to meet in the semis.
  3. The nervous arrogant type. Must be a king at dating
  4. to me; Biscuit. very active. Lots of talk on forum and in game chat. Lots of active managers. Great managers and great respect for the game in a whole. Fishbowl: Quiet. Not much happening. Clapper: Same. In game chat never gets used. Not much gametalk. To me most communication comes from the managers also active in biscuit.
  5. Pingu

    S14 General Chat

    Worked to Some level for the sixers
  6. Pingu

    S14 Magic Numbers

    And I lost in the most annoying way once again. If my team has more than 40 shots I know I will eventually lose that game
  7. Pingu

    S14 Magic Numbers

    And I really stole those points tonight
  8. Pingu

    S14 General Chat

    Happy for bear! He Made it! Quality manager, very correct also.
  9. Had my first win in 8 games or so! Titans are doing horribly. 3 points from 14th place and almost no goals scored. What a contrast to the last few seasons. Losing the team to relegation would be sad
  10. Flag him as a cheater and post this in lumber 2
  11. Pingu

    S14 Magic Numbers

    And I lost 40 shots to 29 and Kio let 6 go by him. Urgh rather lose 6-3 while getting pounded