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    Pingu got a reaction from Steve in Cage trash talk   
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    Pingu got a reaction from koekefix in Cage trash talk   
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    Pingu got a reaction from Erzac in Cage trash talk   
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    Pingu got a reaction from Paul T in Cage trash talk   
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    Pingu got a reaction from Jack Reacher in Adam Gundersson cheating   
    I think Anders banned or suspended him several times in clapper for doing the same with SHL teams.
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    Pingu got a reaction from Steve in Bublik Appreciation Thread   
    I got him after you. He stayed with me untill kiovola was 100% ready.
    He had 10 Shutouts. A personel record for him.
    He will be missed. Glad he retired before losing skill.
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    Pingu reacted to Erzac in GHL S15 power rankings   
    1. Deadwood Vandals (Kim "koekefix" Vandaele)
    OFF: 91 DEF: 93 SG: 96 OVR: 92,3 (+0,9)
    Age: 29,1
    Best OVR skater: D Loick Bulloch, 32yo, 97 OVR.
    2. West Chicago Protons (Richard "bouncer" Feynman)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 94 SG: 97 OVR: 92,2 (+0,2)
    Age: 30,7
    Best OVR skater: D Adrien Berrouard, 32yo, 96 OVR.
    3. St. Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac "Erzac" Ray)
    OFF: 91 DEF: 93 SG: 93 OVR: 92,1 (+1,9)
    Age: 29,2
    Best OVR skater: F Valdemar Chovanec, 32yo, 96 OVR.
    4. Portland Marauders (Xavier "xZhou" Zhou)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 93 SG: 94 OVR: 91,9 (+0,8)
    Age: 25,4
    Best OVR skater: D Ghali Tadros, 38yo, 96 OVR.
    5. Richford Rebels (Jusu "Jusu5" Manager)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 95 OVR: 91,1 (+0,2)
    Age: 28,6
    Best OVR skater: D Nathaniel Poirier-Ladouceur, 23yo, 96 OVR.
    6. Canmore Grizzlies (Matt "themattinthehat" Muffett)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 92 SG: 92 OVR: 90,9 (+0,3)
    Age: 28,9
    Best OVR skater: D Oldřich Brož, 33yo, 95 OVR.
    7. Thetford Mines Pegasus (Anthony "Pingu" Grauwels)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 91 SG: 95 OVR: 90,9 (+1,1)
    Age: 28,4
    Best OVR skater: D Yan Palos-Sanschagrin, 23yo, 94 OVR.
    8. Harrisonville Sabercats (Hurja "HurjaHerra" Herra)
    OFF: 90 DEF: 90 SG: 96 OVR: 90,7 (+0,2)
    Age: 29,0
    Best OVR skater: D Nikolay Mandrykin, 30yo, 95 OVR.
    9. Eldred Elite (Steven "Steve" Bennett)
    OFF: 89 DEF: 92 SG: 91 OVR: 90,5 (+0,4)
    Age: 28,4
    Best OVR skater: D Zavon Mellor, 33yo, 95 OVR.
    10. York Wolf Pack (Jiri "jiihee" Heikkala)
    OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 93 OVR: 90,4 (+0,7)
    Age 31,0
    Best OVR skater: D Jesse Fiore, 31yo, 95 OVR.
    11. Buckingham Breakouts (Jussi "jusatin" Ahonen)
    OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 92 OVR: 90,3 (+1,1)
    Age: 27,8
    Best OVR skater: C Tjaž Avsenik, 21yo, 93 OVR.
    12. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard "rainsilent" Armour)
    OFF: 89 DEF: 91 SG: 95 OVR: 90,2 (+0,2)
    Age: 27,2
    Best OVR skater: D Shane Helms, 23yo, 94 OVR.
    13. Violet Volcano (Soupy Salez)
    OFF: 88 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 89,2 (+0,1)
    Age: 29,8
    Best OVR skater: F Simon-Pier Byers, 24yo, 95 OVR.
    14. Pinehurst Miners (Phoenix "phoenixtf" TF)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 89 SG: 96 OVR: 88,3 (-0,2)
    Age: 28,4
    Best OVR skater: D Eliam Larochel, 21yo, 93 OVR.
    15. *Sault Ste Marie Admirals (Jacques de Gatineau)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 88 SG: 93 OVR: 87,9 (+2,6)
    Age: 27,2
    Best OVR skater: D Jakob Olsen, 20yo, 93 OVR.
    16. *Horseheads North Thundering Herd (Bear Doggit)
    OFF: 86 DEF: 89 SG: 88 OVR: 87,5 (+3,3)
    Age: 31,9
    Best OVR skater: D Alexey Filchenkov, 38yo, 91 OVR.
    League AVG team OVR: 90,4 (Last season 90,0)
    League AVG team age: 28,2 (Last season 28,6)
    *=Team promoted from SHL
    Edit: Change from last season in parenthesis.
    Calculated on day 5 of S15, using:
    Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF x 2) + (SG x 2))/26
    OFF = Combined overall of 12 best centers/forwards
    DEF = Combined overall of 6 best defenders
    SG = Overall of starting goalie (best overall goalie in team)
    In case of a tie for team best ovr skater, career performance rating for current league level was used as a tiebreaker. After that games played on current level, and then points.
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    Pingu got a reaction from koekefix in S14 General Chat   
    Nice one Kim. To bad we had to meet in the semis.
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    Pingu reacted to littleb in Inaugural Tarnished Silver Biscuit Plate PreS 15   
    Have you ever thought that Preseason has been a bit dull?  No pride or glory...... and certainly no fresh biscuits to eat!  Our world is clearly lacking in its namesake, so a group of us are having a pre-season friendly tournament to entertain us and thought we might as well drag you guys along for the ride as well. 
    The teams involved this season are:
    1. Pittsboro Plastic Attack - Long time BHL team freshly promoted from the 2nd spot, clearly threw the final games to get to 2nd and cover his mad ninja skills... . very sneaky!  We will have to keep an eye on him as it is rumored they use plastic swords to impale unsuspecting opponents during the game!  Watch those injuries!
    2. Tullahoma Tomcats - Promoted in 1st at season's end and are letting everyone know it!  Coach Wendel thinks he is pretty awesome but he may have to keep that ego in check as he is up against some raw talent in this series.  His lads are clearly still in party mode and will need to ensure they get off the sauce if they want any chance of winning this prestigious piece of cra..... erm I mean this incredible trophy!  
    3. Minnedosa Musketeers - SHL team for three seasons now and constantly riding Leopards coat tails.  It has driven them to depression where all manager Little signs are fat bastards that run over people and play for the garbage goals.  Some pundits give them a shot though, based solely on the fact there is biscuits involved and boy those boys love biscuits!  If they win good luck even making the locker room with them!
    4. Deferiet Leopards - SHL team for three season and well established hard rockers!  When not on the ice you can catch them down at open mic night screeeeeeching on guitars and pretending they have vocal talent.  Probably the class of the tournament unless the hookers and blow get them.... ah the life of a celebrity!  
    The rules for us are simple.... each team will play each other once in the pre season (I will do my best to keep an updated table in here.  Winner has the most points and if there happens to be teams level the tie breakers are results between teams level, goal difference and finally goals for.  If it is still tied after that I am going to set a poll up and we will all have a vote to see who wins!  We can't leave a tie at the top after all.... like any of us will play nice or share their biscuits!?!?!?!?
    The draw is as follow first team is home:
    Day 4 – 1 vs 2 (2-3 OT) and 3 vs 4 (5-3)
    Day 5 – 1 vs 3 (2-4) and 2 vs 4 (2-0)
    Day 6 – 4 vs 1 (3-4 SO) and 2 vs 3 (3-6)
    In the event the home team doesn't send their game off..... please proceed to door number 3 where Olga the Norwegian Dom will whip you for your incompetence.  
    That is all for now, if this goes off well I may look at ways to expand it for future seasons.  
    Standings to date: pts - record - GF - GA
    1. Minnedosa Musketeers - 9 - 3-0-0-0 - 15 - 8
    2. Tullahoma Tomcats - 5 - 1-1-0-1 - 8 - 8
    3. Pittsboro Plastic Attack - 3 - 0-1-1-1 - 8 - 10
    4. Deferiet Leopards - 1 - 0-0-1-2 - 6 - 11
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    Pingu got a reaction from Paul T in The Humor Therapy Thread   
    The nervous arrogant type. Must be a king at dating
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    Pingu got a reaction from Keskustankeisari in S14 General Chat   
    Happy for bear! He Made it! Quality manager, very correct also.
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    Pingu reacted to EXXEO in S14 Magic Numbers   
    ...and over in th other part of the SHL (the one we don't mention...hisss!!!)
    '"Tonight's matchup showcases two deadbeat teams trying to pump up their home crowds by winning a meaningless game. In fact, as the 14th place Fair play Angels host the 9th place Blakely Black Flag; both GMs have jointly made a pact to sell all beers for $.50 and give away free nachos!"
    "Ted Mundy, you're absolutely right! These teams are going to be a complete bore to watch. Fair Play is stuck in 14th place and facing relegation playoffs while Blakely has just put up their best season in the SHL...and at 9th, that's not saying much!"
    "Haha, that's our guest, Junior announcer from the overseas Clapper league, Ant Pickle. Not only is he a great on the ice but his name just screams, 'I'm a big tool'! They are really trying to pull out all the stops tonight. We even get to see a special performance by Destiny's Mild, the Destiny's Child cover band made up of 50+ year old men singing tunes in a Mariachi style - I'm so pumped! How about you, little Dill?"
    "...ohp, looks like small Gerkin is locked into an intense Fortnite battle at the moment - you go get em'!"
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    Pingu got a reaction from Steve in S14 Magic Numbers   
    And I lost in the most annoying way once again.
    If my team has more than 40 shots I know I will eventually lose that game
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    Pingu got a reaction from Erzac in S14 General Chat   
    Happy for bear! He Made it! Quality manager, very correct also.
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    Pingu reacted to Steve in S14 Magic Numbers   
    Just 4 games and 12 points to go.  The top 4 teams are now a lock with Protons, Pegasus, Rebels, and Vandals.  How they shake up is anyone's guess the way they have been shuffling the top two spots this past week.  Although a Vandals loss (vs Breakouts) and Protons win (vs Indians) would make it virtually impossible for Vandals to claim the #1 spot. 
    A Marauders win tonight against the Miners will essentially lock in their playoff berth.  
    As usual, 8th place will likely be decided by the last game of the season with 7th-10th all within 4 points still.  
    Miners upset victory over Rebels last night in a SO moved them up to 12th, ahead of the going backwards Elite who are in 13th due to goals differential.  
    Speaking of relegation, an Elite win (vs Pegasus) AND a Breakouts loss (vs Vandals) would essentially mean Breakouts could finish no higher than 14th.  But a win by the Breakouts would all but ensure that the Tomahawks (vs Grizzlies) will be back in the SHL next season.  
    Matchups of the Night:
    Breakouts at Vandals due to the impact on so many teams
    But keep an eye on the scores for Volcano at Minutemen and Wolf Pack at Sabercats since both these matches may add some clarity on which teams will be sitting on their thumbs by the end of the weekend.  
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    Pingu reacted to Steve in S14 Magic Numbers   
    In the SHL, there is also some excitement brewing even though the top two teams were decided several games back.  
    But there is a real battle raging for the right to try and play up as the Bangers (94 pts, 5th), Musketeer (90), Leopards (90), and Eagles (87) all are trying to stay alive to play against the Dynasty Heroes and Mohawks in the 1st round of the SHL playoffs.  
    Key Matchup Tonight:  Dynasty Heroes at Leopards.  A potential first round matchup and the Leopards have taken 2 of 3 against the Heroes so far this season.  
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    Pingu got a reaction from Steve in S14 Magic Numbers   
    And I really stole those points tonight
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    Pingu got a reaction from littleb in S14 General Chat   
    Happy for bear! He Made it! Quality manager, very correct also.
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    Pingu got a reaction from ET2018 in The Humor Therapy Thread   
    Flag him as a cheater and post this in lumber 2
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    Pingu got a reaction from Paul T in S14 Magic Numbers   
    Okidoki. Well protons is still in the club of GHL teams that never missed PO then.
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    Pingu reacted to koekefix in S14 Magic Numbers   
    My team actually is the only team that managed to get to the GHL PO every season since S1. Protons was in SHL the first season.
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    Pingu reacted to Steve in S14 Magic Numbers   
    With only 7 games remaining (21 max points), thought it'd be fun to track teams chances going forward.  I don't have one of those fancy simulators to give % chances (feel free to add below if you do), but will at least highlight key games and when teams either clinch or get eliminated.  
    1.  Protons (103 pts) - Have clinched a playoff spot for the 132nd straight year.  
    2.  Vandals (102) - Are in.
    3.  Pegasus (102) - Are in.
    4.  Rebels (100) - Are in.
    14-16, Breakouts (59), Indians (59), and Tomahawks (55) are eliminated from Top 8 but neck and neck in the battle to avoid automatic relegation.
    Key Matchup tonight:
    Stray Cats (78, 9th) vs Sabrecats (77, 10th).  A win by either could catapult them into 7th place.
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    Pingu got a reaction from flowbish1 in Season 28 General Chat   
    We have one very happy 18 Year old then
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    Pingu got a reaction from Walter A. Donaldson in Hoarding Players   
    I don't mind lots of affiliated players. But like rainsilent mentioned.
    There are differences in having youth and a backup or having a whole league team in the affiliated.
    Because that is almost an effective way to weaken opposition.
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    Pingu reacted to Steve in S14 General Chat   
    This makes sense because Anders greatly modified the draft settings about 1-2 seasons back, so no more mutant draftees that are better than current starters.  
    This is why I'm considering moving down a couple leagues or so and hoping the North American style league will come online soon because with so many amazing players around for literally the next 3-4 years, it makes the GHL level less interesting as a hockey simulation when these outliers are part of the formula.  It's starting to feel a lot like the KHL; a handful of teams with All-Stars and everyone else.  Granted, by now we ALL have All-Stars, so maybe it feels more like the Olympics; Canada, US, Russia, Finland or Sweden, and the occasional other team every so often.  Honestly, this isn't a complaint against the good and consistently good teams in our league.  They ARE good managers, but the bad data in the roster data makes for a less than ideal playing environment.