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  1. The expected finish time is for a normal report of the given category. A more thorough report will be one day longer.
  2. A pure offensive with a pure defensive? No. However you can put a two way that is good offensively or defensively with the other.
  3. If you want to have the best chance for your goalies to have good stats have a good defensive team in front of them. That is the case with Lang last year. A better defensive team is going to reduce the number of quality shots against and make it more difficult to get to a position for a quality shot. Having low positioning and athletic can be overcome with a better defensive team. Personally I am more willing to trade positioning over athleticism. That said knowing the team that I have is why I felt somewhat comfortable in getting the backup that my GHL team currently has. Wilcot, talent wise, is not too dissimilar to what Lang brought in terms of style. While I would never expect him to get the same results as Lang I think I can get decent numbers out of him. That comes down to knowing my team and players. That said, by the end of the season, I fully expect Wilcot's numbers to be worse than 2.30 GAA and 925 save percentage. I'll be quite pleased if he stays below 2.5 GAA and above 915 save percentage. From my experience reflexes is the most important goalie skill. I've never seen a goalie with low reflexes relative to the league standard have good stats consistently. From there the team in front and how it plays is going to go into determining what other skills need to be high and the relative performance of the goalie. One final thing to add. I don't think nervous is BS. I think people try to put too much into it. They want it to be an easy or straightforward answer to why or why not when there is no such thing as an easy or straightforward answer in a complex sim. I do think that nervous played a role in Lang's poor playoff performance last season. It wasn't the entire reason for it though.
  4. If he stays healthy and he wants to play at least 4 more seasons I see it as very likely. Personally, I have always thought that Gretzky's goal total is going to eventually fall. The reason? The NHL is trying to introduce more scoring into the game. Combine that with skaters getting faster and becoming more skilled and I think it is an inevitability. Are we going to see another player near his points total? I think not. I think that McDavid is a better player than Gretzky was in his prime and McDavid is nowhere near 200 points a season. Before anyone goes crazy let me point out that Gretzky was never a great skater, never that good defensively nor did he have a great shot. What made Gretzky so special was how he used skill to beat defenses in ways no one else ever had done before. The problem to my idea is Stamkos get hurt which caps his scoring ability to a lower point than what it once was. Laine just doesn't sustain it due to lack of consistent effort. He has the shot and skill to be getting 50 a season yet he hasn't gotten there yet. Then there is Matthews and Point. Those two are the most prolific goal scorers next to Laine. Matthews is the better pure shooter but Point combines a great shot with better puck skills and per game effort in my opinion. Point, however, sacrifices some offense for a better overall team game due to all of that. He is already bordering on Datsyuk like in terms sacrificing offense for defense. I don't think McDavid has the pure shot to match Matthews or Point. While Draisaitl does the team around him isn't good enough for him to really sustain it I think. That doesn't take into account the slow start to his career.
  5. Energy line is about 60% of your answer. Shut down is that but only to the skilled players on the opposing team. The last 40% is the players you put on that line. Most managers seem to be wary of making such a line as the players in question typically lack skill for physicality and spirit. Edit: The next thing is that you have to give the players enough time on ice to make a positive difference. I see a lot of 4th lines playing 6-8 minutes a night. That is too little time on ice to have a positive impact in the desired role. Don't be afraid to give your 4th line 10-12 minutes a night. So long as you have them in the right role playing the right line style and they are comfortable playing in your system they will do well. Case in point Matthew Stang. Remember when another manager was raging at the fact that Stang essentially won a playoff series for my team? His performance rating is in the green for a very good reason despite his apparent lack of skill.
  6. Could have been a system related issue in that he didn't do well in yours. If we don't run the same systems that me not be true for me.
  7. Truth be told I was going to trade Lang either this season or next. The core of my skilled forward group is almost all 30+ right now and he was the best trade piece I had to address it. While I could have asked for Lamoureau or Chene in return, as I would have wanted a center back if I got a player, I wanted to go the more diverse route that gave me more options. I have Grimard at where Lang was at S1 with a, for the moment, better team in front of him than Lang did during S1. I'm not expecting quite the same miracle play from Grimard like I got from Lang as the league is better as well but I am hoping to get something between last season and the season before in terms of performance from Grimard. If he gets off to a good start I should be fine relative to my expectations. If he doesn't, this could be a difficult season. While the picks I got for Lang don't add up to Lamoureau or Chene themselves the loss in the performance from not having Lang should take me lower in the standings which should improve my own draft picks. I'm hoping to pick around 12th in the draft with my pick and no higher than 25th with the other 1st round pick. If the upcoming draft is as good as the last that potentially means I will have a crack at a mid 80s overall player with my first 1st round pick. If I pick below 16th with my pick either I got shafted in the draft order or... Well, to be blunt, you all suck. Edit: I joke. If my team does end up in the middle of the playoff bracket I would be amazed at the performance from my team to have done that but I am not expecting that. I wasn't expecting to finish 1st in the conference and 2nd in points overall last season with the ~20th ranked team talent wise either though so who knows? Then again I did try this vaguely similar thing with my other team. It was looking fine with 10 games left in the season and more than 10 points up on the team in 11th place. However the players inexplicably quit playing after a sudden drop in team confidence from blue 'ok' to yellow 'concerned' after losing to a top team in a fairly respectable manner. The prior 3 games were all wins, with one being against another one of the better teams in the league, and my team had a positive record over the last 10 games, including those 3 wins. Yet for some reason the game said, "Nope, screw you" and I said "ok" as nothing I did changed anything. Granted, that team I intentionally built flawed from the outset with no proper playmakers what so ever and I went rather cheap on a few fill in players as well. However, after starting off very poorly I did actually sign a playmaker from FA and my team was above .500 from that point on until the final 10 games of the season where the players altogether stopped playing. Such is how it is. It actually doesn't bother me that much as I get to play a few players on my main roster this season that I really like and couldn't play in the SHL.
  8. I said it in chat but I'll also say it here for everyone to see for eternity. Defense in the finals, paging defense in the finals please. Joking aside congratulations to Bouncer on the championship and peek on a great playoff run against the odds of his goaltenders. It almost ended just like it did between the Blackhawks and Flyers in the 2010 cup finals. It was a great show to watch too.
  9. So I may have had a rather busy Friday and forgot to put up a match up preview for the finals. Oops. Well your getting one late anyways. #3 Sheshegwaning Dragons vs #2 West Chicago Hawks Regular season series: 2 wins Dragons I think this is likely to be a close series even though one game has already been played. The Dragons have the better offensive team talent wise while the Hawks play a more complete team game that emphasizes strong defensive play. If the Dragons had a goalie I felt like I could trust I would say that this is the match up of the two best teams in the league. Outside of the net it certainly is in my mind. I am really looking forward to seeing how this series plays out. Honest confession: I'm pulling for the Hawks in this one for the simple fact that he has his entire team playing in a way I wish I could get my team to play. Either way, best of luck to both teams.
  10. In the past it was canceled and the player had to be resigned after the trade.
  11. Conference Finals East: #3 Sheshegwaning Dragons vs #4 Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears Regular season series: 1 win Dragons, 2 Wins and 1SO win Battlin Bears On paper this seems like a rather lopsided match up. The Dragons have incredible offensive and defensive depth. Their one concern is goaltending. This team is currently looking a lot like the 09-10 Philadelphia Flyers as a result. On the other side is the Battlin Bears. A team where no player really jumps out at you yet it is a solid overall team. Its playoff run is being pushed along by excellent play by its defensive core. I think this series is going to be decided by the goalies. Neither team has an all star starter but both of them still have a capable #1 option. Whichever #1 outplays the other is going to very likely decide the series. West: #1 Kegashka Prairie Stars vs #2 West Chicago Hawks Regular season series: 3 wins Prairie Stars, 1 win Hawks Both teams swept through the opposition in the prior rounds to get to this match up. The Prairie Stars have gotten here off of the play of their best players who have been dominant. The Hawks have gotten to this point through their entire team dominating the other team. The Prairie Stars are more top heavy talent wise but have more top end offensive talent to show for it. I think this series is going to come down to if the team effort by the Hawks can be enough to beat the effort of the best players of the Prairie Stars.
  12. Thanks. I was genuinely expecting to lose the series before it started. I put that would be upset alert there for a reason. Losing it in OT fashion doesn't bother me much at all. I'd rather that than any other result. I personally had the Nightmare as the 4th best team in the conference. In comparison I don't rank my team better than 7th on the best day and it is technically the 12th most talented roster in the East. The final team making up that top 4 in my book didn't make the playoffs. Well, they made the wrong playoffs if you will.
  13. Round two: No regular season stats anymore because it is the second round of the playoffs. #2 Red Tide vs #3 Dragons Regular season series: 1W and 1OTW Red Tide, 2W Dragons. The two best teams in the East face off. It was a close series in the regular season and it will likely be close in the playoffs so long as the goaltending for the Dragons holds up. If it doesn't this is very likely to be a short series. #4 Battlin Bears vs #8 Nightmares Regular season series: 2SOW Battlin Bears, 2W Nightmares. The two wins by the Nightmare were the last two meetings between these two teams and the games weren't close. I still think this is going to be a close series though however the Battlin Bears are the underdogs in my mind as I think the Nightmares have the better team. #1 Prairie Stars vs #5 Wolverines Regular season series: 2W Prairie Stars, 2W Wolverines The regular season series between the two was a split and the entire series was actually close. The Wolverines has the offense to keep pace if it becomes a scoring race. The real question is if the Prairie Stars can take control of the games with their more complete team. #2 Hawks vs #6 Tomahawks Regular season series: 2W Hawks, 2W Tomahawks Another series that was split however the series was rather lopsided with a win for each team that wasn't close at all. The Tomahawks were a great 5 on 5 scoring team while the Hawks struggled to score 5 on 5. I think this is going to be another close series determined by whatever team happens to play better 5 on 5.
  14. If the assistant in the game reports isn't mentioning fatigue as a problem it isn't the problem. Personally I think the scoring at the GHL level is down a bit much. The best scorers struggle to reach a point a game pace here whereas at the NHL level you have Crosby, Malkin, McDavid, et cetera with regularity above that. Personally I wouldn't be too worried about his perceived down scoring stats. Granted this game doesn't have to strictly follow the NHL patterns of scoring. I just think it should be within the realm of possibility to see the best offensive players beat a point a game nearly every season. Currently it is a significant achievement to get a point a game by the end of the season.