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  1. The game has such problems from time to time so yes its kinda normal here. There is also alot simulating and we cant play during this time. I hope they fix those problems someday in the new major update maybe. It has been like this since i play this game. The game in dangles world is on pause righ now.
  2. OK thats it. I resigned from my team and i quit the game. Im tired of the weird results and anyway i was gonna leave due to the upcoming big update which would made me lose my team anyway and force me to pay which i dont want. My team was in the top teams since the start of the season and suddenly start losing most games even if i made almost no change at all and this is ridiculous and kills the fun and makes the game really incomprehensible. My goalie was one of the top and start giving up goals like if he is on strike or something lol... I had some fun times here but also some bad and i will still remember those years anyway. Thank you everyone for your comments and for your support during those years even to those who did not agree with me. Good luck to those who will keep playing and willing to pay but for me this is not an option and i also feel sorry for those like me who will quit the game. I admit that i leave with frustration about how the game results were sometimes and how my team performance was and about all the time i spent in the game to finally end this way. Bye bye. Eric - Former Victoria Kingsmen manager GHL
  3. Leafsdude about your suggestion , i dont think that the game owner would want to keep the old leagues and run another game at the same time. It seems to be a problem already to run this one. If they want us to pay is probably to have a better server and pay for it and such things and that would not make sense to have the old game still running where almost nobody will want to contribute. Many might want to quit playing here and just go in the new version or it also could be the opposite and the new version would suffer from it...
  4. 87 defense player with 55 overall rating lol ! sure he can still be useful for his defensive skills even if old. thats like in real hockey. some have skills that never get old whatever their age they are still good at it. i just had a 40 years old player that i could have signed again but i did not and he retired. if i would have signed him he would still play. i guess if you dont sign those old players they will probably retire. in that case with my 40 years old player , he dropped from about 90 rating to 78 in the last season so i did not want to keep him at the 2.8 million salary he was asking with a ghl contract... its a bit weird he was asking for so much considering the rating drop. otherwise i would have signed him just for fun and put him in aahl.
  5. I did not threat about leaving. I said i will leave in another message. Im waiting for the update to leave because i dont want to lose my team and have to pay to start from scratch. Thats what makes me quit because losing my team i been building for many seasons. Money is not the only thing. We dont think all the same way and thats what i wanted to say. Some here seem to think they are the only ones on the planet or something and that everyone should think the same and they dont respect others and this is very sad. Isolating others that dont think the same does not help at all and just make things even worse. I think everyones opinion is important and personally i wanted to share what i think even if its not what the majority might think and i could just not care and say nothing but this is not how i am. I believe that it also helps to know what those who dont agree think and im not just talking about here in the game but anywhere else too. Thats how you can make things better when trying to include everyone.
  6. Deadwing to use your terms , depending how lifeless your life is , maybe you wont find the game as entertaining as others do and maybe your 2 bucks wont feel as cheap. This is a very personal thing. 2$ compared to free does make a difference. Some dont have any money to play like some kids who play here and some like me might not want having to pay and lose their team after the update. The game is entertaining but not at the same level for everyone. Some might even find it boring. You know there are some hockey managing games out there where you actually see your players playing the game live. Someone who comes from this type of game might be dissapointed here. There are other free games out there and not everyone want to pay when they can have the possibility to play for free elsewhere. Im not talking about you necessarily but i dont like when i see someone trying to talk for everyone. We dont all think the same way. Otherwise life would be really boring... We always have to think that some are different and not try to speak for everyone and forget those who dont think the same way. I am a bit surprised here that most dont seem to care to lose their actual team after the update. I could be wrong but i did not see much complaints about it. You see for me it is a big dissapointment. I been here for over 30 seasons and i am in GHL and i feel really bad about losing my team i have been building for many seasons. Starting back from scratch is fun for some but not for everyone. It all depends of our experiences and many other things. Some here have won multiple championships season after season. Im sure they dont feel so excited when its the 20th. The guy who wins the first time after a few years of play wont feel the same at all... You see i had the feeling that my team was getting better and that eventually i would win the championship but now with the update i will lose all i been working for and its not cool at all. Never forget that we dont all feel things the same way. It is also not just a matter of money.
  7. You will get a message to say if you are promoted. Win a few games in the playoffs means nothing. What is important is which rank you finished.
  8. Theres cheaters everywhere. For sure some use multi accounts and have many teams in the game and trades to themself. Dont think they cant do much to find them. There will always be. All you can do is report but first you need to know they are doing this. Many im sure do this and never get caught. Not very hard use multiple emails and ip address... Might be a reason some want sponsorship to help their other accounts when theres the update lol...
  9. I announce that after the current or next season and before the next update , i will retire. The reason is because i have been working on my team for many seasons and i am not happy about losing all i have done after the future update. Can you imagine the NHL resetting all teams like this after some changes to the league lol... I know it might be an obligation to do this for the update but for me it is really not cool losing all my players like this. I dont feel like starting again from scratch and also having to pay for the game after losing all i had. I prefer find another game than start again here. I also dont agree with having different leagues for those who pay and having the right to be in a focus group only when contributing. I was hoping for some improvements to the game for a long time and it did not happen and what it is gonna be with the update is not what i expected. Those are the main reasons why i will quit. Good luck to everyone. This will be my last communication in the game. Eric The Great (aka Marque Berge20) Victoria Kingsmen (Cherokees) Howitzer GHL
  10. Steve i somewhat agree with you but here what they want to do is have some league open to only those who want to pay and some free league. You will have no chance to win if you cant even access some league. This is somewhat pay-to-win to me. Yes there are free things in life that are very good. There are free games and movies also. Just go on you tube you will find alot free movies and around internet. Many games are free also. If we had to pay for everything , it would be a very sad world. Theres many other things than money in life too that money cant buy.
  11. Mocha you are really pissing me off now. I dont need you to quote each damn line of my messages and comment on all i say and try to put words in my mouth and try say things about how i am and how i think. Many things you said about me are not at all what i think and what i said. I have my opinion and if you dont agree you have the right to but i also dont agree with some things you said and some changes made to the game and quote all i say wont change anything. If you get mad because i forgot one letter in your name , it shows a bit how you are... Telling me i know nothing about Anders life is pathetic. You are the one who started to quote what he said and then talk about him and all the time he put in the game and his family and such things and you do it again in this last message. You dont know better than. I wont start repeat 10 times what i said and quote what you said and comment on everything. I already answered your questions and i wont take 1 hour of my time to explain again and again because you dont seem to understand much. You keep talking for others in your messages like if you know what we think and what we want and how things are. Saying things like the free players are asking more than the contributing players and such things. I wont quote 10 times but you did this many times in your messages. We dont all think the same way. You show it to us very well when you try to imagine what i think and then say things i dont even think or said. Finally , about the jersey and mascot thing , yes for now when you contribute thats what you get but it will change since some who dont contribute wont be able to join some leagues with the changes made to the game. Thats what i was talking about. Again you did not understood what i said.
  12. MOCA i dont think that making the game a pay-to-play or pay-to-win game will make the owner of the game sacrifice less time and do less for the game. He will still have to take care of it. Money wont give him more time. I even think that making it a paying game would make him have more work because now he will feel that he owes something to those who pay to play and will have to give even more effort. And the contributing members will probably expect more from the game. I dont agree with you. And when you say most of us dont care , again you are being wrong. I am sure that everyone recognize that this is alot of work. That is not the problem at all. We also spend time to play the game and we decide to use our time here on this game and now if we have to pay to play it also change the situation for us. We will also lose all the effort and time we spent to build up our teams because we will lose all our players. Did you think about this ? I been here for a few years building my team and now not only i would have to pay but i lose what i have done. I cant agree with this solution. I also have a family and spend time here and im not gonna start to cry to everyone because of it. This is my choice and i wont blame anyone or ask for a compensation. Again like i said in a previous message , i think that the contribution should be for those who want to have a little extra like having a logo or mascot and such things but not for limiting players from playing in the top competition and have the opportunity to be in a focus group. Changes made to the game can easily make it lose players so i think it should be taken care of very carefully. Many like me might see it as unfair that now we cant join the top competition and will want to quit the game. I can understand that some are willing to pay but it is not for everyone. It has nothing to do with what we think about all the time the owner of the game has put here or how we appreciate it. Nothing. I also disagree with having a focus group for those who pay and the free players dont have a word to say. This is also unfair to me. Everyone should be involved. Pay to have the possibility to say what i think ? No thanks. This is like if we would tell free players that you are not important and we dont care about what you think. This is not the way to go to improve the game and make everyone happy.
  13. One thing i saw is that the game seems to accept some weird trades. Many times the board will accept the trade when its not even close to be a fair trade. I got so many offers from other teams for some players i have and they offer me like a 3rd or 2nd shl draft which is not worth much for some young promising players i have and the board accepts those. You cant trust this system... The draft picks are not very good usually from what i have seen. You might get a good player each few seasons but trade some good players for those picks is not worth it most of the time. I think some do it just to get rid of salary or some unwanted players when you have better. There are also many reasons to do a trade so having a perfect system is probably impossible.
  14. there are many places on the web where we can get pics for free... just have to change the website here so we can use our own pictures also for the team logo. some can make their own pics too.